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  1. Using measures in different axis / row calculations

    Hi folks!

    I have a question regarding MDX queries on Mondrian:

    I have a SUBSCRIPTION cube about magazine subscriptions with two measures : NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS and RETURNING SUBSCRIPTIONS.

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    I don't know if got your point. Is that about...

    I don't know if got your point.
    Is that about Drill through in time dimensions ?
    I mean :
    looking at YEAR level :
    -----------------| 2013 |
    |Measure Name|--99--|

  3. Problems setting up a new DataSource with a Firebird database

    I'm trying to configure my database to work with the biserver-ce-3.0.0 but i couldn't so far.

    -> I added the firebird .jar files for JDBC Drivers into administration-console\jdbc directory.
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