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  1. Error during CSV -> mysql update insert driving me nuts
  2. Conditional repeat rows
  3. Excel input string vs number data types issue
  4. How to enable safe mode in a bash execution
  5. Body content changes on importing attachment in salesforce
  6. If string contains a certain value, set empty. How to javascript?
  7. DatabaseMeta is not JNDI, it is OCI
  8. How to get logger instance from PDI.
  9. Issues in MapReduce from PDI 6.1 to Cloudera CDH 5.7
  10. How to compare three different columns when two conditions are met in a data set?
  11. java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: SSO KeyStore not available (Oracle wallet)
  12. Concurrency issue with Blocking/GetFileNames (PDI 6.0.1)
  13. Layered input steps
  14. A repeated variable in many transformations inside the same job
  15. Some steps are skipped!!!
  16. Difference between two date
  17. Error in filter rows step
  18. Vairable overwrite in parallel job execution
  19. Insert or update entry of table
  20. Carte jobs fail but transformations work
  21. Attaching files with date/time stamps from text file output
  22. field name variable (or variable in variable)
  23. TLS1.2 with Kettle 4.2 on JDK 7
  24. Input table failing trying to use a postgres function
  25. Pentaho is not friendly with the right mouse button
  26. Put constant in certain place within String, how to?
  27. Unable to connect to mongo with MongoDB Input plugin using kettle parameters
  28. Exporting list of jobs from scheduler
  29. Download file via URL needing authentication
  30. Transform null values depending from previous row
  31. Move files in Kettle jobs
  32. High availability cluster configuration for PDI
  33. Trouble simulating a 'trivial' FOR in Spoon
  34. 6.1 repository password (PostgreSQL)
  35. JOB in windows
  36. Modify existing job to loop through multiple accounts for repeating process
  37. Transformation Executor help
  38. Windos Schedule and job pentaho : failed
  39. cannot connect to Amazon Redshift with Pentaho CE
  40. Updating single table in parallel issue
  41. Clearly defined database interface - looking for advice
  42. Script execution in Kettle job fails
  43. Parallel transformations as part of pdi job fails ..
  44. HL7 input Pentaho kettle- repeating segments in HL7 message
  45. Unable to Create Repository
  46. Kettle + Write Log when SQL query faild
  47. GetDataFromXML with Repeating Element
  48. Mismatched data getting loaded into table fields
  49. When opening Spoon: "All Open files will be closed." Is this normal?
  50. Pentaho PDI plugin: retrieve data set through the dialog
  51. calling .bat file from kettle/PDI
  52. Set and Get Variable for Date
  53. Configuring input steps in sequence
  54. Setting temporary filestore in Apache VFS for Pentaho Kettle Engine to read
  55. ERROR: prepared statement "S_2" already exists
  56. extra row from JS putRow
  57. Performance tuning tips - Oracle
  58. Sequence between Transformation and Job linked with hop
  59. Saving LOG_FIELD on log transformation table results on encoding error
  60. Formatting multiple Date Formats
  61. which version JDK for kettle
  62. "setvariables.ktr" at transformation level
  63. runTrans throws RunTransServlet.Error.UnexpectedError everytime
  64. GET XML only grabbing top element
  65. How to clear db cache for batch processes?
  66. Date difference (Calculator gives me strange answers)
  67. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) possible with PDI?
  68. Reading multiple Excel sheets to one textfile
  69. Issue with DBF Input
  70. problems with replacing a word.
  71. How to troubleshoot a kitchen job
  72. Setting fields (key value pairs) as variable name(s) and value(s) in a ktr
  73. Value mapper problem/merging tables problem
  74. Using xaction to call a kettle job which contains many transaction
  75. How to join CSV files (without using DB)?
  76. Processing GZIP/Deflate xm file from HTTP Post
  77. how to extract data from complex excel form?
  78. Populate multi table DB maintaining FK constraints from XML file
  79. How to specify "Date with timestamp" format in Text File Input step?
  80. pentaho job entry launch with kitchen.bat
  81. Timestamp conversion error
  82. Need to Ftp Bi server output pdf through PDI
  83. Currency Column from CSV is reading as String
  84. MySQL Bulk Loader Error serializing rows of data to the fifo file (ver 6.1 and 7.0)
  85. PDI Log Level Change
  86. Running SQL queries in succession and recording the output?
  87. Error connecting to Cloudera Impala (simba driver not found?)
  88. Report Bursting with Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)
  89. Starting background jetty/grails app using .bat file does not work
  90. total time taken by a job
  91. Last inserted rows ETL from MSSQL
  92. Execute script on destination table before read data from source table
  93. Multi-core usage
  94. Data Preview Error - Accept filenames from previous step: Microsoft Excel Input
  95. Revert changes on Job Transaction
  96. How to use http post step to read data from server with Base64 Authentication.
  97. Read and write data to AWS SQS.
  98. Kettle not able to fetch hbasetables
  99. Timestamp field not quoted using SQL File Output step
  100. How to use Nested If condition in Pentaho?
  101. Not able to fetch tables on valid connection Impala
  102. kettle hbase input from hbase can not read rowkey by more than one hbase region?help!
  103. Pentaho Business Analytics Implementation Exam
  104. Upsert in Salesforce to standard fields / entity
  105. Error in lambda expressions when developing plugins (javassist)
  106. Pentaho PDI 6.1 vs 4.4 : performance comparision
  107. XML Output [PDI-6]
  108. Spoon error when trying to assign field to partition on
  109. hbase input step-exception on connect zookeeper in Microsoft HDInsight
  110. New Database Connections Not Saving
  111. Latest maven depency version for pentao kettle
  112. new variable question
  113. Kettle ElasticSearch Bulk Insert Plugin InitializationFailed resolve
  114. Pentaho Data Service - How to Set Up Parameter Pushdown Optimization?
  115. autoincrement primary key
  116. Trying to build an XML ...
  117. execute sql script This step is not used in the transformation
  118. Start and end dates in dimension looup / update component
  119. Running Pentaho Transformation After Defined Time Intervals?
  120. Process files in a transformation
  121. Insert / Update step fails using DATE field in output table key
  122. How do I split a JSON output
  123. Embedded Pentaho - Denormaliser Metadata Injection
  124. Error when i call kettle job
  125. convert fields : remove decimal
  126. Change Data Capture Technique in pentaho
  127. Pentaho Transformation - Parallel processing
  128. Filter certain string length.
  129. Multiple matches in stream lookup
  130. Same mapping to various fields
  131. Removing Shared Steps
  132. How to copy files from one linux server to another linux server in kettle?
  133. Add files to result in a template transformation
  134. Text file input with variable rows and fixed length fields
  135. Error when running .kjb file from command prompt
  136. can bind a long value only for insert into a long column error
  137. PDI CE 6.0 and 6.1 features
  138. Unique Rows Hashset Bug
  139. Table Output Component
  140. Kettle step for Postgres 9.5 upsert?
  141. Error connecting to database: (using class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver) Listener
  142. Read a negative frame size
  143. Generate rows from other row
  144. Cannot execute job on EE server in Kettle but runs fine using command line
  145. Kjb
  146. Run spoon.sh receive error
  147. Add distinct ID to Excel Input from value from SQL before normalising data
  148. How to load Fact tables
  149. Max file sizes when comparing with Kettle
  150. Parsing XML with same Feild name
  151. Using PDI with Microsoft Azure stack
  152. Pentaho insertion too late
  153. Pentaho PDI - How to take multiple Excel Sheet and make multiple CSV ?
  154. Avro Output serialization to field (for use in Kafka Producer step)
  155. Kettle Data Load - Disable/Enable Foreign Key & unique constraints for faster load
  156. Data Extract from many tables based on conditions
  157. Pentaho have a MultiCore??
  158. table input preview data problem
  159. data migration from oracle to postgres
  160. Hello World Example CSV file input step Error
  161. Pentaho Repository (Recommended) in pdi-ce-6.0
  162. Redshift Table Output Error, [Amazon](500061) ERROR execute prepare/batch statement.
  163. Download Button
  164. kettle etl sum values from Output steps metrics
  165. how to stop a running job using java
  166. Problem with filter rows step
  167. How to load dynamically multiple CSV formats and each file can have different Cols?
  168. "cfgbuilder - Warning" with GA release
  169. Redshift, Add to List of Reserved Words?
  170. A Challenging How To
  171. Oracle 12c
  172. Read Data from IBM Engage API and save into Database
  173. Give me guidelines to accomplish this task
  174. Error handling
  175. .S3DB File Import
  176. importing data from a html file
  177. JSON Error
  178. dynamically define which job is run in Job Executor
  179. Issues with passing variables from job to transformation
  180. Converting MS-Access VBA code with recordsets to PDI steps
  181. How to execute formula on excel output file on the excel fields/columns?
  182. Error Running a Job in Carte HTTP Status 401 - /kettle/registerJob/ - Unauthorized
  183. error - org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException
  184. Slow ness in PDI-CE-6.1
  185. step REST Client doesn't work with self signed certificate
  186. How to run Pentaho Data Integration 5.2 job file from windows batch file?
  187. Save Transformation level error in Database table
  188. Geospatial query
  189. Unique rows
  190. "" was unexpected at this time
  191. Getting a table output from an access input
  192. Does Pentaho must need to be connected to a database?
  193. Error while starting Spoon.java CE from Eclipse
  194. Data Purging or Delete ETL
  195. Using Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) for a hot database (postgresql)
  196. Tables not getting updated if source and destination schemas are on the same database
  197. Passing in Null value for Date field, when using "select values" errs out
  198. ETL, Timed Out, Oracle
  199. Avro Input failing on schema with embedded/nested fields - path notation help needed
  200. Compare Rows/Streams field by field / "changelog"
  201. downgrade transformation 5.4 to 4.3 how
  202. Multiple Table Input and Multiple table output
  203. Help,I can't register the Pentaho Documentation
  204. Suspend PDI jobs when error occurred
  205. cfgbuilder : Warning message in PentahoDI 6.0.1
  206. Problems with Mapping step
  207. Using Parameters in the Database connection info?
  208. Batch output of inner transformation for Table Insert
  209. String cut
  210. Simple process too slow...need help to improve performance
  211. How to pass java objects argument to webservice method using kettle?
  212. Pentaho in Linux what is it (absolute path name)
  213. how to enable "specify by reference" in job in pentaho kettle 5.5?
  214. Unique Combinations
  215. Logging : mapping between job & transformation log tables when they are still running
  216. PDI Logging Channels: same for Job and Trans?
  217. Pentane data integration, how to insert a list into mongodb
  218. Splunk Input Step - Is this only available in Enterprise version?
  219. Tableau Data Extract Output Plugin
  220. Access Add XML Column Through ETL Metadata Injection.
  221. Run complete process for each row before executing next row
  222. Change log format
  223. how to write an .xaction file?
  224. Excel Writer Step ERROR
  225. Regex Evaluation help needed
  226. Oracle Bulk Loader Error
  227. Unusual Behavior when using Lookups and then Insert/Update
  228. Update table after comparison
  229. Sharing transformations among a team: Scope, current context and proposed use case
  230. How to display error history via pentaho spoon ?
  231. Javascript Step: OutOfMemory Java heap space error
  232. Creating Windows taskbar icon that does not duplicate
  233. FTPS Certificate Chaining Error
  234. Connecting to MySQL database
  235. REST Client and TLS 1.1
  236. how to check Time excution time for each .kjb
  237. Comdining by appending 2 or more csv file into another
  238. Comparing two streams and returning unmatched values?
  239. Making a DB connection different for different environment(eg. /test/prod) errors out
  240. Filtering specifics and whole values
  241. Oracle wallet ?
  242. PDI and Windows10
  243. How can I make pentaho workspace in linux?????
  244. Supported cassandra version
  245. Star model plugin in pentaho data integration
  246. CSV input """" issue.
  247. Anybody noticed a slow UI on windows?
  248. Compare two rows into the same stream
  249. Endless Loop in Kitchen, Job Runs Fine in Spoon
  250. Integration of Spark with Pentaho DI