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    Exceeding Itreration error on executing MDX

    Hi Forum

    I am facing a crazy problem.

    following is my mdx query :

    set [select_period] as '([].[2014-2015].[F2].[Q3].[Oct].[2014-10-01] :...
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    mondrian with what-is scenarios

    Hi forum
    I want to know if the mondrian 3.7 supports defining scenarios for what-if analysis or this is only introduced in 4.0 .??

    It would be great if anyone could help me on getting any idea...
  3. sure . please find the pentaho.log in...

    sure . please find the pentaho.log in attachment
    There are no logs created in catalina.log for query run on saiku.
  4. MDX with date range between 2 different quarters showing query timeout on saiku

    Hi forum

    I am trying to run an MDX query on saiku :

    with set [from_date] as '{[].[2014-2015].[F1].[Q2].[Sep].[2014-09-29]}'

    set [to_date] as...
  5. MDX Query behaving abrupt with degenerate dimension on CDE dashboard

    Following is my query:

    SET [sp] AS

    SET [factory] AS
  6. random error processing on mondrian query processing on CDE dashboard application

    I am facing error processing on some widgets while loading dashboards on my applictaion randomly.
    In the catalina.log, for one or two widgets, it is showing :
  7. not able add different table for each level indvidually

    i am trying to add individual tables for each level in a hierarchy , as an option has been provided to add that so i am considering that its possible
    but as and when i add the table for the...
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    publish error http 500

    while publishing schema through schema workbench
    an error is occuring :
    in schema workbench :
    Publish Error : unknown Server error : HTTP status code 500

    and in BI server log , it is:
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