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  1. MySQL temporary table
  2. Job Log status not updated when we run all jobs (kettle 4.3.0)
  3. Minimum requirements to run kettle files
  4. Thread: File Does not Found when trying to run second Time using mysql bulk loader in
  5. Unstructured Excel File
  6. Replace Strings
  7. setValue() is not working in modified Java Script
  8. Does pentaho data inegration latest version support java 1.4
  9. parse unstructured text file
  10. FIPS 140-2 compliance?
  11. Job Scheduling at a particua time using Kitchen
  12. Passing two parameters while running the transformation and using them for sql update
  13. Widget is disposed
  14. Sub transformation query
  15. Get time a file stays in folder
  16. GetVariableMeta.clone() doesn't clone all class members
  17. Verify file input type
  18. Get Data from HTML file
  19. how to validate a string that is actually an integer
  20. Is there re-try option for a job-entry in PDI job in case of failure?
  21. Asking OpenERP module for pentaho data integration (Kettle)
  22. Urgent help required..
  23. Does kettle support backword compatibility
  24. Attempt to load multiple files one at a time
  25. Running Parallel transforamtion throws an Error
  26. Table Logging : ID_BATCH vs ID_JOB?
  27. CSV File output formating problem with number value
  28. Excel writer - subtotals on the same spreedsheet
  29. HBase Input error
  30. Minimum requirement to run kettle 4.3.0 version
  31. MySQL ODBC connection
  32. Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction
  33. Pentaho Help
  34. Error message "Streaming result set com.mysql.jdbc.RowDataDynamic@48b524aa is still a
  35. Anyone have keyboard issues while using PDI (Win7 Remote Desktop)?
  36. xml help
  37. sorting filenames "inside" text file input..?
  38. Rollback in multiple transformation
  39. Running Parallel transformations takes more time than sequential transformations
  40. Restart the package from error transformation onwards
  41. help: how to get row number from user defined java class
  42. Time difference to start job execution on windows and linux
  43. Append
  44. PDI Can not remotely execute transformation by using Slave Server ( Carte)
  45. username & password variables
  46. org.apache.commons.vfs.FileSystemException: Could not create file "file:///home/...fi
  47. Create Result Set User defined java class
  48. Caught Kettle Exception Check your configuration
  49. Newbie Needs Help
  50. Sequential execution of Hops
  51. Using Transformations in Jobs no Data Changes
  52. get data through xml file
  53. Modulus
  54. Dimension lookup / Update Technical key = Version Field
  55. Timeout in Web Service request
  56. Can't open transformation with Spoon
  57. Visualize - Agile BI
  58. both https and http SOAP calls not working
  59. Need Example on variables to use in Modified javaScriptValue
  60. Result rows accross transformations
  61. Run Kettle jobs in another platform
  62. How to add line breaks in Comment of Mail task step?
  63. SAP Input with paremeters
  64. MD2withRSA is disabled error when running HTTP Client or REST Client steps
  65. HTTP request not going thru proxy server
  66. Problem with RSS INPUT
  67. Pdi
  68. String replace function on MsAccess showing error in pentaho
  69. Scope of Java in Spoon
  70. Some wierd meeessages in the logs for a job in Debug
  71. Join two bases
  72. MongoDBInput - Dynamic query from previous step
  73. Insert/Update - error converting Int to Int
  74. Cannot copy files in Hadoop using PDI-CE-4.3.0
  75. deleting and disabling a hop
  76. How to pass parameter to sub-transformation
  77. How to add expressions, field values in output table?
  78. REST Client and form parameters
  79. some error msgs of Data source connection between the Kettle and SAP
  80. Calendar Exchange
  81. Constant Values To output table
  82. Rerunning transformations
  83. How to Identify Available Metadata
  84. Converting minutes to hours:minutes
  85. Database Join step not throwing failed queries to error hop
  86. Multiway merge join still giving different result than SQL join...
  87. ERROR timeout using "Get a file with FTPS" PDI version 4.3.0
  88. insert update mysql int
  89. Taking more time while Export all objects from an XML file using Kettle 4.3.0 version
  90. Repository ID already in use
  91. Get "weight" (attribute) from XML
  92. How we can pass current date ?
  93. Charset error on "Email message input" step
  94. Model Prospective in PDI - Can we include more than one table
  95. How to use join conditions?
  96. How and what values to go into HTTPS SOAP request
  97. Unable to create a MappingAdmin connection
  98. Informix 64 Bit ODBC error returning data
  99. Transformation Logging Table Auto-cleanup
  100. Creating new sequential value based on previous row
  101. change request: rowset in Trans to become protected
  102. Pentaho Report Bursting with the help of PDI throws error
  103. Keep the Step Metrics automatically in a table or file after transformation
  104. Keep the Loging automatically in a table or file after transformation
  105. [Loop] Need some help building a loop job / transformation
  106. Split an 80 byte field into many fields with fixed starting positions and lengths
  107. Problem with (I thought) simple data move
  108. migration 3.1 --> 4.2: new logging api and run job using java api
  109. Sub transformations in Hadoop MapReduce jobs
  110. What is the value of a empty csv column field?
  111. Reading data from in a crosstab format from a text file
  112. split values
  113. Please anydody share the installtion guide for PDI
  114. LDAP Output Delete on attributes?
  115. Microsoft Excel Output Step error 'filename' missing when it the first field listed?
  116. Flush enterprise repository
  117. Not able to see start and stop buttons in Kettle 4.3.0 version
  118. How to get substrings in file names to use after
  119. 1 Hour Delay - Why + How to eliminate
  120. Log4jKettleLayout and log messages arguments substitution
  121. Error
  122. Regexps in job steps
  123. Works in Spoon, not Kitchen - pdi-ce-4.2.1
  124. Connection with Database at UDJC
  125. How to edit maximum response time from HTTP Client Step
  126. How to get name of the fields?
  127. Log SQL in log file
  128. Pentaho Reporting Output: report with zero byte size
  129. Error when I am getting the filename list
  130. Insert a JAVA script at the PDI
  131. Remainder mod
  132. Query Expression of mongodb limit
  133. Compare two inputs in a java program / filter component
  134. Error while passing multiple named parameters to the transformation
  135. Loop data?
  136. Java API: Get connection metadata from shared.xml in KETTLE_HOME
  137. RegEx Evaluator
  138. Transformation Mail
  139. XML Input Stream (StAX)
  140. Generate Rows step and its Properties
  141. Excel Input failing on columns where the formula returns a #VALUE#
  142. Change the column name of Excel Input and output it to SQL Output
  143. Excel to MySQL (insert string with a number)
  144. How to join more files to have an xml output
  145. heap space
  146. How to get "previous step name" in a job
  147. Evaluation of multiple steps within a kettle job
  148. Job works in Spoon but fails in Kitchen (first-time user)
  149. error: runing job in java (KettleEnvironment.init())
  150. Double Byte Character Issue
  151. Why do extraneous empty rows appear when using Dimension Lookup/Update?
  152. Gtk-Warning
  153. How to rectify prepared statement s_1 already exists
  154. Connect Spoon from desktop to PDI installed linux server
  155. Kitcken.bat - CPU & RAM Limits configuration?
  156. 24/7 process using kettle application
  157. Dinamic query with cde variable
  158. Wait for response for http request for JSON file.
  159. Retrieving data of a Facebook page with an app access token
  160. Where does .kettle property file recides in windows 7
  161. Job scheduling within spoon using kettle database repository
  162. "Unparseable date" exception, date string seems correct
  163. Transformation works inside GUI but not from script
  164. how to use data in a java hash table in pentaho GUI transformation
  165. Replacing a substring
  166. How to trigger a step on new/changed dimension row?
  167. Type2
  168. DATEDIF "m" Issue
  169. Single Threader Cast Error
  170. Not getting blob data from MySQL as byte[]
  171. XPath statement returned no result
  172. Vectorwise and Pentaho integration Problem
  173. "split fields" for numbers and group using SPACE " "
  174. out of memory - java heap space. Cannot open spoon if I increase the number in Batch
  175. How to get unique combination of rows
  176. how to parse a datetime column from oltp to olap?
  177. Problem: Out of Memory
  178. count
  179. How to force column into Integer, or NULL if can't parse?
  180. TableInputMeta.setVariableReplacementActive(true) does not work for DBconnection?
  181. PDI cannot convert a timezone date string to the Date type
  182. org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException
  183. Kettle 4.4 or latest 4.3.x
  184. Please help! Javascript step: Unexpected error & java.lang.NullPointerException
  185. How to migrate Long Raw datatype(oracle) to BYTEA(postgressql)
  186. Data Integration running in regular basis
  187. Rename file with variable date
  188. Avoid Multiple lookups
  189. Error in "Import repository" on kettle file repository
  190. Cannot get Meta-Data Injection Step to work with CSV Input Step...
  191. Pass filename created from one transformation to another
  192. records per sec slowly decreasing as the transformation progresses
  193. How to Pass multiple variable values from a Transformation to a Job
  194. Kettle ( ktr invocation from java ) Multi-threading support?
  195. Any way to get the disposition of an Insert/Update step?
  196. Connecting SQL 2008 R2 with Vectorwise
  197. Microsoft Excel Writer or Output not doing a parallel loading....
  198. javascript
  199. PDI 4.3 configuration with Apache Hadoop 1.0.0 on Redhat 2.6.18-164.E15
  200. Kettel with Jboss 7
  201. Table Output commit size too large?
  202. Table Exists - Checking Hive tables
  203. Kettle 3.2 version with Java\jdk1.6.0_33
  204. How to use Run SSH commands step to access an FTP
  205. Digest Authentication for Rest Web Service
  206. Kettle with activesync
  207. Pentaho dont recognize new table column
  208. Group by?
  209. PDI forecasting plugin
  210. Data Integration with SALESFORCE CRM & ERP
  211. Detail log is not showing even though there are errors(PDI 4.3.0)
  212. classNotFound Exception while executing Pentaho MapReduce
  213. Reverse Stream Step?
  214. Starting jobs from Carte on localhost - how?!?
  215. Repository creation and version controling in open source Pentaho DI
  216. Transformation log being truncated (buffer not flushed when job finishes?)
  217. Generic data load
  218. Missing Data
  219. Handling Network failure in ETL process.
  220. Use Input Table result as an argument to another Input Table step
  221. Variable Excel-filenames output
  222. Dynamic Parallel Processing
  223. how to view SQL generated from database join step?
  224. File output with "force the enclosure" still does not work in 4.3
  225. String operation
  226. Problem with dimension lookup-update
  227. leading spaces and excel writer
  228. How to use the Formula step in the Pentaho data integration transformation
  229. How to have a faster pooling/run from Oracle to MSSQL data load
  230. Common server for developing the code
  231. What are the Kettle Files to be migrated to to run a job in a different server
  232. Insert current date in SQL File Output
  233. Tinmeout error when transferring via Samba
  234. DBF with memo fields and can bind a LONG value Error in Linux
  235. Compare the Fields
  236. Data Parallelism
  237. View data component
  238. Mapping (sub-transformation) Outside of Repository
  239. Distributing Output From Sub-Transformation
  240. Pentaho MapReduce ClassNotFoundException: KettleException
  241. org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleTransException
  242. How to create webservice ?
  243. Vectorwise Bulk Loader
  244. Check for record before updating
  245. UDJC RowMetaAndData getString()
  246. Unable to contact slave server to verify the status of transformation
  247. Pentaho 4.3.0 on Fedora 16 VM fails to start with a core dump
  248. Workaround for 'Comment in Execute-SQL-Step'-Bug needed urgently...
  249. XML From Rest Client
  250. Bulk Google Analytics Import - Forbidden Error