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Thread: Transpose multiple column row values to one (using Javascript?)

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    Thumbs up Transpose multiple column row values to one (using Javascript?)


    I would like to transpose a list of around 200 subsequent row values in one column into 1 row/field value. I am generating a dynamic SGL statement.

    As far as I know there is no standard step that could do this, right?


    row1 | A
    row2 | B
    row3 | C
    row200 | X

    Should become:

    row1 | ABC..X

    Could this be done using Javascript? or is JS only capable of doing single row oriented transformations?


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    I would think you could make the Row Flattener step perform this operation.
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    Hi Darrell,

    I looked into that but the Row Flattener divides multiple row belonging to a certain group into multiple columns. Moreover you have to know the number of result columns upfront, so it is not dynamic.

    Funny is that I found an example of exactly the opposite of what I want to achieve in the kettle samples (using javascript);
    (see "Javascript create new rows" sample)
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    Group By?
    Concatenate values option?
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    I'm so proud of you gutlez. Finally someone to help me in my quest to eradicate JavaScript in ETL!
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    Thank you Gutlez!

    That will do just fine.

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