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  1. PDI6 - Process crash (out of memory)
  2. Transformation Executor Field to group rows on
  3. kettle data in browser implementation not working in IE 10
  4. The Right function that can modifiy the outcome from switch case function
  5. Issue happen when i build the kettle source code.
  6. Categorize or Grouping according to few parameters
  7. run Kitchen/Pan on AWS Lambda?
  8. how to remove invalid chars from csv export rows
  9. How to drop a table using Pentaho?
  10. want to selct some lines from pdf files
  11. Call DB Procedure and SQL Scripts
  12. Query Druid
  13. Which transformation to skip first 4 rows
  14. Kettle Step Exception
  15. KettleDatabaseBatchException
  16. Reading from Excel file with changing names and fields
  17. Problem with paralelism and sequential steps
  18. Splash_image is null
  19. Problem export field Date (SQL) to Excel
  20. Central Logs
  21. returning data from MS SQL server
  22. Who submitted a transformation
  23. Pentaho loader stop without any error
  24. Problems with conflicting database connections in PDI
  25. Encoding error using Run SSL Command
  26. Listening to TCP ports
  27. Hive with Pentaho - Method not supported
  28. Transformation versioning
  29. Calculator - Create a copy of field A copies spurious characters
  30. Central Log Store is not initialized!!!
  31. Problems to write txt file into Cassandra
  32. RSS Input fails with
  33. Job Mail step throwing Could not connect to SMTP host error
  34. Help with JNDI database connection - please...
  35. Looking for Pentaho fuctions to manulate CSV file inputs
  36. Test value and substitute
  37. HTTP Post different behaviour between PDI 4.4 and 5.4 / 6.0
  38. Constructing a custom mail message
  39. Enable Proxy Server for PDI
  40. Produce an excel ouput file step for each case in a Switch/Case step
  41. log4j Could not parse url [file:/data/pentaho/data-integration/./system/osgi/log4j.xm
  42. Postgres Bulk Loader hangs after few records - No error or output shown
  43. Cannot connect to databases - gives hsqldb error
  44. POST a csv file using Http Post step
  45. Storing Output Value Table Input running once per row
  46. Pentaho Kettle/PDI fails on second request
  47. Transformation that pulls specific Row/Columns from Excel
  48. Is there a way to use properly an insert/update step with decimal numbers?
  49. Now to capture the table output error
  50. couldn't convert string to a date using format
  51. Using cassandra Output
  52. Dealing with Time differences in Timezones
  53. Insert/update too slow for dimension table load...
  54. reading from zipped csv files
  55. Job Fails When Logging Level set to "Row Level (very detailed)"
  56. wrriting logging message into String (field)
  57. max count of row to get from source
  58. Healthcare Research Red Cap
  59. Challenges with DB based repoitory
  60. Quesstion about big-Data Plugin
  61. CTRL+Space not working in Google Spreadsheet steps
  62. Name SampleData is not bound in this Context - error on Pentaho
  63. Input Single or multiple JSON files from http Link(s)
  64. Carte: Sending variables to job through parameter in REST api
  65. Problem in reading some input fields in JSON File Path
  66. Kerberos authentication in PDI-EE-6.0.1
  67. Lookup a value from a static map
  68. [SPOON] Put file to FTPS -" Return Value: 521 Description: PROT P required "
  69. Data Connections not being released or closed
  70. No ResultSet was produced
  71. Transformation for Command prompt executions
  72. Headers in rest client
  73. Error Cannot call method "substring" of null in Script Values
  74. Problem in splitting date string to Day, Month, Year
  75. How to validate day, month, year combination against date dimension table?
  76. Different ETL behavior running same job on Spoon vs. BA server
  77. Using a run-date value as a parameter in Table Input?
  78. Date operation Date A - B Days
  79. Metadata plugin
  80. problem with size of fiels?
  81. Spoon won't start -- Windows 10
  82. Impact Analysis: Get the impacted list of kettle files with step or job entry names
  83. User Defined Java Class
  84. Using environment variables in a filter step
  85. Java Exception on Using JSON Input
  86. Calculator Locale
  87. Running multiple indenpendent Jobs(JVM) in parallel
  88. Pentaho Data Service run through PUC generates SQL errors
  89. Need to insert identity column in msssql DB using pentaho 5.3
  90. "Auto Size Columns" does not work as expected on server where there is no MS Excel
  91. Checking if there's no rows in result
  92. Excel writer in Pentaho Data Integration - Password protection not working
  93. Using series of variables for table name in table input
  94. Duplicate entry for key 'PRIMARY' error on empty table
  95. LDAP Authentication Methods
  96. Update step -- batch update much faster --- getting stuck though??
  97. truststore issue
  98. Error Flag and Message from a Transformation to use in the JOB
  99. Pentaho per principianti
  100. Variable Port Number - MS SQL Server Native
  101. migrating from Kettle EE to CE
  102. Create an XML Output with varying tags in each record
  103. Unrecognized SQL escape - parameter substitution in Transformation
  104. Calling procedure from Sql Server Schema in "Call DB Procedure" step
  105. Fuzzy Join (Not Fuzzy Match). Equivalent of overriding = operator for Join
  106. Creating a tables from multiple .csv files using PDI Kettle
  107. Conditional data connection for debugging purposes
  108. Appending Data in Excel
  109. Get namespaces of xml to create new xml
  110. JSON Array issue in PDI 6.0
  111. Databse connection issue in case of multiple jobs running togather
  112. Numeric values are being rounded to decimals when read by using Database Join Step.
  113. If statement in Database join step not working
  114. JavaScript return number types with precision
  115. PDI - Logging
  116. Read many DBF files
  117. Capturing Exceptions/Errors in PDI in transformation and passing forward to parent
  118. transformation becoming non responding
  119. Regex Evaluation (group capturing) documentation error?
  120. Sending Email Alerts (success/ failure) -- do you need real email sender?
  121. Sub-transformation/Mapping Question
  122. Help reading variable lenth record files into tree database tables
  123. Reading JSON file using http Post
  124. Read file on PDI Server (linux) from Windows PDI client
  125. Data validator halts execution when reaching invalid field.
  126. Currency Convertion
  127. Set variables writes values in log
  128. Agile BI plugin / Perspective in PDI 6.
  129. Rest Client truncating result
  130. Copy table(s) wizard does not allow to specify a schema?
  131. Creating tables dynamically from a bunch of 40 different .csv files
  132. MetaData Injection and variables
  133. SCD and columnar databases
  134. S3 bucket object list
  135. Run multiple versions of PDI and Java
  136. JSON input field information
  137. Call DB Procedure on SQL Server not find stored procedure
  138. JOIN with ON conditions involving STRINGs and NOT EQUAL
  139. Problem querying MonetDB, but connection test is fine
  140. Accessing ResultSet instead of Rows
  141. how to check if connection pooling is working
  142. Can I compare 2 tables with different structures based on the value of a column
  143. Loading from remote disc
  144. Using field value in Mongo Document path
  145. Extraction of info from PDF modules
  146. PDI - Loop through rows
  147. Transform getting stuck; leaking transaction?
  148. UDJC if last row
  149. setVariable in Javascript not working on Mac OS X El Capitan
  150. Replace in string issue...
  151. ldap input only return 1000 rows
  152. Pentaho Data Service - Cannot create DB connection & services not visible in Carte
  153. Processing uneven JSON file
  154. Return auto generated value from Execute SQL Statements step
  155. Simple file renaming, processing
  156. XLS Input Stream and JCR
  157. Unique rows step or DISTINCT or GROUP BY
  158. Remove numeric text from ceils
  159. "Filter rows" brings wrong data set....
  160. PDI + CARE as a webservice provider
  161. HTML Unicode character translation possible?
  162. HTTP Post sequential or parallel?
  163. How to specify the path of a MySQL database ?
  164. Issues with Kitchen running Jobs
  165. Can Scripting Formula reference an Input field?
  166. Most recents sources of knowledge regarding PDI tool
  167. Best approach to process multiple similar files
  168. Connecting Pentaho to Oracle
  169. HTTP Client and Json Input
  170. Pentaho DI reference books
  171. Disable or avoid Carte security authentication
  172. Using multiple parameters with rest client
  173. STAX XML Input
  174. Writing Different Transformations to Same Excel File
  175. Loading hierarchy of objects to DB knowing patterns to match
  176. dos format issue
  177. problem looping on a compound field
  178. Does PDI support UNION feature as "UNION" in SQL?
  179. Open Referenced Object .. Transformation not working
  180. Connecting to InfluxDB
  181. Data with 40K+ rows
  182. Changes to DB repository not committed
  183. Pentaho Reporting Output in Debian: Cannot generate reports in PDF
  184. Need Help to implement Rest Client
  185. Transformation step metrics inside Job with Java API
  186. Understanding Merge Join
  187. Updateall object of a SQL Db
  188. Add the query results to an input stream row by row
  189. Extract Date from Filename
  190. HTTP POST with JIRA Tempo Timesheets
  191. Mapping Values
  192. Cannot start new Pentaho PDI; Could not find the main class
  193. Access Input Metadata Injection
  194. Database transactional job in CE
  195. cycle through the list from a sql query
  196. Kettle job says NullPointerException when opening a transformation
  197. Pentaho Data Service not loaded correctly when in DB repo
  198. Pentaho DI server upgrade
  199. Use Spoon from another Pc
  200. Regex in Replace in string step
  201. Searching a string for a value.
  202. Help using variables
  203. Data Grid with dynamic fields
  204. Error with building from sources
  205. How to disable easy mouse touch operations
  206. Can't extract multiple OBX fields by using Step "HL7 Input"
  207. Error creating Pentaho Data Services connection
  208. Json data store issue in pdi
  209. Problem with Merge Join
  210. Insert/Update comparison issue
  211. Opening a kettle file comes up empty
  212. Export from TRASH folder in PDI - Repository
  213. Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM warning: PDI 6.0
  214. Merging streams with different columns
  215. Appending an excel having formula
  216. Problems when trying to save Log - Urgent
  217. Unexcepted Error Writing to Access File
  218. What Java versions are required for which versions of Pentaho?
  219. Get the Nth larger value
  220. IF-clause in PDI
  221. Extract a header from a REST response
  222. Trouble with the "Insert data from step" option
  223. Problem with export to sql of a Date field
  224. Kettle Repository Issues
  225. How to make a job use transformations from inside a repository?
  226. Scheduling Jobs
  227. Capability Manager: What does it provide?
  228. Shell entry does not execute script
  229. PDI .kettle properties file location in ubuntu and start spoon problems
  230. MongoDB Input unwind
  231. org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException: com.sun.xml.ws.client.ClientTransportE
  232. Error Saving Transformation
  233. Kettle, Step Java Script, reading input fields, NullPointerException
  234. How to publish table input records(20 rec summary table)to the body of email content?
  235. ERROR [WebjarsURLConnection] Error Transforming zip
  236. Get result from simple transformation problems
  237. Named parameters and UnknowParamException
  238. Carte Kettle stus page does not display transformation/job image
  239. Loading Dimension table using .csv
  240. Performance tuning
  241. Modified Java Script and Parameters
  242. SAP Connection Bug Fix Contribution
  243. Populating multiple tables in parallel
  244. Ttransformation with error when inside a Job
  245. How to read a file without specifying separator ? I want to check no. of occurences
  246. Chack date in name of txt file and system date for start transformation
  247. Excel input that has rows represeting a group
  248. Table Join - Concatenate multiple rows from table B in one cell / variable
  249. DataCleaner plug-in for Kettle 6 will not start
  250. How to build the "agile-bi" plugin?