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  1. datastage to pentaho migration ( range lookup )
  2. Dynamic Array with field names
  3. How to normalize flat file (csv)? e.g. itemname,store1sales, store2sales, store...
  4. fail to run sqoop export/import
  5. EasyDQ Kettle Data Integration steps Connection Problem
  6. How to get the csv filename and use it for value to new field? e.g. 201307Sales.csv
  7. "Object[]" is not an rvalue
  8. string to date problem
  9. Event Based Scheduling in Kettle Community Edition
  10. How to create new field containing Yes/no
  11. API Twitter
  12. Sqoop Error while running on the server
  13. [Replace in String] question
  14. DB Connection fails when password passed as a -param argument
  15. Insert Update without primary key (or, why else wouldn't this be working?)
  16. Gettting error while unzipping file
  17. how to download several files via http
  18. Tables Under Pentaho
  19. How to GROUP BY depending on a value of a field?
  20. How flexible is Pentaho for dynamic transformations? (user-input based parameters)
  21. inserting basic timestamp into MSSQL
  22. Ignoring/deleting the first row of a csv file
  23. moving file in folder if transformation succeed
  24. Null Value output in Group By Kettle
  25. Restartability
  26. Migrate 300 table of AS400 data to MySQL
  27. How to separate a string with hyphen "-"
  28. Creating subtables in MongoDB
  29. "Get data from XML" issues with namespace
  30. Deleting old file and creating new file for Hive external Table
  31. many inputs in a folder
  32. Problem connecting to OpenEdge 10.2B Database
  33. Http header
  34. How to specify XML output element names different than input field names
  35. Spoon - ERROR
  36. Difficulties with MapReduce and Kettle
  37. org.pentaho.di.core.util.StreamLogger IOException
  38. pan freezes without explanation
  39. XML Input bombing when getting an optional node, but not when getting a string
  40. JSON Input
  41. Get XML Data with concatenated XML files?
  42. Java Heap Out of Spac
  43. Temporary tables in Spoon
  44. Passing a filename to the mail job entry
  45. Kitchen Unicode Parameters /param
  46. UDJC - Creating rows at dispose() method
  47. PDI Execute PRD to Excel missing formatting
  48. Trouble runing Job with multiple Transformations in Carte
  49. Pentaho problem
  50. Daily job - sending different email attachments to different recipients
  51. How to make Metadata structure stream work dynamically?
  52. Error in Join Rows (cartesian product) when mixing a field from concatenated lines
  53. Running the kettle Jobs through Bi server CE 4.5
  54. Report downloading of files
  55. Dynamic SQL for Table Input Step.
  56. Encode/Decode64 PDF File
  57. Error running remote carte job with repository
  58. sending Soap message using java class
  59. Pentaho PDI and CDH4 and hive
  60. Database Value Lookup problem with boolean
  61. Reporting variables back to a Java wrapper
  62. Netezza 6.0.8 ODBC to JDBC bridge to Pentaho Kettle 4.3.0
  63. Kettle not writing to log file..
  64. Solved - Simple denormilzation step not working
  65. API to read from Enterprise Repository
  66. How to build a simple GUI for some basic transformation tasks (instead usage of spoon
  67. Viewing Pentaho system tables R_STEP etc
  68. How to filter non-numeric data in data validator step
  69. Join Rows not working with empty streams
  70. Kettle spoon throwing error ORA-00904: "X_ROLE": invalid identifier
  71. Pentaho kettle plugin for drupal
  72. Output data for new database
  73. Data type convert
  74. Best way to have an error flow that comes back into the main flow?
  75. Using a calculated value as a column
  76. Merge join : This step is not yet verified: not yet
  77. Can kettle support TIMESTAMP OF ORACLE
  78. Microsoft Exchange Server and Pentaho Spoon
  79. Synchronize after merge not saving data (MySQL)
  80. Updating dinamically the date of downloaded files
  81. Finding version of Sun ODBC JDBC bridge version in Kettle
  82. Using HTTP Client - how do I create stream fields from 1 Result fieldname?
  83. using system date(fixed) in Pentaho
  84. Use the insert/uodate step
  85. How to retrieve an excel file or text file from HTTP GET
  86. Salesforce Insert Step Error
  87. Generic Data Validator in a generic transformation
  88. Decoding String to PDF
  89. DIM_DATE exemple
  90. Need to read a .sql file, but not execute it
  91. Performance
  92. Any helpful tutorial (PDF) available for Kettle v4.4.0
  93. How to check if the file exists on FTP before download
  94. Not able to get PDF format in Pentaho reporting output step
  95. Difference between consecutive rows in a column
  96. Challenge with Variables while using Memory Group by.
  97. Error in Modified Java Script Value step
  98. Extract XML Repeating Element
  99. REST Client throws error
  100. Performance Issue
  101. Change formatting Log entries
  102. Error on calling an SFTP from xaction
  103. Can Kettle write out HL7 messages?
  104. REST Client not returning data
  105. Deployment of non-kettle files by less savvy users
  106. MongoDB Output and arrays
  107. Argument list too long error in she'll script step pdi 3.2
  108. java.io.IOException:Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested
  109. How do you copy a transformation from the Repository?
  110. Pentaho Logging Tables
  111. usage of variable in Get File Names step
  112. Copy Rows to Results with bigger Data sets
  113. Clustering execution process
  114. calculate value from old and new record during update
  115. Send output data in batches to REST api
  116. Not Getting Error Filed in Select Values step after enabling error Handling
  117. Error trying to connect Spoon to a DataBase
  118. Excel from PRD - scripting prpt generation
  119. How to load content from a html document?
  120. Create dimensions and fact table in PDI
  121. Database Failover
  122. Get File through an aspx URL
  123. How to execute a hive transformation through java code
  124. MongoDb Input when there is compressed data in source
  125. Problem with str2date format
  126. connect oracle database
  127. Parsing XML tag from table column value
  128. " connection refused " input / output web service lookup
  129. Row Flattener for dynamic number of rows
  130. GroupBy - Handling null values
  131. filter rows from txt
  132. StepAttribute startnewline is missed
  133. Writing 'time' value to a postgres database
  134. Downloading 4.4.2
  135. PDI Server Status Not Changing
  136. Modified Javascript Script capability
  137. Regex to extract text from field
  138. Difference in xml file exsported from mac and linux
  139. Fact table load
  140. HBase Output dynamic mapping
  141. unable to load data using saparator ;*$
  142. GetDataFromXML - Memory Leak?
  143. Input field usage in Start and End scripts of MJS
  144. Deadlock error while running single transformation...Pentaho issue ???
  145. Monitoring carte
  146. Kettle and Eclipse error with OperatingSystemMXBean
  147. Database Value Lookup problem with NULL value
  148. Connect with XMLRPC (to Magento)
  149. Detect Empty Stream and Abort
  150. Group rows as case until case separator line
  151. compare 2 input files
  152. Error Handling in HTTP step not working
  153. Error Connecting to the Database when using Pan.bat
  154. XML transformation in Spoon.
  155. Webservice lookup Step throwing error
  156. ETL Metadata Injection Tutorial
  157. Use a table and column name dinamically
  158. XML Output
  159. Job logs daily rotation
  160. Call DB Procedure problem
  161. getting files from a folder
  162. how to use XLS file name variable and SheetName variable ?
  163. Getting no.of Days in a month
  164. XML Output with complex type and namespace
  165. Metedata Injection Step Configuration Doesn't Show "Target Injection Step, key" Info
  166. Error using database/fetch
  167. Delete from table with "where ... not like"
  168. Can Rules Executor change a existing field?
  169. problem in automating Hive table extraction due to date-parameter difficulty
  170. regex, cut 1st word from a string
  171. MongoDB output, updating arrays of objects
  172. Multiple Masters within a same cluster schema
  173. indexOf() String function
  174. How to check input file is compressed or not ?
  175. How to check if a zip file is empty
  176. Trouble with Shared objects
  177. is it possible to trigger a kettle transformation off a webservice call?
  178. id_batch column in log_job and log_trans tables
  179. create Dimensions from CSV Files
  180. Execute Text File Input steps based on a condition.
  181. Trouble with "consistently inconsistent" data
  182. How to change datetime format of string like this 2001-12-20T04:08:32Z
  183. Setting FTP Timeout using parameters/variables
  184. scheduling job in kitchen ---Needhelp in understanding the workflow
  185. Excel input - normalise dynamic number of columns
  186. XSD Validator errs when using dynamic XML file references
  187. Database connection
  188. Parsing of text and dates
  189. Supported HBase versions
  190. Convert COLUMNS to ROWS
  191. modify input file name
  192. string.replace(,) funciton not working
  193. Semicolons and JDBC driver
  194. 0day hacking security alert
  195. how to speed up reports on a data warehouse that is filled with ETL with many changes
  196. Is there a way to get Spoon to download through web?
  197. Can we do migrate transactions in order using pentaho?
  198. Error when going from transformation to sub-transformation
  199. MongoDB + Json Input processing
  200. How can we create a transformation using HL7 input?
  201. Modified Java Script - Help with this step
  202. Is it possible to search & replace entire files with PDI(kettle)?
  203. Variables from job to job
  204. is_defined check in pentaho
  205. XML data to be loaded in a DB Table.
  206. Getting CDATA text from XML
  207. MongoDB Output "only update" operation
  208. Difficulty with txt file input - unusual file format
  209. UDJE, two-word field
  210. Loading Null Values from SQL Server Database to Netezza
  211. How to Check for Multiple TABLE and SCHEMA existance by passing them as parameters?
  212. Oracle Database Connection - slow response
  213. Dynamically Creating SQL Statement
  214. How two merge multiple data inputs in one row
  215. Choose between two fields - how to copy from one to another
  216. Is Field Autodetection Only Available Manually?
  217. Kettle Spoon logging not working properly (no details of errors shown).
  218. Data Validator or Modified Java Script value
  220. To call a webservice through Pentaho
  221. Passing parameters to an entry job
  222. PLS help to Understand ROW Normaliser
  223. Difficulty with Javascript and txt input
  224. Spoon IDE filling up GDM cache session.log file
  225. Filter table 1 based on table 2 values
  226. converting rows to single column
  227. Excel (xlsx) Password Protected
  228. Infobright bulk loader, memory leak - RESOLVED
  229. ESRI Shapefile Reader issue
  230. Detecting a character in string and adding if missing
  231. How to get the data from google adwords
  232. z/ OS file
  233. PDI 4.4.0 - pentaho-big-data-shimtastic- compatibility
  234. Lookup and re-write[update] the data for last 2 days
  235. Multiway Merge Join
  236. Groovy Script Step Error
  237. Execute A Process with pipes
  238. Running a Shell Script or Windows BAT file
  239. Input Excel throws PDI Out Of Memory
  240. Innodb COUNT(*) During Dimension Lookup / Update Init
  241. error:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:org.pentaho.di.trans.step.RowListener
  242. HTTP Post - reply status = 302 error
  243. Replace white spaces in BIG text files
  244. Moving jobs from development pc to linux server
  245. Poll: Experimental Script step
  246. Need help and advice
  247. Configure Timeout for Mail Transformation Step?
  248. Partitioning data with thousands of values
  249. Deploying transformation on IBM z/OS Unix System Services - SSL algorithm issue
  250. Greenplum Load Step Error --PDI 4.3.0