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  1. Dynamically create table from fields of an excel input
  2. How to make my Pentaho Data Integration in Hindi Language?
  3. How connect to ms access mdb starting from a linux server
  4. Kettle stops running
  5. hdfs connection
  6. EMAIL - Return Receipt
  7. [SOLVED] Interate over a set of values to perform a modify attributes in Ldap output
  8. Dynamic Mailing to users whose emils are specified in excel file
  9. error KettleEnvironment.init();
  10. Data Integration - pdi generates no error and no log for 8 hrs till connection loss
  11. Expose your Pentaho Kettle transformation as a web service
  12. How to know MapReduce job tracking url
  13. Pentaho PDI 5.3 Client Server Setup
  14. Help with ETL process for creating visualizations in DI
  15. Excel Writer filenames to result - How do I retrieve the filename from result?
  16. Send different metadata to different target streams
  17. CSV to XML Conversion
  18. Write the upload status back to source data
  19. running carte as a systemd service
  20. Passing Parameters to Mapping (Sub transformation)
  21. REST Client https keypair handshake issues
  22. java.lang.NullPointerException on Get Rows From Results step.
  23. Job takes too long to run after modification
  24. Dynamic bordering in Excel Sheet
  25. Questions about jobs executing in PDI
  26. Dataflow block when import data from SQL Server
  27. Read SPSS file into PDI
  28. How to remove folder on a server over FTPS?
  29. Generate XML improperly formatted
  30. SSH command to csv
  31. Verify Transformation from Command Line
  32. Combine values from multiple rows with common field to a single row?
  33. The job run slow when have many others job run.
  34. How to traverse each row and each field in a row Using javascript
  35. Javascript to Traverse Each row and each field in a row
  36. which transformations we will use to do the following sql with out using sql trans?
  37. JDK for Kettle 5.0.1CE
  38. Content is not allowed in prolog
  39. Is possible to create variable NAME dynamically?
  40. Commit Size in Table Output
  41. Fill gap with previous balance
  42. Read last line of text file
  43. String to SQL Select Statement
  44. Pentaho Text file output seperator Validation
  45. Need Suggestions
  46. Passing parameters to Kitchen.bat
  47. Repo connection issues - Mariadb repository
  48. Questions! (ETL Injection, Replace)
  49. How to Read from XML using url and the url is secured with username and password
  50. Internal server error when called from rest client
  51. GC Overhead limit Exceeded when Shceduling the ETL Job
  52. Info steps state is lost on ok()
  53. Is the best step to use Row Normaliser to break up a stream field into new rows?
  54. Issue with combination lookup and update step and mysql view
  55. Copy column title to value / Unpivot column names into rows
  56. Get a file with FTP - Hangs when destination is a NAS path
  57. Error in Transformation :writing the data from txt file to postgresql database table
  58. Invalid JNDI connection bdc : No suitable driver found for jdbc:sqlserver
  59. Spoon Job Scheduler disappeared
  60. http post
  61. Problema con Step - Insert/Update
  62. transformation examples from mongoDB to SQL Server
  63. vfs.sftp issue on mac
  64. "Send message to Syslog" step equivalent for windows
  65. MYOB ODBC Connection Error
  66. User Inputs to Kettle job
  67. Critical Error on Startup
  68. Database Connection
  69. How to merge Three csv files
  70. Eventhough i have done group by the rows are getting copied
  71. New rows calculated from previous rows - (Google Analytics - demography)
  72. Unresolved Error Messages on Transformation Opening
  73. Simple Mapping - Map souce step multiple times?
  74. Salesforce Attachment Write to Binary File - Javascript using java.io.File
  75. Using auto-increment variable in select like "string(variable)" table input step
  76. Dynamic Parameters and Query
  77. How to check Dynamically each row is same or not in csv file
  78. SCD-Type-II SQL with PostgreSQL - Timestamp issue
  79. Hive joins through Talend
  80. DB Logging to Nosql
  81. Job checkpoints UNABLE to load RESULT_XML field
  82. SOAP Web Service Call
  83. Is there any doc about Modified Java Script Value step in kettle
  84. String to date conversion returns incorrect value
  85. how to transform the following sql to pentaho transformation
  86. How to add error logger in Pentaho
  87. Extract meta-data information runtime
  88. Which Javascript packages available in Kettle?
  89. Extend XML generators Steps
  90. Error - LIBPATH in spoon.sh
  91. Lookup on Staging table
  92. SQL Server connection issue
  93. Not able to write in cassandra using sstable output
  94. Field Clob Input - Field Clob Output
  95. Read JSON file from S3
  96. Spoon "Open" dialog uses Linux Mint bookmarks instead of last directory
  97. File to stage error handling process
  98. Set Table Input data to Polling Folder - Pentaho Data Integration
  99. Upload Files to FTP step
  100. error handling in file to stage job
  101. Copy file to Cassandra File System
  102. Java Version
  103. is PDI 5.3 support java 1.8
  104. Arabic Data Transfer
  105. Arabic Data Transfer
  106. Arabic data transfer using PDI
  107. Noramliser / Add Column
  108. Access Transformation info
  109. Calculator A*B
  110. Dimension Lookup/Update very slow, what are the alternatives?
  111. JavaScript error
  112. While loop implementation in Pentaho Kettle
  113. Merge two columns in XML add step
  114. which input step will be good use?
  115. How to set the group ID?
  116. How to set the value to perious record value?
  117. Running kitchen from the command line
  118. Insert Data from step with Table Input vs Execute SQL Statement (with variable sub)?
  119. Guidance around SalesForce Upsert
  120. Send output of stored procedure as email attachment
  121. Attach stored procedure output as email attachment
  122. Remove 1st row and 2nd row(empty) row from CSV file
  123. is Database or File repository
  124. JSON Input step 11 r/s speed ... why so slow?
  125. SQL Insert/ Update "Upsert" Scalability and Performance
  126. R/S speed, performance log, bottleneck analysis at JOB vs TRANSFORMATION level?
  127. Hello Tutorial - JS error Can't find bundle Messages
  128. Carte Question/Jobs
  129. Help with the specifics of VARIABLES please
  130. ways to combine multiple tables into unified header field names
  131. Extracting data from nested JSON array
  132. Google Sheet input data
  133. jsonoutput: key from flied
  134. Best Way to Create Surrogate Key for Main Fact Tables?
  135. Plugin for Google Drive Error
  136. Javascript issue (missing method in Context)when launching a transformation from Java
  137. Integration
  138. Mini Tutorial on Looping and Parameters
  139. New mapping (.CSV to table).
  140. Can't populate data to table from Excel Sheet
  141. Character Values
  142. error SAP Input step
  143. n00b question: how to insert static column in each row
  144. Execute SQL Script challenge (quote strings vs. not quote strings?)
  145. Row Normaliser - split fieldname into rows & columns
  146. Google Spreadsheet Input - How write the Spreadsheet KEY
  147. PDI - Spoon Unable to create database connection
  148. Compare list of files on FTP
  149. Execute R script not working in PDI 5.1 CE
  150. Pentaho Reporting Output Issue "Unexpected Error"
  151. Incrementing Values
  152. Abstract the source of a transformation
  153. Normalize Data
  154. Simple script results output using pl/sql
  155. treat txt log files with date and time
  156. How to process the data value with the dolar sign in from of the salary
  157. Random value in {0,1}
  158. Change Data Capture and Qurey that Uses More than One Table
  159. Hadoop or Text file output step
  160. Multiple Parallel Updates Using MyISAM MySQL -- shouldn't work, but it does. Why?
  161. mongodb 3.0
  162. How to get DAY_OF_WEEK_NAME in time dimension ?
  163. Data type mismtach issue in MYSQL database
  164. Dynamic column number
  165. How To Reference a Field in JSON Structure
  166. Date formatting in kitchen's stdout
  167. Cassandra input keywords
  168. how to configure pentaho to point to the correct hdfs location
  169. Regex in for ID in URL
  170. Filter rows based on filed value ( Modified Java Script or Java Filter).
  171. disable and enable indexes while running ETL
  172. Alias name ignored when using MySQL JDBC 5.x
  173. Year wise data load in PDI
  174. Not able to download a file from website.
  175. SAP BW OLAP Setup
  176. where clause in Cassandra input
  177. PDI Execute Job for each row Parameters not working
  178. JSON Input - Extract all fields without having to specify each one
  179. Run SSH commands: Password authentication failed
  180. How to import mongodb class in User Defined Java Class
  181. Client Certificates
  182. compilation errors in project
  183. add new field
  184. Kettle connection to Postgres using SSL
  185. How to use Carte
  186. (.prpt) report with metadata (XMI) not running with PDI server scheduler.
  187. MySql using PDI 5.3 CE taking long time to load 1350 records
  188. R integration
  189. issues connecting to Mongodb using authentication
  190. Cannot find the option "Make a Job Database Transactional" in job setting
  191. Error while connecting MySQL from PDI
  192. Ruby Step error
  193. XML to HTML table conversion
  194. HTTP Client API Query
  195. Split decimal field from characters
  196. Schedule a job(location: linux) from windows spoon schedule option
  197. insert update issue using pdi 5.3 CE with MYSQL database
  198. Spoon : Xpath : Attributes with values
  199. Carte Null Pointer after transAdd
  200. Does Pentaho automatically close MySQL connections when a step is finished?
  201. Javascript to generate sequence numbers
  202. Pentaho multiple installations on unix
  203. Kettle Cluster
  204. Cluster Error
  205. Large Read Batch/Loop - Table Input Performance
  206. Need help in including system date in the output table
  207. Plugins Problem
  208. Job within a Job not logging correctly -- why?
  209. How to hide the CMD windows when the schedule invoked the bat file?
  210. Huge data loading in PDI 5.3 CE using MYSql database
  211. Create html Table using javascript
  212. The task status in the windows scheduler
  213. What is the equivalent of SSIS Lookup coponement in PDI ?
  214. How set-up multiple fields using METADATA and DATAGRID ?
  215. Pentaho Data Integration: 'Execute SQL statement' to create MySQL trigger
  216. Date which is insert into mysql table by transformation becomes char of "?",why?
  217. Capture Job Name and Transformation Name
  218. regarding auto job invoke in pdi
  219. How to read complex XML file and convert it to CSV file
  220. How to read complex XML file and convert it to CSV file
  221. Creating HTML Table for a complex XML file
  222. Missing functions on the input and output after installation
  223. Hop Sequence...
  224. Int32 - Problem with MongoDB Input & Output
  225. Out of memory - Java heap space -- hard to diagnose what is wrong.
  226. Kettle Plugin development
  227. Execute SQL statement does not escape special character "--"
  228. Error Variable?
  229. Create Data Audit Report from Flat Files
  230. Align csv columns
  231. How to split HTML table rows
  232. Move XML Join output's to a single Text Output File
  233. Unparseable Date...couldn't parse field errors
  234. Connect LINKED MS SQL Server
  235. HDFS to HDFS via PDI
  236. make transformation database transactional and log errors
  237. shell script error while executing job
  238. Ideas for logging errors / rejections from Lookup step
  239. How to fetch the node name of XML tag
  240. how to use an field value as the file name of the html.
  241. Involuntary trimming with Text file input?
  242. NullPointerException when starting job
  243. NullPointerException when starting job
  244. How to Load Data to Pre-Formatted or Template Excel File using pentaho kettle
  245. Execute a process arguments with spaces
  246. setVariable vs setParameter
  247. Transformation Filename or Specify by Name and Directory
  248. Pentaho Runs Out of Memory (Heap space, or Stack Overflow) when looping job entries
  249. Table Output - JSON to Postgresql JSONB field
  250. Comparing filenames in PDI