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Thread: OpenI available at a Pentaho Plug-in

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    Default OpenI available at a Pentaho Plug-in

    Dear Pentaho Community,

    We are happy to announce the release of OpenI 3.0.1 as a plug-in for Pentaho CE. With this release, we are focusing more on developing new features on top of Pentaho instead of OpenI being a BI Server in itself (as in our prior versions)

    The OpenI plugin for Pentaho provides a simple and clean user interface to visualize data in OLAP cubes. It supports both direct Mondrian and xmla based connections like Microsoft SSAS, plus provides OpenI specific features like:

    ** Explore OLAP cube data – point to a cube, choose a metric, and instantly chart the metric against all available dimensions
    ** Write custom SQL for drillthrough to return more detailed data sets (instead of just identifiers)
    ** Post drillthrough results directly to an external web service (instead of always having to download to local machine)
    ** and many more..

    A demo video is available at -

    You can download the plug-in at -

    Documentation is at -

    We would love to hear your feedback.


    Sandeep Giri
    Project Lead, OpenI.Org

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    Looks great! - will give it a try in the next weeks.
    What about the support for the current pentaho releases?

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