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  1. javaw.exe not ending
  2. Problem with encoding XML file (bad characters replacing accent)
  3. 'Unique Rows' Doesn't Work!
  4. Job exit code
  5. SAS Input - SQL Output, changes order?
  6. Regexp to ignore case in PDI?
  7. Read Files and all Sub Directorys
  8. PDI 4.4 would not start on OSX 10.8.2
  9. Datatype Conversion on Data Dump
  10. Date and datetime format from SAS...
  11. What am I missing with my regex? Regex help!
  12. Mail fails for Receiveds Mailbox Full
  13. Merging two databases with conflicting IDs (same schema, different data)
  14. Executed PDI-routines remotely
  15. MS Excel Input - Regular Expressions to select Sheet
  16. Kick-off processing an SSAS database as part of a Kettle Job
  17. Pentaho Data Source connection issue
  18. Calling a (java) jar script in a transformation
  19. Spoon not letting go of Oracle Sessions
  20. Set a constant field that doesn't exist in my input field
  21. Generate Rows crashing?
  22. Process to Determine PDI version at ETL runtime
  23. Elastic Search
  24. Elastic Search
  25. Plugin for ElasticSearch
  26. Unable to connect to slave server
  27. How to actually call a REST web service
  28. IF-THEN and I think I'm going crazy...
  29. Broken Pipe
  30. Schedule a Job - NOT WORKING????
  31. Scheduler - Cannot connect to mysql tables called within a job
  32. Data corruption on Salesforce Upsert
  33. Custom Kettle step plugin
  34. Problem executing transformation with MongoDbOutput from Java
  35. PDI: job scheduling/monitoring best practices
  36. Basic SQL scripting
  37. Speeding up fuzzy match
  38. How to change the log folder of PDI
  39. Change folder for log PDI
  40. PDI - Recommended way to connect to MS SQL Server
  41. Get Rows From Result - get everything?
  42. How do I remove an unwanted string of characters from a line of text
  43. PDI 4.4.0 - Issue with ';' in replace statement
  44. Excel writer taking up too much memory
  45. PDI Error occured while Log tables define with primary keys
  46. Detect database type
  47. Access Environment Variable
  48. 9999-12-31 date in kettle 4.2.1
  49. Using the knowledgeflow plugin for pdi-4.4.0-GA-x64
  50. Using the knowledgeflow plugin for pdi-4.4.0-GA-x64
  51. Formula step won't pass the results to the next step
  52. Generic way to compare two CSV files
  53. Unable to connect steps in PDI
  54. How to validate the BLOG data using Spoon(PENtaho data Integration)
  55. How to validate the BLOG data using Spoon(PENtaho data Integration)
  56. How to look for the errors in text file ?
  57. Table input have issues in accessing bytea from postgresql and BLOB from DB2
  58. SQL input and variable...
  59. Filter rows questiion
  60. How can I control the flow base on Filter rows step or Switch case step?
  61. How can I control the flow base on Filter rows step or Switch case step?
  62. running job from a KettleFileRepository on Carte gets NullPointerException
  63. Using KettleFileRepository with Carte leads to NullPointerException
  64. Performing complex (?) cost calculation
  65. No script engine found for JavaScript
  66. Anyone seen null values being returned using Salesforce Input?
  67. Can Fuzzy Match Support Double Byte?
  68. Facing problem with hadoop, kettle 4.4.0-stable
  69. get file names limit
  70. Question on license files
  71. Check if files exist
  72. How to set job parameter from SQL
  73. Why does my regex not work?
  74. Pentaho Shell Step Not Working
  75. Restart trsnaformation after failure
  76. Passing parameter from transformation to job.
  77. Calculator Problem: How to subtract time into minutes
  78. Calculator Problem: How to subtract time into minutes
  79. Regex works in Regex tester/editor but not in Spoon
  80. Find the Max Value for a Unique Coupon Number
  81. Setting up Carte on EC2 - Pentaho Kettle Solutions
  82. Trying to figure out how to add leading zeroes to an integer field
  83. Unable to Process Input CSV File Completely
  84. I am struggling to use the ROW NORMALISER STEP
  85. Parsing inconsistent XMLdata with StAX
  86. Parsing inconsistent XML data with StAX
  87. Parsing inconsistent XML data with StAX Parser
  88. Execute a command for each filename
  89. newbie question
  90. Excel Output seems to write out incorrect data.
  91. Looping in Kettle
  92. Looping in Kettle
  93. How can I add existing Jobs/Transformations to a database repository
  94. How to Parse XML with different number of elements using Stax and convert to rows
  95. Different (wrong) transformation behaviour between normal run and debug run
  96. E-mail step
  97. Removing connection details from <job_name>.ktr file
  98. how to use dimension lookup/update?
  99. Getting error while creating new repo
  100. Kettle Date Time Parsing
  101. Trying ETL Metadata Injection...
  102. Error connecting to Database
  103. Plz Help me Its Urgent
  104. Weather given date is working day or not??
  105. 4.4.0 - Carte.sh configuration issues, dealing with the new 'bin' directory
  106. version/date
  107. Problem with the order Pentaho is processing records.
  108. What the maximum size of data that Kettle can take? (error: Out of heap Memory)
  109. Where to find built in row specific JS commands?
  110. DI Scheduler does not work????
  111. Possible driver problem? Errors out on extraction
  112. scheduled job does not read environment variables - enterprise edition
  113. temp table problem
  114. Memory Error in Excelwriter
  115. wrong when extract a column type of date,
  116. New connection - MongoDB?
  117. Hop Step Dependency
  118. Problem with table output -batch
  119. Excel input adding decimal place to numeric field.
  120. Report in email body help
  121. PDI 4.4.0 startup time
  122. Pentaho with Facebook
  123. How to verify the filename in a folder?
  124. 4.4 - spoon stops
  125. Etl
  126. Kitchen - out of memory
  127. Rhino 64K limit with tFileInputJSON
  128. Kitchen - out of memory
  129. Error 64k limit in tFileInputJSON
  130. Error Handling in Text File Input
  131. File rather than record manipulation
  132. How to actually process full rows in Javascript?
  133. Problem when reading gzip file in a Linux OS
  134. Set Pentaho variables in Shell script component
  135. How to read copy rows to result in JOB level
  136. Database Replication and synchronization Using kettle.
  137. "Concat Fields" step missing in PDI community edition?
  138. Binary to Ascii Conversion
  139. Update with conditional
  140. is it Possible to have a variable that can be manipulated in a transformation?
  141. Connection Issues while using Kettle
  142. PDI seems idle between 2 entries log
  143. Change number of copies to start Dynamically at Run Time
  144. Sync user related data from mysql to LDAP
  145. Summerize Lines for sending Mail
  146. Repository on Pervasive database
  147. Transformation doesn't finish - "Dispatching started for transformation"
  148. string concatenation using transformations only
  149. Repository on Pervasive database
  150. Repository on Pervasive database
  151. Enclosure around Date/Time Field in CSV output
  152. Sort step - stability of algorithm
  153. Sort step - stability of algorithm
  154. Transformation execution on linux
  155. run ALL SYSCHRONIZATION.ktr error in Spoon
  156. ERROR: unterminated quoted string at or near "' SELECT count(*) from pg_language wher
  157. Need to Read XML file with values that are repeated in rows
  158. Need help in reading XMl file with repeating values in rows
  159. Pentaho-Hive Connection Compatibility on CDH4
  160. Unable to retrieve data from Hive in CDH4
  161. RegExp and Filter Rows to check if a string is numeric
  162. Select values step won't convert string to integer
  163. Time Series sequential table joins
  164. How to extract data from Oracle and output to Excel
  165. Java Heap Space Error or java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
  166. find max of date values
  167. help with aggregate tables or optimizing a fact table
  168. Spoon changes my data to question marks?
  169. Transformation complete notification using org.pentaho.di.trans.TransListener
  170. Achieving Date Range in Pentaho Spoon
  171. Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL
  172. Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: http://localhost:8080/openbravo/ws/o
  173. Need help in reading records from different Nodes of an XML file
  174. java stream input
  175. How to insert data from CSV file to MYSQL DB using spoon tool
  176. Substitute Return codes
  177. Database explorer over JNDI cnx to Oracle Db fails with error, native JDBC is OK
  178. Removing Byte Order Mark with User Defined Java Class.
  179. MongoDbOutput problem
  180. A problem with the Step "S3 File Output"
  181. Date format and data extract from Pentaho Kettle Spoon
  182. Cannot Enter a Formula
  183. Cannot run pan
  184. can't get Kettle to connect to local mysql database
  185. Cannot run pan
  186. Text File Input with dyamic columns
  187. Multiple job runnings maintained by .properties file
  188. Issues with JSON Input step
  189. xml database input
  190. Sytem.out.println Log location
  191. Running the Spoon transformation in Unix
  192. ERROR MYSQL 5.x - PDI 4.4.0
  193. Unable to Run the transformation
  194. Timing out issues or something else?
  195. Accessing database (Infobright) from Spoon
  196. Kettle transform/job instead of SQL Procedure/loop
  197. LDAP recusrive search
  198. How to loop in a transformation?
  199. A really bad problem in PDI - error window won't go away !
  200. unable to configure pentaho 4.8 in cdh4
  201. Send return codes to Java API
  202. The best practice for lookup?
  203. Deleting old data while runing Spoon transformation
  204. Parsing JSON data without knowing field names
  205. Split rows to 1 field
  206. Single Row of data from a text document
  207. Spoon Execute Talend Job component issues.
  208. Any way to hide or delete unwanted Fields
  209. Dispatch using Filter Rows
  210. Extract data from Single Column, CSV file
  211. Custom Zip Job.
  212. Imput table
  213. Imput table
  214. Using Modified Java Script Value
  215. Javascript metadata access
  216. Help with Mongo input - aggregate function
  217. Enterprise Repository Plugin
  218. Stax input and Error handling
  219. How to input xml inside zip file?
  220. filters when load data?
  221. Exist a component that I can use for printing files
  222. Denormalizer step metadata
  223. Value of a Field based on a condition
  224. Error while reading zip file
  225. compare 2 streams
  226. General Questions on Staging Area
  227. Learn how to create a federated data service with Pentaho Kettle [free tutorial]
  228. Data profiling and statistics.
  229. User Defined Java Class external to Kettle Janino editor
  230. How to include record count and file name in email
  231. delete files older than 90 days
  232. Table Input (SQL) Losing Float Precision
  233. Integration Pentaho with IBM Informix database
  234. Exposing transformations via RESTful web service
  235. MongoDB output step Modifier Policy
  236. Remove file extension from date/time stamped file
  237. Fatal UDJC Error: An unexpected error occurred in Spoon. Lost it all. Possible JIRA
  238. [Kettle 4.4.0 ] JavaScript Step: Cannot find getString
  239. Kettle PDI 4.4.0 getString() error
  240. how to Execute Pentaho .Ktr transformation or .kjb job files using ant script??
  241. how to Execute Pentaho .Ktr transformation or .kjb job files using ant script??
  242. Where are DI Server credentials stored?
  243. Get Data From XML - Multiple Nodes
  244. [ASK] get file using text file input with a specific date in the name of the file
  245. How to expose Kettle ETL jobs as RESTful web-services
  246. Import a repository under linux: not readable under windows
  247. Replace in String
  248. Running .ktr directly from kitchen.sh
  249. Limiting number of records read
  250. Error removing repository