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  1. Identify duplicate column value from single row
  2. Run PDI transformation from HTML app
  3. How to return no matched row ?
  4. Commit Size and Lost Data on PDI
  5. From .ktr transformation to .Bat file
  6. Following job running on failure of the prior job.
  7. Log error lines in the logging table ONLY when the transformation got failed
  8. How to fetch only required XML child node value based on conditions
  9. Replace In String not working for me
  10. Pentaho Mapreduce to Parse Mainframe Data
  11. Modified Java Script Value scheduling problem
  12. Oracle Bulk Loading missing type information for floating point numbers
  13. Copying Recent files Uploaded in SFTP to another folder
  14. Persistent shared objet file problem
  15. how to fetch all the tables from database and convert to CSV format in one go
  16. How to insert a dynamic count from one DB into another one?
  17. Data need to be filtered and sum market value and shares based on Transaction value
  18. PDI-CE Architecture / Functionality
  19. How to generate separate excel sheets from single workbook which has multiple sheets
  20. Performance issues using SQL step fpr CREATE TABLE AS SELECT via DBLINK
  21. Get Multiple rows Using Stream Lookup
  22. Order by in Oracle query
  23. Pentaho - Still has memory problems running loops
  24. Google Analytics Input Step (Using GA 2.4 APIs) Erro
  25. Pentaho Bug - Execute SQL statement doesn't escape "--" in parameters
  26. How to build Pentaho Data Integration in Sun Solaris ???
  27. Data Integration Scheduler not working
  28. ERROR: MODIFIED_DATE is empty when saving a job
  29. Setting Default Values
  30. PDI: memory leak when job workflow is "too long"
  31. Using ${Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory} to define location of shared.xml
  32. Is there a way to get # rows inserted, # rows updated with Insert/ Update Step?
  33. GC Overhead limit Exceeded
  34. Table output and Update step
  35. Connect Kettle to a sage100 MAS 90 database
  36. BI for a web hosting company
  37. Which Step to use: Table Compare or Merge Rows (diff)?
  38. Creating table structure based on file contents(csv)
  39. Error authenticating (check service name)
  40. Performance: JSON Input
  41. Replace value with null
  42. How to convert complex XML and transform to required CSV. Please help on this
  43. Question on Analytic query step
  44. Authentication Problem in Google Analytics
  45. xml process in transformation step
  46. LDAP Input not pulling all fields
  47. Data type error
  48. Data integration server setup.
  49. Report designer publishing issue.
  50. Reshaping - Making new columns for values in a specific field
  51. Delete duplicate data in field
  52. How to pase Log4J files?
  53. Run SSH commands step hangs on (bash) for loop
  54. ETL Metadata Injection for Text File input
  55. Best way to Conform Dimensions? (Nebraska, Nebrska, ebraska, Nbrska) into a Master
  56. Consistent sorting of files and escaping/unescaping
  57. authentication failure Google Analytics Step
  58. how to add a xml header in the step
  59. Pentaho's Equivalent Functionality to Talend's tMatchGroup Step
  60. Data Integration Connection to MSSQL with SSL
  61. Can't read Excel Input file due to selected font?
  62. Table Input with two outputs - MSSQL(Native)
  63. Recommendations to compare database schemas with ID translations
  64. Database Connection options lost, ask for help
  65. How to implement parallel run in kettle after return a list result from sql query
  66. Pentaho Essbase Connection
  67. AWS S3 File Output - No File Created No Error Message
  68. PDI: transfer data in foreign language
  69. Getting PDI 5.3 to work with CDH 5.4
  70. Stream XLSX Data looses Format
  71. Pentaho ETL in Amazon EC2. CPU intensive vs Memory Intensive
  72. Insert, update and etl performance
  73. Avoid updating a null value in an insert/uodate step
  74. Commit size and number of copies of step
  75. How to trim user specified characters from string
  76. Aborting a transformation without an error
  77. Determine DOS or UNIX file format
  78. How to use Select Values Output as Text File Output filename part?
  79. Table input from Remote table has wrong filed types.
  80. Pentaho job suddenly stops working
  81. Register for the FREE Pentaho Community Meeting in London
  82. is it mandatory Java for PDI
  83. Unable to get value 'None' from database resultset, index 0
  84. Not Getting Proper Rows In Row Denormalizer
  85. Modified JavaScript step, add new field to output
  86. slow delete on MSSQL
  87. Oracle Database Connection Delay/Timeout Running Multiple Jobs
  88. How to set field in previous step as JASON Output File Name?
  89. ETL Injection Example
  90. Connect to MS SQL Server DB using Windows Authentication?
  91. Rename variable file name
  92. How to alter row value in pentaho kettle?
  93. Variables set through JS setVariable not viisble in parent jobs
  94. data tables: expanded rows and group columns, is it doable?
  95. Move file after processing
  96. Running the Project in Eclipse
  97. Add Filename to Transformation
  98. how to show data on dashboard from MS Access mdb file
  99. Usage of Execute SQL script step - Pentaho
  100. How to pass at most 5 lines per second to the next step
  101. I can't force stop job
  102. USING "SAP INPUT" to call a sap function module
  103. SFTP Timeout?
  104. Recursive Google Places API Call Using PDI
  105. Probloems with repository
  106. MS SQL Repository Not Supported?
  107. The function call createFolder is not valiid
  108. XML to JSON transformation
  109. Error in merge join
  110. Error in merge join
  111. How to reference several times, a fact to the same dimension.
  112. HOW to integrate table row by row into pentaho Data integration
  113. What's better: "Filter Rows" step or WHERE-statement in "Table Input" step?
  114. Generate XML output file
  115. HOW to integrate a table row by row into pentaho Data integration
  116. Google Analytics Authentication
  117. Multiple joins
  118. Set conditional field values based on other fields
  119. Error with Combination Lookup/update
  120. Dynimically load table text values into ETL JOB
  121. Exit Codes in PDI 5.4
  122. How to Reference Field, MongoDB Input Step
  123. DB connection error
  124. Performance improvement of Kettle job on amazon EC2/RD2 - latency?
  125. Preview problem with 5.4
  126. How to read the field value when there has line feed?
  127. where to look up the information about the tables of the database repository?
  128. How to convert to CET TimeZone ??
  129. Error in reading XML file if it contains special charcters like degree symbol
  130. Time zone settings in PDI CE 5.3
  131. Parallelism
  132. Fuzzy Match throws error when matching Integer, Boolean and Null fields
  133. is REST Client upload compressed?
  134. where to look up the information about the tables of the database repository?
  135. size of the file
  136. Logging Issue with Kettle
  137. How to run xaction in Pentaho CE 5.2?
  138. Migrating Spoon from W7 to Ubuntu
  139. File Existense Transformation
  140. scenario
  141. Pentaho PDI Plugin help
  142. Upgrade questions (running job in kitchen from zip file)
  143. Split Fields: how to ignore conversions errors?
  144. Row Value
  145. Connecting to SAP HANA from Pentaho Enterprise Edition
  146. Replace String
  147. Getting error while loading data in Oracle Db. (Auto commit error)
  148. spoon.sh not opening ie data integration in gui mode not opening
  149. Create folder structure from data dump
  150. Error when running job using Kitchen
  151. Mail Validator NoClassDefFoundError
  152. Text File Input - Then and Now
  153. headless pentaho with hadoop
  154. Row Normalizer problem
  155. Kettle loses rows
  156. Oracle Bulk Loader not loading into target table
  157. Azure Sync with Posgres
  158. Coverting Colunmname of table1 as data in Table2
  159. Replace a part of string with a field
  160. Modify string value
  161. How to check PROFILE DATA MODEL in Pentaho ?
  162. Reporting stats on Data Integration?
  163. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  164. Get Data from XML only reads 1 element if multiple elements with same name exist
  165. Error starting Kettle (XulException)
  166. How to connect to Rest URL from Kettle Using API's
  167. Rule Executor question please help!
  168. SQL Query from file -> Text file
  169. Error using BULK LOADER in Pentaho
  170. Named Params not being used in kitchen.sh
  171. Get System Info - Last
  172. Unable to start Spoon from eclipse on Windows
  173. Multiple csv files input and output
  174. Customizing User Defined Java Class
  175. Input excel & utf8
  176. repo
  177. Use SFTP to transfer folder
  178. spoon.bat don't start
  179. Start at value in Add Sequence step
  180. Pentaho don't seem able to import a new record created in SalesForce
  181. Java script with huge millions of records
  182. unable to find added variable in transformation using ctrl-space options
  183. How to get the correct file in the CSV file input?
  184. CSV file input has '=' characters
  185. Facing Error while doing ETL Bulk Load using shell script in unix server
  186. help regarding column ordering in Text file input or CSV input
  187. Converting command line Arguments to Parameters?
  188. PDI 5.4 Upgrade - Kitchen.sh
  189. switch equivalent in 2.5.2
  190. PDI 5.4 Error using ETL Metadata Injection Step in Database Repository
  191. Executing a Transformation via a Job leads to database errors
  192. Split values of a column to boolean values
  193. Cut rows
  194. Row denormaliser and String to Number
  195. Best practice to separate development / production environment and make changes
  196. Scheduling error using batch file
  197. Adding an Automatic Total to each Row
  198. XML - Creating a complex XML (Google Earth) structure
  199. Pentaho and Window Authentication for MS SQL Server
  200. R integration using Kettle
  201. PostgreSQL to MS SQL Server Sync
  202. Multiple file destinations
  203. Pentaho Job failed. After first commit the db connection close.
  204. Pentaho on CentOS 7
  205. Extract XML from attachment on an e-mail
  206. reg: insert/update error convert string [2015/02/26 40:00:00.000] to a date
  207. Java heap space error (5.1 version of pentaho data integration)
  208. Google Analytivs Plugin: Unable to load private key
  209. Two SFTP sessions Clash
  210. Dimension / Fact table maintenance best practice
  211. new date() returned the wrong time in modified javascript step.
  212. how to load huge data, using sync after merge or filter step
  213. What's the different between Date and Timestamp types when used in Text File Input?
  214. newbie : when saving it seems as if not all my steps gets saved
  215. newbie - usage of text file input makes my canvas go away on reopen
  216. Need to identify a block of rows and process
  217. long delay before first row is processed
  218. dynamic number of columns in excel input
  219. Unable to contact slave server to verify status of transformation
  220. Need help on 837 file format loading
  221. Unable to Connect to Redshift
  222. Inplicit Transaction in PDI
  223. Using a placeholder for tablename of a database
  224. HTTP error 503 while downloading kettle from maven
  225. Read or download the HTML code from a page
  226. Simple JNDI not working on with Parallels VM
  227. xml join one to one
  228. Installing an Interbase Driver
  229. How to execute a .bat file from Spoon (transformation or job)
  230. Critics needed: Getting XLS/X sheet names
  231. Commit size and use Batch Updates in Update component
  232. Does Symmetric Cryptography step works?
  233. Need help with Carte Webservice.
  234. Multiple excel outputs with a variable file name
  235. getting Io exception: Invalid number format for port number
  236. Pentaho Reporting File Output
  237. Filter Rows & Switch/Case ignore conditions
  238. Pentaho Spoon does not produce table output with 3-bytes utf8 characters correctly in
  239. java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
  240. PDI Logging : In Search of relational schema and/or practical queries
  241. install without hitting enter ? (pentaho installation automation)
  242. Shell script as input source
  243. Error logging
  244. Ho to inprove the provemance?
  245. Regex in Replace in string step
  246. Mysql DB with PDI CE 5.3 java 1.8 unable to load 3900000 records
  247. Limit range iteration in Mysql database with PDI CE 5.3
  248. Reading an excel file having multiple languages
  249. Fixing name in Pentaho Data Integration
  250. Insert/Update and Synchronize after merge