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  1. Not Getting Planned Target Database(star schema Development)
  2. Passing Parameter
  3. How to execute PDI jobs from java?
  4. HTTP POST - Forcing a referer
  5. Generate date using Add Constants step
  6. Performance Add Sequence (using an Oracle Sequence)
  7. MongoDB Input step with "Fields expression" option
  8. Does Update Step with 'Use batch updates' really do batch updates with Vertica?
  9. Multiple Get Rows From Results?
  10. Oracle RAC Connection String length JIRA PDI-2424
  11. Error using Move Files with FTP
  12. Comparing two Numbers resulting in Boolean
  13. Get File Details AND RowCount - help - rowcount kills file details (v3.1.0)
  14. Executing PDI jobs in Unix
  15. MongoDb output step - array of objects
  16. Carte start jobs and transformations from a Webbrowser or HTTP client lib
  17. How can I get metadata (for auditing)?
  18. modified java script component not performing any action based on the script
  19. MS SQL Server: on test, OK. When run, I/O Error...
  20. How to get count of rows in job result?
  21. RSS Input: customize fields
  22. PDI with Advantage Data
  23. Perspectives Model and Visualize: more info and docs?
  24. set variable and get variable
  25. How to parse this csv file
  26. kettle generate rows to table input step
  27. Importing a xml file that contains identical fields.
  28. Saelsforce Integration
  29. Custom Step Plugin
  30. Getting Errors from transformation launched in User Defined Java Class
  31. Need solution for using merge join step.
  32. Scheduling Jobs (PDI or Windows schedule)
  33. Report Output Step breaks logging when using transformation as a data source
  34. Dynamic Addition/Export of Columns
  35. Dynamic Addition/Export of Columns
  36. Row Normalizer - dropping data / blank data
  37. The filename field (data from previous steps)
  38. Not able to establish connection to MYSQL which was working fine before.
  39. Wait for file (to change)
  40. Database Level Restriction For Each User
  41. Hadoop sysmtem Connection problem
  42. Change content of file
  43. Execute SQL Script not providing update counts
  44. Multiple DB Results into one field
  45. Perhaps I should start a "Multiway merge join bugs" thread...
  46. Error when running a scheduled kitchen job to sql server
  47. XSL Transformation - Problems with parameters
  48. XSL Transformation - Problems with parameters
  49. XSL Transformation - Problems with parameters
  50. How to pass the output of the Shell script to a Pentaho Variable ?
  51. Issue with Launch next entries in Parallel
  52. Data Integration Mail Step Problem(self signed mail server)
  53. pdi connection to mssql 2008 express 64bit
  54. Problem with str2RegExp (3.2)
  55. XSL Transformation not working from xsl file
  56. Merge Join Step Performance
  57. Out of memory error - fuzzy match
  58. Unable to Find the Folders in the Hadoop File Input/Output step
  59. Read multiple files and move as processed.
  60. Process multiple file and move as processed
  61. Process multiple file and move as processed
  62. Process multiple input files and move as processed
  63. Using the log tab in transformations and jobs
  64. Special Characters
  65. Error: Natural sort of steps executed in 0 ms (5 time previous steps) in Table input
  66. SImple update table to SD@ implementation using pentaho
  67. Using PDI with Hadoop File Input and Regular Expression WildCard
  68. Migration from Open source to Enterprise edition
  69. Query iteration and concatentation by grouping
  70. extract from xml ,in case element name is not sure
  71. How do you create the Repository in the PDI Server Version
  72. Not able to retrieve file from a shared path
  73. Best practice to create more columns from one column.
  74. NullPointerException on KettleEnvironment.init(false)
  75. Create file name using kettle variable and field from data?
  76. Get XML Data: Why are Limit and Prune disabled?
  77. Unable to connect to Google Analytics step
  78. Merge join component is mapping just for the first record
  79. how to run multiple parallel nstances of a sub job in a main job?
  80. get data from an xml containing repeatitive elements
  81. PDI version5 : Unable save a star schema
  82. How to resolve License not found issue?
  83. Debugging Pentaho SQL
  84. Doing CDC in Pentaho - Scalability
  85. A new transaction is trying to use the connection from a prior transaction, error
  86. Sending lots of mail
  87. Sql script dbms_output on log file
  88. How do you create the Enterprise Repository please?
  89. how to learn pentaho(data integration) easy way plz tell me?
  90. Duplicate rows with dimension lookup/update
  91. Using JNDI option in JMS producer step
  92. running jobs on user request
  93. Block this step until steps finish usage
  94. Database Connection Issues
  95. Cleaning WebPages using Jtidy Lib
  96. Using Java InputStream as first step in a Tranformation
  97. Need help on writing Data To Cassandra!
  98. Add a Checksum| SHA-1 | Different values for same data
  99. Medical Research/Clinical Trial Data/CDISC/CDASH
  100. unable to start pan.bat
  101. Location of ktr and kjb files
  102. Are we in need of the proper driver for Oracle11g
  103. JMS Consumer Step - MapMessage
  104. Java heap space error while reading .xlsx files
  105. Pentaho-Hive Connection Compatibility on CDH4
  106. How to use a variable in a row filter transformation?
  107. pdi-4.2.0 SAAJ0511: Unable to create envelope from given source error
  108. How to execute batch file inside a kettle job
  109. Validation Error for XSD and XML( Error :cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content).
  110. PDI 4.2.1, export external resources on remote server with carte
  111. Stop on errors
  112. Field with data in two different formats
  113. Connect with kettle.properties
  114. Spoon crashes on RHEL 5 64bit
  115. Get data from XML help
  116. Get data from XML attributes help
  117. Does ETL Metadata Injection Only works with a file based transformation template
  118. Salesforce to Sage 50
  119. Key contained in a table
  120. How to connect to kognitio
  121. Calling Java Methods(available in a jar file) from Kettle
  122. Order of execution in steps
  123. Postgres table input
  124. Active FTP using Kitchen (command-line - Windows7)
  125. SAP Load Balancing Servers Connection by ITN Connector ERP
  126. Stop on error threshold
  127. join 2 tables
  128. join 2 tables
  129. Multiple result sets returned from SQL
  130. Formula step crashes Spoon
  131. Configuring timeout in PDI
  132. How to read a Webpage and save it, locally (by step "Modified Java Script Value")?
  133. Transactions in sub transformations
  134. read from dll stored data
  135. To handle special characters
  136. how to get N xmls fetching pagination params from the xml itself
  137. Unable to retrieve data from Hive in CDH4
  138. Support for XA Driver in Kettle
  139. String to Integer
  140. Transfert files to different directories
  141. Mac OSX and basic usage
  142. Unzipping a field
  143. Filter Rows - multi values
  144. Need Help employing various data table
  145. Parsing numeric data types
  146. date format (yyyymmdd) conversion problem
  147. How to catch file errors
  148. component to perform conditional calculation
  149. Error while execution remotely
  150. Create One file per sheet
  151. Use defined Java Class and binary data
  152. access output simple problem - help
  153. calculating last month in environment variable
  154. calculating date in environment variable
  155. can reports be executed from spoon interface
  156. Pentaho Map-Reduce transformation error ( RPC_WRITABLE Error).
  157. integer to string issue
  158. MySQL to Vertica
  159. translating the bit datatype as boolean to Y/N
  160. Fixed file input; wraps after line length
  161. reading HTTP Post with Kettle
  162. Update/Insert Question
  163. Split fields that do not hold consistent data?
  164. Intermediate file component/ replicate flow
  165. HTTP POST with a private SSL certificate
  166. Excel Output: Strings have leading apostrophe
  167. Is it possible to set the value of named_parmeters at run time from a step.
  168. Is it possible to set a Table Input SQL by param
  169. Is it possible to set a Table Input SQL by param
  170. Process very large zipped log files with PDI
  171. Arbitrary XML transformation and generation?
  172. can you change the database connections without retyping every node?
  173. formula component syntax
  174. Using normal numbers & numbers with scientific notation from same source
  175. Modified Java Script setVariable
  176. Update step: null rows in PostgreSQL
  177. Pentaho needs to have more search-engine awareness
  178. How do I get all rows to the table after a split field and filter?
  179. Microsoft Excel Input - Unknown type : EMPTY : [] error
  180. Parsing Tex file with multiple record
  181. Database value lookup or merge join(inner)
  182. Excel Writer Step - How to remove a template sheet in a template-based file?
  183. I'm New, help!
  184. Pan.bat execution from a Batch file - Issue with ERRORLEVEL
  185. Get all files from a folder
  186. Simple Question damned if I can find an Answer
  187. Reading CSV with different column count for each row
  188. Debugging javascripts
  189. SAP Input and cluster tables
  190. Deleting columns dynamically
  191. Merging two tables
  192. Merge join
  193. Nested Set Model in Kettle
  194. Logging jobs and transformation: Firebird and Kettle 4.3.0
  195. Writing values in specific cells of an Excel file
  196. Maxmemory
  197. Mail
  198. Insert update table performance issues (postgresql)
  199. Basic problem with switch / Case
  200. Encoding problem
  201. Problem using output of Execute SQL Script
  202. Problem using output of Execute SQL Script
  203. Performance problems with complex/long jobs with large input size
  204. PDI performance problems with large data sets
  205. Trouble Connecting Kettle - Spoon to a PostgreSQL database
  206. Email Utility Not Working.
  207. Execute Job by carte or Schedulating
  208. Run time execution of specific no. of files
  209. Confused about filename in results
  210. What HASH level does the "Put a file with SFTP" use?
  211. Postgres backed kettle repository huge performance issues
  212. Building and running/debugging Kettle in Eclipse on Mac
  213. Problem with variables in nested jobs
  214. Pass param from xaction to a kettle job
  215. Step to generate URL
  216. Problem in job due to get file names component
  217. Execute SQl Script
  218. How to show Last value of the Line chart
  219. not able to pass parameter to multiple jobs
  220. Using Postgres with Pentaho ETL
  221. Rename files including random strings in filename
  222. Kettle developers group
  223. Version 4.3 - Feedback
  224. Renamed in repository, spoon complains at every start
  225. Reading text file in JavaScript and Split row values
  226. Issue regarding loading the number fields from oracle to kognitio
  227. simple transaction but errors...!?
  228. Issue with getting metada per JDBC
  229. Ignore existing duplicates in a table and import others?
  230. GetXMLData NOT validating xml file against xml-schema- please help!
  231. Trigger Repository Refreshing
  232. Pentaho-Teradata connection
  233. Delete rows from table take so much
  234. input XML : List
  235. ETL/transformation errors
  236. alternative to coding substring and charindex
  237. Simple denormalization not working
  238. Step metrics in cluster mode
  239. Can Kettle extract spreadsheet data in column orientation?
  240. How to use a value in variable columns described in a row??
  241. cassandra input component error
  242. Question on Fixed File format
  243. Maven Dependencies for Pentaho DataIntegration
  244. Help resolve Kettle Spoon's OutOfMemory error
  245. How to refresh DB metadata?
  246. Multi thread support
  247. How to debug transformation fails after 2.5 hours without waiting the 2.5 hours?
  248. filter rows by dynamic date variable in a transformation
  249. How to give only Read and Execute permission to user.
  250. Using Encrypted values for Salesforce password fields