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Thread: getting a "No Table found for fact name" message

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    Default getting a "No Table found for fact name" message

    I have inherited the maintenance of a pentaho/mondrian data warehouse. I am trying to add a new cube to the list of cubes and it depends upon a new fact table I have created in oracle. The fact table and the aggregates are present and I have modified the needed xml table for defining the cubes. However when the xml is read/parsed in the pentaho log I get the message "WARN [mondrian.rolap.aggmatcher.AggTableManager] : No Table found for fact name=" and the name of the fact table. I cannot determine what this means. I know that the fact table is indeed present and in the same schema as all the other fact tables. Any suggestions?


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    Mondrian retrieves the list of tables from the jdbc connection. That warning will be logged if the table name is not in the list retrieved via the metadata call. You've probably already done this, but I'd want to triple check naming and permissions.

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