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  1. Welcome - Start here!
  2. Documentation
  3. Cannot see my xmi file
  4. Cannot Import Tables outside of the current user
  5. CWM classes dependent on Kettle dependent on SWT?
  6. Query "Operator" does not seem to be included in the Generated SQL
  7. Ctrl-Alt-O Feature
  8. MQL in Metadata
  9. Reports of Multidimensional Data
  10. Feature Requests / Observations
  11. Bug exporting empty XMI
  12. Adhoc Query Tool and Metadata
  13. Using definition from the metadata editor
  14. 2 questions - remember I'm slow ...
  15. Processing speed of Kettle
  16. Couldn't even run Pentaho Metadata 1.5.3?
  17. Pentaho Metadata 1.5.3 add new colum to the table
  18. metadatamodel.xmi
  19. Oracle Issues
  20. config security service, ?
  21. Release 1.5.4 AdHoc Query Error
  22. some OLAP questions
  24. Unable to save file metadata.xmi
  25. Trying to hide columns in Business View
  26. kettle version in (MILESTONE)?
  27. Create reports using business models
  28. Import tables list is empty
  29. Metadata - Used?
  30. creating a metadata repository in SQL DB
  31. reg. Capabilities of Adhoc reporting through Metadata editor and Adhoc tool
  32. Table size
  33. Metadata questions:
  34. Waqr
  35. Waqr and JNDI data sources
  36. WAQR - group by DATE type
  37. WAQR and Jfree template/styling
  38. Matadata as datasource for advanced Reporting and OLAP
  39. How to publish to server ?
  40. A few Issues with Metadata Editor 1.6.0-RC2.128
  41. Please add a "list of values" property in the concept editor
  42. olap dimension type
  43. DB2 performance
  44. how to deal with parent child hierarchy
  45. can't run metadata1.6.0 GA
  46. Performance problems saving to Mysql DB
  47. Metadata and 0-1 relationship issue
  48. where do i get the metadata sql script
  49. Problem with the graphical view of the metadata editor
  50. Connection Issues
  51. Using variables for db connections
  52. ad-hoc reporting
  53. ad-hoc needed
  54. Aggregation rule/Type and Formulas
  55. Schema/Documentation for XMI file format
  56. Formulas in meta data
  57. OUTER JOINS from MS SQL Server 2005
  58. metadata future plans
  59. properties not propagated to business model section.
  60. Multiple primary key question
  61. Metadata Editor has no scrollbars
  62. More multiple primary keys
  63. Complex join syntax
  64. align KPI definition from mondrian 2 metadata layer
  65. Trimming Spaces
  66. Difficulties to drag & drop a physical table
  67. Tips for working off de-normalized source data
  68. How to do a "Top X" list report with WAQR / MQL
  69. How to define JNDI connection to MS SQL Server database
  70. Documentation
  71. enum datatypes
  72. Metadata best practices
  73. How to connect to Oracle 10g XE?
  74. business view formula problem
  75. override default value for URL
  76. change the structure of the concept tree by just dragging and dropping.
  77. Help getting Ad-Hoc Reports going on new install
  78. Can you create a business table which is based on 2 physical tables?
  79. Add MQL contraint
  80. Business View from MetaData Editor into Report Designer
  81. problem to publish to server with Metadata Editor
  82. Calculated Business Column based on other columns
  83. Demo using my data set
  84. Aggregate aware
  85. rights on metadata
  86. Constraint formula error
  87. Specifying Aggregate Formulas in Metadata
  88. Category without Physical Table?
  89. Seeing Database views in metadata
  90. Call for feedback: Row Level Security in Pentaho Metadata
  91. Error Metdata form Oracle ORA-00937: not a single-group group function
  92. Compensating UTC time, to show real time
  93. Managing dates
  94. Using Oracle as data store: ORA-02420: missing schema authorization clause
  95. Anybody using Oracle as metadata store?
  96. Business View Sub-Folders
  97. Pentaho Metadat - Mondrian
  98. Is Pentaho Metadata a metadata management tool?
  99. Multiple metadata xmi files in solution repository?
  100. Problem about connection with multi schemas.
  101. How can I specify my target namespace in XML Output Step in a Transofrmation?
  102. security setup
  103. Error when installing Pentaho Metadata Editor?
  104. Error when creating a new connection to Hypersonic database?
  105. Unwanted Business Model
  106. CWM Interoperability
  107. Default schema not set in Metadata connection: "table 'xxx' does not exist" errors
  108. load meta data at run time
  109. Unable to see users for assigning permissions in User Permissions Metadata Editor
  110. Loading metada from a new solution
  111. Load & Update metadata
  112. Store Metadata in Oracle Database Repository
  113. Questions about connectors
  114. Cannot see table columns
  115. OLAP tab gone ?
  116. equivalence between MQL and SQL
  117. Can't add tables to the business tables
  118. How can I create a new column to a business table
  119. No metadata
  120. Repository File Locking
  121. Are outer joins available in the metadata editor?
  122. How do I limit import tables list
  123. How do I see views via import table
  124. Complete Metadata Editor Documentation
  125. MetaEditor Tool
  126. connect metadata to sql 2005
  127. Implicity filter constraint on business table
  128. Filter Bussiness tables
  129. Defining Formulas in Metadata Editor
  130. Embedding MetaData component in EJB
  131. creating metadata
  132. Analytix: Mapping Manager Integrates with Pentaho
  133. treat dates with Pentaho metadata ?
  134. PME 2.0 new field "Relative Size"
  135. pentaho metadata editor and the date.
  136. mql constraints
  137. Table alias name is locale based!
  138. Error create connection to SQL Server with Metadata Editor
  139. Using DB views in Business View [MetaData]
  140. Problem in applying formula in business view column
  141. Question about MQL query
  142. Translating metadata from Informatica to Kettle
  143. Waqr never loads..
  144. Metadata gets corrupted
  145. Working on ETL tools interoperability using Common Warehouse Model (CWM)
  146. B.View with columns from multiple B.Tables - how is it joined?
  147. Changing Database
  148. PME 2.0.0 stable error
  149. Teradata Connectivity
  150. Pentaho Reporting "Semantic Layer"?
  151. Security error in Metadata Editor
  152. metadata editor
  153. Hang in metadata editor on OSX
  154. Problems with multi-table calculations
  155. How to remove business models from ad hoc reporting?
  156. Data Constraint at business column
  157. Improve performance loading metamodel
  158. Connectors provided by pentaho
  159. Internalization
  160. Your experience using Database Storage for Metadata Repository?
  161. Different granularities for fact tables
  162. Too much tables for Metadata Editor
  163. Failed to find path between two business tables
  164. Pentaho Metadata halts when saved
  165. Any way I can get the source code for metadata module
  166. Plug in Birt
  167. Pentaho Metadata binaries
  168. MQL with Pentaho MetaData Editor
  169. Metadata Editor 3.0 RC1
  170. How to Compare two columns of different tables while configuring meta data
  171. how to publish metadata into BI server?
  172. Business Views in Metadata
  173. invoice line gross/net formula calculation
  174. Data Access Sprint 1
  175. Thin Model for Metadata discussion
  176. unable to save file (metadata.xmi) to server. Correct any server, id or password
  177. Row Level Security with Ad Hoc Reports
  178. Automatic Relationship Recognition of E/R model - is it possible?
  179. Business views permission
  180. Snow flake Schema failed with OUTER JOIN in Meta Data Editor
  181. Metadata editor server error
  182. ERROR 0012 at first ad hoc report
  183. Publishing to Linux fails to set data source
  184. Use of business views in metadata editor
  185. Shared objects / Concepts in new metadata?
  186. Data Access Sprint 2
  187. Question about new data access stuff
  188. Save the settings for "publish to server"
  189. Can#t set length and precision for BT-properties
  190. metadata editor class
  191. Getting Business Modles to Populate
  192. Data Access Sprint 3
  193. difference between meta data and mondrian
  194. Excel as a Data Source
  195. Postgres - metadata - ad hoc reporting issues
  196. Publish to Server error
  197. Use of bind variables in queries generated via metadata?
  198. More fact tables using the same dimensional table: Problem.
  199. multiple data source in business model
  200. MetaData XMI compatability
  201. How to use PME output to generate documentation?
  202. Seeking help in Adhoc Reports
  203. error: argument non valide
  204. use of SQL procedures in business views?
  205. Error in Adding Security to Metadata Business Objects
  206. Meta Data Editor Security Issue
  207. May be a stupid question
  208. The 10 Seconds Pentaho Metadata Editor Tutorial
  209. ${hostColonPort} problem
  210. Passing a locale to the metadata model
  211. How to separate the business models of each pentaho solutions?
  212. Log View error
  213. Join-builder in metadata editor
  214. 1 dimension table, 2 fact tables: Cartesian Product Problem
  215. Spanish locale problems with business views
  216. metadata for all tables/views/synonyms in a schema???
  217. Metadata SQL generation in Platform 3.5
  218. New metadata editor?
  219. Creating metadata in 3.5
  220. I can't publish my Business Model to server for Adhoc Reporting
  221. Error Messgae: Pentaho Metadata Editor - Unable to load query
  222. How to use complex join in Metadata Editor ?
  223. SQL in complex join
  224. Metadata for Data Integration
  225. How to allow user to use AND or OR logical relation between query items
  226. How to limit result set?
  227. How to set privileges for a model which should be available for all users ???
  228. Full outer join for Mysql
  229. How do I reset MetaData?
  230. Stored Procedure access from Metadata Editor
  231. Data constraint in Physical Table Properties
  232. Unable to import a 3.0 model into 3.5
  233. Calculated column not working in Pentaho 3.5
  234. explanation field types
  235. Reusing Business Tables/Relationships in different Business Model
  236. Change Underlying DBMS Possible?
  237. Hidden for the User Checkbox not working
  238. Error build pentaho-metadata-editor
  239. Path to jdbc/repository.properties
  240. PentahoCWM.xml and model for him
  241. Problem loading metadata.xmi
  242. Metadata - Define Aggregation
  243. Metadata publish problem
  244. Publish Problem Also - Help Required
  245. Group by problem using CASE functions
  246. Metadata Parameters - QueryBuilder - Formula - Question
  247. Import tables empty window and other problems
  248. Dynamic Row Level Constraints?
  249. Problem while trying to publish repository
  250. Complex Constraint