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  1. Kettle Load txt or csv file skip bad rows
  2. Modifying CSV data based on conditions
  3. Parse xml data to date field
  4. Pass data to excel according to a criteria
  5. Enrich a row with multiple fields with data from a SQL query in PID
  6. A new user needs your help - My query don't work in table input (PDI).
  7. how to properly define output row metadata for mapping a multi-output sub-transform?
  8. Extracting exchange Rates from ws
  9. Test a varable value in IF statement
  10. get previous row value in current row
  11. Increase Sequece number when the field value changes
  12. PDI is Very Slow when trying to acces the repository
  13. Usage of Variables
  14. Standardizing Street addresses with Postal Service Standard Suffix Abbreviation
  15. CSV file to CSV fie mapping different column names and order
  16. Transformation Step Feature Request (OSI PI)
  17. "No repository provided, can't load job" with Kitchen 5.4
  18. How to run job through command using script in Windows.
  19. failed to load sqljdbc_auth.dll in pentaho batch
  20. How to join two steams with aggregate conditions
  21. Table Input and Dates
  22. Microsoft Access Input step problem after Ketttle update
  23. Generate XML output file using Add XML and XML Join Steps
  24. Postgres access via tunneling
  25. Joining outputs from Combination lookup/update steps
  26. JVM size for PDI
  27. Using [ElasticSearch JavaScript API]
  28. Disable org.mortbay.log debug logging for kettle 5.2
  29. Move data from Oracle RDBMS To Datastax Cassandra DB Using Pentaho Data Integrator
  30. Sort Multiple Columns Problem
  31. Table Input Error
  32. Calculating a value from one to another field using Modified Java Script Value
  33. Transformations and jobs in the PUC
  34. Load fact table - Multiple runs
  35. Synchronous transformation jobs using kettle
  36. Register License Files
  37. Many connections with a single configuration
  38. Pentaho Kettle: Read data from cassandra issue
  39. PDI installation guide
  40. Problem with invoking PRPT templates in creating DashBoard using Pentaho BA Server
  41. Is it possible to change the default location of the .pentaho folder ?
  42. Problems sending Mail with TLS
  43. Json Input could not open file - no rows found
  44. Destination folder does not when copying files
  45. how to access result filenames of BulkLoad from Mysql into file
  46. MySQL DB type using PDI CE 5.3
  47. Merge join step hang problem
  48. Merging Complex Rows
  49. PDI - Oracle - Issue with Same DB as Source and Target
  50. Pentaho Backup Job hangs while inserting data into SQL table
  51. PDI 5.4 CE Pervasive JDBC error
  52. Use variables from previous results as input on query with step cassandra input
  53. Someone put an emoji in a text field, break things. How can I fix this?
  54. Pentaho Update widget
  55. PDI 5.4 and Oracke Java 8 Compatibility
  56. Rest Client not working with api
  57. PDI 5.3.0 CE - Can't save new/existing mappings to repo after error.
  58. How to map values from one CSV to another?
  59. The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized
  60. Create a user defined log file
  61. Time frame analysis
  62. Environment Variables
  63. Spoon graphic issues under Linux
  64. Kettle External Encryption Integration
  65. Comparing and Dropping Data
  66. Strange date parsing error
  67. Abort Step within Transformation
  68. Migrate Data From MS SQL Server To ElasticSearch 1.6.x
  69. Microsoft Excel Writer: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM
  70. Table input: using multiples locators (?) from previous step
  71. Oracle DBLINK In Database Connection
  72. Variables defined in kettle.properties are not visible in Kettle
  73. Generating date based on: Date + number
  74. Command line repo import only imports transformations not jobs.
  75. Content is not allowed in prolog
  76. Row normalizer not saved in metadata injection
  77. Error column in job log history
  78. Fault tolerance of pentaho data integration
  79. Constructing mongo object ID
  80. create DOCTYPE in XML
  81. Column Name Case Switching
  82. Data Validator Step
  83. 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed
  84. Get Files from FTP location
  85. How does many transformations can read from a single query
  86. Null Pointer exception trying to run R executor
  87. Best design pattern for overriding a variable dynamically
  88. Problem with Load file content in Memory
  89. pdi 5.4 connection issue with hbase,hdfs hadoop-2.6.0
  90. Purpose of Annotate Stream
  91. Parallel Insert/ Update step allowed in MySQL, but not MS SQL Server -- workaround?
  92. Pentaho DI matadata reporing off DI repository
  93. Cassandra Input remote connection
  94. How to empty the result when there is no record input to result?
  95. How to avoid easy mouse over operations
  96. Difference between "Single Threader" and "Transformation Executor" Steps
  97. Getting error while running job through Kitchen command
  98. Concatenating two string fields leads to a double value. What am I doing wrong?
  99. pentaho DI Certification.
  100. "Event-driven" Job Options
  101. Step: "Set field value" produces output like "[B@128a5f"
  102. Assigning Row Numbers within a group
  103. Error run jobs with Kitchen
  104. Restartability in Pentaho Community Edition
  105. SYSDATE from Database in Pentaho Data Integration
  106. Pentaho Kettle - Mail component - Embed images - NOT WORKING
  107. threads
  108. Dev in pt-br OS, production is en-us OS = decimal hell
  109. Not able to connect to hive(cdh53) from Pentaho(pdi-ce-
  110. Kettle PDI on Synology EDS-14
  111. Read data from text file.
  112. Loop through transformation x times
  113. Unable to concat value if found key same after transposing
  114. how to get Values from another field that match ???????!!!!!!!!!
  115. New User, our organization purchased the enterprise version and I have a few question
  116. Clustered Execution over PostgreSQL Bulk Loader
  117. Installation
  118. MongoDB Input - howto perform query based on row column from previous step ?
  119. Using PDI/Kettle as ESB alternative?
  120. Incremental Load in Pentaho
  121. Kitchen.bat is not recognized
  122. Sqoop Import Fails in PDI
  123. Can't JDBC to HIVE 2 from DI-Server on Linux
  124. Importing data using a Web Service call into a database.
  125. Parameter expansion in quotes
  126. Website analytics
  127. provide dynamic mapping for source and targer in excel file and then load data in tar
  128. Date transformation
  129. Problem with moving files
  130. Clob to xmltype casting
  131. Passing rows from A->B->C
  132. PostgreSQL Bulk Loader - Path to PSQL client
  133. Execute job in windows cmd
  134. Setting Consistency level in the cassandra input step
  135. Mapping of input table schema with output table
  136. Connection has been shutdown -- Salesforce Upsert
  137. Update table input for errors while writing to table output
  138. ESRI Shapefile - MongoDB
  139. Count of Columns in text file
  140. google analytics
  141. Error opening Spoon.bat
  142. Web Services WS-Security Configuration
  143. Save part of a text file to another text file
  144. Fuzzy Match Help
  145. create table using filter
  146. Possible to separate design tools from Kettle?
  147. Problem with calculations
  148. get total row count from stream
  149. Kitchen tells me Central Log Store is not initialized!!!
  150. Merge Rows (diff) - Detects identical rows as deleted
  151. sub-toolbar is missing
  152. How to us "Prepare field layout" Step
  153. How to compare two fields coming from two different excel sheets ? help me out
  154. Sending Application Name with MS SQL Server Connection String
  155. Insert/ Update Step in Pentaho -- what exactly is the query?
  156. Upload files to FTPS step Missing
  157. Resut mechanism
  158. PDI 5.3 not processing kettle.properties file variables
  159. Prepared statement contains too many variables
  160. How to get the transactional data from mondrian for the mdx query in C#
  161. Visualise
  162. Tranformation usually gets stuck
  163. Issue with get file row count
  164. Help with a transformation
  165. Closed connection while handling error scenarios
  166. override variables with parameters
  167. Oracle Drivers in PDI
  168. Data Integration - Need help with "LDAP Input"
  169. Problems with AES
  170. Working with Parameters
  171. Commit size and error handling
  172. How to read PDF files in pentaho?
  173. Get a File from FTP - Connection Failed - Read Time out
  174. Pdi
  175. Unable to zip log files in mail received at the end of my job
  176. HBase connection
  177. troubleshooting Table out Bulk Insert error
  178. How to generate CSV using table input
  179. Error while running a spoon job in java
  180. Error while get mail by imap on kettle
  181. Error processing an XML using "GetDataFromXML" step when xml contains multiple CDATA
  182. Optimizing XML input --- Using Get XML vs. REST client
  183. ETL Metadata Injection problems running in kitchen
  184. Get files with FTPS
  185. Different flow for different types of error in a step
  186. ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol using Kettle 3.2
  187. Shape to postgis table
  188. Waiting for Multiple Files
  189. XML output
  190. S3 Pipe Not Connected
  191. Encrypt file with PGP
  192. How to execute a periodic refreshment job in Kettle?
  193. How to handle csv files with varying meta data between 1 to 7 columns
  194. insert update error in pdi ce-5.3
  195. Data from two different inputs one SQL and other flat file
  196. XML input Stream with get file names - why not?
  197. simple JSON input parse failing
  198. Change KETTLE_HOME when using the mac application
  199. Setup of slave server on Openshift (Red hat cloud)
  200. Component
  201. Error
  202. Running PDI Kettle on Java - Mongodb Step Missing Plugins
  203. Possible to configure 2 master in Carte?
  204. Executing Subtransformation twice from same parent transformation
  205. Building Large Complex XML in PDI
  206. Split Fields
  207. database join step : performance issue
  208. execute sql script keep running very slow but actually the data has already changed
  209. Database Lookup caching behavior
  210. Overwrite Logfile in PDI 5.4
  211. Found a bug of PDI pdi-ce-
  212. REST client step with SSL client side authentication
  213. any way to set a custom exit code?
  214. How to load the different targets in PDI based on multiple condition.
  215. Incrementing variable values
  216. Job Logging - StartDate Never Updates
  217. Master dead and slaves connection abort in Carte
  218. File repository slow with opening
  219. Replace in string with dynamic list of variables
  220. Consistent extraction from an online database without blocking it
  221. SQL Script adapter - Call Stored Procedure
  222. Decrypt files with PGP
  223. Insert update data in Pentaho
  224. Row Denormaliser - Can Target Field Names be set dynamically.
  225. HTTP Client - How to stop when returns Nothing
  226. Analytik Query - *final* value of previous row
  227. Pentaho Error while importing data and cleaning
  228. Saving transformation to BI platform
  229. Any tools for documenting Transformation and Jobs?
  230. Is there an easy way to assign one variable to another?
  231. Start-up Job feature
  232. Running Transformation throws KettleMissingPluginsException
  233. Problem with Sort rows and Table output
  234. Keep Pivot Table when Using Excel Template
  235. Insert/Update works but throws "Duplicate PK error"
  236. Issue with web service while using spoon
  237. Converting HTML to XML via pdi-html-to-xml-plugin?
  238. Steps for processing DOM XML
  239. Run PDI remotely on linux from Powershell
  240. Row and Column Index of "Preview Data" for a transformation
  241. Multiple value mapper conversions
  242. Strange: error java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Long working with integer
  243. Best practice: Use different steps or do as much as possible in input steps.
  244. Read database parameter from a properties file while running job
  245. Value Mapper - default field
  246. Automated testing of transformations
  247. run transformations in parallel through a loop
  248. Validate fields against one another
  249. Json
  250. Performance issues with 1 Lakh records