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  1. Problems with XPath statement in Get data from XML
  2. Html/Title on Master Report
  3. Facing problem for writing data to cloudera cdh3 using hadoop file output step.
  4. Kognitio Datatype mismatch when inserted from Pentaho
  5. Not able to open Instaview ( Pentaho 4.8 )
  6. Table Input step is not reading new data from database
  7. PDI 4.4 SAS Input error
  8. Text file input and 2 separators
  9. Text file input and 2 separators
  10. Table Output, is this expected behavior ?
  11. importing numeric values with implied decimal
  12. Problems connected to an SQL server
  13. How to use Date Mask in "Replace null value"
  14. CSV Import w/ no header
  15. How to pass MS Stored Procedure result set to Pentaho Report
  16. Calling of Excel macros in preparation of integration
  17. How do I execute a lot of "SELECT * FROM ${tablename}"
  18. Run Transformation in two Stages.
  19. Best Time Interval for Job Scheduling in Kettle
  20. Difference between sftp and ftps
  21. Automatic generation of "CREATE TABLE" statements using the parameter ${TABLE_NAME}
  22. denormalizing
  23. How to generate random values which are within the given limits
  24. HTTP-POST (each time you run the job is increasingly lags)
  25. Leading Zeros
  26. Output un-joined rows
  27. HMAC-SHA1 / Google question
  28. For error lines from a source text file, spit them out verbatim
  29. Convert text value into a key + Text
  30. Salesforce Plugin Memory Issues
  31. Is there a way to monitor data-integration jobs via web-based page?
  32. IPV6 Compatibilty
  33. Documentum integration
  34. Documentum integration
  35. Dst
  36. dynamic excel's sheet name
  37. Starting a clustered job in Carte (master and slaves) by http post
  38. Widget is disposed error when opening from repository
  39. Some information lost with "Get data from XML" step !
  40. Starting job using http post in Carte
  41. Executing Jobs in JBoss Cluster
  42. Handling relative time
  43. do Subgraph and Step description features exist in PDI
  44. Consolidating CSVs into one Excel-file
  45. Updating dimensions
  46. Sorting resultset in Copy rows to Results
  47. In Database Lookup step what does it mean if lines read and lines input are differ?
  48. Lookup in LDIF input
  49. Transformation seems not to be executing
  50. Run a trasformation from a Java class
  51. transformation passing filenames even after failing filter
  52. transformation passing filenames even after failing filter
  53. Decrypt pgp file, change file name
  54. How to Decode64
  55. Run a trasformation from a Java class
  56. How to process a file after process another file.
  57. Run a trasformation from a Java class
  58. Data push in to MongoDB
  59. Help needed debugging error with Add Sequence.
  60. Synchronize Jobs / prevent parallel run of job
  61. Using PDI and a Connection pool
  62. [Get XML Data] Field value in loop XPath?
  63. What's happening behind the scene ?
  64. HTTP Post Timeout
  65. Trieing to insert Data into an Oracle 11g Error: ORA-01461
  66. Try to integrate a csv file into an oracle database but field has more than 9000 byte
  67. Failure of a Slave Node
  68. Convert String with Month as text to Date format
  69. Sequence in Text file input
  70. PDI vs Clementine
  71. Preventing 0x0 errors
  72. json input - very slow step
  73. Extract data with the same data structure from several remote database
  74. Extract data with the same data structure from several remote databases
  75. SQL Server Transactions Issue
  76. Parent-Child Text file input
  77. convert
  78. Line breaks with cdata in XML
  79. Unique Rows
  80. Sorting Rows and outputting
  81. How to input JSON data and convert to XML?
  82. if
  83. How to "gracefully" drop in an update to a core step....
  84. I think I'm missing something with the De-Normaliser transform step...
  85. Why no US mirrors on Sourceforge?
  86. anyone have DI 4.4 working with CDH 4.1 namenode HA
  87. match text with lookup - help
  88. Dimensional Lookup/Update
  89. Connection errors with Salesforce
  90. transformation d'un CSV
  91. transformation d'un CSV
  92. javascript eval function
  93. Is it possible to start a java process from pentaho, like execute a jar file?
  94. Error using Google Analytics Input Step
  95. replicate flows/convert a flow into multiple copies
  96. "Add filename to result" confusion and issues
  97. Execute the steps in Phases
  98. Complex excel file output
  99. Downloading email attachements using a transformation
  100. Downloading email attachments using Kettle
  101. Returning nested JSON objects using PDI 4.3
  102. Text File input to Cassandra output Fails
  103. Multiple Sheet Excel Writer
  104. problem getting kitchen to run on CentOS
  105. Supported connectors with 4.2
  106. javascript simple object(JSON)
  107. Sql 92 token issue using 64- bit Operating system
  108. Remove part of string from columns.
  109. Unable to load Text File in Cassandra using Pantaho Kettle 4.3
  110. Hand over different table names and fields by variable to "Table Input" node
  111. Dimension Lookup /Update: ERROR: syntax error at or near "null"
  112. Pan on a 64 bit machine
  113. movement of data from one transformation to another
  114. PDI won't connect to repository on linux
  115. Run SSH command issues
  116. my transformation won't open !
  117. Cascading selects for bulk loading
  118. Fuzzy match - user input
  119. Write to MongoDB
  120. mail subject encoding problem
  121. mail subject encoding problem
  122. using parameters in jdbc.properties
  123. Execute jobs in parallel which call the same KTR with different parameter values
  124. mail sender + file attach
  125. Installing Kettle 3.20 on FreeBSD 9.0
  126. Using ODBC to read from Visual Foxpro 9 database
  127. parameterizing transformations
  128. how to rename folder
  129. Embedding/Integrating kettle (spoon) in eclipse
  130. List of available Connectors in Kettle.
  131. What is the most intelligent way of gathering Twitter Search results into a database?
  132. Kettle VS Talend as Base for Pentaho BI Server
  133. scenario
  134. Kettle on virtual desktop
  135. Carte will not execute jobs remotely
  136. Move a subfolders from a folder
  137. execproces() javascript
  138. Fill field with value from one Excel cell
  139. re-use same text file input multiple times
  140. Problems with Data Lookup
  141. Problems with Data Lookup
  142. Ayuda con Schema Workbench
  143. Create a sequence from the last value of a id
  144. Get files from result - use for excel writer
  145. Creating a loop
  146. Problem: Empty log file as attachment from job email entry (local file is correct)
  147. database connection options in the shared.xml file
  148. Generate rows - parameterising "Limit" and Field "value "
  149. Continue from where file failed
  150. execution order in both jobs and transformations
  151. Goto sort of functionality in pentaho
  152. How do you say "pentaho"
  153. Kettle on MAc or Linux?
  154. help Modified Java Script Value
  155. help Modified Java Script Value
  156. Can anybody tell me the new key features available in Kettle 4.3
  157. execute a shell script
  158. Text File Input Step - Name field to accept variables????
  159. Best Practice - Development to Production
  160. ConcurrentModificationException
  161. Reporting using PDI
  162. Check if a Folder is Empty in kettle 4.1.0
  163. PDI Transformation as "standalone tool"
  164. Count Files In Folder
  165. Bulk change number of copies for a step?
  166. Kettle 4.4.0 stable has been posted to SourceForge.net
  167. composing email, rendering a grid to string, any suggestions to improve?
  168. set default value for job
  169. how to pass the parameter to job
  170. Start Transformations/Jobs on SQL event
  171. Unable to Open the repository explore
  172. how to capture changed data after some days?
  173. composing email, rendering a grid to string, suggestions please
  174. addJob Carte service retruns NULL job name
  175. Kettle Mapping Step (execute sub-transformation)
  176. How to attach stored log file into mail?
  177. Reading webservice data as input step instead of lookup
  178. Compare fields from 2 files
  179. How to import data from PDF Forms
  180. json input
  181. Parse text files with a repeating separator
  182. Support for Java 7
  183. Progress Tracking (event driven)
  184. How to dynamically change data connection in runtime in table input step
  185. Adding Code Snippets for User Defined Java Class(UDJC)
  186. Random Unexpected Error
  187. Hidden bug in Text file input of latest Data Integration 4.4.0-stable
  188. Cassandra Java Class
  189. DWH [ETL] Refresh job hung issue....
  190. A Date being read from a mysql table is incorrect
  191. selection files
  192. Can I publish the logging data to JMS rather than the database?
  193. XML with multiple node
  194. Joining Closest Element
  195. Joining Closest Element
  196. Execute a .bat file on Windows as step?
  197. ERROR: column "guid" is of type uuid but expression is of type character varying
  198. how to stop sending mail on non businessdays?
  199. Dimensional and Data Warehouse Modelling
  200. Integrating a groovy/spring based framework into kettle as a custom step
  201. result
  202. Do I need to install something on my Linux box to allow spoon to access?
  203. Can Spoon support Double Byte (Simplified Chinese)?
  204. Internal name of previous step
  205. Any way to get field names/header row from separate step?
  206. Excel input file with multi-row headers
  207. how to quote field using "?
  208. Transformation of XML to XML
  209. Install on Windows 7
  210. How to read a value from a text file and add it as constant field in the same file ?
  211. Process records in lakhs
  212. Drop/ignore Rows in a CSV that have certain duplicate columns?
  213. oracle and bignumber
  214. Pentaho data integration “get file names” not loading big list of files
  215. Pentaho data integration “get file names” not loading big list of files
  216. data movement - copy data to next step?
  217. How to handle Exception Handling and re-run the transformation in Kettle?
  218. how to check the filename to determine whether this is an exist file?
  219. Error looking up row in database - DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-206, SQLSTATE=42703
  220. Time zone issue
  221. Send an email on successful load
  222. Date metadata being lost
  223. Add Filename to Result
  224. Removing a non-printing ASCII character
  225. time
  226. Modifying java database timeout settings
  227. Find transformation that are currently running
  228. Java object mapping
  229. Preview working, but run and verify operations fail
  230. Creating a DATE field in MS SQL Server
  231. Calling Java through a job/transformation
  232. z/OS File Input Transformation
  233. How to process results from web service availability condition
  234. Mail step in Windows 7
  235. Passing Variable issue through a SQL step
  236. A few questions regarding Job logging
  237. Unclear error in sorting step
  238. Pentaho Logging Level parameter not taking affect when "Error" passed
  239. Stream Lookup NullPointerException
  240. pdi_sql_query
  241. Data load from PostgreSQL to SQL database
  242. Maximum no of components allowed in a transformation
  243. Facing issue with file output step.
  244. Synchronization in StringCut and StringOperations
  245. I have an assignment to do and i can't do it if someone can help me with it?
  246. Variable substitution in Salesforce Inputs
  247. Can't convert a date field containing '00000000'
  248. Kettle 4.4 - MSSQL Server- Native connection - Encryption MODE Help.
  249. Problem getting exact update timestamp for dimension
  250. view