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  1. "blank" row reading as null in text file input
  2. Migrate oracle ddl (of tables) to postgresql ddl(or tables)
  3. Validating input Excel file for Metadata structure
  4. Cannot build Kettle in Eclipse
  5. Model Editor equivalent for Pentaho CE
  6. Error using Google Analytics Input Step in Kettle
  7. Getting error while connecting to Hive2 using sqoop
  8. Creating a Prototype Schema With a PDI Data Source in Pentaho CE
  9. Best practices for a file based repository and Git with small team
  10. Get System Info issue
  11. SWT Startup Problem
  12. Mongo DB Output Step
  13. Calling MS SQL Stored Procedure
  14. Learning Pentaho ETL
  15. pdi 5.1 and agile bi
  16. Reading blobs from database and processing data
  17. other hash algorithms in Add a Checksum?
  18. Postgres Text to Oracle Clob Transformation
  19. rest client - 'failed java.net.SocketException:Too many open files'
  20. How can I share one JS function within all my transformations?
  21. OLAP cube creation in Pentaho Schema Workbench using a CSV file??
  22. sendemail example does not work for me?
  23. GeoKettle Plugins
  24. PDI SDK: Reusing SQL connection in input step
  25. Kitchen Error connecting to the repository!
  26. How to solve below scenario ? Which lookup have to perform and how to do
  27. Date format identify & convert
  28. Transactions in Kettle 4.3
  29. Ldap Question in transformation
  30. What is the best solution for my project?
  31. Separator ;*$
  32. Success only when all the previous steps pass
  33. Greenplum DB to Greenplum DB replication
  34. Convert from integer/number to date format
  35. Excel Input step preserves the order of the rows?
  36. How to lookup enuerated values from two different databases.
  37. Appending to the output file
  38. How to calculate and store percentages of TOTAL?
  39. Writing Step in java code to do MongoInput
  40. Merge rows,where the identical data come from?
  41. to fetch database connection details from Ktr file
  42. Need examples on database and stream lookup
  43. Not a valid plugin error
  44. PostgreSQL input using previous step data returns no result
  45. How to run HelloWorld java example code within a job using PDI Kettle?
  46. cassandra input getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory
  47. Trouble setting parameters for one sub-job with results from transformation
  48. Determine headers and metadeta of a CSV file
  49. local and global parameters
  50. How to import data from Graphite into Kettle?
  51. Pass specific values within Database Lookup mixed with columns from previous step
  52. How to install Data Integration tool and execute my locally designed jobs in server?
  53. Read a specific record from text file input, then stop read
  54. How to input complex XQueries/ Xpaths using Get Data from XML?
  55. Run SQL statement based on generated input fields alone
  56. PGP Decrypt Stream output limit
  57. JSON input - optional tags/elements
  58. Json and Web Services
  59. Passing transformation parameters to an ETL Metadata Injection step
  60. Best Output to Display data in SharePoint?
  61. How to setup slave Pethano servers on a remote Ubuntu Machine?
  62. Customizing Carte (PDI CE) to support updating local repositories
  63. What is mean by metadata driven approach in Pentaho?
  64. Is there a way to have .ktr/.kjb xml pretty-printed in order to make review easier
  65. PDI 5.1 is General Availability or Not ??
  66. Having other users run transformations from a web page?
  67. Creating a List<String> object in a Java script step
  68. Regex wildcard to use to select 10 last modified file in a foler
  69. Kettle:How to fetch the source csv file in the folder when it arrived?
  70. Out of memory exception during a very simple step
  71. Writing the log file to a output file
  72. "Start or restart from" not working consistently
  73. Dividing two columns from a sql query
  74. Database connection using spoon
  75. Import a file repository into DI Server keeping folder structure
  76. Update SalesForce Jars
  77. error with jndi connection
  78. Propagating error from child job to parent job.
  79. What are your ways of preventing "hang ups" when dealing with large amounts of record
  80. Get XML Data - Return Data from Multiple Files/ XML documents at once?
  81. passing input filename as an argument to pan.bat
  82. Pentaho DI missing or skipping rows
  83. Remove Escapes from JSON Output
  84. DB is not working while i use kettle on java
  85. Problem using dimension look up update
  86. mongodb input > query using variables (NUMERIC or STRING)
  87. MongoDB Input no LIMIT available ?
  88. Processor Class
  89. CSV File Input - Delimiter Character þ (Thorn) Not Being Recognised
  90. Cassandra widerow SELECT not working, what version is built into PDI 5.1.0
  91. Exposing Transformation or Job as a Web Service
  92. JOSN Input help
  93. Comparing two column values to set another column
  94. Unknown rpc kind RPC_WRITABLE
  95. How to call addTrans web service method?
  96. org.apache.commons.vfs.FileNotFoundException spoon mep reduce failure on cdh5 centos
  97. Kettle switches between strategies when ordering steps in the .ktr file
  98. "not a folder" error in PDI v4.4.0
  99. How to validate database connection parameters (before table input)?
  100. Use variable for generate xls output name dinamically
  101. Kitchen performance local vs. remote
  102. Oracle Character Set - French Accent
  103. Step/Function to convert Upper Case to Camel Case
  104. PDI want to use ? as parameter in Oracle Step
  105. Transpose a table from database using spoon transformation
  106. Rows Getting Duplicated Between Jobs
  107. Reusing transformations with different data
  108. Setup DB Connections in Spoon UI
  109. Vertica bulk loader component - duplicate key in repository
  110. Trying To Migrate Data Generically, Challenging Problem
  111. DI server edition license expiration
  112. Seamless integration of Pentaho DI with my application
  113. Error Handling of Step Issue
  114. Problem with Arrays in MongoDB Output Step
  115. Using JNDI connection for Database Repository in JAVA SDK
  116. Mail input (how to get the Smtp respons) ?
  117. How to create your own plugin - component?
  118. what is the functional of the pentaho-application-launcher-
  119. Description of the Modelling/Build Model and Modelling/Publish Model steps in PDI 5.2
  120. Excel Column validation in pentaho etl
  121. Using filter step with fuzzy match to improve speed
  122. what this the target data display when the transformation failed?
  123. PentahoData Integration
  124. Merging two databases with same schema
  125. Internal variables in entry configuration
  126. Oracle Stored Procedures are taking much longer when kicked off from Pentaho Kettle
  127. Custom step plugin: calling putError in the dispose method
  128. R Scrit Executer Step missing
  129. Can I use logging from an external JAR in the User Defined Java Class step?
  130. selenium like website navigation
  131. What transformation provides the option to convert multiple rows into single row
  132. Multi-Layer XML Output - help needed
  133. Having issue in configuring DB2 as data source.
  134. Scheduled Job not running
  135. How are people creating complex JSON output?
  136. Configuring Carte with multiple threads
  137. unable to define JNDI connection in ETL
  138. How to set field value using SQL Select statement?
  139. Input from XML fail on kettle's java API
  140. query regarding multiple rows in database lookup -- how to ?
  141. Output to Cassandra
  142. Doing an IN from another DB.
  143. Run some job steps remotely, others locally
  144. Table output not honouring "specify fields"
  145. How to Implement Twitter "Streaming" API with Oauth 1.1 ?
  146. Please help explain! Batch loading methods works, tho I'm not sure why
  147. XML input - XPath version?
  148. Flattening field records into one data field
  149. How to add email attachment in JavaScript ?
  150. Di server console
  151. Add job or transformation to carte server
  152. What is the best way to debug a transformation?
  153. Execute sql script - Rollback rows if any query fails in step
  154. Excel Writer --- best way to mimic insert/ update functionality?
  155. Update Step
  156. Kettle using Cassandra Output throwing error
  157. how to split single Excel file to multiple excel sheet output
  158. Dynamic sheet name in excel input - Metadata Injection not working?
  159. CUSTOM Interface FOR KETTLE
  160. How to create a column taking the value of a variable
  161. When loging to a file, error is written to console not stderr in Linux environment
  162. change protocol to https
  163. Error writing Log.txt
  164. Memory problems reading an excel file
  165. Two add sequence steps in one transformation !!
  166. Problem postgreSQL
  167. what is the Kettle license in Enterprise and Community editions?
  168. FTPException when downloading to Windows network share
  169. Transformation implementing SCD with effective date
  170. help improving runtime
  171. Text file input - This is a compressed file being handled by the None provider
  172. JSON Output with Nr of rows in a block as 1
  173. Executing python scripts as a step in PDI
  174. FTP get a file exactly by wildcard
  175. Problem with CMDB OUTPUT ERROR 120076
  176. Authentication
  177. PATCH Method for REST Client
  178. Problem import smalldatetime type
  179. MY SQL cconnection jar
  180. jdbc oracle error: connection reset
  181. Calculator help
  182. PDI connect to CDH5 error
  183. Try-Catch Error Handing?
  184. Accessing uneven data with JSON
  185. Microsoft Excel Writer error
  186. Unzip Question (From a Table Field)
  187. Replace variables in text with another field
  188. Remove duplicates
  189. Modified Java Script - using strings in IF vs SWITCH/CASE
  190. MS Excel Writer (xlsx type) - black cell boxes
  191. Merge 2 data streams based on range of dates from 1 stream
  192. automatic Job
  193. Problem with foreign characters and FTP get
  194. Mailing the result of a transformation
  195. user defined java class with 2 info steps
  196. Parellelly write data to single file from different transformations
  197. Problem with multiple execution of datasets by running reporting output step
  198. Step Dynamic SQL Row fails when input sql returns null values
  199. Converting date string to timestamp datatype - Vertica bulk loader
  200. Asterisk CDR and Rate Look Up
  201. facing an issue with the data integration server
  202. Running Job in data integration server
  203. copy content of
  204. Passing Master batch id to sub jobs and transformation.
  205. Creation of lots of tmp files
  206. UTF Problems
  207. Text File Output Step adding CR+LF after <br /> in string
  208. How to merge and generate new product key for json and insert data in mongo db
  209. Alternative to Database lookup to manage the flow inside a transformation
  210. jsonpath-1.0.jar
  211. Salesforce PDI integration SSL changes
  212. Can you use a parameter in the select statement of a Database Join step?
  213. Salesforce Integration
  214. dynamic metadata in ETL
  215. Best way to generate test data for json document structure
  216. Unable to Open existing or Save/Save As Transform/Job (version 5.01)
  217. Plugin: java.lang.ClassCastException using CXF
  218. Plugin: isSeparateClassLoaderNeeded plugin attribute
  219. DI Repository Creation Errors
  220. Unexpected error inserting row - 32293 - When moving data between equal tables
  221. Creating &b Connecting errors for Di repository
  222. Transformation Mail with Attachment
  223. put parameters in ldap filter
  224. Impossible to find/load the step/plugin [CMDBLookUp]
  225. Transformation and Job - Version Control
  226. Has anyone seen Kettle transforms SQL Server's datetime2 into strings?
  227. Deploy Kettle transformation from application interface
  228. Performance Measure If Logging Is Enabled
  229. MongoDB Input variables
  230. Logging the ReportingOutput step
  231. Problems with unicode characters during Postgresql Bulk Upload
  232. Kettle Logging Variables
  233. IO Error: Socket read timed out when using the Table Input in transformation
  234. Where I can download PDI 4.4.1?
  235. Set variable for every row read of a CSV File
  236. Limit number of rows in mongodb input of Kettle
  237. SFTP Filename Wildcard
  238. Kitchen not work 5.2
  239. Reading the HTML in a transformation
  240. Is PDI the right tool?
  241. Conditional update in pentaho kettle for nosql json mongo db
  242. Kitchen issue with logging
  243. Display row with condition in pentaho data-integration
  244. crash sometimes
  245. Merge Rows Diff - Date Issue
  246. Custom Step Classpath horribleness(linkage errors)
  247. PDI Enterprise Repo based Auto documentation
  248. Dynamic Excel
  249. Oracle 11g PLSQL to PDI
  250. Downgrading of Kettle Jobs/Transforamtion from v5.1 to v 4.2