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  1. MySQLBulkLoader step when there are no rows
  2. how to process a non structured file
  3. Database Lookup try to convert field to integer
  4. Version Free Windows
  5. Running transofrmation using Pan.sh on a server
  6. Parallelizing looped job step?
  7. Input Excel File with blank column
  8. Can a Mapping Input Specification include optional fields?
  9. Execution of Job Issue - Issue with logic Drives
  10. Complex Json in Pdi
  11. Transpose table data with no aggregation needed
  12. need help in 2: can't run a job from kitchen, and can't create a data base repository
  13. clustered execution via web-services (Carte)
  14. Setting globally persistent environment variables
  15. Agendamento de step
  16. Get data from XML and file read order
  17. Custom Job plugin
  18. Newbie - how to denormalize or split a row based on multiple fields?
  19. REST Client Error..
  20. Plans to incorporate a fix for Transformation Executor?
  21. Error Connecting to JDNI Shared connection
  22. Running job using kitchen.sh from command line - No Repository found
  23. table_output[using variable for target table]
  24. How to change '+31" in a string
  25. Merge rows (diff) weird error....
  26. Job executing eventhough it is not in the GUI
  27. ERROR: No repository provided, can't load transformation.
  28. Output Step Metrics - Lines Output
  29. HBase input step filter
  30. How to set Table outpt Step for Multiple Input queries: Kettle JAva API
  31. Comprobación de la existencia de la clave ajena de la base de hechos en una dimensión
  32. Checking of the existence of the foreign key of the base of facts in a dimension
  33. Possible bug getting integer OUT MySQL parameter in stored procedure step
  34. [how to define tablename and pathfile from variable]
  35. Excel template input
  36. lookup and update based on key problem.
  37. Data integration job and transformation directory change randomly
  38. de-normlize table based on two coulms
  39. How to increment parameters defined at job level within the transformation
  40. Get SubFolder names Error
  41. Error with Excel Writer
  42. Java Heap Error in integrated Job
  43. Turn Column Into Row
  44. text file input with math operations
  45. Kettle version 3.2: Cannot maximize window (glitch?)
  46. Perform an elastic search bulk insert in a remote server
  47. kettle to handle with two variable
  48. Problems with MS Access
  49. Remote Windows command
  50. passing array of values in query (for IN condition)
  51. SSO Failure - 5.0.1a
  52. Problem MS Excel Input, specific location of data in sheet, get fields gives error
  53. Flat file + star schema based warehouse - RDBMS
  54. Can we run kettle jobs as client or package?
  55. Write to log file when file not received in FTP
  56. MongoDB Input Step - specify the authentication database
  57. FTP a list of files
  58. Memory Group By - sorted output
  59. Execute step to update table is slow.
  60. Time parameter
  61. Failed to find GUID when Transfer member attribute LDAP ouput
  62. Call a pentaho job and run in background.
  63. Thin Client from Carte
  64. PDI continues to execute from where it stopped
  65. Can you pass a partitioned stream into a mapping?
  66. User Interface in Pentaho to execute Jobs
  67. Intermittent PDI execution (PDI-11075) work around ?
  68. Use cookies with REST Client
  69. Transformation adds old component
  70. Returning float value from UDJC
  71. cannot replace variable when running with Kitchen.bat
  72. Need to identify filenames in a file with regexp and move them to HDFS
  73. Multiple transformations with a single transaction
  74. Duplicated value for key
  75. Carte treats transformation different than Spoon
  76. Text Searching an MS Word Document
  77. Does an execution-id exist?
  78. Execute for every input row with zero input rows
  79. Master/Slave job execution from kitchen.sh
  80. Simple formular utilizing EXACT
  81. Exception by run more jobs parallel
  82. Different results in Eclipse and in Spoon with date calculations
  83. problem with row-denormaliser
  84. How to get all transformations of a Job by JAVA API
  85. COLB datatype in textfile input and output step
  86. Pentaho PDI between two Hadoop distribution???????
  87. Can Pentaho Spoon run JUnit test?
  88. problem with row denormaliser
  89. Trouble-this is not a replay transformation
  90. Dynamic database connection string in PDI
  91. Ruleengine Step: Keep your logic outside the transformations
  92. Export KJB and KTR with no connection info
  93. CSV custom parser
  94. Help with solution to read in 100s of csv files and store in DB2 Database for bootstr
  95. Import records from a flat txt file with records delimited spacing?
  96. Web Services Lookup
  97. Description on Fields in select values step
  98. Kettle and Spoon Memory Usage
  99. Timing Jobs dynamically
  100. Why is sort rows element setting some properties to null?
  101. Generate xml with specify format
  102. configuration via command line
  103. sql sentence to file
  104. pentaho design studio
  105. Metadata management for PDI components
  106. Convert string to base64
  107. Kettle, sql server and deadlock
  108. Separate Sheets from MS-Excel
  109. Pig Script Executor settings not persistent in 5.0.1.A
  110. Shell - start application and move to next step
  111. Mongodb Output Error
  112. how to decrement variable (PDI loop)
  113. Kettle Database repository issue
  114. Process files FTP problem
  115. Metadata Injection support for Insert or Update steps
  116. Intergrating Kettle-Franchise with an existing PDI Installation on Linux
  117. epoch time (select values) assumes milliseconds?
  118. Error handling with "Get Data From XML" component
  119. Latest version of Kettle / PDI
  120. Pentaho Kettle (PDI) Split Names
  121. Row Denomarlization
  122. Generate Random Values - UUID conversion error
  123. Missing Steps
  124. JNDI Connection failing
  125. Google Analytics step Login Issue
  126. Sort order of foreign language text in sort rows step
  127. UNC path on a shell script component
  128. Passing parameters from Job to Job when Jobs have different parameters
  129. wait for files with unknown name
  130. Execute R Script
  131. Job Opportunity for a ETL Developer - Pentaho Kettle
  132. Running Pentaho Data Integration over ARMv6 platform
  133. table Input - Insert Data from step
  134. Dimensional Lookup
  135. Importing data in Hive through sqoop import in PDI
  136. SMB Support in 5.0.1
  137. Synchronizing deletion between two tables
  138. PDI Server memory
  139. java Runtime enviorment 1.5.0 issue
  140. Execute for each row greyed out?
  141. Repository Connection - Errors and Login failures
  142. Running job with Kitchen but I am getting an error
  143. Add value fields chang. sequence without increment (or increment only on change value
  144. Select values > localize TimeZones Dynamically
  145. insert arabic values in Sql Server 2008 R2 database
  146. Remove column/field if all its values are null
  147. Rename a column/field according to a variable
  148. how pass value to command prompt from kettle
  149. ETL Metadata Injection
  150. Save bad records in stream to text file
  151. Merge join changed parameter does not work?
  152. Schedule Transformation
  153. Timestamp : Unable to compare with value [Timestamp]
  154. Pentaho integration with Liferay Portal
  155. How to Convert String to Date in PDI
  156. Embedding Kettle inside a web application
  157. Execute a java class completely
  158. Kudos - DataCleaner and PDI-CMIS-PLUGIN (alfresco migration)
  159. Tips for optimizing transformation throughput in embedded Kettle
  160. Please help-- Need to pass database connection details as parameter/variable
  161. CANNOT fetch Files from GET A FILE WITH SFTP using kettle 4.1
  162. GetDataFrom XML
  163. On Shared Connections
  164. Best way for batch conversion of Excel files with Java code
  165. HL7 Output
  166. PDI 4.4 not utilizing CPU on live node.
  167. Can a entry in a fact table point to two entries in the same dimension ?
  168. How to alter order of fields?
  169. Sending data to Apache Kafka Producer
  170. exception to connect Hive from Pentaho
  171. Transformation Database Transactional
  172. Random Problem - Error determining value metadata from SQL resultset metadata
  173. Dimension lookup of SCD type 2 performing slow while loading RDS table.
  174. Kettle 3.2: Updating specific records in the result set (Execute SQL Script?)
  175. GetXMLData XPATH's Current node
  176. Not able to copy files in Hadoop with regular expression
  177. If ... Else to compare fields
  178. Upload data into DW
  179. Get data from XML and rowset size
  180. Teradata TPT Insert Upsert Bulk Load
  181. SPOON: Can't get HTTP Post step to work with Web Service, insufficient debug info
  182. What is the practical purpose of a Lookup using "Dim. Lookup/Update" step?
  183. How to look up technical key of dimension using its natural key?
  184. Create a web service from my transformation
  185. Star Modeler plug in available for PDI 5 CE?
  186. Asciify plugin equivalent
  187. Bulk Insert Step for MS SQL server as Target [ Unix File path Issue]
  188. How to get Weekdays with the help date
  189. How to set a input field value to null
  190. change values
  191. Best practice:Which JS or UDJE is better performance wise?
  192. Passing a parameter from java to Kettle
  193. Tutorial on how to use the Dimension Lookup/Update step
  194. Kettle java api: how to set Internal.Job.Filename.Directory for Transformation
  195. Cannot execute 'ANALYZE TABLE' by using step 'Execute SQL statements' in PDI 4.4.0
  196. Oozie and Sqoop Launch Error
  197. NOOB question about Metadata Injection
  198. SFTP Subfolder Suport
  199. I can run ETL job in spoon properly, but error in Linux with the same job
  200. Unable to create repository connection in PDI CE 5.0.1.A
  201. de-normalize step confusion
  202. Extract data from CSV file and then transform it into XML to finally load into target
  203. Upgrading from pdi-ce-4.2.1 to pdi-ce-5.x
  204. terminating SQL SELECT statement with semicolon causes error
  205. Reading from txt file.
  206. Help-me: Developing Plugin with Weka
  207. String Cut
  208. Synchronize after merge failing
  209. Amazon S3 to Amazon Redshift
  210. In kettle, How to save Log messages into text file in parallel?
  211. Sort in Table Input VS sort step.
  212. Unable to open Kjb file in spoon
  213. Parameters in regex
  214. Job to run all transformations
  215. Strategy for executing only those transformations in a parameter
  216. Need assistance to read the XML using Stax
  217. How to send Log messages to an email?
  218. Merging two data sets
  219. Parameters to Transformation
  220. Writing to CIDR datatype column in a PostgreSQL database
  221. MySQl-Connector-java problem
  222. XML Input Stream (StAX)
  223. Retrieving file on server.
  224. Create folder with date as it's name
  225. Create Log file from transformation while calling from java
  226. Review of video: Building a DM with PDI
  227. PDI won't start on Linux Mint 17
  228. Passing variable values in Pan shell command
  229. PDI/JVM Bug
  230. String to Date Conversion
  231. Handling Idle connections within the flow
  232. Issue with Step Mapping (sub-transformation)
  233. cassandra in giving timeout exception
  234. Vertica Bulk Loader
  235. Merge XML files or use a Script
  236. Extract all parameter names and values
  237. If Field Value Is Null module problems after updating 4.4.0-->5.0.1
  238. Remember and use (retrieve and store) a single value - a newbie queston
  239. Extracting URLs from subject or body or email messages
  240. Help with field substitution on table input
  241. Merge Row (diff) problems
  242. accepting dynamic computation/rule in PDI workflows
  243. Convert String to Date
  244. XML Schema 1.1 support for XSD Validation
  245. Automating - 'Get Fields' button - Help
  246. Check if a folder exists
  247. Multiple Fuzzy Matche Columns
  248. Advice on best transformation steps
  249. count the number of duplicates in a stream of data...suggestions
  250. Kettle not inserting logs in Transformation logs table for large records.