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  1. Java expression for multivalue case
  2. Join/Union two Text input files - Merge join?
  3. How to schedule the Jobs/Transformations in Kettle?
  4. Inserting data into dynamo db via kettle
  5. Date format issue with Modified Javascript !!!! Very Urgent...
  6. Cookbook creating broken links
  7. PDI on linux, Spoon on Windows
  8. Hive Table Input streaming is SLOW
  9. Text file output path variable
  10. Pentaho 4.3.0 (and 4.4.0) file open doesn't work on OSX Mavericks
  11. how to get data in output step in CSV format?
  12. Problem When After Data-Migration Records deleted from Source
  13. how to connect cassandra to pentaho data integration (kettle) using CQL in windows
  14. MS Excel input can't fetch sheetname(s) for few excel files but works for similar one
  15. Database Lookup with Integer
  16. pdi-ce-4.4.0-stable - trying to open saved ktr and kettle hangs
  17. Properties file vs ktr file
  18. Where is the latest source code?
  19. Java carte client
  20. Problem with kettle performance when using select after insert in mysql
  21. Problem with microsoft excel input
  22. XMI File
  23. mssql to postgresql and boolean
  24. MS SQL Server Set Identity Insert on Multiple Tables
  25. variables/parameters
  26. Installation is unable to start Data Integration Server
  27. Getting aggregated rows with all columns in Pentaho
  28. Bat Job not executing
  29. followed unconditional link Transformation Error
  30. Pentaho Solutions - DVD Rentals Example
  31. Extracting multiple ZIP files.
  32. SQL Server Agent Job
  33. PDI 5 GA (from CI) - how to add new database jdbc driver
  34. [SOLVED] SAP on OS X error: UnsatisfiedLinkError: no sapjco3 in java.library.path
  35. Performance Issue
  36. Hiring Pentaho Data Integration PDI Kettle ETL Data Analyst Transformation Engineer
  37. PDI 5 CE - table input & table output - filter data before save output
  38. Pentaho 5.0 restatability issue in PDI not working
  39. Strategy used to distribute rows when using multiple copies of a step
  40. Kitchen cant Continue because the job couldn’t be loaded
  41. Call DB Procedure ONCE after Table output complete
  42. Database Result Set to Text Stream
  43. Python script vs. kettle...?
  44. How to Dynamically specify the rows to read from a file
  45. Visualization Perspective loads permanent
  46. restartability feature in PDI 5.0
  47. Kettle 4.4 takes very long for loading and writign to repository
  48. How to pull out two foreign key(techincal keys) from the same table
  49. mongodb output - insert into array
  50. Is there anyway to update if the field is null
  51. Kettle Not Working With Vertica
  52. Simplified looping feature in PDI 5.0
  53. mongodb output - update array element
  54. Database lookup from rowset
  55. Anyone used variables in 'Lines Range' field of 'Sample Rows' step
  56. Loading Variables from Database
  57. error with pentaho spoon with cassandra input
  58. Parse data from .xsd to .xml
  59. PDI 5.0 - Community Version?
  60. PDI Internals
  61. Replacing double quotes in string
  62. Put a file with SFTP in PDI CE 4.4.0
  63. PDI Eval Download v5 not starting on CentOS 6.4
  64. Add constant in Lookup Key Column
  65. How to loop over a transformation until a table is empty?
  66. How to validate a csv file data with the pree-defined metadata
  67. Email Validation Rules
  68. Using a custom step plugin within embedded kettle
  69. HELP!!! Joining 3 tables, SUMming and grouping. VERY IMPORTANT
  70. Concatenating Data from Multiple Rows
  71. Detailed timing metrics eg:db connect & query time vs transformation time in PDI 5.0
  72. Dealing with irregular JSON objects
  73. Custom Logging New Field or Sepereate Table
  74. cassandra input: The column family does not seem to exist in the keyspace
  75. Insert/Update using Native JBDC on SQL Server has problems
  76. How using Modified Java Script Value step to find time difference
  77. How to calculate time difference using java- script step?
  78. ${Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory} is blank during development
  79. Blocking POST to marketplace.pentaho.com/telemetry ?
  80. Pentaho connecting to Riak
  81. getting unknown symbol while loading data from bulk load step
  82. Error File not getting created while running Job
  83. verry verry importent how to install pentaho kettle 4.4 version in centos
  84. Excel Input Preview
  85. Merge Rows
  86. file delete issues in Windows multi core environment
  87. Understanding the Kitchen Log
  88. Custom plugin MetaData Injection and step-attributes.xml problem
  89. Sort Row step output wrong result
  90. Read Me First
  91. how to send and receive file through ftp in kettle while executing job
  92. How to save log output file, with a field "Step-Name" with the step info.
  93. Parste Apache Tomcat access log with PDI?
  94. Regarding Looping Job Issue: setting of variables for Looping
  95. Using lookup databa
  96. converting the nvarchar value 'N' when I have no such values
  97. Force database commit after each row using single threader
  98. Job inside a job
  99. XML input step - how to obtain a partial xml input?
  100. Kettle integration with Spark streaming
  101. I want files for FTPstep from Linux Srvr in Pentaho Spoon which is installed on Win
  102. How to call Pentaho web service to accept Json data?
  103. Merging multiple column data to new column !!
  104. Does Modified Java Script Value support all of JavaScript?
  105. Can I set Database Connection Password as Environmental Variable?
  106. Sppon Kettle 4.4 - Does it support Apache Hadoop 2.0
  107. how to increment sequence??
  108. Removing leading spaces in text input file
  109. how to compare two database field name?
  110. Retrieve data from Carte status XML file with PDI
  111. Best way to add leading 0 to some of the numbers (as string) in a field
  112. Converting date formats
  113. DEPDATE Logging Error
  114. Error hop executing always
  115. How to use variable in SAP Input Filter field
  116. What is the proper "ETL way" of caching and re-using webservice results?
  117. does Melissa Data name and address verification plug-in with with CE4.x?
  118. Join Rows in many Tables
  119. Importing last modified file containing specific text
  120. Use of variable in SAP Input steps
  121. Can kettle invoke jar file
  122. Transformation 'Vlookup style' comparing data from different Excel Sources
  123. Automatic validation
  124. Java API for providing variables/parameters to a transformation
  125. Conditional Branching and mail sending
  126. Transformation Error Handling
  127. Why won't cmd exit after execution of batch file?
  128. Compare fields and update a flag in kettle
  129. Run SSH Commands step fails to connect to localhost
  130. Translate XML string and store as JSON record in MongoDB?
  131. Restartability feature in PDI-CE-5.0.1 missing
  132. Get Data from XML
  133. Manipulating Unstructured Data File
  134. Running Excel Input file in Unix
  135. Transformation hanging
  136. "error looking up row in database" from Database Lookup step
  137. Spoon: Controlling geometry of step editing dialogs?
  138. Using the Pentaho Reporting Output step
  139. What is the correct Date Format for mongodb when using date paramters?
  140. Microsoft Excel Input - org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException:
  141. error msgs when starting spoon from ubuntu shell
  142. Modeler not able to access table
  143. Data Vault loading templates coming to Pentaho Data Integration!
  144. Error Updating Batch Data truncation Help
  145. PDI 5.0.1 - Mysql install issue
  146. SortRows results in Out Of Memory Exception
  147. Kettle is not fetching updated database field, in "Database Lookup" Step !!
  148. Does pentaho support Couch base server
  149. 5.0.1 and Microsoft Active Directory
  150. Looping over directory content and passing each row to a new transformation
  151. cannot upgrade repository from Version 4.0 to 5.0 in SQLServer 2008
  152. Transformation executor driving me nuts
  153. Table Input getting Hungup..
  154. Is Pentaho Analyzer available for Kettle - PDI 5.x?
  155. Regex evaluation step - regexp as a variable
  156. Send job in a repository to an already running Carte server via command line
  157. Auto Increment
  158. Need help in Plugin Development
  159. Help regarding using Row normaliser in Data Integration
  160. Issue with JAVA/Kettle for using API's
  161. tableOutput step hangs
  162. Insert/update question
  163. Upload Directory of Files
  164. Where to start with Kettle ? Learning
  165. PDI Basic tutorial
  166. pentaho visualization
  167. User Defined Java class - Input/Output/Info Fields not getting populated
  168. Join Data from Different Sources
  169. Pentaho Cassandra output is throwing the error InvalidRequestException(why:Undefined
  170. why:Undefined name default_read_consistency in selection clause
  171. why:Undefined name default_read_consistency in selection clause
  172. PDI carte web service - change default username/password
  173. Input from 2 different Database Connections
  174. PDI 4.4 is slow on Oracle VM (Windows) when compared to Ubuntu 12.04
  175. running job through crontab
  176. New Mongo Input component question - Mongo in general
  177. Copy results from a Text output plugin to another Text Input plugin
  178. Problem Run a job from Repository
  179. Performance issue with Oracle Views
  180. Pentaho Remote Execution
  181. Convert String to Date value
  182. Writing to H2 Database (SampleData)
  183. DI - Write to DB doesn't
  184. How to view detailed step metrics with Job Run
  185. Problem with Quartz
  186. Let me start by saying I'm sorry... (processing a multitable CSV file)
  187. Instaview - Geographic Map
  188. building a loop to compute frequencies on table_column values
  189. starting transformation does not function, debugging it makes it start
  190. NEWBIE: Need to tranform CSV Cell Format -> CSV Standard Format
  191. NEWBIE: Transform rename output filename
  192. Kettle 5 strange precision problem with decimal
  193. CDC - Kettle dynamic, parameterized Transformation with Kettles own Log Tables
  194. Need Tip !!. How can text file input step throw error when header is not present ?
  195. HIVE Connectivity with PDI 5.0.1 CE
  196. spoon (PDI 5.0.1) on fedora 19 crashes
  197. Mail step works in Linux, not in Win7
  198. Splitting Into Rows Based on Values
  199. Error While Connecting to DI slave server
  200. Column format
  201. Parsing NOT well formed XML
  202. API: Setting conditional steps
  203. Errors Disconnecting from Database
  204. phone number dimension with google libphonenumber
  205. HTTP Post Plugin Issues in Linux
  206. Dynamically Updated Column Names
  207. Password file location
  208. Instaview
  209. Cdata xml
  210. Cannot "Specify by reference" in repository
  211. Number and Decimal Accuracy
  212. HTTP Post In Transform Fails - Sending File Via HTTP Job Works Fine
  213. [Beginner] - Is it possible to extract data from raw log files?
  214. Problem - Fixed Input
  215. API Connection in Transformation Job
  216. Check if file exists at certain time
  217. Export Repo Issue
  218. using spoon to convert XML to mySQL
  219. Couchbase output support
  220. Get Files Row Count step with multiple row separator
  221. Step copies configurable !!
  222. Deadlock when trying to follow Combination Lookup/Update by an Insert/Update?
  223. Looking for best way to pass Transform Stream Fields into a Commd line arguement?
  224. Reading dates with zero month and day from MySQL
  225. Unable to Import / Export data using Sqoop Command from PDI Tool
  226. Why would renaming a step cause it to no longer work as expected?
  227. In Memory Job Reuse
  228. converting mmddyy to yyyyMMdd
  229. Recommended JDK and MySQL connector for pdi-ce-5.0.1-stable
  230. Binary Compatibility Using Database Lookup Step between PostgreSQL and MySQL
  231. PDI and Adabas
  232. FileMaker JDBC Driver
  233. Delimiter Count !!
  234. Convert BAROC format (XML like) to CSV?
  235. Comparison method violates its general contract!
  236. add decimal to a number
  237. Global Variable for use in Transforms?
  238. Running sum/count without aggregation
  239. Get everthing on just one file
  240. Get XML Data Output fields
  241. Catch Error records in Salesforce upsert
  242. Get file with FTPS doesn't get files
  243. Cant start PDI GUI (Spoon)
  244. JSON Input and sub-nodes
  245. SOAP Call step is throwing Error while loading WSDL
  246. cumulative sum - group by
  247. Different Database Access and table input execution problem
  248. Input specific fields into DB table
  249. Parameters pass to Execute a Shell Script
  250. How to use repository-defined connections?