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  1. Remote start of Job.
  2. ERROR (version, build 1 from 2014-09-30_19-48-28 by buildguy) : Unexpected er
  3. How can I use Pentaho Report Output
  4. how to execute a job on the carte by the carte web service?
  5. Passing values from one transf to the next one
  6. Lead/lag series
  7. Mongodb plugins to be included in a java app
  8. multi-level xml creation
  9. PDI 5.2 compatibility with RHEL 7.0
  10. Problem with simple evaluation and rerunning transformation.
  11. Creating database connection with tally
  12. CSV File Input --> Accept filename from previous step inconsistent
  13. Split fields into rows with "enter" as delimiter?
  14. How to pass variable while filtering Mongodb INPUT
  15. Pentaho PDI Weird Behaviour on MongoDB $maxScan
  16. Error reading next value of sequence from database
  17. javascript startup script and variables
  18. "S3 File Output" step does not work with variables for access key or secret key
  19. sending mail to different dynamic people
  20. Error reading next value of sequence from database
  21. Pentaho PDI MongoInput Step $maxScan Behaviour
  22. Fields to row with enter as delimiter?
  23. Create complex objects for WSDL/SOAP
  24. Internal.transformation.filename.directory doesn't work!
  25. REST Client - Meaning of value in Output fields - Result fieldname
  26. Using multiple Oracle JDBC driver versions on the same PDI installation
  27. How to create a dropdown of values
  28. Transformation Loggin - Question
  29. Carte Delphi Post-request
  30. How to use variable to switch choice.?
  31. Visualize output table of a PDI step.
  32. Use UTC date locale in Text File Input
  33. optimization with spoon and postgresql
  34. How to run multiple files if a file fail how to execute next file in pentaho data int
  35. Want to store lines from XML files as raw text in database
  36. Passing values to JavaScript Job entry to invoke a java process
  37. How to use "Return auto-generated key"?
  38. Closed Connection issue : Error on rollback- Kettle 4.3
  39. how mouch no of variable can be pass from JSP to transformation
  40. Imports same cell from different excel file input
  41. Unable to get VFS File object for filename
  42. Loop over array of transformation names and execute them concurrently
  43. Error while trying to insert rows into POSTGRESQL
  44. Creating conditions in Analytic Query
  45. simulate a variable
  46. getting around bug with TableOutput and PostgreSQL return auto-generated key
  47. Session
  48. Generate date of past sundays using Calculator Step
  49. Setting a Column Value to a Variable..
  50. Export ETL jobs in production environment
  51. password length limit JTDS and MSSQL
  52. export transformations , jobs to XML file
  53. how to Convert Hexadecimal to Binary
  54. set javascript variable with a compound statement including if
  55. PDI 5.2 CE - problem with remote access to repository
  56. Read one, write n
  57. Launch Job Executor Dynamic # of Times
  58. User Defined Java Step
  59. Fuzzy Match design pattern?
  60. Only show steps execution messages on console.
  61. Rolling of customer data one year go
  62. fuzzy and exact match combined?
  63. MongoDB Query Aggregation pipeline Feature
  64. How to set detailed logging information to Email when error occured in job schduling
  65. Database Connection Test
  66. New GENERIC database connection add error
  67. How is "carte" master (load balancer) work?
  68. Run SSH Command with variable substitution (Command Line Argument)
  69. Calculator operation 'remove time from a date' fails on summertime
  70. Database Connection Error
  71. "Execution results" Read, Written, Input
  72. Uncompressing bzip files
  73. Invalid column index during database lookup
  74. Using environment variables in a 'filter rows' step
  75. import.sh -limitdir
  76. conversion of data type from sql server to oracle database using pentaho
  77. Put a file with SFTP task - Logging
  78. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during Update
  79. Execute SQL Script
  80. Executing Spoon.bat, Splash Screen appears/disappears, DI will not start; JVM Errors.
  81. sql Join
  82. Trouble with "database lookup" and error handling
  83. How to join rows in a sequencial master/detail relationship?
  84. Feeding data sources using Spoon into Pentaho Report
  85. Autumatically start a job when PDI server or Carte starts
  86. Database connectors: native SQL or ODBC/JDBC?
  87. Extracting data from HL7 and loading SQL tables
  88. Problem with Json output, content is invalid
  89. File extracted by PDI
  90. Automate file naming with incremental numbering
  91. Set global variable
  92. Add xml node element
  93. how to update array within a array in mongodb output step
  94. How to dynamically read the column name from Delimited File
  95. Special characters
  96. [ASK] Unable To Start DI Server
  97. Database lookup problem
  98. how to integration pentaho modeler in Pentaho Data Integration?
  99. How to read the specifical columns from file in the source input?
  100. adf routine was passed an invalid data type id
  101. MS excel writer not working with template
  102. Need Help in Webservice Call
  103. Schedule a pentaho job in a unix environment
  104. Loading a database table in PDI
  105. What is the cache columns in the Stream lookup
  106. scheduling pentaho job
  107. Connecting data streams between transformations in a job
  108. Blob images and lazy conversion
  109. Pentaho Data integration with Google Trends
  110. PDI excel input to table output.
  111. Data model of log tables
  112. SQL Server Integrated Authentication is not working
  113. Call DB Procedure Step
  114. String to Unix Timestamp
  115. How to read Golden Gate's trail file in Pentaho Data Integration
  116. Pentaho with increases memory
  117. Unable to installed Pentaho biserver-ce-
  118. Unwanted Skip of Files in Excel Input
  119. When using multiple kettle.sh with diff Xmx conf, do we need to have diff pan.sh
  120. Help with disconnecting
  121. import .zip with https
  122. Issues with Character encoding
  123. Merge Rows (diff) question
  124. How to extract multiple values in a Column and create a new row for each?
  125. How to improve Kettle stream lookup step performance?
  126. delete all documents and not truncate the collection using mongodb delete in pdi
  127. Help with output columns
  128. Can I change the format for numeric data types?
  129. XML transform a sub-node
  130. BUG ? group by on big integer (or string)
  131. Pentaho Text file output limitation
  132. Doubt
  133. how to create a table automatically and dynamically in kettle
  134. "inverted" String Cut
  135. MongoDB Aggregation Pipline Options
  136. This forum could be much better
  137. Replace kettle variables in JVM
  138. Pentaho Kettle (Data Intergration) MongoDB Aggregation
  139. when i restart the Carte in kettle custer ,the job is disappeared.
  140. how to connect PDI to Elasticsearch server to get use of ElasticSeach bulk insert
  141. java.io.IOException: Invalid header signature : Excel Input
  142. xml join with elements in sequence
  143. Update after insert in same transformation
  144. not able to access Timestamp velue .
  145. Elastic Search connection issue
  146. CSV Input with variable Column Number
  147. Getting "JSchException: Auth fail" with correct Username and Password
  148. Problem to connect Oracle JDBC
  149. Get data from html page
  150. pass variables into kitchen job from cmd line
  151. Java use 2core at 100%
  152. Calculating Z-Score
  153. Can I make Pentaho more tolerant of SQLite locking?
  154. Use Pentaho MapReduce for non Hadoop sources
  155. JSON Input cannot handle bracket notation with multiple dots?
  156. What's the newest link of Kettle sample projects?
  157. insert rows
  158. Selenium
  159. Date conversion error between SQL Server and Postgres
  160. Fuzzy Match - more copies = fewer matches
  161. Create loops in a job
  162. CARTE - Error Running Remote Transformation
  163. Kettle best approach for job
  164. Deploy the pentaho ktr to java OSGI system
  165. Convert binary data into string
  166. Reusing Transformation To Sort input streams automaticly
  167. Postgres column interval
  168. CARTE - Error Running Remote Transformation
  169. Carte server behind a Load Balancer
  170. Stream lookup issues
  171. Date before CSV file name
  172. Prompt
  173. Connect Carte to Repository.
  174. VERY URGENT !!! Repository create error - MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2
  175. REST CLIENT to Dovico API
  176. Pentaho Data integrator - specifying schema at JNDI or passing as parameter
  177. Date Addition/Subtraction
  178. Carriage Returns and Data Scrubbing
  179. mongodb.MongoException$CursorNotFound: cursor 447066068147 not found on server
  180. mongodb.MongoException$CursorNotFound: cursor 447066068147 not found on server
  181. MongoDB Input Error
  182. Denormalizing rows to columns !!
  183. How to convert a number padded with blanks?
  184. Issues with variables
  185. ERROR: Unable to open transformation: null
  186. Why is this fourm moderated?
  187. dynimically get all parameters with javascript
  188. Correct way to use HL7 MLLP Input
  189. Connecting Pentaho DI to Microsoft SQL Server azzure
  190. Approval process
  191. Generate start and end based on input
  192. cannot connect to mongodb: can't find a master
  193. The target file also have some data when the transformation failed
  194. Merge Join VS Stream Lookup
  195. Execute ktr file without install pentaho
  196. how to handle null data
  197. Carte Web Services in v3.2.4
  198. Calculator step, division is rounding result
  199. Execute R script from a 'shell script' step
  200. put file with ftp
  201. Model perspective
  202. Update dimension from csv files data without primary key
  203. This tool really disappoints me. It is completelly bugged.
  204. Carte Dynamic Clustering Installation Community Edition with Repository - PDI
  205. JTDS error on windows 2012 r2
  206. any example of oracle bulk loader
  207. SFTP put timing out?
  208. Sql Error is not Capturing in Pentaho 5.1.0 version log file ( after upgrade from 5.)
  209. Collection
  210. Transforming one file at a time
  211. PDI Community Edition VS Enterprise Edition
  212. Kettle Job with SQL entry doesn't RUN
  213. To know about restartablity of Pentaho job by suing Check Point option
  214. Extra Spaces in text output
  215. MYSQL Database Connection Error
  216. Cannot run JOB in Carte
  217. Issue regarding punctuation in Spoon
  218. Google Docs Input step can't authenticate
  219. ESAPI Error Message
  220. Spoon CRASH ERROR "java: cairo-misc.c:380: _cairo_operator_bounded_by_source: ..."
  221. Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4'
  222. Cannot delete or move Zip file using unzipping step in Job
  223. Successful connection with tally but not displaying the tablenames
  224. Simple Evaluation Doubt.. Need Help
  225. How to Dynamically render Table name and File name in pentaho DI
  226. Need Help
  227. Cannot create db repository on mssql
  228. Commit Size and Rollback
  229. Issue on Excel Input with multiple sheets
  230. Table input error log not displaying on subsequent runs
  231. which encryption algorithm does encr.sh use?
  232. Dynamic start / end dates for Google Analytics step
  233. Row Denormaliser Step not functioning correctly
  234. Reading multiple tar.gz files
  235. Suggestions
  236. xpath
  237. Port number is replaced by -1
  238. Problem with a big SQL table to export
  239. Setting variables in SAP connections (not working)
  240. Execute Row SQL Script using MSSQL connection in Transformation
  241. Table input Step
  242. Read news from a db - Pentaho Kettle.
  243. split table 2 sets of columns
  244. Alter date key while loading to db
  245. merge these two flows of transformations to save it in the database as one table
  246. ADDM + Pentaho + RemedyForce
  247. Spoon - Copy from logging window using ctrl-c
  248. Pentaho and Zendesk (JSON API database)
  249. Kettle: Insert/Update is too slow process!!
  250. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot get a numeric value from a text cell