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  1. Transformation schema to set loop variable
  2. How to "Write to log" ?
  3. atomic job
  4. Use of parameters in "Mapping Values" step
  5. Merging kettle repositories
  6. Parameterizing connection in table input
  7. XML output - filenames to result not working?
  8. Replace variables in the spoon schedule
  9. Default new hop directions
  10. Cross database update
  11. Error while connecting to HSQLDB.
  12. Feature suggestion: parallelism zone
  13. Replace a value of a flow by a Parameter
  14. Xml join
  15. [PDI 4.0.0] job work in spoon but not in kichen
  16. Dynamic SQL Row - Replace Variables
  17. Replace In String - PDI 4.0.1
  18. Kettle API - Getting hold of trans step data while running a job
  19. Getting sender address from a Get Mails job entry
  20. Kettle is slow at creating XML-files
  21. Another Web Service lookup question
  22. Kettle 4.0 error management
  23. Urgent Help
  24. Dynamically update of output table, per time . Data Integration
  25. Different results from Spoon and Java
  26. Order "file output"
  27. Join database and greek letter in parameter
  28. Help Please -> H2 Database Issue -> Job Sees Table in DB. Trans can't see Table in DB
  29. How to Insert / Update and return auto-increment PK field
  30. User Defined Java Class in a mapping (sub-transformation), is it possible?
  31. Parallelism
  32. Error: Illegal mix of collations
  33. Dimension lookup/update generating strange rows. Bug or user misunderstanding?
  34. escapeSQL function problem?
  35. Excel Input / Sheetname Problem
  36. Read file name from a parameter
  37. upgrade to 4
  38. Repository Connection Error
  39. Problem with variables
  40. Send mail notification for Job failure
  41. ? on User Defined Java Class and its ability to interact with Toolsets with no API
  42. job does not move/copy text files
  43. Shared Connection
  44. Unauthorized error - Carte
  45. Reading variable number of XML Elements
  46. Kettle 4.1.0 stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  47. Repository Problem - Lost Connections and Assignments
  48. Parsing/normalize INI type files to rows
  49. commit size in "transformation as database transaction"
  50. Needs access to kettle/pentaho forum links.
  51. Facing problem with NullIf property for Field Splitter step.
  52. Problem while getting fields of stored procedure
  53. Setting Calendar week as Variable
  54. Organizing Kette projects
  55. Web services lookup component - cannot use cyptographic Http passwords
  56. Problem with excel data types
  57. Problem migrating repository 3.0.4 to 4.1.0 - Repository is already by class true
  58. Shutting down / aborting / stopping job or transformation gracefully
  59. Error with Synchronize after merge
  60. Excel Data Extraction
  61. Problems with scale of decimal figures from oracle in Table Input Step
  62. Passing Integer parameter to Kettle transformations
  63. PDI client does not work on Vapps( citrix)
  64. Data cleansing
  65. How can I replace null with empty string?
  66. Spoon crashes with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError and java core dump
  67. Mapping not working for multiple copies?
  68. FTP/SFTP delete step NullPointerException when no files and success cond=All works
  69. Catching transformation error from Java
  70. combining two csv files into one
  71. Kettle 4.1 GA NullPointerException saving Trans / Job with log settings on repository
  72. Parameter selection screen in BI Server for Kettle transaction
  73. Regex in Kettle
  74. JNDI Connection/4.1 EE using enterprise repository
  75. Adding DataDirect JDBC driver
  76. Case when then in spoon?
  77. Problem with Generic Database Connection trough JDBC + Dimension Lookup/Update
  78. Mail Attachments
  79. Enterprise Repository - Deleting Versions/Accessing Repository Data
  80. Looking user guide for pentaho data integrator..
  81. Excel (xlsx) Input Expectations
  82. About logging "Step Metrics" with Kettle API
  83. Write array elemente in table output
  84. Problem translating current trunk (for other translators)
  85. Running multiple input xml files parallely (multithreading)
  86. Can we call a VB Utility through Spoon
  87. linux kitchen.sh CLI; shell command line syntax;
  88. Null value handling in Lookup/ Update
  89. IsNull functionality
  90. Dimension lookup/update step difference between 3.2 and 4.0?
  91. Put file with SFTP - Wrong permission (UNIX)
  92. Compare rows in data set
  93. Excel and mapping columns
  94. How to separate numbers and chars in a single value
  95. UDJC Jumpstart
  96. Java 1.6 question
  97. Stream Lookup: Do no pass rows that fail
  98. enterprise repository-unable to save
  99. Be careful with running multiple step copies in Pentaho Kettle - Tutorial
  100. Join two flows with different number of columns
  101. Custom headers
  102. issue running MaxMindGeoIPLookup plugin
  103. Input from RRD file
  104. Error opening build in PDI 4.0.1
  105. UDJC: Problem with output fields
  106. Merging 3 tables
  107. can I use SQL step to insert record and call DB2 function?
  108. Salesforce reocrds updated since last run of a job / step
  109. http POST- no POST Data
  110. Could you teach the way to stop JOB from the command line?
  111. Extracting Weekday values from Date
  112. Getting ERROR: Pan can't continue because the transformation with pan command line
  113. 1.5 million rows load in fact table.. performance tips reqd
  114. Duplicated rows when mergin to files into one
  115. View Performance Graph for Previous Run
  116. Job not updating table now that it is caught up
  117. Finding the last value from a sequence
  118. Upgrade, 3.04 to 4.1
  119. CSV Input Step. Are records in Order with "parallel" checked and > 1 Copies of Step?
  120. Error Handling not working in Spoon
  121. Regarding CSV file input
  122. Java heap space/ out of memory error for kettle transformation.
  123. Problems in launching Kettle Transormation in Java application
  124. Where can I track down the explanation for the Formula Step's Error Codes?
  125. Trouble with FTP command
  126. get files with FTP
  127. Easy JSON Output problem
  128. Combining similar streams with complex rules (MERGE JOIN +)
  129. executing a transformation using the Kettle 4 API: Maven example
  130. Reading and processing a multi record file
  131. Evaluating variable substrings in jobs with Javascript
  132. Merging flows without key columns
  133. LucidDB Streaming Loader Problems
  134. FTP Functionality in Kettle
  135. function truncDate() returns wrong result
  136. how to write a log in flat file
  137. Still no luck with FTP
  138. qns reg scheduling/enterprise console
  139. Confusing about Partition Schema
  140. can u tel me a best example for swapping specified values from one column to other
  141. Errors with slow (ish) running queries
  142. Get xml from URL
  143. basic question about value mapper
  144. How can I use the JS Function "getDigitsOnly" in a User Defined Java Expression?
  145. XML Output transformation - can it do complex XML
  146. sql script with pooling
  147. What would be the best methodology of passing a value from a Success Icon in a JOB?
  148. Definition of Data Types
  149. Unique Row and Unique row(hash set)
  150. What is the practical use of Delay Rows?
  151. Execution of a job without Spoon opened
  152. Hadoop not present in CE?
  153. Fuzzy match
  154. Environment variables in sub-jobs
  155. Kitchen/Pan cannot connect to the repository
  156. Blocking Step not passing all rows
  157. data is generated in database even if we perform preview data option in spoon
  158. Speed up transformation
  159. Update source excel data
  160. How to set Start and End Time for the Job(.kjb) file in spoon
  161. Variables valid in parent Job?
  162. We detected rows with varying number of fields, this is not allowed in a transformati
  163. Javascript: cloning a saved row
  164. How to join based on a range of values
  165. Job execution from PHP
  166. Passing parameters to Kitchen
  167. Repository tables
  168. How to properly copy/reformat fields
  169. Fields lost after being used as variables for Table input
  170. importing memo fields in access
  171. Input record with start date smaller than start date of actual record
  172. Inserting to Salesforce fails when setting ParentID or Lookup fields.
  173. Error Log and Continue Transformation
  174. Add sequence
  175. spoon.bat will not start
  176. unable to open pan,carte & kitchen .bat files
  177. Performance for Error Handling Steps is Very Poor
  178. Pentaho PDI Connections to two different database sets
  179. Pentaho PDI Connections to two different database sets
  180. Table lookup configuration
  181. Reward: How do I collect a variable in JavaScript from a Success Icon within a JOB?
  182. Commit TableOutput Step after the entire load process
  183. passing parameters
  184. Informix, using enclosure for column names with special character and spaces.
  185. Error trying to do a merge join: UnexpectedError
  186. Differences between running job in Spoon/Kitchen or by an xaction
  187. appending spoon window title
  188. Unable to Publish From PDI 4.0.0 GA
  189. Question: Text File Input
  190. Download List of Files via FTP
  191. How do I get rid of shared connections?
  192. informix connectivity help
  193. Remove start and end quote from CSV fields using regexp
  194. kettle can not create a correct soap request for my webservice.
  195. How to import parameters from kettle.properties
  196. Sorting and Merging hangs when dealing with larger dataset
  197. I hat Regex
  198. Using Parameters in PDI 4.0 and Later
  199. How to change a Variable's value ?
  200. Dynamic Mapping
  201. Java Out of Memory when reading MySQL table input
  202. Different trasformations write on the same xml file
  203. Using new "Block this step until steps finish" step to help a stream lookup?
  204. execute job for every row
  205. number range step doesn't work well in pdi4.1
  206. GeoKettle Pan/ Kitchen Hangs at New Database Defined
  207. Extract column names from a database table name
  208. reads (consumes) JMS in pentaho Spoon Community Edition?
  209. File processing framework
  210. Sub Transformation does not forward all input fields in from previous step to next
  211. Communications link failure due to underlying exception
  212. Text File Output with Specific Date Time Format
  213. How i can execute a Procedure from Oracle
  214. Streaming result set com.mysql.jdbc.RowDataDynamic@af4627 is still active
  215. HTTP job entry
  216. How to concatenate a date and a time into a date-time-stamp?
  217. Is there a way to gracefully handle a db connection loss?
  218. Read Each File and put in a Row - Challenge
  219. Data cleansing and validation approach
  220. Unique Rows Count bug in 4.0.1-GA and Workaround
  221. Retrieve parent job name from job
  222. How to submit Job by command line?
  223. What's the best way to schedule on an intra-minute level?
  224. Issue while publishing JOB on LINUX
  225. Merging "Get data from XML" steps
  226. Howto solve this elegantly, efficient
  227. SqlScrtipt Execution
  228. Kettle 4.1.0 (FTP) Job Logging
  229. Step: Memory Group By
  230. Add Starting line of file?
  231. Could not determine the type of file "smb://..."
  232. Kettle 4.1 - Spoon.bat doesn't respond
  233. lookup without caching
  234. Default mask for timestamp
  235. JavaScript step regex in formula
  236. table name
  237. Multiple SQLs or SQL chaining in Execute SQL
  238. Insert boolean values to a table - postgres database
  239. Dynamic Excel output, multiple sheets
  240. Extract XML which have namespace
  241. using variables in table input step
  242. Transformation calls another one
  243. Numeric Overflow Problem using Oracle Database
  244. spoon.bat doesn't work
  245. how to put a job in a database transaction block
  246. I can not do loop in job.
  247. Join between 2 different databases
  248. Get Job Description
  249. Question regarding queries with variables
  250. PDI 4.1.1 branch closed, 4.1.2 is now open