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  1. Transformation preview works, run gets stuck?
  2. parameters doubts
  3. Excel Writer - very slow
  4. SugarCRM Plugin
  5. Running transformation(with date parameter) in unix
  6. SFTP lock after try to connect many times with wrong password
  7. transformation parameter bug?
  8. Simple Evaluation step - I am getting The previous result is empty! in error log
  9. Synchronize two tables, and add a timestamp only when certain columns are updated
  10. Error executiong table input reading XML
  11. How connect Pentaho Data Integration with Amazon RDS?
  12. A different XML structure, how to parse it?
  13. I'm from China.I need to create transformation with only Java codes
  14. Could not find the main class: org.pantaho.di.pan.Pan
  15. I'm here again.Who can help me with an API example?
  16. Which is the best way to ask for initial parameters to use during trasformation
  17. How to do a difference of imported data
  18. Kettle installation
  19. Is it a bug in Microsoft Excel Input step while importing from a Time type column?
  20. Endless loop in Single Threader
  21. Table input metadata trouble
  22. Parameters based on last time job was ran?
  23. what is the difference between execute sql script and execute row sql script ?
  24. How to speed up the table input?
  25. Switch Case step
  26. How to do look up on a flat file look up for a flat file source..
  27. Pentaho escaping characters
  28. mail transformation
  29. How to use De Normalizer in the right way
  30. dimension lookup/update inserts duplicate rows
  31. in which scene we should use "Append streams" step?
  32. Merging two streams the number of fields in output is doubled
  33. cannot find the procedure i have created in oracle?
  34. Slow response from PDI
  35. Retrieving file passed as InputStream
  36. kitchen.sh X11 issue when using reporting engine
  37. SSH2 Put - Check folder option not working
  38. (Data Validation step) One validation to many fields
  39. Compare the structures of two databases
  40. Ideas on applying interest rates on different fields?
  41. Calculator + strings = weird results
  42. Execute Process with dynamic Arguments in Shell
  43. The repository specified was not found
  44. Transformation did not stop after exception "Connection timed out".
  45. Attach zip file to mail
  46. Divide by zero in Excel input step
  47. Why exception is not handle in error step?
  48. Couldn't find starting point in this job - only on Linux
  49. ETL Metadata with split field
  50. Select values step trouble
  51. Problem loading WSDL in Web Service Lookup step
  52. set default value from input
  53. Excel Input Validation for duplicates rows
  54. Sorted merge join applications
  55. How to compare two rows of didfferent tables in kettel tool
  56. Error handling for Excel and Text Input Step
  57. Invalid number format for port number
  58. Replace repository with file system...
  59. Need Help Getting Original Record After Parsing Error
  60. ETL Metadata Injection and SPlit Fields version 4.4.0
  61. "=IFNA" PDI-style?
  62. Email transformation step and attachments.
  63. Looping tru the ResultSet and executing Transformations based on Parameter
  64. Access input-coded database
  65. Web services lookup step: No success on retrieving data from SOAP wsdl
  66. Stuck: getting filename from the previous input
  67. Create a TABLE from Excel Input
  68. Which approach - any advice
  69. Move File in javascript fails in linux
  70. PRD : number formatting not applied when report is generated via PDI
  71. execute specific query in after filter rows
  72. Unable to create reusable Job similar to reusable transformation ...End less loop err
  73. Unexpected conversion error on Excel Writer
  74. Mysql JDBC/ODBC connection error(s)
  75. Newbie -Help Appreciated in setting up job
  76. Intermittent error: Exception while loading class
  77. XMLHttpRequest (XHR) within Pentaho Data Integration
  78. Latest date from source file
  79. MS Excel Writer - formula problems
  80. How do I get "Get rows from result" to work when running transformation alone?
  81. Out of the box time dimension table?
  82. Is there a way to auto position created steps using pentaho api?
  83. select variables in sql query??
  84. user defined java class passing all the variables
  85. Text input File Step Using Variables and Wildcard
  86. Metadata injector issue
  87. udjc failing to get initialized
  88. Problems with parameters..
  89. If-else Javascript statement
  90. AWS EMR JOB executor
  91. Problem HTTP Post - Unbuffered entity enclosing request can not be repeated
  92. Launching transformation from Grails web app classpath problem
  93. How to find/set PATH of USER
  94. Flag
  95. Web services lookup step and VIES web service
  96. Export to .dbf file
  97. Input from user in the middle of kitchen job?
  98. Basic Salesforce Insert Help
  99. PDI / Kettle Plugin for Quickbooks
  100. How to adjust floating point precision of aggregating SUM using "group by" step?
  101. Enterprise Repository Question
  102. How custom spoon menu
  103. Spoon question: How Use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer?
  104. PDI Analyzer Export to PDF
  105. udjc issues with variable scope during transformation or job invokation
  106. how to execute a Job using command line Kitchen.sh
  107. merge "split field to rows" with "Regex evaluation"?
  108. MongoDB Input with limit, order by / sort
  109. Project auto-documentation from repository
  110. KTR cannot connect to JNDI-Datasource
  111. greenplum load from windows
  112. how to use generate Rows?
  113. how to do calculation for multiple inputs in calculato step
  114. How to execute a job on demand
  115. Problems in launching Kettle Transormation in Java application
  116. how to join 2 rows?
  117. Delete From Target before loading
  118. how to pass a value to a parameter in a transform.
  119. Log - remove warnings from minimal?
  120. Read multiple lines from flat file into single record
  121. Using variables in table output step
  122. Delete MySQL rows not found in original Excel Input
  123. Calculate attempt column values based on given condition
  124. Sending Mail via SMTP.GMAIL.COM
  125. Text File input:accept file names from prev step
  126. java plugin in mongodb input
  127. How to download via HTTP several files in one job?
  128. Calculated Parameters?
  129. Kettle 3.2 inconsistent behaviour
  130. Integrating Pentaho with Infobright
  131. Alternative to using the IF expresion within a formula step
  132. Cross-Platform Variables
  133. SCD: Error serializing row to byte array
  134. "I was unable to save the HTTP result to file because of a I/O error: Connection ..."
  135. Error during executing a job with Carte
  136. Best way to enrich data with the Google MAPS API
  137. Do "parameter" and "variable" mean the same?
  138. Documentation on Kettle-specific JavaScript functions
  139. I/O Buffer Memory
  140. how to get metadata from file path
  141. where is the Java API Examples(TransBuilder.java) in the kettle4.4?
  142. Error: "Unable to load Hadoop Configuration" when start spoon, pan, kitchen and carte
  143. Difficulty with data validation - please help?
  144. Date conversion and BST
  145. Calling webservices in pentaho
  146. email if SQL condition is met
  147. How to change shared connection metadata from java code?
  148. Carte Slave unable to access the repository
  149. Invalid string or buffer length
  150. Excel data files and String conversion
  151. merge two excel tables to Mysql with Kettle
  152. Versioning Kettle projects with Git (on GitHub) - advice?
  153. Carte: Passing variable/parameter to use for filtering
  155. Deleting all mails
  156. parameterize transformation directory/name
  157. Kitchen cmd line and log file.
  158. Shell Script Help
  159. Parallel execution of queries against same database
  160. create excel report
  161. odd crash in processing step in spoon
  162. Pentaho Data Integration Stuido not able to conect HIVE2
  163. there is no kettle-vfs in pentaho artifactory
  164. LDAP Output SSL
  165. Help to create a Custom Step
  166. Kettle and LibreOffice Base
  167. I have some questions for you about roadmap
  168. Javascript for Splitting the Date field
  169. data processing in parent-child manner in pentaho kettle.
  170. Design with Spoon to Rollbaclk complete transformation
  171. How to concatenate a string like the below example in spoon
  172. GeoKettle won't run on my Windows machines
  173. How to get mutiple output file from one file
  174. Uncommited rows
  175. UDJC Can you have Multiple Info Streams as in More than 1 Info Step attached to UDJC?
  176. Difficulty with job/trans. file copy - please help?
  177. How to make a transformation wait till all previous transformation success?
  178. Can't connect to SOCKS proxy (when connect to MSSQL)
  179. Loading the character "š" from Oracle database produces the character "?" as a result
  180. cassandra counter column
  181. Salesforce - Error Inserting New Opportunity for an Existing Account
  182. Converting Currency Number from "," to "."
  183. Lookup multiple values, convert to columns
  184. Using multiple characters in enclosure on csv input
  185. Insist Crontab job to run pick the tables to run accordingly
  186. TransMeta and StepMeta changed
  187. Generate N rows for each record
  188. Job will not extract transformation from a zip repository.
  189. downloading files with date range
  190. Formula - Expression - If Statement
  191. S3
  192. Basic use of Carte
  193. Cannot use reg ex step on field conatining the concatenation of two fields !?
  194. error in javascript: For Input String: "oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP@7cf54"
  195. more streams one output
  196. Newb question on how to do a Lookup.
  197. I/O Error : Connection reset
  198. Javascript compare
  199. How to get the Windows User name using PDI
  200. SQL Server on Carte problem
  201. Configuring connections in Java (or java use in general?)
  202. JVM error on Spoon launch
  203. how to Disable logging temporarily during runtime and resume logging after few steps
  204. Problem with if...else construct
  205. How to stop sharing steps?
  206. run kettle job in a repository from command line in windows
  207. how to find fiscalquarter based on the start_date using mysql query
  208. Table Input step running the wrong query
  209. perform delta updates on based on timestamp in the source database
  210. Timeout to Commit in Kettle (Feature Request)
  211. extracting two leftmost characters from string
  212. dummy step just worked once
  213. Howto use De-normalize?
  214. Nan error message upon loading data to Oracle
  215. Can you have same name steps in different transformation but in the same job?
  216. Batch processing in kettle
  217. Using Kettle Spoon within a web application
  218. Quick step question
  219. Transformation behaves different local than remote with update step and batch update
  220. how to estimate kettle job memory usage?
  221. Problem with variables
  222. unique constraint (SPOON.IDX_R_STEP_ATTRIBUTE_LOOKUP) violated
  223. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class sun.nio.ch.FileChannelImpl
  224. SETting Email in DRAFTs of Mailbox
  225. Inserting new Column with present Date
  226. What did you learn about Kettle that made your job suddenly easier?
  227. Get Data XML parsing with nested nodes
  228. milliseconds supported in PDI
  229. UDJC gives error "Unable to find info row set for step ..."
  230. Bulk Load into Infobright
  231. Performance proble for PluginRegistry.init() on eclipse/tomcat
  232. Spoon Throws JAXBContext error when connecting to remote Linux repository
  233. Combine Rows With different fields
  234. Step to map several patterns from a table
  235. MIgration
  236. Combination lookup/update
  237. Generated the EXCEL in java using Apache Excel Report(Excel found unreadable content)
  238. setting a table input with an sql querry comming from a text file
  239. Javascript jar file for Transforms called from java
  240. Design fact updates
  241. h2 server problems
  242. Read Specific data from text file
  243. Table Output Step Unable to determine the required fields
  244. Two question survey on who uses PDI
  245. Sending mobile notifications using PDI
  246. Sending email when i get error while loading table
  247. Fuzzy Match and special characters
  248. Teradata Connection Error
  249. Database Connection Fails
  250. Pentaho Job Fails but Windows Task Scheduler registers success