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  1. Problem using multiple inputs with "make transformation database transactional" on
  2. Retry mechanism and handle kettle job failures
  3. help... data cleansing functions in informatica to pentaho
  4. Steps source code
  5. Question about processing error records
  6. Filter rows based on text file input
  7. Runnig Multiple Pipelines in a transformation
  8. NoClassDefFound on TextFileOutput
  9. Programmatically setting the database interface for a job's child transformations
  10. FileOutputStream
  11. Creating query to database2 using information from database1
  12. Unable to launch Data Integration.app on Mac OS X, but spoon.sh launches fine
  13. Design Pattern for recursive Job calls
  14. Update where a particular field is null
  15. Split values of a particular value
  16. Related to looping or anyother solutions- I am very new.
  17. Transformations Won't Start
  18. How do I receive api call request in job/transformation
  19. Transformation Parameters
  20. not able to read data from a flat file
  21. Table input step blocking system
  22. Moving the .pentaho folder on a windows 7 machine
  23. How do I dynamically create parallel execution threads/pipelines?
  24. converting to Date format
  25. Pentaho PDI Report Bursting
  26. Issue while loading data from API - URL
  27. where to set jdbcCompliantTruncation=false or sql_mode=''?
  28. Pentaho Reporting file output - error: Caught Kettle Exception: Check your configurat
  29. How to get which column update at source side ?
  30. Creating N variables depending on Table Input result
  31. What is best way to do daily rebuild of 100MM row fact table with analytic rankings?
  32. PDI 5.1 GA partitioning using reminder of division throuing null pointer exception
  33. What Pentaho step can be used for the Backup of an Oracle Table?
  34. What Pentaho step can be used for the Backup of an Oracle Database?
  35. Authentication
  36. Agile Bi - Visualize + Model Editor perspective not loading
  37. How to use the REST client in SPOON 4.1.0.
  38. Ignore First few lines of CSV input file
  39. Send a IMAP mail with attachment
  40. lookup cache and multiple copies
  41. Get RecordCount of new records inserted from Combination Lookup/Update step
  42. Table Input step leaks huge memory when preceded by a Get Variables step?
  43. Group by day
  44. Excel Input Step - error if no files found
  45. REST Client can't create JSON Output
  46. Carte with Java
  47. XML Format not recognized
  48. Unable to connect to Mongo DB from PDI
  49. Help with odd MySQL behavior
  50. PDI 5.1 Service Exception Occurred When Contacting Google Analytics. Bad Request.
  51. Error while selecting the a hstore value from source and inserting it into target usi
  52. pan : cannot load values for parameters from kettle.properties
  53. Load values from table based on Max Time stamp and by id
  54. Get table Access from a web server and put it in oracle database
  55. org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleMissingPluginsException in Step : JmsOutput Why?
  56. Aborting Job Succesfully
  57. pentaho logcapturing in detail - need help
  58. Need to calculate start of month for Google Analytics
  59. Kettle Jobs were deleted.
  60. KTR/KJB XML format changes after 4.4.0 make reading and diffs human unfriendly
  61. Customing the zip file name for email
  62. SQL - column starts with number is a problem
  63. Joining 2 tables with different information
  64. How to get ride of `com.pentaho.commons.dsc.f: license missing, invalid, or expired?`
  65. Put a generated CSV file in an FTP server based on input parameters
  66. Problems saving a transformation/job file in Kettle 5.1
  67. Copy to result duplicating or copying previous result in final resultset
  68. Error Loading Job
  69. Copy rows to results causes bottleneck
  70. Unable to use alias's with Table Input with DB2 JDBC version 4 driver
  71. Merge Join Issue - PDI 5.1
  72. Split Single row to multiple rows by modifying metadata
  73. Transform data from postgresql to mongodb
  74. Batch/Group rows for streaming data from Amazon Kinesis
  75. how to read gzip files
  76. PDI 5.1 Community Edition and EE Trial
  77. Loop Through Different Table IDs From Google Analytics
  78. Email Message Input only reads 100 message
  79. kettle + terminatooor
  80. Just About Ready to Give Up on Pentaho - Retrieving Data From A Web Service
  81. Java GUI integration with Pentaho Transformations
  82. Is there a way to add log tables retroactively?
  83. Dynamically load File into Table based on Row Header...
  84. Metadata generation, Dynamic Mapping
  85. Ordering the data stream by field
  86. Excel input "xnull" error on PDI 5.1.0
  87. Using Job/Transformation Templates
  88. Can the Job Executor step be run in Kettle 4.4.0?
  89. Run Transformation for set number of rows per hour
  90. Compare multiple values of a single field using a LIKE operator with a record set
  91. Activation Error using the Mail transformation step
  92. Kettle plugin - enviroment substitute usage
  93. Plugin Development : How to list custom variables inside textVar() input ?
  94. How to get the failed step/component name and pass it to main job?
  95. Mapping source to target
  96. Transpose of rows
  97. Write to log
  98. LoadScriptFile
  99. help accessing an API - status code 403
  100. How to specify log file output using the Java API
  101. How to terminate "Wait for file" when waiting indefinitely?
  102. Submit job for remote execution via CLI
  103. MongoDB -> CDC -> HP Vertica
  104. sftp folders
  105. How to change the date time zone for the system date time
  106. How to get previous field value?
  107. Excel input to table
  108. Mapping a number to a string
  109. Channel is not open error in sftp
  110. Data lost between steps
  111. Read data from Http post
  112. linux setup for miltiple users
  113. help needed designing star for sales process with different product types
  114. kettle 5.1 -ce Round-robin.
  115. Add previous value into field if field is empty
  116. HTTP POST response is truncated
  117. Parameters in Kettle ?
  118. Get 30 FTP files
  119. UnsatisfiedLinkError: Could not load SWT library.
  120. Enabling Apache Axis logs while running the trasnformation from Spoon.
  121. Spoon 5.1 How to get ERROR lines to write to log in Kitchen batch command files
  122. Spoon 5.1 Error reading multiple sheets from same Excel file in a transform
  123. Can PDI process data from something like "tail -f"?
  124. Dynamically entering table name in database lookup step
  125. XML Reading
  126. Filter rows
  127. invoke another kettle inside one kettle using execute command
  128. JNDI error While calling kettle job from Java code
  129. Unable to run kettle tranfromation from command line using sh pan.sh
  130. Edi x12
  131. Poll API
  132. what is the max, or best practice, size of variables/parameters
  133. ETL Metadata Injection Simple XML transformation
  134. HTTP Post
  135. PDI 5.1: Issues with embedded Copy Rows to Result and Get Rows from result
  136. Greenplum connection error
  137. Difference b/w parameters and variables ?
  138. Is this a kettle bug?
  139. Use external JNDI in kettle - Tomcat Data sourse look up
  140. Use of RegEx in Spoon
  141. XML Output errors
  142. Consolidated Kettle Libraries for Maven
  143. Calling .kjb files from.JSP web page
  144. Identify OS Kettle is running on, or whether it is PC or Mac
  145. Peculiar copy/paste routine with PDI
  146. How to perform opposite of a listagg
  147. using the step HTML2XML
  148. Multiple if else statement
  149. Embedding PDI : Calling kjb file from JSP Web Page
  150. Job/transformation scheduling outside the kettile
  151. [BUG]Character reference "&#x1" is an invalid XML character
  152. only load specifed schema / Oracle
  153. How to ensure logging of environment variables occurs?
  154. how to set the socket size and interval get a better performance
  155. How to get multiplication between different datatypes
  156. Encoding problem with MySQL data
  157. Switch Case Bug 5.1
  158. Generate log when transformation FAIL or SUCESS
  159. Job scheduling
  160. how to get data from HTTP url in pentaho Data integration
  161. Serialization Error on Weka Scoring Plugin (PDI 5.1)
  162. modified Javascript Value step bug
  163. star schema in kettle
  164. Returning the result of a SELECT-statement to the datastream
  165. Unable run tranformation by spoon.bat
  166. Pentaho Transformation depolyment and Transformation Best Practices
  167. Different JDBC drivers
  168. Internet Address type not being writen on a Excel input
  169. How to get the difference between given date and current date
  170. parameters in Table Input (SQL)
  171. Marketplace in CE 4.4.2 does not work
  172. JDBC rollback failed
  173. Create a new table from a view in MS SQL 2008 R2
  174. Complaints on Datatype layout upon Merge rows (diff)
  175. Execute SQL statement thats stored in a table
  176. Milli Seconds In PDI
  177. Using CE edition to query MongoDB for temperature data
  178. How to pass field values into another field based on condition
  179. 'Microsoft Excel Writer' step is not writing any special characters
  180. Oracle Essbase Plugin Development
  181. Could not load SWT library
  182. Could not open spoon
  183. Multiple excel header to one table.
  184. error while running simple SQL editor
  185. Can't we write direct MongoDB queries on MongoDBInput step
  186. stop loading from text file when some condition holds
  187. Moving file from local to remote system in ETL
  188. limit the number of rows from Dummy Step or any other step when previewing
  189. Generate count of clients by date
  190. How to set a MySql session var within ETL?
  191. Improving the OLAP cube performance
  192. Microsoft Excel input FileNotFoundException
  193. Selecting the date from a datetime column in SQL Server - bug?
  194. Dynamic Cluster - Dynamically remove a slave node
  195. Pentaho DI/Kettle 5.X on JBoss 6.1.0.Final
  196. 'Like' Merge Join Step?
  197. column field as excel sheet name
  198. DB connections fail in EE
  199. Logging tables - SQL for getting job information from them
  200. Directing flow in a Pentaho Job
  201. JDBC Location for drivers
  202. Join Merge Function problems
  203. Missing Postgresql BulkLoader
  204. Partitioning Input dataset in customized step plugin
  205. Need help with java error running Spoon
  206. Add option -t to SSH Step
  207. Carte - Remote command line launch (Job)
  208. Deployment / Scheduling in Community Edition
  209. Ignoring Comma Within CSV
  210. Computing in JAVA or DB?
  211. How to compare MySQL arrays
  212. ConcurrentModificationException at org.pentaho.di.kitchen.Kitchen.main
  213. Incremental load.
  214. PDI Crashes while running large job
  215. PDI vs SAS ETL - Looking for Comparisons
  216. Check for custom plugins while executing the Job
  217. Pentaho - RRD files/PNG files
  218. Add files to result after "Evaluate Metrics" step
  219. Adding field to row
  220. Checking the csv output file is empty
  221. How can I separate my stream into groups, then perform actions on each group?
  222. Calling Pentaho Kettle Job from BI Server using action sequence
  223. SFTP to MYSQL Dump
  224. Embed SQL script in transformation
  225. Free PDI (Kettle) "Getting Started" Mini Course
  226. Merge Rows (diff) not matching rows as identical
  227. Transformation doesn't create log in DB when launched from Spoon on remote slave
  228. how to make file name to upper case
  229. Error connecting PDI 5.1.0 to HBase 0.96.2
  230. words transform to Question sign
  231. Exchange custom components
  232. Using variables for renaming by function "Select values"
  233. Remove zip files which are older than a week
  234. Custom plugin dependent jars inside step folder are not loaded
  235. kettle repositories
  236. Creating .kettle and .pentaho Folder
  237. Spoon - Import MHT/MHTML Table Structure
  238. Email attachment file extension appended
  239. About oracle Bulk loading
  240. Unstructured text file
  241. Removing last Octet from IP Address
  242. Calendar Component in Pentaho Action Sequence
  243. Job is failing with error 'Not Able to Connect to Database' sometimes
  244. Spoon & Mongodb
  245. JSON Output "Compatibility mode"
  246. PDI OutOfMemory exception running with 8Gb RAM
  247. Pan can't continue because the transformation couldn't be loaded.
  248. Change the Row seperator to character other that CR+LF
  249. Spoon - Uploading file to PHP
  250. Transactional jobs