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  1. error when using the mail in transformation
  2. Setting repeated values to empty string
  3. Error when using "mail" in the transformation
  4. Delete attachment - Get mails (POP3/IMAP
  5. PDI - Metadata Injection - Do we have to specify all metadata?
  6. merge step
  7. kettle cant auto detect date input in format dd/mm/yy. CSV INPUT step
  8. trouble loading a tab separated file
  9. Parameters and Table Input
  10. Carte HTTP Trace
  11. Parallel execution with dispatcher
  12. Salesforce update dates not parsing correctly.
  13. Get a File with FTP results not passing to transformation with execute for every row
  14. Modified Java script value step: string validation
  15. Repository - Best practices
  16. Exponential moving average
  17. Difference & when to use : Command line arguments and parameters also varaibles
  18. Pentaho-Hive Connection Working fine but not able to retrieve tables or column list
  19. Log Data in Textfile when scheduling from PDI 5.1
  20. Clear the list or result rows before execution
  21. help understanding java memory usage
  22. Is MSSQL JDBC driver supported?
  23. Dynamic Database Connection Fails- Read Connection From CSV
  24. Array: cannot read property from undefined.
  25. Parse JSON Array Using Modified Java Script Step
  26. Extracting Database Repo jobs/transformations to individual files
  27. Write to SAP CRM Calendar
  28. the ending of the row process in modified javascript value steps
  29. why the end script didn't get execute
  30. Problem connecting to DB after moved to pentaho 5
  31. Passing Resultset of a Stored procedure's sql to a table output step
  32. how to delete orphan records using spoon or kettle
  33. Dynamic database connection
  34. Not able to Schedule a Job from PDI Tool in local machine
  35. Get Email. Error Connecting To Host
  36. Issue is kettle , Get Exit 1 even after Job finished successfully.
  37. data type error: the data type does not correspond to value meta [Timestamp]
  38. Transformation slow on startup
  39. Postgres Array Fields
  40. SAP Input Failed to be initialized (while it runs in preview)!
  41. JSON Input for 1000 records running slowly
  42. Mail sent but no attachment
  43. Using External Java in 'User Defined Java Class' Step
  44. javascript compare dates
  45. How to make one configuration for multiple JOBs?
  46. Download folders from ftp server using PDI
  47. How to zip files from a folder & save in a particular location
  48. MySQL migration error: Incorrect arguments to mysqld_stmt_execute
  49. How to Stop Scheduled Job that is continuously running after every 30 seconds
  50. How to protect Excel workbook
  51. XPath syntax in "XML Join"
  52. Hunch that HostGator's 60-second net write time cap is botching Table Output-thought?
  53. Best Way to Optimize Updating Large # Rows Against Large Tables
  54. Migration from DTS to PDI
  55. Automatically trim all fields before Table Output step
  56. Overwriting Attachments fetching from mail component
  57. Multiple Instaces Of Same Repository
  58. Can I use a variable to decide use authentication on Mail Step?
  59. How to narrow table scope/ or achiving for Insert/ Update Table Output step
  60. Function call while converting a stored procedure
  61. Listener for REST & SOAP Services
  62. send email only if attachment exists
  63. SAP JCo DLL/JAR for Win 2008 Server
  64. Extracting key/values from flat files
  65. Get Today Date (yyyyMMdd)
  66. Converting DTS Packages into the PDI environment
  67. Using kettle as part of a commercial software
  68. Excel input parsing issue:
  69. Redirecting to red hop if any inner jobs/tranformations failed.
  70. Wrong output from Table input step
  71. Can't launch a Job through kitchen
  72. Pentaho - Put a file with FTP
  73. Generating BI Dummy Data
  74. Error handling and Batch inserts
  75. Can a stored orocedure with TYPES.CURSOR_TYPE out parameter be used in a call DB proc
  76. How to get a excel sheet name
  77. Skip Missing Value
  78. Flat File Integration
  79. Pentaho Data Integration - Cannot update using the AROutput step
  80. Pentaho Data Integration - Cannot update via Join and AROutput
  81. How to create variable for lookupschema in database lookup?
  82. Execute sql stored procedure with array input from kettle table input step
  83. PDI Formula unable to parse '\'
  84. PDI API and Parameters
  85. Incrementing a Variable Within a Job
  86. How to extract multiple values in one bracket from a Json file?
  87. Handling of a single namespace with "Get XML Data"
  88. How to use the NULL value in the formula?
  89. Pentaho DATE validation
  90. Help on GetFileNames with wildcards
  91. PDI rest client return only 100 rows API REST Redmine
  92. Execute SQL Command step failing in transformation
  93. Transpose row to colums
  94. Pentaho on Citrix XEN desktop
  95. Excel Writer failing with Java 8
  96. Couldn't convert string to a date (Salesforce to Oracle)
  97. Routing Files to Separate Directory on Stream condition
  98. error while creating starmodel
  99. Running scripts with the Execute a shell script job fails
  100. Only few records transfering from source to databse while running transformation
  101. Adding sequence number in transformation
  102. CSV Input with Double Quotes Problem
  103. Execute SQL Script for each row from a table input step
  104. Trapping error data rows - loses the error message in the log
  105. Problem with Formula step-extract month
  106. How do I "Preview data" in a sub-transformation?
  107. Kettle and AWS java sdk
  108. Advanced section of Database Connection not being saved
  109. PostgreSQL Bulk Loader strange behaviour
  110. Logging step table problem
  111. Fill Missing Values with Existing values from column
  112. Oracle bulk loader --connection failure jndi
  113. Unable to 'Get Fields' when using Salesforce Input in Kettle
  114. Error loading saved job with Pig Script Executor step from DB repository
  115. [PDI4.4] Log file on subtransformation occasionally empty
  116. Pentaho Reporting Output: HTML with no images
  117. Reading unstructured CSV file
  118. Lightweight solution to launch Kettle jobs remotely ?
  119. Table output step, using ${variable} for Target table
  120. CI-BusinessServiceInput.0 - ERROR (v 4.1.0) No file(s) specified! Stop processing
  121. Transformations not evaluating in Job!
  122. how to add an one more column to the existing file
  123. Difference between Unique Rows and Unique Rows ( Hashset)
  124. Loading complete Oracle package from Kettle
  125. Problem with Lookup
  126. getFileSize in Modified JS Issue
  127. PDI & BA Repositories: Merging into single repository?
  128. moveFile in JavaScript Component Issue
  129. strange array behavior in modified javascript step
  130. WekaScoring Plugin + Additional Output Info
  131. Concatenating field values with a Group by
  132. Dynamic DB Connection to Transformation
  133. SOCKS ERROR Connection to MSSQL server
  134. Job to send out email with xlsx file attachment fails when scheduled on linux
  135. Data Validation : Best Approch
  136. RESTful API Query Transsformation Example?
  137. Transform: Javascript replace functionality
  138. How to do the delete action of table records in the kettle
  139. Shims compilation doesn't work (you failed to publish jars on ivy-nexus.pentaho.org)
  140. how to stop job?
  141. Kettle 5.2: Log4J plugin usage
  142. Kettle not connecting to postgres
  143. Files Processing in a batch - First File Issue
  144. S3 file output limit
  145. Excel Writer takes too long to "wrap up" a file...
  146. The transaction in the transformation
  147. Create a connection to an Oracle Database
  148. For Each Container
  149. Pentaho CE 5.2 will not start
  150. HTTP POST working but need to use run-time parameter in post parameter
  151. Google Analytics Input Error Handling
  152. mysql connection idle but stay open
  153. Finding consecutive Maximums in an Array
  154. get data from xml problem
  155. How to execute multiple jobs in one bat file?
  156. Error for KTR,showing unable to read file as its not a file
  157. Password Problem
  158. kitchen prompts for database password ??!!
  159. APACHE POI inside of Modified JavaScript Value Step?
  160. Kettle with Amazon S3 Source
  161. Set Variables.0 - We didn't receive a row while setting the default values.
  162. Update Transformation fails when running multiple step copies.
  163. Moving a file to the least full sub-directory.
  164. Crashing on NPE - unable to characterize and debug
  165. Can't stop a job from Spoon
  166. str2Date Not performaing As Expected
  167. Problem to running *.prpt report using Pentaho Data Integration (Slow).
  168. Creating multiple outputs files based on 1 input field
  169. Slowly Changing dimensions issues
  170. string match and deriving a column
  171. need to implement multithreading concept.... help/sugessions required
  172. Accent characters dropped
  173. Export one unique xml file (foreach) or send data to WebService server
  174. Rule Executor
  175. PDI and HyperfileSQL
  176. Oozie Job Executor Exception
  177. How to use the table fields as variables
  178. 'Simple evaluation' job entry causes erroneous job exit
  179. is merging process aviliable in kettle?
  180. CSV-import Italian currency column values
  181. Server Questions
  182. Transformation to handle Relationships (Allow A->B, but not B-->A)
  183. Rest Service with paging
  184. Stopping a Kettle Job on Linux
  185. HBase Input Step does not return existing list of HBase tables
  186. where is the log file path in the transformation entry and job entry?
  187. explicitly closing database connections
  188. JSON input: Reading JSON array
  189. Restart jobs from the command line?
  190. R Script Execution with multi-line statements
  191. Formula Express FIND function does not work on a fieldname
  192. user defined roles in kettle 4.3.0 version
  193. namesheet as a parameter in a excel input step
  194. user defined roles in kettle 4.3.0 version
  195. Complex Denormalization
  196. Database Connection Error
  197. How to store and schedule kettle jobs from one location
  198. How to select data from this format of json
  199. Error Connecting Generic Database
  200. Alimentation tables de fait
  201. I am not able to find the solution for this issue
  202. Elastic Search Version Issue !!!!
  203. Transformation Executor only starts after receiving second row
  204. How many rows are updated and inserted in Insert / Update step
  205. Sequence start value not 1
  206. starting value of sequence
  207. Dynamic value for add sequence
  208. Impossible to send any informations with HTTP POST
  209. Compare tablea
  210. Unable to launch Spoon
  211. DB2 Connectivity issue in Spoon 5.3
  212. Kettle Error Message
  213. Update step into Postgres Partition
  214. MongoDB Input by ObjectID range
  215. Replacing fields under certain conditions
  216. Jobstep "Get a file with SFTP" fails
  217. Input from Excel 2013
  218. Row to column
  219. Using parameters in database connections
  220. IBM DashDB connection
  221. Table input converts postgres numeric(7,2) to kettle number with precision 7,2
  222. Dimension and fact tables
  223. Doubt Regarding pentaho data integration
  224. S3Output plugin missing in pdi-ce-
  225. Compare Two Strings from different columns
  226. Bringing accented and other LATIN CHARACTERS
  227. LDAP Output Update Field - error with Dn fieldname
  228. jtds and mssql linked servers
  229. Deleted records from Source Database
  230. How to run job using Carte in shell Script
  231. How to check total records in Source and Destination Database
  232. Pentaho Return Status Codes
  233. How to get the logfile name in the transaction.
  234. Salesforce Java Heap space error
  235. Java characters encoding
  236. enable/disable
  237. How to pass "config.set" command to PDI to enable Hadoop File Copy
  238. LDAP Output modify dn/rdn transformation
  239. spoon core dumped
  240. Ldap output interate a set of key-values to perform a modify in a set of attributes
  241. Issue with Kettle jars downloaded from maven repository
  242. Save logs
  243. Dimension Lookup/update
  244. Json Output File Error
  245. regarding sending single mail with multiple attachments
  246. How to create data models and visualizations using Excel as a data source in DI?
  247. Export to linked resource does not use variables from kettle.properties
  248. ORA-00922: missing or invalid option
  249. How to use "Wait for a file" with "Add filesnames to Result"
  250. configure the setting link to HADOOP APACHE 2.5