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  1. Configure formatString of a measure for German number format


    I'm trying to configure the formatString of a measure for the german number format:
    * decimal seperator: , (comma)
    * thousand seperator:   (space character)
    I've tried multiple...
  2. XMLHttpRequest (XHR) within Pentaho Data Integration

    I'm using the step "REST Client" to call a web service that returns the initial data in json format.
    The number of the returned records is limited to 50.


    "metadata": {

  3. Comparison of Planned and Actual Data - Different Fact Tables


    as I mentioned before I'm a rookie in Dimension and Facttable modelling with Mondrian Analysis.
    Actual I need to design a Cube, that brings up a comparison of planned and actual data at which...
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    Hi Matt, thanks for your answer. I'm really...

    Hi Matt,

    thanks for your answer.
    I'm really exciting to see the usable Plugin :)

    Greets from Germany,
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    Dimensional and Data Warehouse Modelling


    actually I'm evaluating the Pentaho BI-Suite within the scope of my bachelor thesis, so I'm a real beginner.
    I've read a lot of Documentation and Articles about the tools that come within the...
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