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  1. I have an input stream and a generate rows (1 row) , transformation only writes one
  2. structured data input - field start position, end position, length
  3. running KTR with Pan
  4. Need help! Upload file from web service, have Pentaho perform actions on file.
  5. How to map database field to table column using Table output
  6. Is possible? to use another step in UDJC
  7. Once again - Kettle "START"-Step, "Repeat"-Option and the gory details :-)
  8. Connection to SQL server database not behaving consistently across Pentaho products
  9. Read echar line of table input e baseade on this read other table input
  10. Updating registers on DB from txt input
  11. issue with installing EasyDQ
  12. Infobright Loading Data Error
  13. Performance Issue with Database Join Step.
  14. MySQL Bulk Loader doesn't work in conjunction with quoted identifiers?
  15. Kettle RAM and Hard drive space requirement ?
  16. Run Java Stored Procedure or DB2 Command Line
  17. Spoon 'hangs' on simple transformation
  18. using pan.sh with Cygwin
  19. Use reply parameterized HTTP post as XML input step.
  20. Using Switch-Case with a large range of values
  21. Unexpected conversion error while converting value to an Integer
  22. Script SQL
  23. Pentaho Data Integration(Ubuntu)
  24. Loading into LucidDB Issue (Performance Streaming Loader Step and Error script alt)
  25. Bridge table with T2SCD on either side...
  26. Auto-determine XML fields in transformation at run-time?
  27. java heap size
  28. Transformation runs ok but job won´t
  29. Logging is different on DB repository mode?
  30. select clause columns in SQL into the transformation flow
  31. XML join
  32. Loading datavault job freezes on mysql 5.1.59
  33. How do you see step metrics when running transformation as a Job?
  34. Unable to view content of the file on the spoon which is selected from the HDFS
  35. problem with cdc
  36. Problems Launching Job with Kitchen.bat
  37. Proper step for creating and maintaining bridge tables?
  38. "Rest Client" and "Accept: application/xml" header
  39. what is needed to run kitchen embeded in an existing java application
  40. Limiting the number of threads in a Pentaho job
  41. Débutant pentaho (fr)
  42. "Merge Join" on string key field problem
  43. Problem with passing parameters to Pentaho Reporting output Step
  44. Problem with kitchen - Cannot load job
  45. use Kettle CE with Admin Console
  46. Documenting Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) Projects
  47. Scheduled Jobs running longer than the scheduling window causing missed executions
  48. Driver class for Postgres and neo4j
  49. synchronisation openbravo erp /pos
  50. Error ODBC Connection
  51. how to lookup dimension and insert in fact table
  52. VFS FTP Passive mode
  53. Newbie question on necessity to use DI?
  54. Suggestions Please - PDI
  55. Insert/Update step: list of updated and inserted rows
  56. question about Execute a Process
  57. Spoon does not flush for batch updates
  58. How to convert Date from yyyy-mm-dd to mm/dd/yy
  59. how do you control the location and maning of error_log.txt
  60. pass paramters to xaction Job via URL
  61. Sitecatalyst Integration OR help with REST Client Step
  62. changement a variation lente URGENT
  63. Job Fails at Rowlevel debug works at Basic
  64. Do transformations process records in order?
  65. Primary Key error handling
  66. Field Variable in Table Output
  67. kitchen kettle.properties not recognized when running from the command line in cygwin
  68. pivoting rows-to-columns
  69. Formula step
  70. encoding problem - utf8
  71. Insert / Update with data from two tables
  72. Scheduling
  73. calculator column name issue
  74. Integrating java and pentaho
  75. PDI 4.2.1 freezing - Table Output
  76. Can I execute common steps regardless of columns in rows?
  77. Can I automatically populate the XML fields I'm looking for in "Get Data From XML"?
  78. Problem with Database Lookup
  79. Table Input Step & nullable integer field in Oracle
  80. Need Help with inserting differente columms
  81. job entry logging tables all ine columns ar 0
  82. If field value is null does not work when using pah.sh
  83. error in running spoon.sh
  84. Hadoop Copy files Step in Job
  85. Eliminate spaces in output file csv
  86. Commit option during transformation
  87. Agile BI Plugin - Where is it?
  88. kettle and PDR reporting
  89. PDI 4.3 Release Date?
  90. HELP!Unable to read row from XBase file!
  91. Database Repository <=> File System Repository
  92. Kettle variable for parent directory of job directory
  93. ayuda para combinar 2 fuentes de datos
  94. Execute the job file (kjb) using java API
  95. Error Opening Transformation
  96. Use same Transformation for same file name beginning only end part different
  97. Location of properties file in the repo
  98. Reading multiple lines from a file and split it to columns
  99. How stop a job start by Kitchen.bat
  100. Wrong status for STATUS column for transformation log table.
  101. Proceed with transformation even if database connection fails
  102. get new rows added to dimensions after combination lookup/update
  103. Issue with replace() and $ in replacement value
  104. How to avoid FTP download/delete of file when source file still being written
  105. Error handling in Pentaho
  106. In insert/update update operation performs correctly but datas inserting again
  107. Perform an auto CREATE TABLE to store the output of a transformation
  108. including message with Abort
  109. "Group By" temp files filling up storage
  110. create an additional row using an input row
  111. Converting UAT (Date)
  112. Dynamic file name from database for Text file output
  113. Feature suggestion: load balancing parallel steps
  114. How is possible to assign Variables by filename
  115. 95% Percentile Calculation for each Group
  116. Manually set Job Start Date and Job End Date in Pan?
  117. PDI Yaml file input step
  118. Kettle 4.3.0 stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  119. File Exists step
  120. Trying to bridge two tables.
  121. PDI/Kitchen is running...but not running???
  122. untraceable unwanted filtering of records in table output step on my pc
  123. Stream Lookup Error - you can't use the 'integer-pair' algorithm when you ..
  124. PDI 4.1.0 runs OK on windows7 machine - PDI 4.3.0 will not
  125. Pop up so user can set variable on the fly (job)
  126. RegEx expression not working
  127. String extraction with regex
  128. Introduce variable value as field value in a table output
  129. Steps execution profile for advanced optimization
  130. sort rows and unique
  131. Spoon transformation logging
  132. Need an example for "Add filenames to result"
  133. Need a single column from a CSV
  134. Enterprise Registry Creation - Connection Error
  135. Issue trying to connect to database repo using JDBC - PDI4.3.0
  136. trim white spaces not working
  137. stripping a URL from a field
  138. Combining one and many lines to an output
  139. How could remove records from destination which have already deleted from source
  140. Read whole unstructured text file and store it in 1 field
  141. How to connect PDI 4.2.1 to Oracle 11G
  142. Create job using java API
  143. Split field with names and values
  144. How to deal with datetime with millisecond in Kettle?
  145. truncate not working the second time
  146. Transform Verification
  147. Is run log in the correct order?
  148. Execute Row SQL script -- Oracle says "invalid character"
  149. Problem with Cross tab report in PRD 3.8
  150. Is it a bug? - rewriteBatchStatements
  151. Simultaneous Kettle Jobs Execution
  152. Heap Exhaustion - Is this a typical issue?
  153. SHA-2 Hash
  154. Connection leakage in pentaho
  155. Translating UUID to number primary/foreign keys
  156. Looking for help on xml data extraction
  157. Http Post JSON input variables from source database table or csv
  158. Request For Kettle User's manual
  159. gzip streaming task awesome, is there a regular zip version?
  160. PDI: Looking for help to add a field of a previous row in a newl field
  161. Kettle 4.3.0: Get File with FTP --> Unzip file not working
  162. NullPointerException when using carte's HTTP executeTrans URL.
  163. Displaying messages during a file download
  164. step design questions
  165. what is the overaching reason for hand building xml?
  166. XSL Transformation
  167. Agile BI Plugin - Makes spoon v. slow to start
  168. Preview Hangs
  169. Automatic stripping of backslash character
  170. Performance doubts
  171. Group by step error: field missing in input row
  172. UPPER/lower case trouble on pg Output
  173. inconsistent data in text output step
  174. java filter not working
  175. How to use XML join for multiple conditions
  176. Problem
  177. Unable to launch Spoon on Linux CentOS
  178. JVM Size - Which one matters (Kettle/Kitchen/Spoon)
  179. Excel Input from zipped files
  180. 4.3.0 - Repo Issues with regard transformations with logging set
  181. Parameter / Variable
  182. Different behavior after upgrade to Kettle 4.2
  183. Problems Integrating- transformation. defining variables in keetle
  184. Google analytics plugin
  185. Name variables based on a field content
  186. PDI-4902 - Simple Evaluation step is not working in 4.3.0 when using repo.
  187. Check UNIQUE constraint and error analysis
  188. IDENTITY_INSERT on SQL Server - revisited
  189. Database lookup step does not return multiple results.
  190. how to load a multiple csv files into different tables
  191. how to debug a job
  192. Which CITRIX virtualisation desktop version works with PDI 4.2
  193. Excel input - bug or not?
  194. How to convert a string to a valid date?
  195. Using Formula Step
  196. Performance problem with Insert/Update on Amazon cloud
  197. ERP Translation
  198. Could anyone recommend an interactive application for mass data analysis?
  199. ow to retrieve all jobs/transformations of specified diretory by API in kettle4.3.0
  200. Exclude first lines of a CSV file
  201. Unzip File Problem
  202. "use sequence" is disabled in the dimension lookup/update step
  203. Check if files exist won't accept wildcards?
  204. Spoon - Unable to create the database cache
  205. UTF8 ERROR WITH PDI EXPORTET FILE, change pdi default settings
  206. Issue starting spoon - deleted .kettle folder
  207. How to rename field of Logging table.
  208. parameter passing to sub jobs
  209. Issue with wait for step script
  210. 'get fields' is too likely to select DATE as the field type in a CSV input step
  211. Create a new table input using each line in result of other table input
  212. All xml in one line
  213. Carte and UserDefinedJavaClass step
  214. Job not release memory in version 4.3
  215. MemoryGroupBy.addToAggregate results in java.lang.NullPointerException
  216. How extract data from PDF file?
  217. Parsing text file with multiple header/line pairings
  218. Has anyone seen a Kettle error like this?
  219. Set files in result as "error" or "general" and attach them in separate emails
  220. Mongodb issue - No route to host
  221. Connecting to SSL enabled SQL server ?
  222. Difference in MongodbInput and documentation for 4.3.0-stable
  223. TimeZone
  224. Urgent : Manipulation de chaine de caractères
  225. PDI to MS SQL Server 2012 Express Connection
  226. Javascript getDayNumber weekday
  227. Excel Input Column Header
  228. Best way in order to update or insert
  229. Updating dimensions just in time
  230. Trouble with Database Join
  231. Ability to run a step using en_US locale
  232. Single Threader Output
  233. Fuzzy Matching, capturing "In A&B", "Just in A" and "Just in B".
  234. How to debug javascript step in a job
  235. Near Real Time Transformation Approach
  236. Change number of copies to start - how to use it?
  237. Find Table Deltas in Pentaho
  238. Table output from an excel file
  239. Logging in Kettle when embeded in Java app
  240. Enquire state of Job, for Kettle embeded in Java
  241. Concurrency concern on Kettle embeded in Java
  242. JNDI datasource JTA compatible, for Kettle embedded in Java?
  243. Problem with database connection name.
  244. Pass variables to transformation, using java api
  245. Problems With Sybase IQ
  246. encryption with User Defined Java class
  247. FYI - Excel Writer step - Heap space - solved
  248. How to save / capture / export logging window
  249. Understand "block this step until steps finish"
  250. Salesforce input works from PC, but not from hosted server