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  1. Kettle Crashes when I click either the connection Edit... or Add... buttons
  2. how to write blob field to file
  3. Install R on Spoon - linux server
  4. Error connecting to SQL Server when running job in a batch, running fine from Spoon
  5. JOIN using CONCAT
  6. Connection Type - Generic Database vs. Defined
  7. Column Value same throughout
  8. unable to maintain hierarchy in json output
  9. Problems on logging on files using PDI 6.0
  10. Failed on initializing step using SQL_CONNECT on Postgres
  11. MongoDB not an option
  12. mssql bit() size conversion using spoon
  13. Where do "Get Files with SecureFTP" step in a job store the file name internally?
  14. How to call a argumented jar using PDI.
  15. Database lookup and Stream lookup issue
  16. Oracle OCI driver - connection is OK, but ETL fails when executed
  17. Converting Free Text Formula into native SQL
  18. Dimension Lookup/Update step inserts NULL instead of empty strings
  19. Data is not loading into all jobs
  20. KTR Error When Trying to Save
  21. help for some tasks
  22. Updated table attributes aren't loading in Table output
  23. read multiple xml file hierarchy
  24. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
  25. Output To File on remote node in hadoop cluster
  26. Get a File with FTP corrupting gzip file
  27. Transform working from java and pan even when the plugin is missing
  28. Auto Create Table
  29. couldn't convert string where string looks fine
  30. Table Output Connection Timeout Error
  31. Using user defined java class
  32. Differences between partitioned and clustered execution
  33. How to write the contents of the BLOB field to file in PDI.
  34. Export Pentaho transformation files from Windows to Linux system
  35. xmlJoin: Xpath Statement returned no result
  36. float point represented in HEX
  37. Error on get a blob field
  38. Tansformation to set values of a field depending on value of another Input Field
  39. Timestamp data type
  40. UTF-8 Importing French text
  41. Grouping XML data through STAX Parser
  42. Manipulating Excel files via Spoon
  43. DataCleaner doesn't launch
  44. Star Model Perspective in Kettle
  45. python script in Pentaho Data Integration
  46. Generate multiple files from 1 query
  47. Is it possible to have scd type 2 dimension without versioning field
  48. Unable to view all child elements in xml
  49. Data moving into next row when i use text file input step
  50. Stream response from a restful web service to any file , without waiting the end
  51. MongoDB Output Update Removing Fields
  52. Append multiple CSV files having same fields (but in random order) in a unique Table
  53. Insertion and updation problem how can i acheive this?
  54. Tab in File Input Metadata Injection seperator
  55. Can I use a Job parameter in a transformation formula?
  56. CSV file generation based on field value from INPUTDATA
  57. Data Validator question
  58. Calculating Hash
  59. Unable to fetch result from ''Get rows from result'' step
  60. Update step with error handling then Table output
  61. Salesforce Change API Endpoint
  62. Janino Compile Exception : UDJC
  63. Best way to parameterize table input
  64. How to upgrade JAVA for Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8.1 x64.
  65. Hadoop 2.7.1 and PDI
  66. Getting Error message from calling job
  67. Matching two Excel Files with two or more keys
  68. Access to MS sql server in linux
  69. infobright_jni_64bit.dll missing from pdi-ce- (infobright bulk loader)
  70. Customer Sort List
  71. Not Able to Start PDI GUI from Spoon.bat in PDI Community Edition
  72. How can i acheive this Create job in pentaho?
  73. How to run Kitchen programmatically without a repository.xml?
  74. Kitchen.main() calls System.exit() !?
  75. Debugging Pentaho: select some steps to execute in a transformation
  76. Simple Conversion
  77. PDI 6 does not start
  78. AAAR Not showing Configure/Install/Use buttons
  79. Weka Scoring
  80. Child table not populating due to referential integrity constraint
  81. PHP integration
  82. HASH Value Creation in Pentaho
  83. Replace in string using Regex.
  84. Pentaho kittle - Load field in TEXT data type in SQL Server
  85. PDI 6.0 isn't running
  86. is there a comparison of kettle and datastage?
  87. Composite partition key in Cassandra output
  88. Fields from XML plus separate columns into a single row
  89. Database Lookup and missing Fields
  90. Java Heap Space error sending emails
  91. Heap Error but job status still 'SUCCESS'. How to capture the error
  92. add constant from a parameter
  93. Getting a filename as a field
  94. How can i acheive this any idea.?
  95. Split rows into different streams based on grouping attribute
  96. Text file output generates a huge file
  97. Set column name as the first value
  98. Not able to read data from transformation1 as the input to the transformation 2
  99. How to union parts of data from multiple files
  100. Pentaho 6.0 backward compatibility with Java 7
  101. Use token or variable in Get data from XML Loop XPath
  102. Filter an input file on the length of a field
  103. Can I execute begin for loop in Execute sql step?
  104. Issue with performance graph
  105. Need advice: PDI Version and File repository
  106. “get rows from result” as input to job in Transformation step
  107. Dimension lookup/update very slow
  108. Format
  109. Web Services Lookup Problem
  110. multiple get rows from result with same copy rows to result
  111. Read many lines in data grid to job executor
  112. Null Exception Error when Connecting Steps
  113. Table Input Step Does not replace variables
  114. Dimension have null values?
  115. Big problems about saving transformations
  116. Problem to download multiple images and getting the HASH code of them
  117. Error Could not close the output stream
  118. How to add a JavaScript library to Pentaho (For modified JS step)
  119. MongoDB Version Upgrade
  120. Debug hanging job in kitchen.
  121. How to use FK/PK in Json file
  122. Build API REST URL
  123. error occurred while saving the Transformation to a resource library!
  124. Merge join misworking
  125. SPOON failed to launch
  126. Update Database connections for Spoon job entities
  127. DI server deployment with Community Edition
  128. Creating Repository in different user other than ADMIN & lusing database connection
  129. Data
  130. Get Mail Pop - Target Directory name from Database
  131. XML in Pentaho
  132. Error msg. while running transformation in pan.sh.
  133. hadoop file or text file steps ?
  134. Numerous warnings about cfgbuilder configuration at startup
  135. row hash md5, sha1
  136. Involing Carte addJob REST service gives 302
  137. How to get unsampled data in Google analytics
  138. Json Path is missing
  139. Design transformation based on XSD
  140. Missing some spoon plugins at runtime (KarafLifecycleListener Error)
  141. Bug in Text File input at linux?
  142. JSON input with nested structure with same property name at different levels
  143. What Determines Job Entry success or fail? (aka does ANY error through a fail?)
  144. NPE when using MS Excel Input with filename from previous step
  145. Kettle is not responding
  146. Transform invalid date format from CSV file
  147. filter rows step make pdi crash
  148. send a login request and retrieve token in a txt file
  149. Running reports accross multiple MySQL databases with the same schema
  150. How to start job on local pc through carte
  151. how to trans blob type field from mysql to oracle?
  152. Regex to check for special char at the end of the string.
  153. ETL incremental load strategies
  154. Put file with ftp with a nonstd port
  155. ORACLE Bulk Loader issue with string length > 255
  156. Webservice Lookup fails to load NetSuite WSDL
  157. MongoDB 3.x - input- authentication not working
  158. How to set a variable by using sql script result,and use it in table input
  159. XML and Shell Script in Pentaho
  160. Substitute variable in SQL statements
  161. Error with remote call to Kettle batch file from iseries
  162. What is PentahoTransformation equivalent to"query"transformation in SAPData Services?
  163. How/where to write a simple update statement to update columns in tables in Pentaho?
  164. Job Entry Branching -- If you have two outbound hops, which hop is followed first?
  165. Looping Job Entries -- they retain "Log Text" of all previous loops
  166. Load process is very slow...any suggestions to improve performance?
  167. Questions for executing a Spoon Job from Java
  168. Get REST API suddenly taking a long time - loading in web browser much faster, wth?
  169. No single quote escaping in SQL Statement Job entry?
  170. Substituting Variables in a SQL Statement stored in a table by values in other table
  171. Performance of Execute Row SQL Script
  172. Any help in using ETL Metadata Injection step for dynamic number of columns?
  173. is it possible to use project from EE version in CE version as well
  174. Cannot run jobs remotely (on a server) from a client machine using Carte
  175. Calculate the difference between two identical strems
  176. Cannot Open any Pentaho Jobs
  177. Who am I? (PDI processes and Active Directory)
  178. Execute SQL script
  179. Is it possible to execute a job which repeats itself from JAVA?
  180. Display the logs of a job running inside another job
  181. Carte execution ID vs JOB execution log
  182. Incremental Load best practices......
  183. PDI and implementing Machine Learning (ML) algorithm
  184. slowly changing dimension identical records getting flagged as different
  185. Documentation for ETL Metadata Injection
  186. Hello, is there anyone here? I am Chinese, my English is not good, I have a problem,
  187. Yeild or IRR formulas in Pentaho Spoon
  188. Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
  189. Apache Hive Fetch Size
  190. Any compatibility issues running PDI 6.0 transformations on 3.0.0 biserver-ce?
  191. Error comparing fields - cannot find lookup field
  192. How to use Get Variable Parameter value in R Script Executor through PDI.
  193. Start position of a string
  194. 401 Unauthorized from REST step, works in CURL
  195. How to read unicode with the JSON Input?
  196. Importing all CSVs from a folder and merging
  197. problem with Dimension lookup/update feature
  198. Does the 'User Defined Java Expression' have access to row data?
  199. DB Lookup step to table on linked server
  200. strange issue with the Postgres Bulk Loader
  201. Execute Rest HTTP with no data result
  202. "col1" is of type uuid but expression is of type character varying
  203. Does mySQL bulk loader works only wth Local datafile
  204. String contains invalid or unsupported UTF8 codepoints
  205. Log connection and Log table name auto-insert bad values
  206. Delete in a previous script of a data load to fact table
  207. Web Services Lookup
  208. Get emails and attachments
  209. Microsoft Excel Writer Step
  210. Load ftp files into postgresql database tables
  211. Windows 7 64 bit - Spoon won't start
  212. Set environemnt variable with datetime
  213. Webservices
  214. HTTP Client / Post / REST Client - help on how to post form variables ?
  215. Field name size limit for Text output component- workaround?
  216. Getting data dinamically from all pages in JSON
  217. Combination lookup/update when there are null values
  218. DataStage to pentaho migration,what step in pentaho works as transformer in Datastage
  219. Environment Variable values are clearing when I restart the Spoon tool
  220. Cant Run Kitchen.bat
  221. PDI as a business layer between source and webapplications/services
  222. Data storage in Pentaho transformation which are database transactional
  223. Entry to update with following key could not be found
  224. Pass Update Columns as Variables
  225. passing NULL as a Parameter in DB Call Procedure
  226. Moving PDI transformation to a different server
  227. \xEE\x8C\xB4 error
  228. Unable to load {0} shim. PDI fails to load mapr410 shim.
  229. Problem passing parameter to mailstep
  230. Transactional execution with Kettle 4.4.2
  231. Organize a messy text file to export to DB
  232. Convert Single Column file into row
  233. How to use credentials file for setting database password in a secure way?
  234. Error while launch spoon.bat
  235. Datasource from KTR transformation file?
  236. Average all the value in a row
  237. DB connection in version 5.2 is ok, but not in version 6.0
  238. How to configure multiple database connections using config files?
  239. Pentaho Data Integration (Which Linux Flavor and Version is appropriate).
  240. Reading a multiline field from AR Input
  241. org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException: Cannot find repository "reportdev"
  242. How to go to the previous directory by using {Internal.Job.Filename.Directory} ?
  243. Find first non-null value scanning rows backwards from current row
  244. Replace in String step in PDI leads to the issue - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
  245. Consuming JSON variabel coming our of MongoDB as BSON
  246. Blueprint Container Issue
  247. Move xml files after sucesfull db write
  248. Strange error encountered during Job execution
  249. Pentaho ETL Developer WANTED
  250. How to add a "pause" in the next line in spoon.bat