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  1. Passing multi value list from PRD to PDI (Spoon)
  2. Logging database name is NULL when I try to run job using kitchen.bat
  3. JOB Not Executing All the Transformations
  4. Output Report that uses Data Integration as data source
  5. Read XMl file from table
  6. Update LOG_TABLE.ERRORS at the end of a JOB
  7. Issue while migrating the data With Two Input files
  8. Is this product able to keep data synced?
  9. Use ETL script to Produce Report Output
  10. Update step - NOT A VALID DATETIME VALUE
  11. Error while reading Blob data from database
  12. Performance issue while using update step
  13. Kettle with on Browser
  14. Problems with "Get value from sequence" step using an Informix db sequence
  15. 95 percentile
  16. Kettle through Browser
  17. REST Client
  18. Can we send zip file to Table output step?
  19. How to trouble shoot "This is not a replay transformation"
  20. Facebook Data through PDI
  21. Multiple copies of a step in transactional mode
  22. changing the format of a given date
  23. Parameters, variables, kettle and kitchen.
  24. Error: org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException:
  25. Better way to reformat XML stream to use Get Data from XML
  26. Consultant Wanted for Kettle projects - location flexible
  27. How to set up MapReduce Job account
  28. HowTo Tutorial for simple maooing
  29. Pentaho KETTLE performance - access database repository
  30. KETTLE performance problem - get data from repository
  31. KETTLE performance - database access ping time query
  32. Set locale settings / number format kettle - java
  33. Kettle 4.2 number format locale
  34. Did handling of variables with null values change in 4.4?
  35. Excel spaces in columns names
  36. Pentaho/Kettle Contract Denver, CO
  37. [Kettle] Spoon - LDAP input error during Get Fields
  38. How to process a JSON file with multiple records?
  39. need to validate values in a field against the db then not process any rows if not
  40. Column spaces in Transform
  41. parameter list
  42. How to do Insert/update when the field are dynamic (parameterized )
  43. org.apache.commons.vfs.FileSystemException: Could not open Zip file
  44. How to get Transformations Metrics in a Job through Java API?
  45. MongoDB Input Step Query Expression does not work
  46. LdapInput connexion problem ubuntu
  47. How do I create multiple folders?
  48. Transformation repetition on field value change
  49. Unable to create webresult from XML when trying to execute remotely
  50. Open multiple files with Stax Step
  51. Put File over FTP and afterwards chmod
  52. scenarios
  53. Using GLobal Variables in Transformation/Job
  54. Values of variables being dropped between transformations within the same job
  55. PGP De/Encryption Step
  56. DB join slowness issue, pls help.
  57. Export and ${DATA_PATH_1}
  58. Connection to API (HasOffers-Salesforce)
  59. How to do a bulk Load ??
  60. input / output 10000 buffer size
  61. Penntaho Performance Test - 5 Million Rows
  62. Multiple DB Lookup - Pentaho performance
  63. Exceute a DB stored Procedure
  64. Text file stored on solaris
  65. Where can I get Pentaho 4.5 BI Suite Enterprise Edition for Download?
  66. poor performance with fact table load - poor pdi transformation design ?
  67. Removing last special character from String in PDI
  68. Wait for file
  69. Add XML step, prefixes and undeclared namespace error
  70. Switch/Case continues on both paths in parallel
  71. How to combine two csv document using spoon
  72. insert/update step comparison of timestamp columns
  73. Value Mapper converting string 'A' to null.
  74. Mapping (sub-transformation) parameter inherit issue
  75. Write to several files as data is processed then email files, sends to many email
  76. Loop through each field to remove leading characters
  77. Split one column into multiple column
  78. day
  79. Movies webservice lookup example
  80. pulling data from facebook pages and facebook apps
  81. Rhino JavaScript debugging with Eclipse
  82. PDI - kettle, Pig Srcipt Executor
  83. Copy rows to result
  84. readfiles
  85. Execute SQL Script issue
  86. No repository definder error from terminal window
  87. Login error to a remote repository
  88. [Carte] Remotely started transformations ignore custom parameters
  89. Saparator field in Text file output
  90. Matrix operations?
  91. RSS Input Connection Time-Out
  92. configuring Kettle for use with Java and Postgres
  93. configuring Kettle for use with Java and Postgres
  94. Error Saving Transformation To PostgreSQL Repositiory
  95. Problem with "Get Value from Sequence"
  96. Pentaho kettle performance or speed while transferring data from csv to text file
  97. Pentaho kettle performance or speed while transferring data from csv to text file
  98. can this be done in Kettle? XML Input Stream (StAX) or get data from XML?
  99. Pentaho Kettle Performance / Speed
  100. Pentaho Kettle Performance / Speed
  101. Flush PDI-server Mondrian Cache?
  102. Data load from Greenplum to sqlserver
  103. Connection Timeout roperty in Kettle
  104. Adding Pentaho to the existing infrastructure (mongo cluster + postgresql)
  105. Adding Pentaho to the existing infrastructure (mongo cluster + postgresql)
  106. wrong characters in row data on linux
  107. Simple step by step flow help
  108. ISO8583 file parse
  109. Schedule a job - disabled ?
  110. Export/Import of repo directory - invalid kettle file type
  111. Trouble changing the value of variables
  112. Calling external code from User Defined Java Step
  113. Are there ways to get JobConfiguration's xml without using Java API?
  114. Help me to get Solution
  115. Fill out web form via transformation
  116. how to get data from google analytic using http client step
  117. Populating Parameters from SQL
  118. SCD - deleted records at source ?
  119. Pentaho character set issue
  120. Spedd SQL to SQL
  121. Formula nested too deeply?
  122. Unique rows
  123. Pentaho Reporting Output - dynamic output file name
  124. Pentaho Kettle Step with multiple output steps having different metadata
  125. MySql bulk load touble!
  126. Receiver's Mailbox Full Issues
  127. Target column mapping contain IF then ELSE Condition
  128. Spoon : Open File option problem
  129. RESTful Client to CSV Input -- FileNotFoundException
  130. How to output multiple rows.
  131. Job Mail step - deletes attached files after mailing
  132. read - instead of load - binary data from database table
  133. Emails based on data
  134. GROUP BY fails when casting BigDecimal to Double
  135. What pre-requesitie should i do if i am goona connect the MongoDB in Spoon
  136. Transformation vs. Job parallel vs sequential
  137. how to covert a 2-D spreadsheet with multiple column and row header in to 1-D spreads
  138. Getting error while establishing database connection
  139. Facing problem reading japanese character for ms-access database odbc connection
  140. Output steps metrics, How to use
  141. Google translate API- web service transformation
  142. File repo, database change, keeps on trying to use old db
  143. GoogleApp + ReST config - params not getting sent with GET - what am I doing wrong?
  144. How to specify classpath for JDBC driver in Spoon
  145. Merging two datasources
  146. CSV file dynamic splitting
  147. Convert data from PDF to Excel..
  148. Convert data from PDF to Excel..
  149. Using output of two stored procedure to start new transformation.
  150. Update shared DB connection in all jobs/transformations without re-opening all
  151. Modified Java Value Script - getting missing ; error ??
  152. Mongo - recover & update by _id
  153. Starting a job/transformation remotely
  154. How to encode a URL in 4.2.0 GA
  155. getLasrModifiedTime Javascript
  156. Unable to Launch Spoon/PDI
  157. PostgreSQL Bulk Load dynamic fields
  158. salesforce upsert give error on Account parentId relation
  159. Manejo de variables
  160. Job Scheduling
  161. How to Schedule Jobs Using Kitchen.bat
  162. Job Scheduling
  163. Spoon - "Invalid object name" when Visualizing Model
  164. Job with Shell Command Step does not work with Windows Scheduler only
  165. Problem with Table Input and parameters
  166. Streaming mass data through a Webservice
  167. I need help with SDK and MergeJoin
  168. Cannot read negative numbers in text file input
  169. Can't connect to database using JDBC driver
  170. How do I connect the Embedded Hypersonic to Postgresql Data Transformation
  171. How to connect to an Embedded HSQLDB
  172. Problem with table input
  173. Execution Time
  174. Split some rows into one row
  175. Problem using ETL Metadata Injection step
  176. Problem using ETL Metadata Injection step
  177. Problem using ETL Metadata Injection step
  178. Problem using ETL Metadata Injection step
  179. dashboard date range on analyzer report
  180. Problem using ETL Metadata Injection step
  181. Closed Connection issue - Kettle 4.3
  182. Unable to add a job to Carte using Carte's web service
  183. XLSX file producing java.lang.OutOfMemory:Java heap space
  184. How to insert a field in a flow to another flow.
  185. Facing issue in order to install Kettle 4.4
  186. concat
  187. Switch case
  188. Error in Update/Insert object with Oracle concurrency
  189. Text File Input - problems with decimal and group of numbers
  190. How to configure master slave clusterring in Pentaho with community edition?
  191. Kettle sources repository. Where is it??
  192. PDI issue with Calculator Step (Date A + B Days)
  193. str2date format help
  194. Unable to extract Zip file using unzip step in kettle
  195. Unable to extract Zip file using unzip step in kettle
  196. dateformat
  197. How to load multiple csv files e.g different columns, into MySQL DB?
  198. Unable to get the header row in output text file in Append mode
  199. Reading Single File In Parallel
  200. New Plugin works in Spoon, but not in kitchen.
  201. partial logging on transformation does not work
  202. Different files
  203. Split text file
  204. S3 File Output Does not work
  205. can a change in kettle database repository trigger an http-call or smth. similar?
  206. Problem using ETL Metadata Injection step
  207. XPath statement returned no reuslt [/customer[@customer-no='2']]
  208. Wildcards and regex on "Check if files exist" job step
  209. How to get members of group from LDAP
  210. Concat Fields adds a 'return' (new line) when outputting to CSV
  211. Add Sequence + Empty space
  212. Metada Input Step + Output Field Type
  213. Trouble Installing pdi-ce-4.4.0-stable.zip
  214. issue with calculator step
  215. AMQP Consumer Uses too much CPU
  216. SQL preview not working..?
  217. Can database connections be un-shared under Enterprise Repository?
  218. Inconsistance result from ldap input.
  219. Inconsistance result from ldap input.
  220. Inconsistance result from ldap input.
  221. Data validator - How can I use the tested value with my custom message?
  222. Is the UDJC substantially slower/faster than writing a plugin?
  223. Error saving to repository - Content is not allowed in prolog.
  224. I want to clone and lookup
  225. I want to clone and lookup
  226. PDI unable to get system time
  227. Microsoft Excel Input Hyperlinked Cell
  228. how can i make a stdout or console in my transition ???
  229. pentaho forum
  230. Connect to SLQServer DB via VPN
  231. .kettle folder access by Mutilple user
  232. Generating multi-level XML with Kettle 4.4
  233. Config file based fiie parsing
  234. Text file input error
  235. Text file input error
  236. Getting line length of a Fixed length file
  237. Excel source files - multiple worksheets
  238. Text Input - CRLF in field
  239. Split one txt file which contains data from many table into txt files for every table
  240. Table Input step - double number in output is truncated
  241. read XML field
  242. Split one txt file which contains data from many table into txt files for every table
  243. Table Input step - double number in output is truncated
  244. xml load, transform and insert in mongoDb
  245. Facing problem related to status in kettle transformation logs table.
  246. Java version for Kettle 4.3?
  247. Using Infobright Bulk Loader on Windows
  248. Email Message Input - Body text in zeroes and ones
  249. Pentaho execution of job getting killed
  250. Google Analytics Problem