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  1. How to Lookup/Update and then conditionally process?
  2. how to unload and load data from informix using Spoon?
  3. How to connect from SUSE LINUX SERVER to MS SQL 2008 DB?
  4. Date Format
  5. Sum over all rows except last one in Group By
  6. Automatic Increase of Database Field Sizes.....BAD!!
  7. I'm getting BigNumber(33): there was a data type error...
  8. Execute SQL script - issues with using both variable substitution and argument
  9. Using Pentaho MapReduce to Parse Weblog Data
  10. problem with Google analytics step in Kettle 4.4 stable version
  11. many text input files, transformation too slow
  12. 'Specify by name and directory' and 'Specify by refenerce' not available
  13. problem in installing weka scoring plugin from Marketplace
  14. PDI error on exit
  15. Replace in string strange behaviour
  16. Text file input, filter string
  17. Extracting Kettle jobs/transformations as Jar file, Need help in understanding .
  18. Calling a MetaData Cube and refreshing it inside PDI
  19. Number Range in Transformation Step : Referring to Properties File
  20. When will PDI 5.0 be available as Community Edition?
  21. Oracle Bulk Loader
  22. problems to connect to IBM DB2
  23. Date to Int conversion
  24. Do jobs handle Javascript differently than transformations?
  25. Table output DB2 9.7
  26. PDI-Kettle: Excel multiple-sheet reports with charts
  27. transform HTML in XML and get values as fields
  28. How to run next transformation in a job based on success of clustered transformation
  29. Palo in PDI 5.0 EE
  30. Mysql Database Migration/Sync
  31. How to remove nodes from xml using spoon?
  32. Remove all except last part of url
  33. HTTP Post timeout
  34. HOW: ktr saved without numeric references
  35. Abort without error
  36. Condition file exists.
  37. How do I remove the date variable string
  38. "Load file content in memory" step does not preserve regex pattern
  39. Best approach for this scenario
  40. No Script engine error while using "Json Input" step on Ubuntu
  41. Can't designate xsi:schemaLocation in XML Output
  42. How does Sort Rows actually work?
  43. Not able to reference ${Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory} in a Job
  44. kettle on windows and hadoop on unix: authentication problem
  45. (Environment) Variables
  46. Issue while debugging using set field value step
  47. I am a newcomer to Pentaho with a question about DI using XML files as input source
  48. Error while downloading large file using ftp
  49. fact table
  50. Packaging and deployment of PDI Jobs & Transformations !!
  51. Copy/Get rows to/from result
  52. Bulkloader request
  53. VFS Parameters for Repository connection
  54. What's the difference between kettle and pentaho data integration?
  55. How can order this information ?
  56. Kettle scrapping data from weblinks and URL's
  57. Import file Excel with PDI
  58. Meaning of logging information (I,O,R,W,U,E)
  59. Text file Input and long strings treated as exponents
  60. Chrome Extension for HDFS volumes - Pentaho WiKi link unusable
  61. How to pass the sort type in Sorting step
  62. Can Call DB commit Update?
  63. Create Tables
  64. Replace in string - Field couldn't be found.
  65. PDI 5.0 install on OSX fails due to PostgreSQL error
  66. Get File Names from a Remote FTP Location
  67. Job -File management - HTTP step: handling file URL for parameter "Upload file:" ?
  68. CSV Input
  69. variable filename
  70. sftp with Kitchen.bat
  71. Automatic documentation step failing (bug)
  72. Reducing the number of columns from a Cassandra read - User defined Class
  73. moving file faster
  74. Reading runtime parameter problem
  75. How can i migrate tables from certain oracle USER/SCHEMA using Kettle?
  76. [PDI] Manage memory with "execute for each row"
  77. WCF Service
  78. Calling oracle procedure from pentaho
  79. Modifying database url within a job on enterprise repository
  80. Regarding Json array output.
  81. Slow insertion in Amazon Redshift with Table Output step
  82. Lookup a ROW in table
  83. Looping on two diffrerent field on XML files
  84. Manage Users in Repository
  85. Execute a Job from a Url WITH parameters..
  86. Automated testing for PDI
  87. Defaulting metadata
  88. Left or mid function on an input field to create a new field
  89. How to disable the Repository dialog at startup?
  90. How to create new file repository on Linux with command line interface
  91. Using Pentaho Spoon for ETL using staging
  92. Email transformation not working for me
  93. Sequence generation by getting Max(surrogate_id) from database table
  94. PDI fails to start on Fedora 19
  95. Step, that searches fields for terms in separate list/file
  96. Spoon won't start anymore for me (it did when I first installed back in June)
  97. Custom plugin: ClassCast Exception due to class loaders
  98. How to read a Google Docs File Using Pentaho Data Integration
  99. Use Get XML to retrieve Rows from end of large XML
  100. Validation on data and column
  101. Javascript : turning string to number is driving me crazy
  102. Need info abt Excel input step
  103. Pentaho named parameter error
  104. URL inside message
  105. Job audit issue using Carte
  106. Pentaho Jobs
  107. Kettle custom logging
  108. Problem with error handling
  109. Problems editing mapping in a table output step
  110. Installation - SQL2012 native - newb
  111. URGENT : Clustering for a Custom Database
  112. Loading data into XML
  113. ADO .NET connectivity
  114. There was an error posting the transformation on the remote server
  115. Oracle bulk loader component
  116. Automatic file download issue
  117. Connecting to Linux server via SSH
  118. Dynamic columns without header. How to read as one column ?
  119. Data Overload
  120. EMPTY Dimension Lookup/Update
  121. how many threads are spawned by a kettle transformation process ?
  122. Slowly Changing Dimension error
  123. ClassCast Exception due to different class loaders
  124. Get data from XML give error "Content is not allowed in prolog"
  125. Connecting SFTP from UDJC
  126. unable to get response from MySql server
  127. Get only certain lines of a file using FTP
  128. Getting the fields from every row inside processrow() in Userdefined java class step
  129. availability of a fixlist for PDI version 5
  130. Loading Multiple Excel files in one Input Step
  131. Bad Data From Google Analytics Plugin
  132. Architecture related Questions
  133. PENTAHO Jobs
  134. Error running kitchen.
  135. Fail to import data from excel to mysql when the columnName is Chinese.
  136. Setting no time out stale carte objects
  137. Customize Carte Kettle Status page
  138. How do I request a fresh API key from Google?
  139. Manually raising an error in a job
  140. MySQL Bulk load problems
  141. Modifying the Kettle Cookbook output
  142. Escaping reserved URL characters in Kettle
  143. When is the pentaho 5.0 available for download?
  144. Mapreduce on processing the rows from multiple mysql tables
  145. Unique Rows, what if more than 2 equals?
  146. Cassandra output step
  147. How to integrated modified pan.java into kettle-engine.jar
  148. 64/32 bit mess with windows 7
  149. Retrieving primary key for row just inserted
  150. Prompt user to select file
  151. HTTP Post - How to properly construct headers and request
  152. OT:Opening for a contract position for a pentaho PDI expert in Sunnyvale,CA
  153. REST Client Problem calling API
  154. Replace Null Date
  155. How to generate partial result using Join Rows (Cartesian product)
  156. Pentaho ETL + Pentaho Reporting or Talend ETL + Jasper Reporting
  157. Problem monitoring network traffic using Fiddler
  158. Problem with Configuration of Database Connection
  159. Disable "Execution History" on spoon start up
  160. How do you transform a string to postgreql data type inet?
  161. Multil job Parallel exec database job output Confusion or empty?
  162. How do I setup Oracle repositoryto store transformations and kettle job filess?
  163. Looping over Records in Chunks and generating for each chunk a file
  164. which transformation pan.sh uses to export repository
  165. Accessing repository content after trial period expired?
  166. Doubt in Subtransformation Step
  167. How to get Response Header for REST Client in kettle
  168. How to remove a column dynamically if its not containing any value
  169. best way to wildcard folder names?
  170. How to increase the performance of MySql Server (my.cnf) with respect to Kettle
  171. Reading Variable Length Records in Kettle
  172. columns
  173. CSV-File-Input does not import integer-data correctly
  174. Retrieve HTTP POST data with carte
  175. PLS Help to Normalise/Denormalise/Map
  176. Filter Rows / Switch Case not working:
  177. Assistance passing variables for sftp job
  178. Get Data from XML using tokens.
  179. error connecting to MS SQL Server 2012
  180. Splitting rows
  181. SAP connector help needed; This is driving me crazy!
  182. Problem in Cassandra Output
  183. Get data from XML fields truncated
  184. Add filename to result in Get File Rows count ?
  185. Google Analytics plugin returns different results for the same dates
  186. Question about using variables in Kettle
  187. Problem with execute for every input row
  188. Issue across machines
  189. String Manipulation
  190. Inserting values into an Enum column
  191. Value Mapper - Get Value of a Field
  192. How to read XML attributes using Get data from XML step
  193. Merge Join Parallel Peformance Benchmark
  194. duplicate, please delete
  195. Number of rows written from Group By step varies between runs
  196. Passing two parameters to jar file using java script
  197. [Doubt] Queries the Cube by PDI
  198. Kettles: Howto remove columns in a formatted Excel generated by PRD
  199. DTD for Transformations
  200. " Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence." Reading KML.
  201. Text file output "ini" format
  202. PLS help to genrate unique ID for each kind of value in each column.
  203. Java script internal API
  204. Replace Strings in a big file
  205. excel to database:
  206. How can i run my kettle from eclipse?
  207. Change no of copied to start..
  208. How to use c3p0 driver in kettle
  209. Dynamically invoking KTRs from one KTR
  210. Strange Date parsing error
  211. Spoon.bat is strangely missing.
  212. Community Edition Download
  213. Problems to use Vertica and Kettle
  214. Issue in using 'User Defined Java Class'
  215. PDI 5.0 and javascript step
  216. Kettle installation failed
  217. Generate Images output in Array format
  218. How can we post Json Output into URL
  219. Minimal number of input types
  220. Unzipping File
  221. PDI java upgrade causes path error at start up
  222. Additional properties file on top of kettle.properties file
  223. HTTP entry job with header
  224. How to read excel data with varying number of columns...
  225. FIFO option in MYSQL BULKLOADER
  226. Transformation executor
  227. problems with inner join (using merge join object)
  228. How to distinguish in job/transformation where current job is run?
  229. Excel input, extract several tables from one sheet
  230. oracle to postgresql encoding utf8
  231. nested json output
  232. Not able to Open 2.5.0 or 2.5.2
  233. spoon and shared.xml with PDI 5
  234. How to call Pentaho job using java script.
  235. SFTP status
  236. Get emails from POP filter issue
  237. how to dynamically configure variables in transformation in Kettle Job from Java
  238. Splitting a string from a XML file in rows
  239. Executing a step based on the parameter passed
  240. Exit if the number of rows ouput by "Table Input" step
  241. kettle license
  242. Error while reading data from cassandra table using spoon
  243. Error in Java class
  244. help needed on looping thru chunks of data
  245. Transformation hangs in case of an error in the "Execute SQL script" step
  246. UDJC to ZooKeeper PDI crash
  247. "couldn't convert string [20040404021800] to a date using format [yyyyMMddHHmmss]"
  248. Variable being set to null
  249. Transformation Java Execution Issue
  250. Kettle -Google Analytics Input