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  1. HELP with the get fields function
  2. How to deal with field names with dashes "-" .... eg. first-name, last-name
  3. Change font size in script editor + basic text editor features missing.
  4. Des Pentaho support Excel 2010
  5. Unable Save Transformations in Vertica Repository
  6. Forcing exection order of sub-transformations
  7. [Kettle 4.3] Step Web services lookup write all call to log
  8. get file from another machine
  9. K-Means in PDI with Weka Scoring
  10. Problem logging into freshly create repository
  11. Restarting of transformations in a job
  12. Transformation step optimization
  13. REST web service pagination
  14. Update step is performing very slow.
  15. Development Work Needed! Will Pay!
  16. Do you think it is a bug?
  17. Example Data Migration
  18. Unable to read the Pound Sign from flat file
  19. Constant Steps - can you pass a parameter or variable into a constant?
  20. DB connection error
  21. Unable to launch Spoon
  22. Several job steps in one transformation?
  23. Help with transformation using different databases under the same Server
  24. Last Working Day of Last Week
  25. Passing a start date to the dim lookup
  26. Database lookup/Filter rows
  27. How to enable Pentaho 5.0.1 log to hookup with Log4j logging?
  28. [Spoon] trimming not working - 'String operations' step
  29. Integration with PHP
  30. Using simple evaluation transform in job
  31. How to connect oracle APEX with kettle(spoon)
  32. Lookup from multiple tables
  33. Update an existing Excel XLSX (Output step - update an Existing Multi-Work XLSX)
  34. User Defined Java Class Question
  35. Executing PDI JOb from within SQL 2008
  36. send mail on condition check
  37. Android
  38. [Spoon] Table input step - error using mysql variables
  39. PDI CE with Scheduler
  40. Get System Info (Date) - getting numeric value in Output Step not Date
  41. at the time of including Time in filename in text file output step is giving error
  42. Repository Connection timeout
  43. REST Client POST method working example? for CE 4.4.0
  44. Does modified javascript value support user defined functions?
  45. Text input file issue
  46. How to get base directory path from my file repository
  47. Connecting to Amazon market place web services
  48. PDI-how to implement scd type 2 .Can some one please explain
  49. Spoon 5.0.1 Error creating repo
  50. Two jobs updating the same table
  51. Pentaho CSV file to XML file transformation
  52. XML as Input to Kettle Transformation
  53. XML Join step for multiple target inputs !!
  54. can we read data form cross tab excel files and normalize it ?
  55. PDI 5 vs PDI 4.3.0 performance
  56. ALL SYNCHRONIZATION.kjb using pdi-ce-5.0.1-stable
  57. not able to pass the variables from transformation to transformation/job
  58. How to receive emails from multiple mailboxes
  59. Ftp_subfolders
  60. Processing each excel row
  61. How to append all results in a file while selecting execute for every input row ?
  62. Error: "Object [MySQL EC2 Schema] already exists "
  63. Padding year
  64. JDBC Connection MS SQL Express
  65. Remote directory with sub directories.
  66. how to use database lookup
  67. Concat CSV + MySql
  68. More than 65k rows in Excel
  69. How to execute jar file from pentaho / ETL
  70. Javascript - Convert string to number (with a negative sign)
  71. windows PDI to CDH4.4.01 hbase Not a host:port pair
  72. how to read XML folder using STAX Xml parser
  73. Google Analytics Password as Variable
  74. Check if a parameter is NULL
  75. Get files via FTP: Add filename to result
  76. Kitchen vs. Pan
  77. Connection to MS SQL Express 2012 - my table does not show up
  78. H2 driver old version in pdi 5.0.1
  79. MongoDb Input Query expression not working with ObjectId data type
  80. Need Suggest for performing ETL operation on XML files.
  81. 118 rows pr second = 32 min for a small data text file....why?
  82. source code for pdi-ce-5.0.1-stable
  83. Add Menu item in Spoon Menubar
  84. Extract Tags from XML based on Lookup
  85. Output steps metrics
  86. repository connection exception
  87. Pentaho Schema Workbench 3.6.1 not getting tables from Impala/Hive
  88. Google Analytics Core API 2.4 access via http client
  89. Excel Input - XLSX - POI can't find file in network
  90. Database lookup fails if Database Insert is running in the same transformation
  91. Kettle repository file entries seem to override kettle command line prompts
  92. How to process a Kettle transformation once per filename
  93. Bug with Log4j logging?
  94. PDI 5.0.1: Can't read log in slave server monitor from remotely executed jobs
  95. Help needed in setting Kettle Clustering
  96. How to log a raw get transaction from a http client?
  97. Can't insert data to postgresql with JDBC, same data are accepted from pgadmin
  98. My Transformation Won't Run Anymore
  99. Running Kitchen with a transformation on the network...?
  100. Solution for my Accumulation problem using PDI 5
  101. Writting stops after 20000 records
  102. Can You Delay/Stagger HTTP Post step requests?
  103. Can't import Key=Value text file as a single row into target Db
  104. ETL metadata injection driven by a json configuration file
  105. How to change username and password of ktr connection without open it
  106. Clustering impossible to operate in Spoon
  107. SOAP Request throws Error 500 in HTTP POST step
  108. Hadoop - Job - FTP
  109. Problem saving in repository from antoher workstation than database server (5.0.1 CE)
  110. How do I download the older version of Pentaho EE 4.3.0
  111. PostgreSQL Bulk Loader - don't fail on bad input
  112. Fixed Flat File with record split on 2 rows
  113. make "batch inserts in table output" generate single multi-rows insert statement
  114. problem with character (á) in cvs file name
  115. Cannot start PDI 4.0 or 4.4 on win XP 32 bit machine
  116. Csv input error
  117. Kettle / Spoon Database Connection - change character set of JDBC driver
  118. Is there a way to see the sub-processes of a Job?
  119. Problem saving my first transformation in PDI 5.0.1
  120. Kettle gives error for more than 10000 rows in table input for postgresql Redshift
  121. Mapping Source fields to the ORACLE R12 Purchasing Open Interface table
  122. How to obtain value from SOAP handle response
  123. Running job on slave server
  124. Scripting- Java script with "contains" Function
  125. Oracle date / timestamp problem using "Dimension lookup/update"
  126. Populate Stream Field with mulitple column/fields?
  127. Stream Lookup - case in-sensitive?
  128. How to follow steps when migrating and changing jobs on production
  129. content
  130. Can you clone a PDI server instance?
  131. KettleComponent using files based repository
  132. Multiple CSV file inputs
  133. Oracle commit size error
  134. Steps to call PDI transformation using Java
  135. De-Normalize into a coma separated field
  136. User permissions on PDI CE
  137. Repeat a value till the next identified increment in unstructured text
  138. Downgrade Pentaho reporting - Will PRD output step still work?
  139. Simple Web Page to Execute Transformation and Pass Variables?
  140. Erro in convert File SAS for txt
  141. Jobs in job: fill up memory. When run with kitchen sequentially: no problem
  142. Open source scheduler to run Kettle jobs
  143. Pentaho Data Integration exam sample question.
  144. How to filter rows that comes from another step
  145. Recent changes to error handling in PDI5 trunk?
  146. Error upgrading repository from 4.4.0 to 5.0.1
  147. Transposition of fields to rows
  148. Problems with Pentaho kettle 5.0.1 logging
  149. File split in PDI
  150. How can I parse a Google response in GeoKettle 2.0
  151. Removing White Space and Replace Characters?
  152. Spoon REST API Client
  153. Communications link failure with MySQL
  154. Pentaho Map Reduce Custom Input Format sample does not work
  155. Logging Severity of Each Line in Log
  156. "Could not get row from result set" error loading DW dimensions
  157. Formating message mail
  158. Get Emails in Pentaho Jobs
  159. Problem using SVN auto-props in job description (HTML special characters)
  160. Read incrementally (many lines per time) a huge file in every execution
  161. PDI + CDH4.4.0 : Unable to get VFS File object for filename
  162. PDI + Hadoop: Permission Denied to copy file
  163. socket creation error
  164. Get files with SecureFTP using proxy
  165. How to map an arising output with a table with no common columns?
  166. Sql-Query information required in Kettle transformation
  167. Update table data with value in variable
  168. Possibilie of integrate the result of weka's analysis on a web application
  169. Kettle 5.0.1 : Log4j plugin usage
  170. Significant performance difference in executing a transformation locally or via Carte
  171. Best pratices to migrate oracle reports on mysql
  172. Get data from service using https
  173. ETL File executes first time but next day is not executing
  174. I can not open a Job File in pdi 4.1
  175. Include Details in mail Body instead of attachment
  176. Getting driver issue while scheduling the job
  177. Pentaho and the Oracle R12 Open Interface - Has anybody used this?
  178. How to automatically close the cmd window after running the code?
  179. java net sockettimeoutexception read timed out
  180. Reading and writing double and Timestamp from/to Clouderas Hadoop
  181. How to output file to S3
  182. Real time Scheduling
  183. Convert number in brackets/number in parentheses to numbers with sign
  184. Microsoft SQL Server Connection problems
  185. Mongo - Batch insert size
  186. replace
  187. Simple XML Data Extract - Please help
  188. Rows duplicating on "change number of copies to start" in table output step
  189. How to increase database throughput
  190. passing the Kettle managed DB connection object to the Java API
  191. Pros and cons of using enterprise repository to store jobs and transfrmations PDI5.0
  192. to define query execution time
  193. Run Job entry in Parallel for multiple result rows
  194. Using Infobright Loader
  195. No records written to Informix
  196. How to call external jar by passing kettle connection object from transformation
  197. Getting Array elements from MongoDB
  198. "Unable to find the first argument field"
  199. filename as a variable
  200. Find all unused scripts
  201. catching error message
  202. Data transfer issue
  203. use node.js inside pentaho
  204. Java fatal error when connecting to a 4D database (ODBC)
  205. MySQL Bulk Loader Parsing Error
  206. Multitenancy support in PDI 5.0
  207. Time Dimmension for Fact Transaction [Data Warehouse]
  208. Add values in update step
  209. Divide one table into 3
  210. Help me about the operation of Kettle (Pentaho Data Integration)
  211. Installing - instructions don't match download
  212. Issue when I run step: Exception in thread "Thread-43" in PDI 4.4
  213. Caught Kettle Exception: Check your configuration
  214. Different actions if a value already exist in my database
  215. UDJC Logging and Exception Handling
  216. Can I password-encrypt an Excel file?
  217. Separate Pan from Spoon to execute transformations independently
  218. Question on Kettle (Trying to find if Kettle is the right product for this job)
  219. Run specific transformation in a JOB
  220. Use of mainframe programs in Pentaho
  221. Kitchen freezing - difference between large tables
  222. Create Rows in JavaScript
  223. Pentaho on Mac, possible JVM problems
  224. Packt's PDI Cookbook 2nd. Edition book review
  225. Send Table output content into Mail body not as attachment
  226. Generate
  227. concat
  228. Transformation Results Output
  229. Connect to open shift data base
  230. C# Application with Kettle
  231. Pentaho repository import missing database connections
  232. PDI 3.0.4 and DB2 10.1
  233. conn err to connect enterprise repository of remote linux machine frm Windows m/c
  234. What is MaxPermSize
  235. Memory problem with Spoon / Kitchen (already increased heap size)
  236. How to get rows that doesn't match witch streamlookup?
  237. Transformation/Job Templates
  238. Text file output empty or partial?!
  239. How 2 read XML tag and insert into Tables
  240. Sharing of jobs and transforms not possible?
  241. Installing Agile BI on PDI Kettle - Spoon 5.0.1-stable
  242. Single Database transaction between transformations and jobs
  243. How can I start a sequence with a specific value existic on a previous step?
  244. GA 5.0.1 - MonetBulkLoader step ends with NullPointerException
  245. Parse complex data field
  246. Unable to install PDI CE 5.0.1A stable on Mavericks
  247. Google Analytics API, Kettle question
  248. Hadoop Copy Files errors
  249. Pentaho Kettle Solutions Book !!
  250. XPCOM, xul and formula step error