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  1. database connection reset
  2. table input with multiple paramenters
  3. Use Symmetric Cryptography step to decrypt mysql aes_encrypt()
  4. Could not list the contents of - Because it's not a folder.
  5. Can PDI See Colors
  6. Pentaho CE "Modified Java Script Value Step" isNum function
  7. how can I use kettle get json data from remote website?
  8. In Windows/DOS kettle parameters on separate lines - is this possible?
  9. Combining Rows
  10. Reading data from a webservice URL API in Pentaho
  11. Execute command in Remote windows machine
  12. Error writing to log table in Hadoop
  13. XBase input cyrillic
  14. Opening a transformation task in Pentaho (Error reading object from XML)
  15. http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/PDI-13232
  16. Slow transformation initialization (5 minutes??)
  17. Execute for every input row -> Not execute for every input row
  18. Copy Rows To Result for 2 levels
  19. Logging problem in transformations
  20. [Problem] Pentaho Community 5.4 - Data Integration problem with germen umlaut
  21. Pentaho Support Experience
  22. Writing a custom header to a Text File
  23. Excel with questions
  24. Kettle Transformation Deadlock Issue
  25. Environment for debugging Kettle
  26. System.loadLibrary for dll native methods results in java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
  27. Sample Hadoop job Pentaho MapReduce - wordcount fails in MapReduce job
  28. User Defined Java Class - Assignment conversion not possible
  29. Get Log Information for transformation
  30. Sample Use cases to study !! Need your help, please.
  31. PDI with Windows 10. Unable to connect steps
  32. Web Service Lookup error
  33. Java option values in PDI-CE-5.3
  34. Unable to create Transformation/Jobs in Repository
  35. Google analytic sorting events by weekly
  36. Problem Excel Writer to append lines
  37. Errors while importing data into Salesforce using the SalesForce Insert step
  38. Unable to insert or update SQL Server DateTime column from Dimension Update step
  39. Please help me build java_server
  40. Nulls, empty strings, table output and database lookup
  41. group concat using kettle
  42. Getting Transformation object from job in java
  43. JNDI AS400 iSeries error "Attribute value not valid"
  44. run SSH multiple commands
  45. Serialize / De-serialize step
  46. Where is PDI Splunk connector plugin?
  47. Getting issue in Date conversion when passing null value in column.
  48. Pass fields into stream with Execute SQL Scripts
  49. OData connectivity
  50. Documentation inconsistency: PostgresSQL jdbc driver
  51. Connection name change in DATABASE connection settings
  52. Get data from XML problem with Wildcard regex on Linux
  53. Pan.bat will not execute from Windows command line
  54. Starting a new kitchen process from within a Transformation
  55. How to use Metadata Injection?
  56. Metadata Injection - could use some help setting up my first
  57. Detect Substring and do a Lookup
  58. Gotchas With Upserts + MySQL
  59. Import from Text File Imput filtering with data from Table Input
  60. File watcher for multiple files daily
  61. Using Match in Job Hop
  62. spoon 3.2.2 is not showing all steps in design mode.
  63. Pentaho unable to copy files to Hadoop HDFS file system 1.0.3
  64. Consolidated Report Using Spoon Tool
  65. Pentaho getFileName Error
  66. Check text-file bases on change date
  67. Preserve Memory from Stream Lookup
  68. Check Command Error in a .bat file
  69. Using "Replace in String"
  70. PDI on AWS
  71. Database Join Step Not Working At Load.
  72. Removing character (,) from the end of the second last row?
  73. Is PDI suitable to be executed through JAVA ?
  74. Backslash issue with kettle propeties
  75. MongoDB output. Add $currentDate field
  76. Lectura Table Input a tabla AS/400 no se ejecuta en version 5.4
  77. Using Data Validation Step for Date Validation
  78. Excel Input step. "Current state not START_ELEMENT" exception
  79. Trouble specifying text input file
  80. User defined java class - Multiple tabs
  81. Cannot read / copy another field in the same stream row
  82. Split Duplicates from Excel Input
  83. Logging Transformations
  84. Transformation stops if encountered errors
  85. Checking informations on repository
  86. Make transformation database transactional or not?
  87. Conditionally perform input inside of transformation
  88. Error handling in sub transformation
  89. Kettle and Palo
  90. to create the sum of
  91. Duplicate Job
  92. Problem Launching spoon.sh Pentaho Community 5.4 Data Integration
  93. Analytics
  94. PDI & PRD Integration !!
  95. Reading Table Input table to AS / 400 version 5.4 running on
  96. SQL Server function to Java Script Logic
  97. Parallel distributing for insert update step
  98. easy way to bunch up webservice calls into batches of 100?
  99. error handling - How to create
  100. How to Bypass Proxy in Spoon?
  101. I/O Connection rest by peer: socket write error. Help on this? Just switched database
  102. Timeout Problems using HTTP Client step with Spoon while running under Carte
  103. Weird chars running Kitchen remotely (need UTF-8?)
  104. Connection with MongoDB
  105. S3 File OutPut hang there for hours and days
  106. Pdi ktr xml
  107. How to populate an existing XML file with the results from my stream?
  108. Data rollback mechansim
  109. Add Constant to compare a bit column in Table loopup - Spoon Tool
  110. Rule Executor: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to compile DRL
  111. What are the Maven dependencies for User Defined Java Class step?
  112. Fuzzy Match - Find closest distance matrix
  113. Combine 2 streams with identical fields into 1 with prio fieldvalue
  114. Dynamically Creating Output Text File Names from fields?
  115. Distribute Rows Doesn't Enhance Performance.
  116. Get JSON currency from currencylayer.com
  117. Filtering CSV using multiple grouped AND/OR statements?
  118. Question of building self referencing dimension table
  119. Pentaho PDI features and limitation. Help Help Help
  120. Remove Duplicate Rows in Table Output
  121. how to control the parallel number of job in kettle
  122. how to call job2 from other job1
  123. Windows Server is Rate Limiting SQL connections to database over network - help?
  124. XML to JSON
  125. PDI - Spoon - JSON input step error msg
  126. LDAP Output for new users
  127. Can someone validate this approach
  128. Problem to write the error in log linux- PDI 5.3
  129. How to judge ? Loading the second table using lookup or another table !!
  130. Pentaho & PostgreSQL
  131. Input Each records as Variable
  132. Import Repo
  133. Model to represent transformations and jobs !!
  134. Split single roq into multiple rows
  135. How to handle the attached file
  136. Insertion into Postgres stopping without throwing errors
  137. Inherited Community Version 4.4.0 - Changing Username/Passwords
  138. getting error while kitchen for runnig job in slave
  139. Implement if or else logic in PDI
  140. XUL Exception Error when trying to connect to Pentaho Repository
  141. Pentaho Kettle has problems with custom fields in Hive table
  142. HTTP request binary zip data to file!
  143. Can't connect to repository - Failed to access the wsdl
  144. MongoDB queries
  145. PDI 4.4 Plugin Development IMetaStore support
  146. Left Outer Join - Not Working with Excel Input
  147. Insert Row
  148. Date format MM/dd/yyyy not retaining leading zero
  149. How to start subsequent multi-thread job
  150. OutOfMemory: Java heap space
  151. launch next entries in parallel
  152. Create Text Files with Predetermined Number of Records
  153. Database Join error for function embedded on SELECT clause.
  154. executeTrans always returns HTTP Status 200
  155. Job executor and Single threader
  156. Ivy and resolve task
  157. Where does "transformation batch ID" come from?
  158. Exporting Transformation Output
  159. ReferenceError when trying to access Input Fields in Java Script
  160. Check unique records in the column and load error code if the record is duplicate.
  161. Delete rows that are deleted from source
  162. Metadata Injection where fields come and go
  163. remote sftp folder empty check
  164. PEntaho Data Stewardship Console
  165. Analytics
  166. Field width truncating at 260 characters
  167. Need help with JSON input Step - Preview Rows = No Rows Found?
  168. Transform Function Documentation in Modified Javascript Values
  169. Issue with excel which contain more than 256 column.
  170. insert statment vs bulk loader (oracle) !!
  171. help: regarding closure generator
  172. Update Excel Sheet and Pivot table and Charts in another Sheet
  173. FIlter rows contained in another table
  174. Error Creating Repository
  175. JOB still uses default values when parameters are set from Java API
  176. how to accept and reject a file based on Header file Present?
  177. denormalizer help: getting multi level denornalized data
  178. kettle.properties is not used when a job is run from DI repository
  179. How to added value based on specific column and execute row recursively in pentaho ?
  180. Sales and returns
  181. How to set multiple connection with Variable?
  182. An I/O error occurred while sending to the backend. - PostgreSQL
  183. How to read transactions into multiple records of varying length file?
  184. Auto Setting File Field
  185. Mail Validator advanced SMTP settings
  186. Looking for Regex to check DDMMYYCC.
  187. Rare truncate issue
  188. Nested JSON conversion
  189. Does Pentaho close the database connection when finished with a step? Or what?
  190. Manual Run of a Job via Command Line - Override ScheduleType and Repeat parameters
  191. Check condition for Special characters.
  192. Pentaho DI Certification.
  193. Automatic Documentation Output vs. SQL Repository Documentation
  194. Error starting Spoon on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  195. Trying to create a flat file with multiple detail consecutive lines.
  196. Integrate simple ETL functionality in Java project
  197. JMS Producer step not in Community Edition
  198. Multitple Access ResumptioToken
  199. Problem with dates from SQL Server. I can not correct the format
  200. Making Dynamic Insert/Update
  201. Use Row Normalizer for this scenario?
  202. Error "Loading job from repository"; but not specified detail
  203. Unable to capture reject records while loading to target oracle table
  204. search on forum fails..Incorrect datetime value: '' for column 'LOG_DATE' at row 1
  205. Is there a hack to quote an empty string value?
  206. Access Denied Error
  207. Retrieve all variables with regexp
  208. Need immediate help - Handling XML
  209. Need help in merging 2 excel with different fields data from same/diff tables
  210. terrible forum search features
  211. lookup step fails
  212. Process duplicate while insert from csv file to table
  213. Salesforce integration : error in salesforce upsert operation
  214. Newbie with basic questions
  215. RIGHT([fieldname]; 6) of Formula Step fails to extract rightmost 6 characters
  216. ERROR with postgresSQL - data type Bit
  217. ERRORS column issue in PDI-CE-5.3
  218. Spoon: Arrgh! lost Schedule from Action and Perspective during upgrade
  219. Chinese characters issue in flat files
  220. Pan & Spoon provide different results for calculator step
  221. Help: Stop running Kettle Job/Transformation using Java
  222. Help:: How to output csv with dynamic column
  223. Embed Kettle in WebApp: use datasource
  224. Pattern match to identify date format
  225. How to retrieve calendar informations from MsExchange using web service lookup
  226. Load Data in Parallel in Ora Bulk Loader step !! For what it was needed ?
  227. Carte Web Service - how to pass in as HTTPS
  228. Retrieving Kitchen.bat return codes in Powershell
  229. Any potential issues with opening/ closing a SQL connection about 30 times a minute?
  230. help for Solution
  231. JSON input path problem
  232. Melissa License Configuration
  233. Archive Logs full - APPEND/NO Logging ?
  234. Read a single row
  235. Get mails step in Job, using variable in target folder
  236. FileZilla Upload file to FTPS
  237. Regular expression
  238. Daily Record on Excel file
  239. Get Attached file on a EMAIL
  240. Kettle 5.4.0 Jobs stopping for no reason and without error
  241. Diff utility for KTR files
  242. SQLite Export
  243. General guide to logging in Data Integration?
  244. Value mapper RegEx
  245. do we need Pentaho DI server to schedule to jobs..?
  246. Pentaho Metadata Injection in Insert/update
  247. Use of Calculator
  248. Could not find or load main class org.pentaho.di.kitchen.Kitchen
  249. Unable to connect to a Database located on a VM
  250. Coaxing a full stack trace out of Spoon