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  1. Spoon Throws JAXBContext error when connecting to remote Linux repository

    I am running Kettle - Spoon 4.3.0-GA using Java JDK 1.7.0_25 on a Windows 7 machine.

    I have copied over a repositories.xml file from another WinXP SP3 machine's installation of Kettle - Spoon...
  2. TimeDimension defined Year-Month crashes when "Current" or "Previous" etc. are used

    I have created a few TimeDimensions around dates in a schema I defined using Schema Workbench (v3.3.0.14703).

    When I go to use those as a filter in the User Console Anlayzer Report (v4.1.0)...
  3. "Group By" does exactly what I need. Thanks for...

    "Group By" does exactly what I need. Thanks for that advice. I was thinking in the database terms that I know well and I got fixated on "De-Normalise" .


  4. I think I'm missing something with the De-Normaliser transform step...

    I have a table output

    keyNumber | stringValue
    1 | "a"
    1 | "b"
    1 | "c"
  5. Thanks robj I think you are correct about it...

    Thanks robj

    I think you are correct about it being privileges based but I'm still perplexed about why the same credentials work in pgAdmin but not for Kettle - Spoon connections. pgAdmin tells me...
  6. Trouble Connecting Kettle - Spoon to a PostgreSQL database

    I am trying to pull in and transform some data from a PostgreSQL database and I am striking a strange problem.

    I can connect Kettle - Spoon to the PostgreSQL database OK using a JNDI reference I...
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