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  1. How to check the Excel sheet ?
  2. Locking repository database using Db2 database
  3. Issue with this formula - Is there a maximum length?
  4. REST client not returning data
  5. Null pointer exception in strange place in intialize Combination Lookup/update
  6. How to handle autoincremental/serial keys
  7. bulk loading
  8. Casting expressions to table fields
  9. Pentaho reporting output plugin doesn't produce Excel-reports in PDI 4.1.2.
  10. Internal Kettle Variable
  11. Basic Kettle Help
  12. Can I convert a .pub private key to .pem for SFTP?
  13. Starting spoon.bat and Job automatically
  14. PDI - Need to lock table for write before inserting
  15. Proxy Problem sending email with MAIL Spoon component
  16. disable quoting of reserved words - how to for Netezza data source
  17. parameter passing to REST step
  18. kitchen returns an error, but only in Linux!
  19. Get data from xml
  20. Problem with SCD type II with a float field
  21. Spash Screen -> Kettle Developers
  22. Problem with sub-transformation using date type field
  23. How to launch a transformation in Windows command prompt and Linux????
  24. dependency of transformation is used for what
  25. I/O Error: SSO Failed: SSPI Not Initialized
  26. Text Component
  27. Command line validation
  28. How do I remove unwanted characters and signs from a field
  29. JSON Input with field paths that have periods in the name
  30. Newbie, looking for sampledata H2 database
  31. DynamoDb
  32. evaluating a org.pentaho.di.core.Result instance in Java
  33. Last day of month calculation
  34. Job logging in 4.3.0 is inconsistent running from repo
  35. PDI 4.3 GA executable load times excessive
  36. Java Filter throws exceptions
  37. Multiple rows should return as INPUT for FACT table
  38. Problems running pentaho on local network
  39. Calculating error/rows
  40. Lots of files, same structure, different IDs...
  41. Filter rows step distributes instead of copies
  42. Enums and mapping integers/numbers to string
  43. Transformation won't execute in Spoon
  44. Error when reading TIMESTAMP
  45. Execute Perl Scripts on a Windows Box
  46. Adding new field to add xml from the different input source shows err
  47. Kettle PDI plugin for CMIS (Alfresco,..)
  48. MongoDB Input step Error
  49. Confused on how to make summations
  50. How to run a transformation with Pentaho MapReduce
  51. Text Output Question
  52. Correct way to handle larger-than-memmory data sets in kettle?
  53. ftp fetch from directory and it sub directory using regular expression.
  54. Error connecting from Spoon to Carte when trying to run a remote execution
  55. How can i use oracle java 1.7 or oracle java 1.6 for run kettle
  56. Unknown PW For Kettle Win64 Repository Connection Setup . . .
  57. Spoon Development comfort- Copy/Paste steps and some docs
  58. An error occurred reading a transformation from the repository
  59. Fatal Error using Star Model plugin for Spoon
  60. processing array data in JSON output
  61. Using the new CouchDB input step
  62. Parse XML According to Schema
  63. how to convert the horizontal rows to vertical columns
  64. It looks like the Group By Step is not case sensitive in PDI
  65. Drill-down exploration cancels logging?
  66. Transformation and Job documentation best practices
  67. Error connecting to Sybase server
  68. encr - password different on windows vs. unix
  69. Get Data From XML xpath limitations
  70. Kettle 4.3 Startup hangs in Windows 7 64 bit system with jre 7u5
  71. Skript or Windows Task for automatic repository connection
  72. java.lang.NullPointerException in incremental load
  73. Pentaho Kettle and Bamboo
  74. Webservice step doesnt use gzip compression on the http connection
  75. run pentaho kettle from cmd. how to send the source files as a param?
  76. LibFormulaErrorValue
  77. DB2 ZOS connection issue
  78. Problem with Filemaker JDBC
  79. Transformation calling DB procedure is failing (MySQL, JDBC driver)
  80. How to analyze step metrics of a transformation from a job
  81. Database Connection with Single Row Processing in Single Threader
  82. How can I track how much memory PDI is actually using?
  83. Cannot reopen transformation/job from a subdirectory file based repository
  84. Lazy Conversion not working for nvarchar datatype
  85. Kitchen.bat and Pentaho Enterprise Repository
  86. Loading shared.xml file and executing Pentaho Job through custom Java
  87. Database Connection (MySQL) in Table Input Step
  88. Running same ETL in different jobs in Parallel
  89. Perform a foreach file in folder
  90. How to deal with nested JSON documents
  91. HOW TO RUN KETTLE JOB(.kjb) simultaneously WITH JBOSS SERVER
  92. HOW TO RUN KETTLE JOB(.kjb) simultaneously WITH JBOSS SERVER
  93. Date parsing error
  94. Problem with unique row step in pdi-ce-4.3.0-stable.
  95. Switch/Case on jobs
  96. Jobs and Transformations in JARs?
  97. how to send mail..after KETTLE job successfully completed...or fail..
  98. Database join ERROR
  99. Passing output field as json query parameter in MongoDB Input
  100. 【Kettle & Java】How to get result set from a transformtion ?
  101. Json Input Missing field Parsing in the array
  102. Problems moving Floating point data from textfile input to sql table output.
  103. How do I connect Spoon to a an Oracle Database
  104. How to view the physical location of the ktr files in Version 3.2.
  105. Decryption with Janino/User defined java class?
  106. filters for complex and constantly changing rules
  107. Excel Writer - Strange behaviour
  108. Unable to get field value in UDJC
  109. Elastic search bulk insert
  110. How to Manage Table which contain Data Type XML in sql server
  111. Does Pentaho support Datatype Geometry which is available in SQL SERVER 2008
  112. PDI 4.3.1 license issue
  113. Excel Writer Issue
  114. How to Publish from Spoon to BI-Server
  115. Http Client URL from field name not working in pdi ce 4.3 bug?
  116. Using a Custom Format for fields in Json Input step
  117. Converting XML data to MySQL table
  118. Extract XML blob
  119. Repository Connection Performance
  120. Kettle - installation problems Java setup / paths documentation spoon.bat
  121. How to convert row to columns using denormalizer or any step
  122. How to connect to MySQL under strict permissions?
  123. Empty log file
  124. Error in CALL DB PROCEDURE Step
  125. Kettle Logging and MongoDB
  126. Request-Only Asynchronous Web Service Throws NPE
  127. Kettle as OSGI component
  128. Version duplicate - Dimension lookup step
  129. NullPointerException using carte to run a job
  130. Regular Expression
  131. CSV input Data Formatting/Loading into SQL Server
  132. Metadata Injection -> Microsoft Excel Input
  133. How to upload a file to a specific HTTP Path using Kettle ?
  134. Attached files to Mail task is getting attached again.......
  135. Put Files Via FTP Error
  136. JMS Consumer on a TOPIC
  137. Good implementation high level overview
  138. Where has the username column gone in the database repository explorer view?
  139. Regex match and return
  140. Time error on File Load
  141. Clearing cache
  142. Kettle JVM CRASH Fedora 17 64 bit (various JVMs)
  143. Twitter Signed Request
  144. SQL Case to Pentaho... best way?
  145. Alerts from Source to kick off job
  146. Data Direct ODBC Driver Error
  147. Confusing info on upgrading PDI 4.1.2
  148. How do I use sys_guid() to generate a pk in an address table
  149. Execute SQL issue - 4.1.0 vs 4.3.0
  150. Parsing out data for Center Name
  151. Excel Writer - Variable in the "Start writting at cell"
  152. Multiway merge join, need more info
  153. Pan and Kitchen exit codes
  154. Using Dimensions lookup update!
  155. FTP with VFS
  156. Dynamic Mail Body Or Subject
  157. REST Client
  158. unable to connect with repository
  159. Data viewers in spoon
  160. Problem with two data flows
  161. Error on Insert/Update MySQL database
  162. Creating and loading data into the target table at the run time
  163. Working with metadata injector
  164. How to delete data loaded from an XML file in oracle?
  165. How to execute PL/SQL Package/Procedure from Kettle ETL rules?
  166. How to have one log file per main job
  167. Unstructured Data
  168. Kettle from java
  169. Creating and loading data from a text file
  170. Passing previous step results to MongoDB Input step
  171. Update Key
  172. choosing the most recent CSV file
  173. Javascript Error
  174. MongoDB Output Methodology Question
  175. Data Integration Question
  176. REST API for Amazon Dynamo DB through Kettle
  177. performance of xsd validator
  178. Using Samba/smbclient in Kettle
  179. Setting up security in spoon
  180. Set Call Key
  181. Javascript help
  182. Read from a table and email the contents
  183. REST client Step. Trying to log in to vTiger via web service.
  184. Spoon transformation has less results inside report-designer
  185. Atomic processing
  186. How to do a "https" SOAP look up
  187. Regarding the pentaho repository setting
  188. Problem reading MySql Float
  189. Out of Memory Error/ Java heap space
  190. How to fetch data from Amazon dynamo DB through Pentaho Data Integration ?
  191. Database issue in PDI
  192. looking for records in table based on inputs from file
  193. schedule job when an event occurs
  194. Java output step
  195. execute a process step running powershell command
  196. How to test transformations that user 'get rows from result' as the first step?
  197. XML from SOAP web service
  198. Table created through PDI giving Data Truncation error?
  199. Kettle upgradation from KETTLE 3.2 to KETTLE 4.2.1
  200. 4.3.0 - Get mail (POP, IMAP) component does not work from Repo job
  201. MongoDB Upserts
  202. Why does my infinite loop end succesfully?
  203. memmory management - best practices
  204. Salesforce Plugin and the bulk API
  205. Failed to create object in repository. Object [test] already exists
  206. Pentaho Reporting Output not working
  207. CouchDB step not initializing
  208. Solution: PDI 4.3.0 or PDI 4.4.0 Ubuntu 12.04, xulrunner.
  209. Send Message to Syslog Transformation Step
  210. MONGOdb INPUT STEP not executing the query expression on pentaho server.
  211. browsing or opening any job or transformation using kettle 4.3.0 is hung
  212. Call MySQL procedure with multiple result set
  213. Parameters from java
  214. Get Normalized from xml file
  215. Challenge with one fact to many same dimensional values
  216. Schema/columns/structure storage
  217. How to make a case when then else with Kettle
  218. Sequencing of Steps in a Transformation
  219. Kettle Repository - Tables Info
  220. Basics of pentaho
  221. Sample Transformations and Jobs
  222. Upgrading Causes Loss of Passwords
  223. Kettle won't create tables in MSSQL?
  224. MongoDB Output - Complex Document/Sub Document Question
  225. API pagination - REST step - Looping
  226. Data Porting Issue
  227. Speed of rows when using remote database
  228. Symmetric Cryptography - Null pointer Exception
  229. Error is not showing up when i click red mark button in logging section
  230. MetaData Structure of Stream
  231. Data validator in 4.2.0
  232. Execution of a wrapped transformation on slave server
  233. Timezone setting in Kettle 4.3.0 version
  234. Scheduled job not running due to UNKNOWN COLUMN ID_PROFILE error.
  235. Variable (Cntrl+Space) column in fields
  236. Making a REST or SOAP API calls when an Authorization Key is necessary in the header
  237. OCI access to oracle databases showing wrong ports ?
  238. Multiway merge join preview error
  239. Connection is busy with results for another hstmt
  240. Increase the max number of columns
  241. Output SQL Select to separate csv files and folders
  242. Moving averages in pdi? - or how to process records in sets.
  243. GUI in windows on jobs running in unix
  244. Issues with huge data input output.
  245. Java Runtime for Kettle 4.3.0 Stable
  246. Issue with looping - execute for each input row
  247. Ping a host
  248. Read only permissions to login user's in KETTLE 4.3.0 version
  249. URGENT help needed
  250. SQL Server/JDBC on PDI - pooling/no pooling both cause problems