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  1. Load Bulk amount of data into SQL server databse
  2. Calculator Step : Reading two input streams
  3. Calculator Step : Reading two input streams
  4. Kettle Database repository table locked
  5. Error- "The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect" in Unix
  6. NewBie - Pentaho
  7. Delete the record in collection
  8. Doubt
  9. Run in parallel of Text file input step
  10. How to convert the kettle JAR to OSGI format?
  11. Convert string to date
  12. Can't view Schedule perspective in Kettle (Enterprise Version)
  13. How to make CURL/ API calls with Kettle?
  14. Using UDJC or Java Script step to compare different rows
  15. loading into mongodb
  16. Manipulate string to Date
  17. Merge rows (diff) with nulls
  18. spoon vs kitchen (Connection error)
  19. XML(FpML) Transformation to CSV.
  20. Automate Text file input definition
  21. Kettle HTTP Post with utf-8 encoding corrupts soap request xml
  22. Problem with MS Access Connexion
  23. Merge rows (diff) and synchronize with nulls
  24. Using current entry name in logging settings as variable
  25. Kettle repository problems
  26. SVN + Pentaho data integration + Jenkins, how to use
  27. Best practice for supporting several databases like MySQL, MSSQL in transformations?
  28. SSH Commands - parsing stdOut to separate new fields
  29. Amazon EC2 requirements for PDI
  30. Don't see cassandra steps
  31. PDI 5.2 CE: Configuring log tables for concurrent access not possible
  32. Reading files under sub-directories in gzip compressed file !!
  33. XML output not getting in CSV
  34. Copy Files
  35. intermittent Error When running Kitchen in a batch file
  36. how to agregate mutliple rows and copy them into colums (not rows)
  37. detecting physical records deleted
  38. Value of Commit size in Table output
  39. Redshift Query does not return data
  40. How to enable DB transactional mode through the API
  41. PDI for loading fata from sqlserver to Hive
  42. PDI Producer to Kafka - how to configure to Hortonworks Sandbox
  43. Find all tables used in PDI Repo
  44. Retrieving and using transformation results in a job
  45. Speeding up PostgreSQL Insert/Update
  46. Can't connect to MS SQL with 5.2- ODBC
  47. Java null pointer exception error because of weka
  48. Fuzzy match with two control fields
  49. Extracting "tar.gz" files in PDI on Windows
  50. Load Files from Directory into DB
  51. Kettle Java API in a software product
  52. Merge or normalize the row.
  53. Preview doesn't work 5.0,5.2
  54. Kettle latest from Git with Eclipse Luna SR 1 (4.4.1)
  55. PDI 5.2 keeps crashing
  56. Pentaho De-Duplicate Step
  57. Unable to get value 'string (50) "from database resultset (ERRORCODE = -4220, SQLSTAT
  58. Spoon 4.1.0, FTP Put job, remote directory convention...
  59. Execute Kitchen from PowerShell Script
  60. best way to convert this JSON structure into SQL/ RDMS like rows, if needed
  61. How to use variable in the Formula step?
  62. Can we use the community version kettle java API in our commercial product?
  63. Handling decimals in fixed lenght file
  64. OutOfMemory errors after migrating from 4.4 to 5.x
  65. Catch result from previous step
  66. update all duplicates
  67. unable to open transformation
  68. Can we run the ETL without transformation ktr file?
  69. Unable to execute kitchen.sh or pan.sh
  70. Getting XML parsing error:MalformedURLException: no protocol
  71. Add FileName to CSV column
  72. Credentials on SMTP server
  73. Implementing partitioning stream in Kettle
  74. Looping through 480 pages of JSON (Zendesk)
  75. Carte dies after the same transformation is accessed repetitively
  76. get information
  77. Identifying 'result' rows
  78. Badly Stuck in select component
  79. Group by fails with two replacement variables in previous table input step
  80. Database Connection Problems
  81. PDI 5.0.4 Enterprise Can't start/launch
  82. Transformation to replace DB2 merge sql.
  83. two databases synchronized
  84. Configuring Carte as a Windows service
  85. Why does Kitchen run slower when the kjb file is located on the C drive
  86. Problems Using Variable Substitution in SQL Containing $$ in Function Declaration
  87. pentaho kettle + new relic
  88. Slow R/S write time to MySQL database -- talking 12 r/s for simple operation - help?
  89. HTTP Client doesn't work with pipe (|) character?
  90. Spoon: Default to open object with double click
  91. JSON Input Error: same number of values for all paths
  92. Process
  93. Kitchen errors but Job runs ok manually
  94. Append option removes header in text file output
  95. Add header to a csv file using values from variables
  96. Reading arguments from a custom properties file
  97. Data integration server (community edition)
  98. ${Internal.Job.Filename.Directory} is empty
  99. Replace by value field is missing at position 0
  100. Out of memory when using output task
  101. Changing XML file with PDI
  102. Kettle table input step running slow; any way to improve it ?
  103. JavaScript split is only putting one element in array
  104. Table Output table fields is populated by the stream fields name
  105. use CSV headers in text output
  106. MS SQL Database Connection Malformed Reply
  107. Performance of Stream Lookup vs single query left outer joins
  108. Unable to connect to the SAP ERP server
  109. Which is the best way to implement coalesce
  110. Convert RTF to plain text
  111. Wait for file + wildcards
  112. Facing a problem with Mapping Input subtransformation step
  113. Scheduling jobs to run every X hours automatically.
  114. Excessive use PS Old Gen
  115. PDI Unresponsive
  116. Problems with sFTP connection
  117. I used Logistic regression in Kettle ,happen : Error reading object from XML file
  118. How create dimension date only with year and month
  119. Problems with sFTP connection
  120. Issues with Carte under high load conditions
  121. Split transformation steps based on Parameter in Pentaho Data Integration
  122. how to generate the structured xml from modified javascript value step
  123. Connect Kettle to DB2 7.2
  124. how to retain the variable value from the previous row in java script value step
  125. PDI/Spoon Won't Run Transformations on Centos 7
  126. What is the best practice to output the structured xml in the transformation steps
  127. Lotusnotes- Domino plugin Pentaho 4.4 performance
  128. Spoon.bat - Files was unexpected at this time
  129. DB Lookup not finding the rows.
  130. Can we select kettle.properties dynamically at runtime?
  131. How to install TFS Plug-in for PDI CE 5.1?
  132. Problem running transformation with custom plugin in embedded mode
  133. File handling and eployment in Pentaho 5.1
  134. Want to run some SQL
  135. Vertica Bulk Loader
  136. apendChild() is not a function it is a xml
  137. Unabl to load graphics library [GDI+ is required] (java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError swt
  138. Data Integration Job Stops
  139. Table Input Preview error
  140. Unable to load step info from XML step nodeorg.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettlePlugin
  141. Javascript Step: How to Handle Null values in field?
  142. A simple transformation to split a CSV file to smaller files wouldn't work correctly.
  143. How to run Transformation File.
  144. Run job in multiple threads
  145. Date/Time issue with upgrade to 5.1.0
  146. Spoon Logging Tab - more lines/ log data?
  147. SFTP and REST Client Connection Issue
  148. Best Practices #PCM14
  149. Error occured loading the directory tree from the repository
  150. Reading data from external process or using 'Execute a process' step
  151. How to install IBM Websphere MQ Consumer
  152. Out of index error: move to next sheet!
  153. Converting Integer to String but getting error couldn't convert string to Integer
  154. failover
  155. run batch commande with kettle
  156. Connect the PDI CE to Hadoop
  157. Same job different tables
  158. ERROR ...Row Preview - ADDRESS_ID None : Unknown type 0 specified.
  159. Cut strings based on values in an Excel file. Metadata Injection?
  160. Issue with Row denormaliser
  161. running jobs from eclipse
  162. Extract Date From File Name - Example Given in Kettle
  163. UserDefinedJava Class
  164. transformation works on Windows but not on Linux
  165. JDBC connection - Crate.io
  166. Extreme Newbie - Did I configure installation wrong? Unable to run sakila demo
  167. Dynamically generate SOAP request
  168. Dynamically generate SOAP request
  169. Need help with Table Output / Truncate Table option, MySQL
  170. Dimension Lookup / Update Question
  171. Getting data from XML API service
  172. Error loading the ProERPconn or SAP classes
  173. Handle error when downloading content in job
  174. Trying to run an sql script, getting errors. Maria Roldan's book exercise.
  175. Transformation Executor problems and doubts
  176. Trying to limit dates to a range for SQL
  177. Remote Execute in Slave Server: TF works fine - JB comes win error
  178. Error KettleEnvironment.init()
  179. Dynamic the file name to the hadoop
  180. Problem to date system
  181. Keep contents of a file for use across many job runs, without multiple reads?
  182. How to Read different file every 5 minutes
  183. How to transform the text file into xml file in kTR
  184. Missing Components When I First Installed
  185. Javascript in Spoon only allows asian characters
  186. .kdb file v/s shared.xml
  187. User Defined Java Class - own jar file
  188. nasty problem.... possible?
  189. SAS input step
  190. how to perform range lookup
  191. Reading Properties file from the job level
  192. how to do a range lookup
  193. Increase Char Array Length to more than 2068
  194. Database Join step errors. Exercise from Maria Roldan's book.
  195. Extract multiple lines from text file into single record
  196. insert / update step violates foreign key constraint (not present in table)
  197. Best way to manage development and production enviornment
  198. Problem loading values in columns in an incremental load when the columns name change
  199. GC overhead limit exceeded - Running out of memory PDI 5.2 CE
  200. Ubuntu - memory group by different results with different users?
  201. Logging does not work for select data
  202. data range start field,table date range end
  203. dateAdd(date,"wd",x) in Modified Java Script Value doesn't work properly
  204. Maria Roldan's book, Have a go hero, loading the Regions dimension as a Type II SCD
  205. Execute a tranformation if somethin change
  206. Web Services Lookup using Array as input value
  207. Database Select Query with parameters
  208. data type converting
  209. Hitachi Data Systems and Pentaho Corporation
  210. Weblogic JMS Consumer
  211. Excel fields types
  212. Streming JSON content
  213. RepositorySyncException while connecting a repository from stadalone java application
  214. Kettle Job - Error Notification
  215. Character Encoding Issue
  216. Unable to connect to MySQL using JNDI
  217. Basic Set Variable
  218. How to install pentaho data integration enterprise on linux server and access system
  219. how to compare 2 fields
  220. Sub-Transformation / Mapping errors when running Maria's transformations.
  221. Waiting the completion of a transformation
  222. JVM Memory Usage and Performance
  223. Questions Regarding Pentaho Kettle - New User
  224. Exeute sql step
  225. Getting files from Google Drive
  226. Blocking step not working properly
  227. Re:DataBase Dump Folder
  228. Dynamic meta injection - How to create?
  229. Schedule job using pentaho user console scheduler
  230. Is it possibile writing two or more Excel sheets in same transformation?
  231. Postgres Query length limit
  232. JDBC-ODBC is definitely over?
  233. Oracle database connection error
  234. Read several ms access files
  235. Dynamic Mapping and Lookups
  236. Modified Javascript Value Steps: compiling error
  237. Reporting using HDFS flat files
  238. kitchen don't run correctly (first time!!)
  239. Debug : Get rows from result/Copy rows to result
  240. PDI-5252 : Text File Output does not create header when append option is checked.
  241. I really need help with this (variables)
  242. Java.lang.NullPointerException in a transformation
  243. Problem connecting to MS SQL SERVER ....... giving error on user name and login
  244. How can I set the length of a new field in the row normalise?
  245. PDI for Data migration from Greenplum to Hadoop
  246. Carte: making logs persistent?
  247. Carte: missing date/time in status-xml
  248. Prostgres BIT Data type not allowing to Drive Data through Kettle
  249. Nothing happens while trying to import .ktr file
  250. Help / Ideas on Parsing an XML Child Node and Adding Parent Node value to the Output