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  1. Upgrade server to 1.5 JAVA version
  2. Passing a org.dom4j.Document to Kettle/Transformation
  3. Running transformations using java code
  4. data type error while writing my first plugin
  5. File Manipulation in Kettle ( adding comments in the beginning /remove last line)
  6. Kettle 4.0 Tranformation running slow
  7. parameterized sql query with Kettle
  8. Check DB Connections Job condition
  9. Develop a job on an Operating system and run it on an other
  10. Running Sum
  11. CSV Input
  12. Insert / Update with date_created and date_updated fields
  13. Upload folders to remote SSH Server
  14. Move a set of folders that have not been modified in the last 30 minutes
  15. A tough problem with UDJC. Ask for help
  16. Get row to result doesn't work
  17. How to process a Kettle transformation once per filename
  18. Export /Import help
  19. Make Reading of Excel Columns Dynamic
  20. Import java standard lib in User Defined Java Class
  21. PDF as binary input file
  22. Blocking Step
  23. Use calculated time to filter folders by lastmodifiedtime
  24. pass a stream from a transformation to another
  25. [Spoon] XML Join - I don't get it anymore
  26. XML Well Formed Validation and related Transformations
  27. Append the log file with each new run instead of overwriting
  28. Splitting XML
  29. Using Variable in Filter Row Step
  30. Use of Property File input step to define the column headers of a CSV input step
  31. DB Procedure step throwing error
  32. xPath XML Join example - need some help
  33. Attribute are missing in the Dimension
  34. type casting error
  35. No rows read or written in table output step
  36. Table Input ==> Insert Update Performance issues
  37. Getting XML data when you don't know the node names!!!
  38. pulling data from 11,000 servers
  39. Detecting no rows
  40. Converting between file-based and enterprise repositories
  41. Overlapping job Execution time
  42. How to commit an action after processing each single row of a stream ?
  43. Looping through a directory of files
  44. How to run Python script to manipulate file (split out section)
  45. How to get the attached file in an email
  46. problem inserting data into database
  47. EXCEL Input htrows error jxl.common.AssertionFailed
  48. Rinning a script on a remote maschine using SSH2 in an Execute a shell script ... ste
  49. Multiple table inputs with merge joins in one transformation
  50. Help need to write Zip file from youtube insight data api (Http Client Step)
  51. Group by ignores NULL values and treats them as a zero!
  52. inputs from text file and db table
  53. passing argument for output text file from java
  54. Assign a value in one field depends on the value in another field
  55. Real time change data capture
  56. Pentaho Reporting Output - No Errors, No OutPut?
  57. Put a file with SFTP Error
  58. Integrate numbers in a database as #,# € Amounts ,Pentaho Data Integration 4.1.0
  59. Microsoft Excel Writer Step - Error
  60. parse cvs file and insert in mysql along with file name
  61. Get the owner of a file?
  62. Star automatically a JOB
  63. Password Protect a Zip File
  64. Maximum xmx value allows on 32bit Windows 2008 PDI server
  65. Can I use Strings Cut to do substring?
  66. Problem in reading Input Field in Modified Java Script
  67. delay execution of an input table step after execution of an update table step
  68. Table Output
  69. compare previous day file against today file
  70. Cannot open transformation
  71. Move folders that are the result of previous transformation
  72. User Defined Java Expression - Java Error
  73. Batching SQL result sets for presentation to a WS call (100 or 500 at a time)
  74. modify values in stream
  75. Copy Rows to Result
  76. Using Transaction across transformation.
  77. Combining Fields to Produce a Row
  78. Error: no cluster schemas are being used
  79. Problem with XML Join when generating complex XML structure
  80. Executing PostgreSQL PGScripts
  81. Table output performance drops on database transactional mode
  82. Accessing .kettle.properties file
  83. Queries regarding some steps in Kettle : Excel output, JavaScript
  84. Assign different values dynamically for single variable
  85. New Pentaho Reporting Output Step Plugin - Anyone using it successfully?
  86. How to set a constant value based on a single value returned by a table input ?
  87. Using 'Database Join' add values to the current stream
  88. ThreadPool Settings in KettleJob
  89. Supported xpath functions?
  90. Salesforce.com input step with relationship query
  91. How to run a Python script in Experimental Script step?
  92. SPOON.bat displays a "javaw" missing error.
  93. Copy Move Result Filenames fails on linux
  94. Issues in Execute row SQL script
  95. FTP - I need to control FTP when it don't get file, and output status
  96. Difference between stream lookup and merge join(left outer join)
  97. Creating kettle plugin to parse PDF content (in blob) into text file
  98. XPath in Get data from XML tool
  99. Assistance with a transformation
  100. Best Practices for Logging
  101. Not able to running "completely" a Kettle Job through Java Code
  102. Excel Input Step Problem in Soon 3.2
  103. REST Client Step
  104. Out of memory - how to clear unused memory after each run of scheduled job
  105. PDI 4.1.0 Stable - Not Releasing MySQL Locks
  106. padding spaces
  107. Problem with decimals / regional settings
  108. set and get variables-need help!
  109. Excel Output throws NullPointerException when no rows
  110. remove decimal
  111. adding jar files for running jobs
  112. How to find the Repository name for Kettle In linux OS or Using query.
  113. Modified Java Script and RegExp
  114. Nasty PDI error when trying to open the formula editor
  115. Update/Insert multiple tables
  116. Need Help list of jar files to include to run this job from command line
  117. Two Transforms needed? how can I write in single file output frm two transform?
  118. Sort in a transformation
  119. Job runs fine in Spoon but not in Kettle - Exceeds 64K
  120. Calling a web service within Java Script Value or Java Class control
  121. Can anybody run a transformation/job using java code from command line ?
  122. Synchronizing tables between 2 different databases
  123. Sort of a kettle cookbook / documentation question...
  124. Can I do the following...
  125. Remove commas from every field
  126. Looping into Transform
  127. Logging level ignored. VFS messages.
  128. PDI job fails when tries to connect to MySQL.
  129. DB Repository versioning
  130. Kettle 4.2 removes characters in sql statements?
  131. 4.2 Mysql And Parallel Transformations: UNable to get Object Information
  132. Unable to load the job from XML file error
  133. how to write two transfromation output into one text file
  134. web service look up
  135. ETL testing
  136. Multiple DB Input in 1 Text File
  137. Single Excel Output to capture all the exceptions
  138. Format existing column to new column
  139. how to run the job in kettle by passing parameter through shell file
  140. Kettle Home Path
  141. Pentaho Data Integration start scripts
  142. Problem with NUMBER type in Database Lookup step
  143. "Created by" in Transformation and Job setting dialog
  144. PDI 4.1 - Logging Transformation Execution
  145. Near Real time DWH loading of star schema
  146. Timeout when using IDMS files
  147. assign default for incompatible types and load to table
  148. "Cannot load 32-bit SWT libraries on 64-bit JVM"
  149. Get file names issue
  150. insert XML element using another XML?
  151. Out of Memory Issue - Simple loop
  152. Login problems using the webservice lookup step
  153. Problems on Using Info Steps in UDJC(user defined java class)
  154. Ignore insert error feature In Table Output
  155. problem getting records from big tables
  156. Header with total number of records
  157. Using java to validate account values
  158. Generated bytecode for method exceeds 64K limit
  159. Access salesforce web service via a web service lookup step
  160. Multiple DB connections in a transformation
  161. Parallel loading of transformation for every input row
  162. PDI 4.1.x - Logging table empty
  163. Kitchen - HTTPPOST Error
  164. error in sftp put
  165. User Defined Javal Class can do this?
  166. How to merge two input text files with different structure
  167. Gradual Decrease in speed (records/sec)
  168. Need to do a "Select where value Not in Another DataSet"
  169. Adding filtered rejects to email
  170. On how to share what I've got so far...?
  171. XSD for Kettle Transformations
  172. kettle.properties in biserver
  173. Error to connect mysql database in pentaho User console
  174. Send mail step
  175. Fill field with a constant
  176. Unparseable date
  177. Can i install Kettle 3.1 on windows server 2008 64 Bit OS?
  178. Please help ! Tring to find solution since long time
  179. data validator question
  180. Job-Example for Slowly Changing Dimension 2
  181. Input html-file in a single string - to use it as content for a mail-Step
  182. New in Kettle, i can't rename files....
  183. Dimension lookup/update cache error
  184. How to Remove the NULL while displaying it in TEXT File
  185. Need help on Run SSH commands in KTR
  186. MSAcess with username password
  187. LDAP-Input: How to Reconstruct the tree-scructure of the LDAP-data?
  188. Flow of tranformation from XML
  189. Hi Data Integration Document
  190. Is it possible to restore Transformations backup of PDI windows on PDI linux
  191. Calling transformation from the Java Script
  192. Calculate gaps between numbers in different rows, filter if gap is too large
  193. INsert/update
  194. Plugin unavailable when deploying on Linux (plugin)
  195. Smaller runtime installation for client sites?
  196. Scheduling Problems with Pentaho Reporting Step
  197. Pentaho Closing the MSSQL connection
  198. Populate database fields from XML output
  199. Exception while running Kettle transformation
  200. Database type not found
  201. Database connection pool
  202. Dimension lookup/update generated keys problem
  203. Job to stream from one database to another.
  204. Step Delete.
  205. 'Create File', 'Delete file' can take dynamic names?
  206. mssql sysname datatype
  207. java exception while saving imported .kjb into repository
  208. Getting the status of a transformation invoked by a job executed in carte
  209. Problem with character encoding for Russian language
  210. Join rows partitioning
  211. logging and transaction deadlock
  212. Logging detail different on similar jobs?
  213. NegativeArraySizeException on Excel Input
  214. Problem with kitchen.bat
  215. Conceptual ask, DB2 data valitation procedure V/S Kettle Valida data...Wich is better
  216. Excel Outout Format
  217. Can't seem to set transaction isolation level for DB connection.
  218. Manipulate Time data type
  219. Can anyone see the problem with this Unparseable date?
  220. Lookup database vs sort/merge
  221. Parametrized Table input
  222. Request Advice: Importing RDB file format
  223. Execute Transformation once for each record
  224. can pentaho data integration 4.1 call bat?
  225. advantages of saving the transformation in ktr file over saving in database.
  226. kettle logging to tables
  227. pdi-ee-4.2.0-GA Execute SQL Script - line wrap bug?
  228. Transform freezes when run
  229. Multibyte or wide character
  230. How can i use UDJC Step for validate data?
  231. Step Plugin: Dialog not shown in Spoon
  232. Jasper iReports in Pentaho User Console
  233. Unknown Exception while fetching data in kettle transformation
  234. Using variable in Excel Input's sheet settings
  235. Unknown column 'x' in 'field list'
  236. How to work with a single record
  237. Fuzzy Match Using CSV files (error)
  238. How to call Pentaho Job in Jsp page
  239. Skipping transformation, or filtering out rows
  240. Pentaho EE 4.2.0-GA slow startup?
  241. multiple lookups on same table
  242. Is there a way to remove the splash screen?
  243. Write with "Excel Writer" in an Excel file and open it with Excel
  244. Get Data from a REST web service
  245. How to cast?
  246. checksum generation
  247. DetectLastRow plug-in
  248. Insert data to a db with javascript
  249. Error while running the batch file in community version
  250. Error while running batch file