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  1. error when connecting to Oracle database
  2. Adding new Column??
  3. Pentaho Data Integration 4.4.1 GA release available in community version?
  4. Set several Variables
  5. MY SQL Bul Loader Error from Spoon
  6. User Defined Java Class to read/insert dynamic excel ranges
  7. Filter rows doesn't recognize negatives as equals?
  8. How to get log file name supplied in kitchen cmd line?
  9. Read specific data from unstructured file
  10. Integer Leading Spaces
  11. Textfile Input Error
  12. Deadlock issue?
  13. Create new fields from values in the existing fields
  14. how many requests is kettle making when use VFS file path in get xml data step?
  15. Best way to handle multiple access database files
  16. Enterprise Repository vs. File Repository vs. plain files?
  17. Table input to Hive (Table output)
  18. error
  19. Get System Info: More than 10 command line arguments possible?
  20. Kettle Job - SFTP Login by Cert
  21. Pentaho - MySQL Connectivity
  22. How to Use Wait for SQL
  23. kettle.properties and pentaho server
  24. Kettle SQL Rollback
  25. Help on transformation
  26. MYSQL - Lock on save
  27. Run Scheduled Jobs on Kettle Community Edition
  28. trigger .kjb file automatically when its source file/data is placed in some server
  29. Date Doubts
  30. Command line options for Kitchen or Pan shell/batch
  31. Return PDI var to xaction
  32. Get File Names + Mail (from job)
  33. Blank value columns or Zero length column values.
  34. Capture Transform/Job Completion Success
  35. Best solution to filter characters
  36. Help..!! Execute SQL script - No way to make it working
  37. get data from a node
  38. How to Call PRPT in Transformation
  39. How to create JNDI connection with oracle database
  40. How to use custom log into custom database table?
  41. Execute whole SQL query
  42. Failure in synchronizing the insert and lookup from a mysql table
  43. Use Regex in Filter Step
  44. Inputting Data from Database
  45. How calculate sales for 3 same products?
  46. Kettle to pick transformation from database repository
  47. Difference between group by and memory group by
  48. How to Call PRPT in Transformation
  49. "Block this step until steps finish" doesn't work
  50. Complex XML containing parent with several nested layers of children from tables
  51. How to make the most of PDI log files ?
  52. Sorting filenames by log4j "extensions"
  53. Difficulty with legacy JAR file
  54. Streaming file through REST Client
  55. PostgreSQL output using Execute SQL Script - no output field - help!
  56. Dynamic pivot data
  57. Get files via FTP Issue
  58. S3CSVInput plugin with support for multiple header lines
  59. ERROR executing query in part[OQ getRowInfo()] For input string: "4294967295"
  60. Getting error while trying run the clustered Transformation
  61. Pentaho Data Integratiion Free?
  62. Set Identity Insert on Multiple Tables.
  63. Iniciando em Pentaho Spoon - dúvida
  64. HTML Output of an Excel file
  65. Hire Pentaho Consultant / Hire Pentaho Developer
  66. Passing parameter from main job to sub job.
  67. Passing parameter from main job to sub job.
  68. Class/JAR File Needed for Shell Script Execution?
  69. Oracle Timeout error
  70. Clearing Spoon Variable Cache
  71. Filter rows with Hadoop File Input
  72. Text Input Challenge
  73. SNMP integration to fire PDI job - script runs manually, but not from SNMP Serv(ONMS)
  74. Single threader batch size
  75. help with statements for Nested if statements with a find inside
  76. Table Out - Commit Size too large makes the wrong RowCount - BUG???
  77. XML generation using XSD
  78. how to handle the history data for mysql transforming via kette(add/delete/update)
  79. OutOfMemory for loading many files
  80. Kettle job in java - random error
  81. Plugin: processRow question
  82. Wrong Length and Precision values in MetaData of Select Values Step.
  83. Write to Log doesn't want to write to log
  84. Can the SetVariable method be used to store an "object" value?
  85. Embedding prpt inside HTML Mail Step
  86. Using JNDI datasource from Tomcat into Kettle transformations
  87. Cassandra Output with autentification does not work.
  88. Example Generating XML Help
  89. Plugin step: getting transformation parameters
  90. ETL Metadata Injection Text File (included in 4.4?)
  91. Get mail step in kitchen.bat vs spoon issue
  92. Conditionally replace values
  93. EMR Job Executor Error
  94. Custom Kettle Step with multiple output steps having different metadata
  95. Problem starting MongoDB from Pentaho
  96. Modified JavaScript Value without compatibility switched on
  97. Sending mails through kettle generates ConcurrentModificationException error
  98. "Create a Zip File" and file dates
  99. Usage of 'Set Variables' step [PDI- 4.0.1]
  100. Master Data Management
  101. Write current date to a file in a JOB
  102. Grouping rows
  103. Execute Sql Script
  104. How to schedule the Jobs/Transformations in Kettle(Urgent)
  105. Internal Error while loading WebService : WebService LookUp
  106. Can we schedule a job through the API ?
  107. MySQL ODBC - Data Source Name Too Long
  108. Parallel transformation execution with "For each row"
  109. Output text file with negative sign
  110. Joining 2 inputs file without contidion
  111. Input table step: mySql query can't begin ... ERRORS
  112. HTTP client Step
  113. Check webservice availability URL issue
  114. Auto Increment with one field and all other field should be constant
  115. PDI Step development: input from two different steps
  116. PDI Step development: lazy conversion
  117. Set fact record as "old" when SCD 2 is updated
  118. How to union headers from multiple excel sheets and files?
  119. simple id generation question
  120. Saving kettle transformation using java API
  121. Excel Output Step
  122. Error: Communications link failure. Timeout problem?
  123. Table output error
  124. job Shell step
  125. Kitchen Won't Start - Hadoop error?
  126. Replacing control characters (specifically NUL) in input stream
  127. Sharing Connections
  128. Soap Call plugin
  129. Calling a job
  130. About kettle.properties
  131. PDI Performance Issue
  132. How to edit a field in the LAST row of my stream using JavaScript
  133. Transformation Will Not Open
  134. Execute transformation with different parameters
  135. Using Javascript/Transform to manipulate excel rows
  136. Help with getfilenames
  137. PDI Plugin Step: Business Rule Engine - testing
  138. How to Call an ANT script from a Kettle Job or transformation ?
  139. Parallel jobs for each row
  140. Error - Automated Documentation using kettle cookbook ( PDI 4.4.0)
  141. PostgreSQL Bulk Loader error
  142. Problem with XMLType column in Table Output
  143. Groovy/Groovy Console
  144. Data Validator
  145. Add a line at the top of the validated output CSV File
  146. error loading trasformation from repository
  147. Pentaho MongoDBInput Java integration
  148. Automatic Logging for Execute for every row transformation
  149. Error inserting/updating row: Data too long for column 'page path level 3' at row 1
  150. 'mail' Step - HTML body with standard template [PDI version 4.0.1]
  151. New kettle testing framework
  152. Read from Multiple DB (Dynamically) and write into 1 DB
  153. Infobright Loader Error - Number of columns passed to Infobright doesn't match
  154. Table Output Special Character Conversion Error.
  155. Recursive lookup - Implementation Idea required
  156. How to add a custom header and footer with a row count into the existing data file
  157. Scheduling in Community Version of Kettle
  158. re-order my columns in PDI
  159. "Method not supported" when running "Extracting Data from Hive to Load an RDBMS
  160. How to do a complex formula?
  161. SFTP Error
  162. Injecting metadata to Select values step using kettle api
  163. kettle http step how to specify url param
  164. Creating NULL field
  165. Base64 data in input LDIF
  166. Insert/Update Task - Dynamically Define Update Fields?
  167. Passing seting variabel values in cmd line for pan.sh
  168. Help getting started with AWS Java SDK and Kettle
  169. Get/Put a File with FTP
  170. How to map fields?
  171. use variable for password in Mail step
  172. Year Format Changed
  173. Mapping step and flows
  174. Creating Star Shema in PDI 4.4.0
  175. File input
  176. Get a file with SFTP
  177. Upcoming Books & Magazine for Pentaho ?
  178. Passing date parameter to Google analytics step
  179. Ignore insert errors
  180. Spoon (Kettle, data integration) is REALLY buggy
  181. Getting error when trying to remove partition schema.
  182. java.lang.NullPointerException on Kettle 4.4.0 LoggingRegistry
  183. PDI, Postgres and Transactions
  184. Filter Rows
  185. Parallel execution of transformations -Multiple Predecessor Dependency not working
  186. Multiple user access problem in Community Edition
  187. EST to GMT Conversion
  188. Change named parameter value
  189. How to write the HQL to retrieve the records for one specific file for the same table
  190. How to do callback from Kettle to Java
  191. How do do a simple left join in kettle
  192. Replacing variable in Table Input in SELECT statement
  193. Big Number null handling error
  194. Error while connecting Remedy AR System
  195. Mapping step (sub-transformation) out of memory
  196. kettle logging in the BI Server
  197. Running jobs on PDI Dynamic Clusters
  198. Extracting data from XML file into MySQL Table
  199. How to create connection in kettle to sharepoint wsdl link
  200. Structuring DW
  201. Spoon take 30 minute to start pentaho
  202. Problem with TABLE OUTPUT
  203. User Defined Java Expression invokes a void method
  204. how to split a free text and create individual records
  205. Replace the parameter in the SQL script component.
  206. kettle-vfs20100924.jar and maven
  207. Difficulty with Modified JavaScript
  208. Step to check if a file is repeating
  209. Reading XML file thru a URL from a different machine
  210. Error while running transformation in Carte Slave server.
  211. Passing Variables to metadata injection transform
  212. Unexplained error (Java.lang.ArayIndesOutOfBoundsException) yin transformation
  213. ETL - "filling in" a missing piece of data
  214. Unable to find value metadata with name 'expenses_id', so I can't delete it.
  215. how to run a batch file (windows environment)
  216. Designer performance issue
  217. how to compose derived field in the output wth NVL (if null) condition
  218. Select not in
  219. Error occured while trying to connect to the database
  220. Hierarchical Data Transformation
  221. Loop /Page through query in 100 record chunks?
  222. Table Output: Identity Column Value
  223. Get data from XML : Check the namespace
  224. Results Count
  225. Listener refused the connection
  226. Select the N last lines from a "Text File Input".
  227. Can't get formula step to work
  228. PDI Version?
  229. reading a not so fixed text file
  230. New Fields created in Plugin (custom) step does not get through to the next step
  231. creating XML structure
  232. can kettle read .doc files?
  233. how to load S57 data into PostgreSQL using OGR Input and PostgreSQL Bulk Loader
  234. Copy complete database repository from one database to the other
  235. Help Help Help .... Simple problem with pentaho transformation.
  236. problem in converting column values to Column name
  237. Different levels of logging on different outputs - possible?
  238. Change the remote connection in runtime
  239. Passing a filename as a parameter while executing Pan from cmd promt
  240. javascript
  241. Instaview not opening - just inactive screen (PDI 4.4.1 GA)
  242. Child / Parent Relationship in SalesForce Input step
  243. Error in Switch case
  244. URGENT: Problem password crypt in kettle.properties...
  245. Problem with Delete Filenames from Results Job Step
  246. Getting Environment Variables outside of execute scope
  247. How to execute multiple SQL statements in parallel?
  248. Web service/API access?
  249. how to extract fields from XML data in a field
  250. Problem connecting to HBase