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  1. Wrong Join Order and Error in PME using 1 or more Outer Join
  2. Where conditions for Objects in Business Views
  3. Error "Table/Alias non unique" in PME
  4. Import XMI to Pentaho Metadata
  5. Problems with 2 facts and 2 dimensions
  6. Share the repository
  7. Published metadatadata and ad-hoc reporting
  8. Problem adding properties in Concept Editor/Bus.Obj. Metadata Security
  9. row level security
  10. Function in role based constraints
  11. Metedata editor how create a complex join with substring
  12. Metedata editor add function inside a complex join
  13. Metedata editor add function inside a complex join
  14. Metedata editor add function inside a complex join
  15. Report Designer
  16. metadata publish error
  17. Metadata error sequence
  18. Function USER and SESSION in row level security
  19. default null value
  20. metadata editor does not start
  21. Problems to save a Business Model on CMW
  22. Add row level security to user id
  23. Development of meta data layers by multiple developers?
  24. Meta Data editor issue or user console issue?
  25. Passing Date to Metadata report
  26. Field types
  27. Deploy/publish PRD report using metadata as datasource
  28. How to create a publish Location from the user console and publish it there.
  29. Metadata Editor and Inner Joins
  30. Using CASE() to replace values in metadata?
  31. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
  32. Metedata editor add sub category
  33. ORA-00923 in PMD query builder
  34. how to add concatenated field in PME
  35. Descriptions in metadata available in Report Designer
  36. MetaData not running
  37. How to add indicator, new variable in Business view ?
  38. metadata as birt source
  39. Metada Editor Doesn't Run
  40. Pentaho Enterprise Edition 3.5 JPALO
  41. Conditions priorities in MQL query with Report Designer, with Metadata as data source
  42. How to create a business colum that is using a lookup table
  43. Metadata Editor cannot properly do Inner Join
  44. Changing Security Constraints
  45. Trouble with waqr templates
  46. MetaEditor doesn't start
  47. Select statement - conditions failed
  48. how to defin formula field1/field2 in PME
  49. Creating repositories in metadata editor
  50. Only admins can see published metadata in ad-hoc report interface?
  51. tinyint(1) always becomes Boolean despite Datatype=Numeric in Concept
  52. Variable Text Color with Concepts?
  53. Where do I store values to use in fields with the $ diamond icon?
  54. Publish Error
  55. Formula field and mask for number
  56. How do I setup the data in a join to join on two fields?
  57. Difference between pentaho metadata Editor and adhoc query
  58. How do you duplicate a business model?
  59. New fields added to source data - how to refresh/add to existing Physical Table lists
  60. basic questions
  61. Deal with ntext
  62. Translate ID columns to Lookup Values
  63. Applying row level security in PME 3.5?
  64. Useless "AND"-Clause appended in generated SQL
  65. Business Table Edit Dialog - very slow
  66. Security Service fail
  67. how to create Calculated Business Column (or Aggregate column) ?
  68. Year(4) data type not working in
  69. Query Editor : translation problems
  70. Sorting properties
  71. How to implement If Else statement in Metadata Editor?
  72. Business View - Column referrring multiple columns
  73. Update table description
  74. Can PME handle more than 1 fact table for 1 business model?
  75. Supported database structural changes
  76. Table relationship bug in metadata editor?
  77. Error reading the saved data model
  78. dynamic row level data security
  79. BI Server Metadata Services
  80. The percentage formatting doesn't seem to work ... or am I doing something wrong?
  81. Does the BI server use the metadata repository model in any way?
  82. Filtering Data in Business Tables
  83. Pentaho Metadata 3.8.0 - What is new?
  84. Web Interface for Pentaho Metadata Editor
  85. Pentaho Metadata editor domain/model files in Pentaho Data Integration server
  86. Column-level security in Metadata Editor
  87. Pentaho 3.8 error when creating "New Datasource"
  88. Row Level Security: Multiple Business Models VS Multiple Solutions
  89. USER() and ROLES() supported in Role Based Constraints?
  90. Why Adhoc reporting - sybase IQ is so slow?
  91. Error when dealing with negative values
  92. metadata editor installation question
  93. Error database type not found
  94. Report Validation Failed using Metadata with user role other than Admin in PUC
  95. PUC not updated ...
  96. Merge files (xmi) in only one.
  97. Metadata editor
  98. Metadata API doc
  99. Situations
  100. PMD 3.8 - Adding a new column in the physical table
  101. PMD 3.8 - Setting the Mask field.
  102. Undocumented Problem publishing metadata layer to bi server
  103. Same physical column- different logical names
  104. Parameter / Prompt in ad Hoc Query Tool?
  105. Switch connection by group/user
  106. need help putting it together
  107. Dealing with different timezones
  108. Published Metadata visibility issue
  109. Parallel development of Metamodels
  110. Calculate Date/Time Intervals with Pentaho Meta Data Editor Formulas
  111. Caching
  112. Using a single table with different roles in PME
  113. defining alias in metada editor
  114. Programmatically generating XMI file for PMD
  115. Metadata Editor Error importing XMI file
  116. cannot save pentaho metadata editor file, getting error
  117. which opensource license pme is pme used?
  118. Metadata Editor Data Constraints Error
  119. Linking to custom analytics platform?
  120. Cant view ad hoc report after publish from metadata editor 3.8
  121. Error in medium-sized metamodel (PME-765? BISERVER-6527?)
  122. Read encrypted data
  123. No SELECT DISTINCT in PME 3.6's Query Editor?
  124. Restore data source for the Pentaho BI
  125. Difference in metadata.xmi from 2.0 to 3.8
  126. schema workbench
  127. metadata query goes into a loop
  128. Display integer as date
  129. disable override at one go for all columns
  130. Is there any constructs in metadata which is comparable to virtual cubes in mondrian?
  131. CWM.ERROR_0001 - Unable to initialize the Pentaho Metadata System.
  132. MQL Query in Report Designer for Order By
  133. Problem with Metadata
  134. Adding Data Constraints problem
  135. Data limitation on Adhoc report
  136. Upload limit of RpositoryFilePublisher
  137. Problem with format number.
  138. Scope of Metadata Models in Pentaho
  139. Limit size publish Metadata
  140. Metadata Editor
  141. Metadata Column Sort
  142. Mondrian Datamart and Pentaho Metadata relationship
  143. Sorting dimensions in categories
  144. multiple xmi files
  145. Jvivot pivot table by XMLA
  146. unable to load error
  147. Apply a filter on a left outer joined table
  148. Custom Queries in Pentaho Metadat Editor.
  149. How to edit metadata in order to let aggregation designers to support hive connection
  150. Error generating Metadata Domain DB2/LINUXX8664
  151. How to read a metadata file and create a domain object?
  152. how to create metadata abount fact tables of different granularities
  153. Same problem with conditional priority
  154. MQL related question - what should be the syntax
  155. Metadata Error after 4.5 CE Upgrade
  156. Metadata Editor - Updating the metadata model tables with newly added columns
  157. Repository Cache Refresh failed - MetadataPublisher.ERROR_0001_COULD_NOT_LOAD
  158. CWM.ERROR_0002 - Error getting a handle on the repository.
  159. Dimension lookup sending error related to data type mapping
  160. Creating and loading data from a text file
  161. XMI and Repository and What i see are not synchronized
  162. model in user console
  163. Exporting to xmi and publishing unexplained error
  164. Row level security
  165. how to add a 'where ' clause in the ad hoc report?
  166. PME Fails to launch under Mac OSX 10.8 "Mountain Lion"
  167. Date Format
  168. How to use UDFs in PMI
  169. Database Level Restriction For Each User
  170. hello
  171. Published new metadata model but connection does not exist in User console
  172. Create measures on Metadata Editor
  173. unable to save from metadata editor v4.10 stable build 4196 on windows 7 machineNOOBE
  174. Cannot open xmi file or save, create domain in Metadata Editor
  175. How to handle loops
  176. Pentaho MetaData
  177. MetaData
  178. Pentaho MetaData - Report Designer -Bi server
  179. Multiple Star Schemas in Same Business Model
  180. Data format money
  181. Publishing Large Metadata
  182. hello I have a silly question..need help
  183. Filter according to current connected user
  184. Restrict Column to Specific Role
  185. How to concatenate columns in Pentaho Metadata Editor ?
  186. Problem using Date mask
  187. Creating relationship on a non-star schema model
  188. aggregate functions fail on calculated fields
  189. Incorrect scheme error when publishing metadata to server
  190. How to use "case when" in formula field
  191. CWM.ERROR_0001 - Unable to initialize the Pentaho Metadata System
  192. How to properly push model to production (version control)
  193. Defenitions on Metadata Security Property doesnt seem to be passed on the BI server
  194. Creating DB filters
  195. Creating CWM/XMI from Mondrian.xml
  196. Generate XMI file with metadata API
  197. Using session variable as Contraint in PME
  198. use of SQL under Database Connections ->Advanced
  199. Metadata editor app is not opening in Mac OS X
  200. Self joins in Metadata
  201. metadataService security issue
  202. Created XMI but cannot see datasource in Ad Hoc Report Designer
  203. Can I send parameters to Interactive Report ?
  204. How to access the code for SQL Generator used within Pentaho Metadata Editor?
  205. Is this query supported: SELECT COUNT(*), isnull(col, 'UNKNOWN'), 'A' FROM table
  206. WHERE versus INNER JOIN; Relationship cardinality(N:N etc..), DISTINCT option
  207. Can SELECT column aliases be controlled; How can custom values be specified?
  208. Formulas documentation: How do I add a Business Column as dimension & with a Formula
  209. Create metadata Domain via API: Exception 'Properties ... not initialised!'
  210. Json Input
  211. Row Level Security
  212. Force Joins
  213. Sub-Select
  214. Data constraints in the metadata layer (or otherwise)
  215. Dynamic filtering of defined dimension
  216. MQL language definition
  217. Meta data Security Violation(Meta data Editor)
  218. Milliseconds in metadata DateTime format in BI server site Data Source Model Editor
  219. Metadata formula has no effect with Metadata Model Editor 5.0.1-1
  220. Field Type
  221. Datemath function
  222. Outer Joins
  223. PME 5.0 Not Reading Existing Repository
  224. Filter on Date Fields in Interactive Reports
  225. Licensing for pentaho-metadata
  226. Not able to connect to MS Access through Metadata Editor
  227. Aggregating calculated fields
  228. Business View usage
  229. Invalid JNDI connection BlueDW : No suitable driver found
  230. How to load PDF file into database table .
  231. Metadata Editor Database connection
  232. [PME] How to add WHERE filter?
  233. How to use formula metadata editor
  234. ETL MetaData Injection Component Generic Graph Query
  235. Pentaho Metadata
  236. Metadata editor crash on Mac OS X when trying connect to Hive
  237. OR function not supporting Multi select in MQL
  238. hello
  239. Where to see the output as ad-hoc after publishing domain.
  240. Using Pentaho for reporting on varied Metadata sources?
  241. Data Localization
  242. CDA Datafactory Error in Saiku adhoc
  243. condition AND vs WHERE
  244. IN clause MDX queries
  245. Data-source used for query 'CA44DE10-4937-6B39-B07A-DA18501B9D9B' does not provide me
  246. If column is not selected in Select list and select in filter - giving error
  247. Metadata published to Server not available to plug-ins
  248. Use PME for BI Security?
  249. Uploading Metadata to Solution folde: Bundle missing required domain-id property
  250. Metadata is giving error when we save it