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Thread: encoding problem - utf8

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    Default encoding problem - utf8

    hello, i have a simple process that creates a file using the "text file output". the file contains hebrew.
    i use two computers - the customers and mine. both of them with windows 7 pro 64 bit. also the same PDI and java versions
    the step is "UTF-8" spcific.

    the only difference is that the customer windows is in hebrew (gui) and mine is english.

    when i use the customer computer for the same step the file encoding is UTF8 (like it should be)
    using my computer - the encoding of the file is ANSI (i check it with notepad)
    the result is : when insert the file into the database - i get no data where the hebrew was. (only on the english os computer)

    i guess it is an environment/parameter of windows or java .
    i tought about changing the JVM encoding default but i dont know where

    please help...

    thank you


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    Please try change the parameter of Spoon.bat(or .sh) as follows:

    if "%PENTAHO_DI_JAVA_OPTIONS%"=="" set PENTAHO_DI_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx512m" "-XX:MaxPermSize=256m" "-Dfile.encoding=utf8"




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    Thank you so much.
    I configured the Spoon.bat file like you said, and it works correctly. Thank you Michi.

    Best regards.
    Rosendo Antonio from México.

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    Exporting utf-8 issues.
    If anybody has still issues , configure this, its sloved problem

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