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  1. Unable to get queryfields for SQL
  2. How to install SOAP Call plug in to Penthao
  3. Unable to insert Variable in pass field Mail Job
  4. Kettle Transform as Web Service - Faster from a file vs repo?
  5. ClassCastException: .SEIStub cannot be cast to frontend.ClientProxy
  6. Zip and password protect a text file?
  7. Load Dimension table
  8. BMC Remedy -- Pentaho Data Integration
  9. Couldn't open file
  10. Setting Minimal Width on Text File Output when field list unknown
  11. Pentaho Data Integration 32bit Version
  12. Count columns in a row
  13. Overview and description of all Carte Web Services?
  14. Load a text file in reverse order
  15. Switch between Development and Production Environment
  16. Some database connection information stored outside of Kettle Repository
  17. mySQL Connection
  18. join logging tables
  19. Insert / Update: Unable to compare with value...
  20. Job Executor - Grouping rows
  21. org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException:
  22. "Metadata structure" step for a file
  23. Passing multiple parameters to an 'Execute SQL Statements' stage from input stream
  24. PostgreSQL Bulk Loader
  25. How to get database specic exceptions from transformation
  26. Obtaining metric information of transformation in Java
  27. Kettle Latest version
  28. Input an html file
  29. empty string to null
  30. if file size too big email notification, else email file
  31. Is Drools Ready For Production?
  32. Maximum commit size for any transformation
  33. ERRNO-12 Cannot allocate memory [fork] in SOS Job scheduler
  34. Can not find Model perspective in pentaho kettle spoon
  35. to sum up some values
  36. Dimension Lookup Update - Version
  37. #Reg: Request for Kettle Development Checklist
  38. Batch import tables from different databases (newbie)
  39. How to increase logging
  40. To invoke the Pentaho job through remedy
  41. different decimal delimiter in Text File Input in Pentaho 4.3.0 and 5.0.1
  42. API for "Get Fields from Header Row" button
  43. Loading data into tables using Pentaho
  44. CSV to MySQL Bulk Loading
  45. Cannot parse date in string to date format
  46. Data from column cells
  47. Process Binary File in Penthao Kettle
  48. Migrating from 4.4.0-stable to 5.0.1.A-stable - Memory issues
  49. AgileBI - That's bug?
  50. Loading selected cells range from Microsoft Excel Step to target
  51. Load files from folder to database using ETL
  52. split some columns
  53. Excel input with merged cells
  54. Running Schedule Job when the server restarts
  55. Ketle script hangs while fetching data from database
  56. Web Services Lookup + Output XML
  57. replace caracter
  58. Can't call commit when autocommit=true
  59. Integrating with R
  60. Google Analytics Sample Data Issue
  61. Not Getting Expected Performance Using H2 In Memory DB
  62. setValue() function in UDJC - error
  63. Job not executing
  64. Split field doesn't work
  65. Connection to Postgresql-Database
  66. Race Condition on rows
  67. Help with a transformation
  68. Connect to a server
  69. Univariate Statistics from a Database Repository
  70. Date Format Auto Detection
  71. Sync Mobile?
  72. Step can't read fields from previous step
  73. Invoking Job Pentaho
  74. Table input Step
  75. DATA from on table to another with Hourly totals
  76. Reading in 100+ tables from database dynamically
  77. How to change target database: [Kettle Java API]
  78. org.quartz.JobPersistenceException: Failed to obtain DB connection from data source
  79. unexplainable behavior of a transformation based on the context it's called in
  80. Join Multiple Streams of Data
  81. Date over web service with repository gives error "cannot find transformation"
  82. Oracle Bulk Loader issue
  83. How to resolve- could not find fields from previous steps. Check the Hops
  84. Json Output
  85. Unable to connect to HDFS from Spoon
  86. JSON Output without 'Json bloc name'
  87. newbie - BI
  88. Merge data from excel and sqldatabase
  89. Table Input - Parameters
  90. Name Parsing
  91. how to improve performance of Table input/Table output step ?
  92. Use variables for parameters in the HTTP Client step
  93. Compare 2 tables, Insert differences
  94. Row denormaliser
  95. Attempting to create new repo in different schema of existing database shows upgrade
  96. Get filename from path
  97. How to empty a MS Access table?
  98. Utility Automated with the help of java API for Kettle jobs
  99. logs in kettel
  100. Passing string parameter to Table Input
  101. What scheduling tool can you use to run Pentaho DI after an event based trigger?
  102. Pentaho Integration with eXo
  103. How do you install Pentaho DI so that a job can be triggered after a JMS Event?
  104. excel input having merged rows
  105. "I/O error: unknown packet type 0x6e" from SQL Server 2012
  106. jtds connector to SQL Server 2012
  107. TIP: Minimizing WAL logging with the PostgreSQL Bulk Loader
  108. Communications link failure due to underlying exception
  109. Pentaho Monitrong
  110. PDI Transformation Sequence
  111. Beginner Question: Adding a string constant to a field
  112. Read Data from MongoDB
  113. Installing a .patch file to Kettle (PDI)
  114. Problem splitting XML in two flows
  115. Integrate BIRT ReportEngine into UDJC step
  116. Kettle My sql database connection error on os x
  117. How To Nest JSON Output
  118. Reading and Executing csv files
  119. Need assatance creating reports from XML data
  120. Microsoft excel output step from Table output cannot display float value
  121. Vectorwise logs
  122. Error calling function in Postgres Database using Call DB procedure step.
  123. can full table scan happening while using Insert/Update step
  124. Which steps used to transfer data on partitioned table?
  125. Using Tokens/Parameters in Xpath ( Get Data From XML Step )
  126. Conditional String Logic in Transformation
  127. Table input error with parametized fields - PostgreSQL
  128. handle changes in source DB
  129. Converting xml to csv
  130. Suggestions to run pentaho ETL jobs continuously
  131. Beginner Question: Add whitespace to pipe delimited fields
  132. MS SQLEXPRESS connection using named pipes
  133. Error Scheduling a job in DI Server 5.0
  134. Get the data from Table1 by checking the data in output table2 with id's and time
  135. Approach To Merge The Result
  136. Issue with Dynamic clustering
  137. PDI clusting Table Input running on multiple slaves
  138. Database connections have disappeared
  139. Read Formulas from Property File and calculate accordingly in table
  140. Getting Started.
  141. Problem connection database second job on server
  142. Another Beginner Question: Add Leading Zero/Remove Trailing Zero
  143. carte web services command not working properly
  144. How to add information from an Excel column into a column of a CSV step ?
  145. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space in Excel Input Step
  146. Format date as yyyy-mm-dd using the Java Script Step
  147. Call node.js in the javascript step in pentaho data integration
  148. java.lang.StackOverflowError
  149. Running sql query on a CSV file without creating a staging table
  150. Table Input Step with SQL query not returning results after migration to Linux
  151. Using a get a file with SFTP step and executing it in a job.
  152. Multiple Inputs in a single transformation
  153. Problems with extracting data with jsoup
  154. ZooKeeper available but no active master location found
  155. Modified Java Script Value: error counting occurrences of "+" in a string
  156. PDI Normalize row scenario
  157. Error Sucks !! org.pentaho.di.trans.steps.userdefinedjavaclass.FieldHelper.setValue(F
  158. XML read disables Prune path
  159. [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid string or buffer length
  160. PDI config questions regarding spoon and remote access
  161. upload files to ftps creating connection timeout
  162. insert select max values in al list
  163. Fuzzy Match Step on Multiple Columns
  164. Spoon can not start
  165. Log Location for PDI on Linux
  166. Execute Transform/Job from database repository
  167. Get data till Last hour from table inut
  168. Job entries flow
  169. Couldn't find field during SCD type 2 implementation
  170. Step Metrics documentation
  171. DI 5.0.1 Jackrabbit Repository Bug on Oracle Database
  172. Perspective API documentation
  173. A couple of doubts about tracking executions
  174. Ways of executing a Job Entry/Transf twice
  175. [ I M P O R T A N T ] [ read that ] Bugfix for commons-vfs (ver. 20100924-pentaho)
  176. ignoring previous step values
  177. Not Able to see Model and Visualize perspective
  178. Normalizing data from a Sales force input step.
  179. Test Thread
  180. Need some help to install and access repository in DI
  181. Renaming headers
  182. how to download a gzip file from internet using http client
  183. Creating database using PDI java API
  184. Log analysis with pentaho
  185. i search an outil to give permissions of users to see not all but specifics dashboard
  186. PDI Hadoop Integration [KETTLE - NO SUPPORT FOR 2.2.0 VERSION]
  187. csv file parsing and validating using pentaho kettle
  188. unbuffered entity error with SOAP in PDI
  189. Oracle DB connect error: TNS does not know SID
  190. Installing a JDBC jar
  191. KettleDatabaseRepositoryDatabaseDelegate.getDatabaseID() fails in 5.0.3/PostgreSQL9
  192. how to add a open password for excel
  193. kettle stop run job with no error
  194. how to log on a url and get the session id
  195. R script executor external lib load
  196. Suggestion Required on this KTR
  197. java.lang.nullpointerexception
  198. Read connection setting from a text file
  199. Flow of Job
  200. Cassandra output is overwriting data
  201. Parsing string in XML output
  202. Not Able to Transpose Data
  203. About setting Database Connection variables dynamically from the Stream data
  204. HTTP Client - support HTTPS?
  205. Auto Increment number based on column
  206. PDI 5.0 kettle reading excel sheet and csv file
  207. Error previewing an excel file when all the fields are empty - Pentaho 5.0.3
  208. How to Improve performance of table output
  209. Text File Output format field question
  210. Convert Binary Data from Cassandra DB to String/Int
  211. Saving Hierarchical data in Cassandra
  212. Getting Header data for a Excel File with dynamic fields
  213. Error parsing string when using Json input step
  214. Help with converting AD dates to readable formats
  215. Pentaho Data Integration Free Version
  216. How to migrate across DI repository environments
  217. Transformation Multiple Runs
  218. Install Pentaho DI on AWS EC2
  219. Caching REST authentication?
  220. Output Based On Values
  221. LDAP Output DC was not found in the schema
  222. Building a single dimension from different input fields in the stream
  223. Spoon Jobs parallel execution waiting on other jobs
  224. java call .ktr included hadoop file output
  225. Eval step
  226. ETL Strategy advice needed
  227. Parser Apache Web Log
  228. jxl.read.biff.BiffException: Unable to recognize OLE stream
  229. Transform data from various tables
  230. Error sorting records
  231. Call EE DI server to execute a job from repository
  232. Kettle SCD2 WITH DATES
  233. Executing job on remote server - MySQL Driver issue
  234. Omniture API Call
  235. Having some Problems Reading A SQL File to Import a Database
  236. Convert Data Stage Expression to User Defined Java Expression
  237. Writing to Target file takes time
  238. Step Performance Graph Carte
  239. Managing Relations through elastic search bulk insert
  240. R Executor Step
  241. Error when trying to save job
  242. Carte/commandline error: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://
  243. Advice On Rules
  244. Update object not updating, version 4.2
  245. ftps and timeout
  246. "I couldn't find the repository with name" Error when executing remotely
  247. Installation creates folders in root of C drive
  248. Reading 4Mb Excel xlsx file -- Heap out of memory
  249. Database Lookup Question
  250. Follow User Guide of DI to create transformations, but the error happened