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  1. Did zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull. Fixed.

    Did zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull.

  2. Pentaho schema workbench cube error message after being published

    I created a cube using schema workbench. I published the report in 'pentaho user console'. When I try to filter ID, It says: 'Oops. There was an error. Please try again, or contact your...
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    As you suggested, I am able to pull the test.cda...

    As you suggested, I am able to pull the test.cda from report designer. Thank you.

    I have 3 parameters to enter in cda i.e. id1, id2, id3. The report displays 3 columns: dateT, Total1, Total2...
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    Could you please elaborate what experimental...

    Could you please elaborate what experimental features in Report designer is, and how to turn it on? Could you give some steps where I need to go in Pentaho Report Designer to integrate cda and report...
  5. Converting cda format from JSON to XML


    When I run CDA (doing query URL), I see that the output to be as JSON file. Is there any settings in pentaho server that I can change the output to be XML instead of JSON?

    Thank you!
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    Connecting CDA with report designer


    I want to connect my Report Designer with CDA file. I see that the output of CDA file is in JSON format.

    I want to create a report that connects the CDA and give me result to view in...
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