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  1. Kitchen.Error.No Rep Definition
  2. How to check the execution of a scheduled job?
  3. Problems generating performance Logging
  4. Running kettle job in unix
  5. Pentaho 6 CE log4j.xml
  6. CPU USAGE is reaching to 100%
  7. is it possible to run Pentaho using other tool but bat files and Win Task Scheduler?
  8. Mongo input - Endless loop detected for substitution of variable: ${url}
  9. Advice on continuous data integration
  10. How to make the multiple XML input in ktr?
  11. Error in pan but no error in spoon
  12. List or array data structure
  13. Unable to connect to sampledata database
  14. Repository Name
  15. Get parameter values from CMD script to PDI job/transformation
  16. cannot connect PDI EE 6.0.1 with hadoop 2.2 sandbox
  17. Replicating SQL Server Table Structure to Vertica
  18. Get e-mail attachment from e-mails with specific Subject
  19. Export resutl from "execute SQL Script" to "Microsoft Excel Writer"
  20. Locking a file while writing on it to prevent any other users from viewing content
  21. Get back more colorfull icons in version 6.0
  22. Can't get connection to MS SQL Server to work
  23. Create a new file using Defined Java Class
  24. Connection Refused Error- HTTP Post
  25. Problem with Modified Java Script Value
  26. Denormaliser step convert string to data faild
  27. SetVariable in script value component
  28. Log management
  29. Pentaho Spoon transformation error
  30. REST lookup or create in PDI
  31. Table output with MySQL
  32. HL7 Input
  33. LDAP Update with null values
  34. Excel not null rows transformation
  35. Create new column in database after calculations from existing database
  36. How to transform this? newbie question
  37. ktr testing
  38. Stopping the execution of a transformation with condition
  39. extracting XML CDATA from mondrian.xml
  40. Calling a SP in Pentaho with IN and OUT parameters
  41. UDJC in Java API: How to load external jar
  42. org.pentaho.gis.shapefiles.GisException
  43. Kettle spoon 6.0 starting issue on RHEL 5.11
  44. date problem in kitchen report
  45. Efficient way of doing joins
  46. Getting SYSDATE from Oracle
  47. Dump of 39 lakh rows in excel from table input
  48. How to set specific log4j.xml location for pentaho data integration?
  49. Carte: Using runTrans servlet with variables to be passed to transformation
  50. Text file output - "Could not create file" exception
  51. how to send zip file using Mail step
  52. How to fill up with previous values?
  53. Email Specific Data To A Related Email
  54. How do I access result data in a Kettle job?
  55. Creating New Table with Selected Column Names
  56. noob Quertion
  57. How to read mainframe file
  58. text file output with different column (header, detail & footer)
  59. How to pass empty parameter value to transformation from job
  60. Is there way to connect Salesforce to Kettle?
  61. Getting CSV file name
  62. Issue with 'database lookup' component
  63. Read ISAM (COBOL) data files
  64. Database Connection Error|HikariCP
  65. Parameterize Database Connection Details
  66. Summary
  67. dbf encoding from XBASE input step
  68. Hadoop File Output - Unable to write out to HDFS
  69. Problem calling a stored procedure in Pentaho
  70. What is the benefit of using 'Launch next entries in parallel' [4.4.0]
  71. Issue with multi input mapping sub transformation
  72. Transformation's version
  73. Conversion error html to date?
  74. In list
  75. diferences between MERGE JOIN, STREAM LOOKUP and DATABASE LOOKUP
  76. Database connection with SSH tunnelling
  77. add new sequence for each row by group
  78. Result files created in parallell transformations disappears
  79. Transformation Executor Row grouping ERROR BUGS?!?!?
  80. PDI Rest API outputting CSV data can not be processed
  81. How to create a step in Pentaho community edition
  82. pentaho carte slave server execution + not able to use variables after setting
  83. Dimension lookup/update preventing an update
  84. Flag rows in list
  85. Cannot create OpenERP input step
  86. Need help changing from 32-bit java to 64-bit when starting spoon.bat
  87. PDI 5.1 and Agile BI 5.1 Visualize HTTP 503 Problem
  88. Not scaling for 4k dispalys
  89. Get Day in Javascript Step
  90. Truncate table step is not working properly
  91. Set ETL_ID in Dimension lookup component
  92. Get specifics values from column to create new lines
  93. Problem while runnig Pentaho source code with eclipse
  94. Table Input with multiple steps
  95. Pentaho Variables OS SCOPE
  96. Get files from SFTP
  97. DB table to xml : encoding problems
  98. Concatenate fixed values to several columns
  99. Number is coming with comma's and enclosed in double Quotes
  100. Loop through file names
  101. Frequent crashes and memory leaks in Kettle 6.0.1 under Max OS X 10.10
  102. Execute .prpt File Every Hour
  103. Call DB Procedure with Date
  104. Unable to recognize OLE stream - Input Excel error
  105. Using HTTP Trasfer File job step to get prpt file for burst report
  106. Counts in Preview and Table Output seem wrong
  107. Using Named Parameters as Variables
  108. Generic JDBC and java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
  109. Server IPC version 9 cannot communicate with client version 3
  110. JSON Path help required for Pentaho DI CE 6.0
  111. Add a calculated field
  112. Using Get table name & Table Input to read data from all tables in d/b
  113. Using Parameters on a server
  114. Take action on error of Transformation Executor
  115. Regular expression help
  116. How can I get tablenames when create a treans step(tableInput) in java code?
  117. Input/output keeps running
  118. Measures and Dimensions Not Displayed for Datasource created using View in MySQL
  119. Override global kettle logging variables to not log for transformation
  120. Job Only fails when run through kitchen/ bat file -- through Spoon, exact thing works
  121. Querying for Duplicate Usernames
  122. MySQL Bulk Loader with DATATIME Fileds
  123. Execute SQL script Error
  124. Conditional structure between fields
  125. data-integration folder gets created
  126. Problems when processing a set of Excel Files
  127. PostgreSQL Bulk Loader
  128. Extract data Facebook Graph API Explorer
  129. GeoKettle Plugin
  130. Two Digit Date Conversion Cut Off
  131. output fields problem
  132. What is the standard setup for PROD/DEV/TEST Environment
  133. Zip format with size =0
  134. HTTP Status 404
  135. Export all transforms individually from repository
  136. Data integration Issue while running a report
  137. Query and output printing in spoon job
  138. Move multiple PDF's securely
  139. ${Internal.Job.Repository.Directory} is empty in 6.0 version
  140. New transformation
  141. Doubts about Dimension lookup/update version field
  142. Escaping Special Characters
  143. Workaround for Excel Writer NPE when no rows exist
  144. Trouble reading xlsx produced by PDI
  145. Delete step ignores FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0
  146. Pentaho scheduling
  147. Using Pentaho MapReduce to Parse Weblog Data - can't start mapreduce with no error
  148. unable to add Step into generated XML
  149. Dynamic job name into Job log table
  150. Customizing the Data Integration Design Tool
  151. Execute as single statement doesn't work with mysql
  152. Value mapper - several fields
  153. Sample ETL Process Data for educational purposes
  154. Best option/practice to add a new field to a Fact table
  155. connection to database for the whole session
  156. Multiple input tables to single output
  157. Modified Java Script Value > execution of a function only one time, not once per row
  158. Function Js
  159. problem connecting to salesforce URL
  160. Least of Timestamps in Columns
  161. Parallel processing of the same job
  162. Modified Javascript
  163. Maybe a bug of PDI pdi-ce- errorcode = 0 always
  164. Set configuration variables in parent job and run subjob independently
  165. http post web service soap
  166. Text file input field repeat not working
  167. Partitioning problem
  168. Filling gaps in stream from previous row on specific fields only.
  169. how to produce multiple files
  170. Kettle Row Count in Pentaho data Integeration
  171. Issue with Block this step until steps finish
  172. How can I use kettle to connect hive2 with kerberos approving?
  173. Modifying XML Document (Need same format output)
  174. Remove/Disable last line from text output
  175. Extract Number Field
  176. Treat return Json using Modified Java Script Value
  177. How to add field dynamically in "ADD XML Column " Step.
  178. Significance of Garbage Collection in Pentaho Data Integration Server tuning
  179. Can I use variable in Select Value
  180. KJB/KTR testing
  181. Kettle/Spark Question: Transform that feeds Spark w/o writing to disk (or hive)
  182. Multiple table loads from multiple files
  183. How to create or modify a shim to support hadoop 2.x
  184. Create multiple (multilevel) XML files in 1 transformation
  185. Text File Input gets conversion error for number field on Kettle 5.4/6.0
  186. how to implement a pattern in Pentaho
  187. Probleme FK in diff tables
  188. Java options for 64 bit
  189. kettle on a remote server
  190. Sending file attachments - empty job log file
  191. Set a path in Excel Input using ${Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory}
  192. Scheduling jobs in Windows Task Scheduler
  193. LGPL licence in commercial use
  194. Comparing files that have multiple file lay-outs
  195. Replication of data from one MapR-DB to another MapR-DB using PDI
  196. Spoon and Carte.
  197. Sqoop Import - Can Transfer into HDFS but Can't Run Hive
  198. Run two completely unrelated jobs at the same time in one instance?
  199. acknowledge message HL7
  200. Replace in string not working ?
  201. microsoft excel to pdf
  202. Compare 2 sets of fields!
  203. another way to get a log output
  204. JNDI fails in PRD from PDI
  205. ./spoon.sh: line 211: /usr/java/jre1.7.0_79//bin//usr/java/jre1.7.0_79/: not found
  206. Sending FORM/POST parameters to a webservice
  207. 'Get Fields' command line automation
  208. Use CDATA in XML Output File
  209. Step "Email Message Input" - How to use variables for Username/Password?
  210. Run powershell script from Pentaho - execution privilege problem?
  211. kettle can connect hive,but can't execute SQL?
  212. copy rows to result from etl metadata injection
  213. Having trouble using UDJC step..
  214. run transformation kettle for each row xml data dynamically
  215. Hanging Transformation
  216. User defined java expression problem
  217. PDI 5.4 kitchen.bat to overwrite log file instead of appending it.
  218. HTTP Client
  219. Wanting to setup PDI as a process running as service - any info around implementation
  220. upgrade the Salesforce Plugins to support version >=32 of the Salesforce API
  221. PLEASE fix Execute SQL statement escaping
  222. Pentaho import.sh replaces the PDI Database connections and attributes
  223. 0437 MSDOS United States Equivalent encoding in Pentaho
  224. Fail to run 'Transforming Data with Pig' example
  225. Named parameter arrangement in spoon
  226. PDI 6.0.1 kitchen.sh not returning proper exit code on Ubuntu 14.04, but does on OSX
  227. Problems for help in Building PDI
  228. How do you use a field value, which is a URL, as input to the XML Input stream (Stax)
  229. Uploading data from CSV to Table
  230. Pentaho Data Integration and Gartner magic quadrant data integration tools
  231. Can I compare .ktr file versions in source control?
  232. Transformation in SQL Select vs Java Expressions Performance
  233. CSV grouping lines with empty values
  234. Pentaho not starting due to Classes not found
  235. repeated segments HL7 Message
  236. Move Files
  237. Pentaho transformation never ends
  238. Parsing Text file with different data sets with different number of columns
  239. How to "mix" to Excel table
  240. FTP permissions folder
  241. Error with Stream Lookup stepStream Lookup
  242. Kettle 4.2 and 5.4 on JDK 8 on RedHat 6 not using all cores
  243. Is that possible to set a property on kettle.property using an enviroment variable?
  244. pdi automatically closes
  245. How to compute checksum of entire file?
  246. PDI and access connection > DatabaseMeta is not JNDI, it is ODBC
  247. How to efffectively use stream lookup step
  248. Issue with SET Variable component in a job
  249. ETL Excel output : how to make CONDITIONAL formatting (with colors, borders) ?
  250. Import text files with different layouts