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  1. How to commit in Execute SQL steps?
  2. Can we use macros code with an excel file in data integration
  3. Can not find field [aggr_hour] in the input stream! Translation problem with field
  4. MySQL connection attempt does not time out when m/c not on network
  5. Error in Get files via FTP
  6. No fields available after use of variable
  7. Carte & Thin Kettle JDBC Driver
  8. Filter Rows after Output Step
  9. Help - Running multiple copies of Dimension Lookup/Update step
  10. send email always in error
  11. Help - using data grid to control iteration over columns in a rowset
  12. Mail job entry hangs indefinitely
  13. Cannot get any steps to read or write after Stream Lookup
  14. How to do a parameterised single record update?
  15. Migrating from PDI 4.4 to 5.0.1 - issues
  16. Combine 2 data flows into one and insert it on a database
  17. Pan.sh : No such file or directory
  18. [JSON Input] parsing error string
  19. Read data from a SPSS .sav file
  20. Spoon doesn't start on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  21. accessing files on server
  22. CPU pegs on Block Step, but not Dummy
  23. OLAP Input Step Issues
  24. Data Validator Performance
  25. How to upload files in google drive by using PDI
  26. Error saving condition to the repository ( 5.0.1.A-stable)
  27. How to read data from a website?
  28. Pentaho PID
  29. Vertica Bulk Loader doesn't work with Vertica 7
  30. Calculator Problem: Adding decimal hours to a date
  31. UUID to String Error
  32. Apply Dynamic Business Rules
  33. Excel file sharing violation
  34. Add Timestamp as new column
  35. Read data from a query in a MS Access 2007 database
  36. Nested if logic
  37. Importing Java Code in PDI
  38. Get file with SFTP + ${Internal.Job.Filename.Directory}
  39. Split a row into several rows
  40. Performance Improvement for Get Variables Step
  41. Database connection doesn't appear
  42. Replace first 10 characters in string
  43. Schedule a job in spoon
  44. including java class works on Linux but not on Windows7
  45. table output error gets swallowed
  46. How to create a star schema from a MySQL database?
  47. count occurrences of one row within a 3 days period
  48. What is the difference between enabling result stream and set up useCursorFetch prop?
  49. Header and lines in one input file
  50. Error starting Spoon shell: org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: XPCOM error -2147467261
  51. PDI 5.1 Apple OSX Mavericks - GUI problems - To JIRA or not to JIRA.
  52. Derive the formatting of various dates from a start date.
  53. counting rows in table input using xml
  54. Calling a jar file with dynamic parameters in Spoon
  55. Using column name as field value
  56. Conditional flow WITHIN transformations
  57. Pass a parameter / variable to parametrize a transformation
  58. How excel input stage handles float values
  59. transform id in text from json input
  60. File Structure validation (Header Validation)
  61. Convert MongoDB BSON UUID's to strings.
  62. scope of variables in parallel jobs/transformations
  63. Web Service Lookup Step - Passing array as parameters
  64. Test multiple regex on each document
  65. PDI 4.4 - Visualize - Charts will not display within PDI
  66. MongoDB Aggregation - changes in v2.6 ?
  67. Null Pointer Exception when connecting Pentahoe to MS Access and and Excel DSN
  68. PDI 5 – Poor performance from Blocking Step
  69. Error using Json Output in subtransformations
  70. RegEx in Replace in String
  71. Unable to make Set Variables / Get Variables to work
  72. Text input (custom new line indicator)
  73. End Transformation with a sub-transformation(mapping)
  74. Text File Input - Error not thrown when a column is not found
  75. Median value for multiple fields
  76. default parameter not used when param not passed in batch file
  77. Error: using class net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver
  78. Select Values step complaints about field missing
  79. PDI 5.0.1 with HBase 0.98
  80. java.sql.SQLException: Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which
  81. Unable to get VFS File object for filename
  82. Denormalizing data with dynamic ddl
  83. How to cache database connection in Javascript step?
  84. Kettle crashes with an error while running a job
  85. ETL Metadata Injection - no multiple Fields in Kettle 5.0
  86. streaming a report directly to an email
  87. XML transform- newbie help needed
  88. Output Result
  89. Log database update errors and still access the database error string
  90. Output of Sort Rows step displays hex-like garbage e.g. [B@365bc695
  91. Cherrypicking one cell from an Excel Input to add to all rows
  92. Get file log name
  93. Kettle Tools Copy Table
  94. Row Normaliser
  95. Need to improve speed of processing
  96. Unique Rows (Hashset) not working
  97. Socket read timed out && Connection reset
  98. Trying to parameterize Query for MongoInput Step
  99. Replace accents of a String
  100. Getting java.lang.StackOverflowError
  101. Reoccurring job regularly pauses (Mac 10.9, Data Integration 5.0.1)
  102. Use cases of Meta Data Injection
  103. Plugin not working in Kitchen (has no plugin.xml)
  104. Error Handling
  105. Table input MySQL decimal places double field
  106. Disable console logs for job execution
  107. How to passing parameters to the job
  108. Execute JOB pentaho .bat from PHP
  109. Interpreting INTEGER as STRING while migrating data
  110. help... regarding Dynamic_Scoring
  111. Extract information of KML file
  112. Spoon Crashing
  113. "Forbidden" error while moving files
  114. DOS format was specified but only a single line feed character was found, not 2
  115. How do I convert repetitive XML tuples to field (column) name and value?
  116. Field name as field value
  117. Kettle data in a browser
  118. Instaview - Could not create table: instaview Reason: null - hdfs file input
  119. Need Guidelines for Pentaho Data Integration Certification
  120. select data from some predefined data period
  121. How to get mail sender?
  122. SQL Server BLOB to Oracle BLOB
  123. reading multiple nodes from xml file
  124. Insert and update data from one database to other
  125. Confusion over database connection scope - local Spoon versus Data Integration server
  126. Setting data source programatically for integration testing
  127. How to join input tables (compound condition)
  128. Repository Export and Import
  129. Pentaho 5.1-STABLE artifacts?
  130. Errors when trying to do PGP decrypt
  131. Basics/Troubleshooting Oracle Bulk Loader
  132. Unable to create the database cache
  133. Cumulative SUM not adding zeros
  134. Populating Fact Table from multiple tables
  135. User Defined Java Expression: return null if any of the operands are null
  136. Need guidelines for transformation performance tunning
  137. Generating Unique ID/Keys
  138. Recognise Excel Format dynamically
  139. how pdi read data from csv file
  140. Which steps are memory hogs?
  141. Get mails (POP3/IMAP) retrieve only new messages?
  142. Conversion from String to Number in Select Values step truncates the value
  143. Hadoop 0.22 on Pentaho Kettle
  144. Microsoft Excel Input Transformation modifies the files it reads
  145. Nested looping
  146. Pentaho Data Integration connection to SQL Server from a Mac issue - login error
  147. Replace variable from stream
  148. Out Of Memory in simple 8-Step transformation
  149. Titan database connection
  150. How can I set variables with values from my database?
  151. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  152. SAP-Input connector with custom SAP functions issue
  153. Getting files specifically by scanning the file name
  154. Creating JSON Output From Table
  155. If FieldA doesn't = X, replace the content of FieldB with Y
  156. Changing values for variables
  157. Database Lookup question (Kettle 3.2)
  158. Multiple Excel Input steps in transformation
  159. extract
  160. Error
  161. SAS input step is giving me an error
  162. Using date as a constsnt value in the look-up stage
  163. move
  164. use multirow result of "table input" as SQL to another "table input"
  165. Weird Kerberos auth happening when you SFTP from Kettle in Windows
  166. Why Pentaho switch case doesn't break after run the case?
  167. Convert (WILD) String to Date/Int
  168. Row to column normalizer using Pentaho Data Integration
  169. Want to pull SQL from external source
  170. Excel Input error with Kettle 5.1.0
  171. Instaview error - data type conversion errors
  172. Jira integration?
  173. Incremental Record in target
  174. Concate the previous row with current row
  175. How to get csv metadata from Kettle Java API
  176. A way to avoid executing certain transformation steps
  177. Is SAPJCO3.jar supported in PDI 5.1?
  178. Fuzzy Match Anomaly
  179. No R script in Design/Statistics Pentaho/Spoon 5.1 CE
  180. How to implement variant Email text based on results of a FTP transfer
  181. Run Kettle Job for each Row
  182. Combination Lookup keeps adding the same data instead of updating it
  183. Enterprise Repository Connectivity Issue
  184. JNDI, CARTE and SPOON
  185. import text data with text input
  186. Keep repeating a Job/Transformation as many times as it fails
  187. Error in executing transformation as webservice
  188. How Can I return result from a pentaho transform and pass it to a job inside the same
  189. Kitchen error: missing plugin foudn while loading transformation, Step: MongoDbInput
  190. Trying to use Alert to find out what values are being passed in
  191. kettle pentaho reporting output step hanging
  192. [Help] [Begginer] Replace in string
  193. Remove a column based on its data
  194. Execute SQL after PostgreSQL Bulk Loader
  195. Vertica bulk loader
  196. How to specify defaultRowPrefetch to Oracle JNDI datasource ?
  197. Display process of performing job
  198. Reading values from previous row in the data stream
  199. How to set kettle menu labels in any language?
  200. How to send job details into an email
  201. Synchronize after merge - dynamically populate fields?
  202. Generate Dynamic SQL using Insert Data from step instead of literal
  203. Kettle Java Web Start could't start
  204. RSS Feed to file
  205. Set MySQL session variables during transformation
  206. JavaScript step error handling
  207. Extremely slow inserts on remote PostgreSQL (Table output)
  208. How can I select the smallest date value in a row?
  209. PDI 5.1 CSV file input bug?
  210. Daily Job Scheduling Automation - Doesn't work
  211. Resource for Working with Cloud API's
  212. Problem with file input
  213. run transformation
  214. [Newbie Question] How to connect the Date Dimension and Fact Table
  215. How to execute same transformation more than once(like, for loop task in SSIS )
  216. Passing a filename from a job to a transformation
  217. importing csv file with arabic data
  218. Kettle throwing error while using S3
  219. Postgre psql bulk loader
  220. fuzzy match bug?
  221. [Help] [Begginer] [Formula] Attribution
  222. Is this a bug?
  223. Row Denormalizer has only last row as result
  224. import arabic data to phpmyadmin
  225. How to remove columns in a multi-table XML file
  226. PDI initilaization error
  227. How to read SQL result row by row to execute one by one ?
  228. Incorrect results with a Group by
  229. Fields Name List from Text Files
  230. Closure Generator with Cycles
  231. Exporting Repository as XML
  232. [Help] Transformation with 2 differents CSV inputs
  233. Browser Based Functionality for Kettle
  234. DI Repository error while opening transformation.
  235. Is there a component for processing PDF input?
  236. Workday, Schwab SOAP APIs
  237. Job executor issue
  238. Horribly slow performance of Dimension Lookup/Update Step
  239. Wants read postgres OID images in pentaho data integration
  240. Recursive Parent / Children problem
  241. kitchen.bat always complains that "...the job couldn't be loaded"
  242. Row denormalization and design philosophy
  243. Memory Group By dropping fields
  244. Property input step after export linked resources to xml
  245. How determine load a table depending on two variables?
  246. How to redirect Kettle log to a custom file location?
  247. Need help connecting to Amazon RDS (MYsql)
  248. Looping through a set of rows, updating a field value based on previous row
  249. Postgre psql bulk loader stops without error message
  250. Unexpected error during transformation metadata load