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  1. Unknown Host Name error for Table Input
  2. What is the output of following program?
  3. Use in remove step environment variables
  4. etl combined unique id
  5. Data validator
  6. Keep onlyhighest value rows per category
  7. Pass list of files into clustered transformation
  8. Copy previous results to parameters? with Execute for every input row? unchecked
  9. Having trouble with creating temp tables -> executing queries w/ Table Input on them
  10. Reading JSON filed that has dotted name
  11. Pass list of files to XML Input Stream (StAX)
  12. How to use MySQL output Into Oracle query
  13. Need help to invoke .jar files from pentaho
  14. Could not download Kettle 5.0 source from svn
  15. Cluster Performance with Carte
  16. If field value is null... converting value error
  17. Cannot open 5.0.1 transformation in 4.2.1
  18. check if table exists
  19. Timestamp: Comparing values can not be done with data type :9 Error mysql -> postgres
  20. How to generate big excel output file ?
  21. Is it poddible to encrypt and decrypt data in kettle??
  22. Array or List data type in Kettle
  23. Zip command not working in server
  24. String to date conversion
  25. 2x Load file content in memory = ERROR?
  26. Loading custom plugins into embedded Kettle
  27. Migrate Oracle tables with UDT
  28. Problem starting Kettle 5.0.1 in Opensuse 13.1
  29. Extract whole DB in Excel file /sheets
  30. Unable to Start Kettle 5.0.1
  31. generate from one row to 12 row
  32. Java Library Conflict
  33. mongo reference help
  34. Estimate Agent Shift Length
  35. MongoDB parametrized query (kettle+report-designer)
  36. Parent-child flow
  37. How can I merge the returns caming from subtransformations?
  38. Reading Oracle procedure which returns cursor
  39. How to pass input parameters of table or structure type to "SAP input" step
  40. Comparing column from text file and database column
  41. Merging two separate csv files with different fields
  42. libext dir missing in PDI 5.0.1
  43. Salesforce access using OAuth credentials
  44. Process EDI files
  45. facing fatal error: unable to create Java Virtual Machine
  46. [DI 4.2.0] Call DB Procedure ISSUE
  47. Logging in when using Kettle API
  48. Calling a job against Carte via URL
  49. Kettle Validation Questions
  50. Add Sequence & MS SQL Server
  51. How can I filter my rows with à parameter set in a conf file?
  52. How to pull values that are not unique
  53. Problem cloning and modifying rows from a text file
  54. Insert / Update bug
  55. setting decimal symbol in Select Values
  56. Outout file as a parameter
  57. How to load different targets based on conditions
  58. Enclosure character within field on csv input step
  59. Validate migration process with kettle
  60. REST Client (Get) with OAuth authentication
  61. How can I know who's guilty?
  62. store aggregated field in (mysql) database
  63. "Unique Connections" not really unique sometimes
  64. Error Converting Data type from Boolean to Int
  65. Help with extracting data from multiple files
  66. scheduled job picking up local kettle.properties values instead of server
  67. How to remote debug Pentaho 5.0.1 stable spoon ?
  68. WITH RECURSIVE in input table component
  69. Using prd_pdi parameters with excel files
  70. Calculate Average Precision / refer to value from previous row
  71. How to load PDF file into database table .
  72. Help to add missing rows to input
  73. Neatest way to rename certain files
  74. how to check if files sent through FTP are in its remote folder
  75. database connection error
  76. Updated/Inserted/Deleted record count
  77. How do I replace/merge two fields (and where can I read about this)?
  78. shared databseconection (through static file system) across environments
  79. UDJC java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
  80. Loggin Kettle (PDI)
  81. PDI manager not working with Android Push Notification step
  82. Problem with switch case
  83. Running multiple copies of an output step produces duplicates
  84. Ping a host step
  85. Any out of the box variable which stores current job/transformation name?
  86. Question regarding bulk loading
  87. Processing only added values in sourceDB(not entire one)
  88. how to send multiple Excel output to different user after filter
  89. Parametrized transformation from DI server console
  90. Exception handling with in kettle UDJC and JOB/Transformation
  91. Problem with data in formula expression step
  92. I need to use a if else condition vis spoon pentaho
  93. Login and download reports
  94. Timezone issue
  95. Excel Coulumn Header As A Field Value
  96. Kettle Remote Monitoring
  97. Lookups
  98. [newbie] normalise a one to many relationship
  99. Embedding PDI in Java: How to get No. of records transfered
  100. 4.1.0 Question re: mis-matched data types...
  101. Output Metrics not working ?
  102. Flatten normalized data
  103. Connection not possible to imapala | which shim to download
  104. rows are not getting inserted in sql server 2008 data base with odbc connection
  105. Posting XML to webservices from Pentaho Kettle
  106. dynamic connection creation
  107. Test send email
  108. Process each row
  109. UUID in postgres
  110. PostgreSQL Bulk Loader problem
  111. facing trouble launching spoon.sh on amazon ec2 linux
  112. difference ce-5.0.1 / ce-5.0.1.A
  113. Can we use Distribute rows to improve performance of data transfer ?
  114. regarding xml component setting for parsing large xml data
  115. Can I use Kettle 5.0 with Pentaho BA 4.8 ?
  116. Intermittent java.util.ConcurrentModificationException .HashMap$Ha****erator Errors
  117. How to increase Memory?
  118. Cannot append to a zip file
  119. Mail Issues
  120. Error: operator does not exist character varying= bigint (when inserting new records
  121. Null values when Joining MSSQL -> MySQL
  122. Fieldname as variable
  123. Concatenate Strings one or more of which may be null
  124. Inserting data into a column of type 'json' in PostgreSQL 9.2
  125. how do I decompress bzip2 file?
  126. How to get a file from mail message
  127. How to get rows with a column value repeated by SOQL query
  128. Embed report data into body of an e-mail?
  129. PDI 5.0.1 sources jar generation
  130. spoon.sh is failing with error: org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: XPCOM error -2147467259
  131. Does Kettle work in Win 8.1 Pro ?
  132. Taking string array as input for kettle
  133. JSON input - Get Fields button missing from fields tab
  134. How to perform (same) query for each database matching a name?
  135. Copying table data to another database
  136. Job properties
  137. Http step get file from input field, How?
  138. How to retrieve data from txt files only
  139. XPath issue
  140. Duplicated records during insert
  141. Trying to get a bytea value ...
  142. Problem with excel input when I try to get fields dynamically
  143. Running Penteho jobs / transformations from server.
  144. Can we Retrieve data From RDBMS to Image using Kettle Spoon
  145. Unexpected error during transformation metadata load
  146. Apache POI being a pain in the...
  147. And a cookbook error
  148. MySQL bulk loader - Error Serializing Rows..
  149. Migration to Kettle 5.0
  150. XML to Database : special characters lost
  151. Oracle DB Connection appears to be ignoring fetch size parameters
  152. Help with a transformation
  153. File Repository
  154. How to access the main dashboard page based on their assigned role in pentaho CDE
  155. Custom ETL using Embedding PDI Java APIs :Issues
  156. How to view(see) the pentaho cde dashboard
  157. Is Pentaho transformations/Jobs execute in Informatica
  158. hadoop configuration problem while launching ./kitchen.sh and ./pan.sh
  159. JCR Repository on community edition
  160. tableoutputmeta.setGeneratedKeyField() what it does?
  161. XML Output and XSD
  162. maximum open cursors exceeded
  163. Kettle Logging capability
  164. Getting un-sampled Google Analytics data? Setting Precision?
  165. How to call procedure with parameters coming from table input
  166. Calling a Java Class From a Java Package (.jar)
  167. Pass Merge rows diff keys and values as parameterized.
  168. how to get yesterday's date from Get System info step
  169. Kettle transformation stops after start
  170. Transformationi kettle
  171. AAAR Plugin - Error Executing AAAR_Extract.sh
  172. Displaying Stream Value
  173. Problem reading excel files
  174. plugin step: multiple step copies problem
  175. Loading data into Redshift
  176. Seperate Headers for PONumbers
  177. Convert fields into parameters
  178. string+Integer
  179. XML error
  180. kettle.properties mixed up after spoon touched it
  181. MEtadata files in file-type repository
  182. Copying one table to another that has more columns
  183. Spoon Step to read a file's custom properties
  184. search
  185. Pass data from one table input step to other table input step without using job
  186. steps too fast!
  187. Excel Output / Writer Append Option
  188. Carte: can I get parameters from URL?
  189. Executing a field a user defined java expression
  190. Insert problem with primary key in PSQL
  191. General error, i cant update dimension
  192. Is it possible to distribute rows to parallel transformations in a job?
  193. problem with kettle-engine.jar file.
  194. Can't load the jobs, transformations via commandline in server after moving the files
  195. BatchUpdateException
  196. Date to milliseconds
  197. Pentaho Reporting Output
  198. Loading xml into database
  199. Carte - Have a user execute a transformation though browser
  200. oracle bulk loader setting
  201. JMS consumer usage in Pentaho
  202. Table output Step, Ignore Insert Errors
  203. get file count
  204. parsing an xls to get max(value) of a column
  205. Work on files seperately with MS excel input
  206. Job Executor only sending last row
  207. Slow response time with Kettle 5.0.1 and MYSQL repository database
  208. list environment variables
  209. table input -> if exists combine with return to create calculated value -> insert/upd
  210. How to Transfer Active directory user to OpenLDAP using LDAP Ihput
  211. Job level database transactions
  212. Not Working in Command Prompt but working with Eclipse
  213. Race Conditions In My Transformation
  214. Databse connection
  215. Renaming Files from .THU extension to .csv by either using Java or JS with Kettle
  216. Do diff over all tables in DB without copying steps over and over
  217. Reading Files dynamically at run time not reading the files
  218. XML JOIN step and variable substitution
  219. Importing the metadata of a flat file that has no headers
  220. Table Input: SELECT only retrieving fields with 10 characters
  221. Infobright Loader Issue
  222. Performance Problems - curious problem
  223. After upgrade from 4.4.0 to 5.0.1 Get Mails using IMAP doesn't get a connection
  224. Checkpoint Problems and Information
  225. Migration PDI from Community Edition to Enterprise
  226. How to run the same transformation several times in a loop?
  227. SFDC Input component getFields - Use parameters for generic transformation
  228. Where to put a jar file for Generic Database using pdi 5.0
  229. spoon.sh error on Pentaho 5 startup
  230. Generic Database connection problem using PDI 5.0.1( jar location)
  231. user defined lib other than libext or lib from spoon.sh
  232. User Defined Java Expression. Throwing no member type error.
  233. SalesForce Error
  234. Catching logs inside an UDJC
  235. PDI is so slow
  236. Error Jobs Ketlle JobLogTable
  237. 'Successfully' abort a job?
  238. Minnesota Pentaho User Group
  239. z/os Legstar plugin - read data from multiple copybooks
  240. Couldn't execute SQL: LOCK TABLE audit.trans_log IN ACCESS EXCLUSIVE MODE
  241. Multiple update statements with same key feeding to a "insert\update" step
  242. Transforming data based on a second set of data rows
  243. Unrecognized SQL escape 'job' at line position 120.
  244. OSX Mavericks version of Kettle working?
  245. SAP Input Step
  246. how to delete lines from logging tables automatically
  247. howa to add an attachement error to the notification mail
  248. Parse Google Maps Geocode API XML result file
  249. Simple Evaluation
  250. Error Handling using PDI