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  1. You mean to say installation is not required for...

    You mean to say installation is not required for this,So if i run the bi server and log on to user console..i will have an option to download what?
  2. Installation of Pentaho community vesrion


    I had downloaded pentaho community version for windows..and also the jar files of CDF and CDE frameworks,
    Can anyone plz tell me the procedure to install community version and then CDF and...
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    CDE & CDF installation problem


    I had installed pentaho community version and also i tried to install the CDF and CDE tools
    i finished installation of both the tools..started pentaho server and logged in Pentaho...
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    As per your suggestion i run the CDF and CDE jar...

    As per your suggestion i run the CDF and CDE jar files by double clicking the jar files i could complete the installation wizard..then i logged into the console and tried to start with dashboards...
  5. How to run Pentaho Community version on JBoss Application Server

    Can one please tell me in detail how to run the Pentaho on JBoss Application server..
    What are all the necessary things needed to do this..
  6. Thanks a lot marabu.. Even i think the same...

    Thanks a lot marabu..
    Even i think the same logic will work with the text(delimited) file also right..
    I just saved the log file in excel so that it will be easy for us to understand the...
  7. Basically i want to retrive Specific data from a...

    Basically i want to retrive Specific data from a System Log file(Event log),
    I'm attaching you the sample log file(Xls) in which line 133 and last column has System Uptime
    Now what i want is to...
  8. Read specific data from unstructured file

    Can any one explain me how to retrieve data from an unstructured file and transform it and load into database table
  9. Thanks a lot mick..

    Thanks a lot mick..
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    I had downloaded the CDF from pentaho community...

    I had downloaded the CDF from pentaho community site downloads..i got a jar file..
    where do i have to place this jar in the folder structure and what are all other configurations i have to do to get...
  11. Thanks a lot mick From ur answer i have few...

    Thanks a lot mick
    From ur answer i have few questions, Does this Text file input Step will be able read specific data and its corresponding value from the file..
    and one more thing is that My file...
  12. Read Specific data from text file


    I'm new to DataIntegration part
    I have a text file which is basically system log file,so now i wanted to get specific information from the file
    Since log file will be unstructured format...
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    CDF is Licensed or Free..??


    I'm using Community version of Pentaho so i just wanted to know whether CDF is a free or licensed version..if it is free plz get me download link for it..
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    Accessing Analyzer report

    I have created a dynamic parameterised report using Report Analyzer in Pentaho UserConsole,so now how can i access that report in my existing java based web application..Can any body explain in...
  15. Embed report into webapplication(java based)

    I have created a Analyzer report in pentaho Userconsole (my report is parameterized),
    now is it possible to embed this report in my existing webapplication which is developed in java.?
    if it is...
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    Penatho Enterprise Edition


    I have been using penatho Enterprise Edition, but it will not allow some functionalities like BA server,UserConsole,Enterprise Console after 30days of its installation..
    Now my Question is...
  17. Embed the Published report to JAVA


    How can i embedd the report which is published on the BA server,
    as per my understanding once if i publish the report on BA server i wil be able to access the report using
    a URL,
    so now my...
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    Thanx a lot for ur i got some...

    Thanx a lot for ur i got some clarity on this..
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    prpt file in design studio


    I have created a parameter based report using Report Designer and now i want use the same in the design studio.
    To acheive this i think we need to create an xaction can anybody...
  20. I changed the password in publisher_config.xml...

    I changed the password in publisher_config.xml but it didnt work..Is there any other Solution? please help me to resolve this issue..
    i got stuck at this point..
  21. Publishing the report from report designer


    I have created parameter based report using Report designer,now i wants to publish the report, for that i tried to publish the report to BI server
    but i got the following error,can anyone...
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