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  1. Anti-virus software stopping Pentaho (Spoon) from launching?
  2. Input date format issue
  3. Error on data connection (SQL Express 2012)
  4. Fail to run PDI6 : libjavascriptcoregtk
  5. List of required jar files to associate for accessing Pentaho 6 using Java API
  6. Get Variable step not working
  7. Error while running local job from repository
  8. Test file input step not working
  9. Download and process XML File
  10. Text File Input previews OK but doesn't output values - examples attached - help!
  11. Error when use Split Field step with Apache Kafka Consumer
  12. Kettle Java API
  13. HTTP Post "post a file" not working
  14. Changing meta after a while
  15. Possible bug in Unique rows (Hashset)
  16. Open file on Startup of Spoon - Open With?
  17. DELET ROWS - update
  18. Writing varibles to a log
  19. How kettle import and handle class object of java
  20. Read text file from a specific line
  21. DateTime Field Out of Range
  22. Apache Kafka Consumer don't get newest data from Broker
  23. Sort rows step doesn't work real-time
  24. How to use "User Defined Java Class" to achieve webservice function
  25. How to get top N row data
  26. Fail to use Kettle Data source in my CDE dashboard
  27. Approach to solve - Late Arriving Dimensions
  28. How to capture changed data from Oracle to Mysql
  29. Postgres Mapping Data Type
  30. Issue in Execute Row SQL Script step when used on File based approach
  31. Modified Java Script Value behaving different in Spoon and kitchen
  32. Pentaho Data Services in CE
  33. Get File Names Transformation Step and VFS
  34. PDI 5.4 CE Mondrian Step Error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  35. Adabas on mainframe and Pentaho kettle
  36. SQL Server Table Output Step not converting
  37. Collector for rows with different metadata
  38. execute job with timer
  39. Secured connection between DB2 to MYSQL for data transfer
  40. JSON Input problem - unexpected error java.lang.NullPointerException
  41. Table Operation Locked
  42. how to test a marketplace entry for a step plugin
  43. Excel Input with headers containing line return
  44. how to install pentaho pdi 6.1 version
  45. Execute R Script Example
  46. how to verify whether excel input date field has valid date values
  47. Attempt to allocate stack guard pages failed.
  48. Merge 2 column field into 1
  49. Custom error row in dialog
  50. dealing with eMail attachment name
  51. Esri shapfilereader unexpected results
  52. PDI 6.1 - not finding database drivers
  53. How to connect HBase using Apache Phoenix from Pentaho Kettle
  54. Repository of DI server
  55. Driver class 'org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixDriver' could not be found
  56. Need solution for Mixing Rows-Trap .
  57. Multiple copies of Lookup Step--share the same cache?
  58. Pentaho kettle source code is not working.
  59. Remove Line feed and Carriage return from CSV input
  60. How to get JSON data from a website?
  61. Records not writing to Oracle Database - No error messages. How to debug?
  62. Fuzzy matching string fucntion in Javascript step
  63. Transform Unstructured Data
  64. Execute transformation in Java
  65. building Kettle core
  66. concat the row n°i of each file in the row n°i as a result pentaho data integration
  67. Table Output Error: Unable to clear batch for prepared statement
  68. Named parameters behaving strangly
  69. Changing Pentaho Folder name and Karaf
  70. S3 File Output - Splitting file a set amount of times
  71. Run pyrhon 3.4 script from Kettle
  72. How to reduce the kitchen initial time
  73. Extend Pentaho Metadata Injection step
  74. Transformation-level Logging into Redshift Table
  75. Best Practice PDI
  76. PDI Scheduling is disabled
  77. how to match two fields in different lists in mongodb for update query
  78. Meta Data Injection - Text File Output
  79. Remove rows with almost the same entries
  80. Error handling/error output bringing up the duplicate/distribute dialog
  81. any good java debugging tutorials?
  82. job execute shell script (insert script) memory allocation
  83. Using 2 get rows from result
  84. Is it impossible to use XML Join in Single Threader?
  85. Microsoft Excel Input - XML based .xls file
  86. Replace NULL with previous row value of same column
  87. LEFT JOIN not working as expected
  88. Join Rows NullpointException error
  89. db insert called by ETL metadata injection won't rollback if other step pdi errors
  90. Postgres input/output problem with smallint[] (array)
  91. Alternative for Update Step
  92. Pentaho job/transformation deployment on different environment
  93. Metadata Injection for XLS files
  94. AES 256 bit encryption
  95. Error Handling
  96. filters in email
  97. Send Email with Gmail oauth
  98. kettle log do not write to file immediate
  99. baserver call endpoint backup
  100. Kettle Jobs : javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Connection has been shutdown
  101. Error connecting to Salesforce sandboxes
  102. Using linking parameters to a dashboard
  103. Get list of file and copy them from S3 to local drive
  104. install pdi-ce- on Windows XP
  105. ElasticSearch Bulk Insert
  106. If conditions in PDI
  107. Want to generate key in for Denomaliser.
  108. Email created XLS file.
  109. Mongo DB Replica Nodes
  110. Patching some core steps
  111. S3 File Output not working when providing Access and Secret Keys out of the Filename
  112. Kettle File Repo
  113. Database Lookup step and database character set with mysql
  114. RegEx Capture Issue
  115. How to use field value in Mongo Document path?
  116. Getting all steps in a Job
  117. Unable to access salesforce via any salesforce step.
  118. Get data from XML and Excel XML
  119. Couldn't find starting point in this job
  120. Connecting to DB2 for i V7R1
  121. DI repository for Community edition
  122. Trailing the Data Integrator and having trouble with text file input
  123. How to add header in Text output.
  124. Testing PDI Spark Tranform
  125. Two Problems: Decimal numbers and Percentual
  126. How to get UTC date?
  127. Looking for the Pentaho kettle Job.
  128. wildcard in wait for file with S3
  129. Excel Input with Multiple sheets
  130. Is Pentaho Kettle completely free?
  131. How to handle errors in Table input step
  132. Concurrent write using Text File Output
  133. Types of Pentaho PDI repositories and Database Connectivity
  134. ERROR: column "user_id" is of type uuid but expression is of type character varying
  135. Metadata Injection for Data Migration
  136. SQL Query as a part of output just like SQL Developer Excel Output
  137. From ETL Metadata Injection to CDE
  138. Problems migrating PDI 4.3 to 6.1
  139. finding common columns between two tables
  140. Problem with mysql connection
  141. Mapping from multiple data source to one source (data lake)
  142. Issue with Find function in Formula step
  143. Query on XML Input Stream (StAX) Parsing
  144. Append Stream from different input
  145. Continue Transformation With Error in Step
  146. S3 File Output - Streaming results
  147. Error occurred when installing plugin DataCleaner Data Quality for Kettle version 6.
  148. Books sample database for Kettle PDI
  149. what is the format for kdb file and how can I replace shared.xml to .kdb file?
  150. Divide by zero in formula step
  151. Appending new line in CSV output
  152. Job with Dynamical SQL transformation not executing
  153. problem with using the kitchen command
  154. Create query with dynamic field names
  155. Could any please help me out in reading this xml file.
  156. Utility Mail - mail send several times
  157. Attaching to a running remote transformation
  158. Want to convert Rows to column.
  159. Mail step : unable to find valid certification path
  160. ORC fileformat in Hadoop File output
  161. Working with a Jade database
  162. How to Make Bulk Output after Execute Each Row
  163. How Job Scheduling works?
  164. List of remote Carte objects from Java
  165. error:column is type boolean but expression is of type character
  166. simple way to populate a GET using REST CLIENT
  167. Unable to connect to FTP server which runs on Windows in SFTP Mode
  168. Reducing log spew
  169. Eliminate rows from stream that already exist in table
  170. Loading large data into Amazon RDS
  171. Metadata Injection - Set Minimal Width in Text Output File
  172. Table Output Failed to Initialize
  173. Creating user for file-based repo in PDI CE
  174. Get Data From XML
  175. sending GET params twice
  176. Jobs (transformations) launched with Kitchen.bat / Pan.bat getting stuck
  177. Pentaho Example & Study case
  178. Remote job execution error in CE via Carte
  179. Java Filter
  180. Check field is exsit in parameter when using Java data filter
  181. query regarding excel output
  182. CSV file input in UDJC does not give all the rows
  183. Check the content of a string and append
  184. exit if file not found
  185. Resolve problems on Eclipse with pentaho-kettle project
  186. How download zipped csv files on mac & convert to SQL lite
  187. how to handle "data type"
  188. Sybase IQ load table component
  189. extract the java code of a ktr
  190. extract the java code of a ktr
  191. Java Heap Space with Table Input, Multiple Joins and Groupings
  192. Adding new line in csv output
  193. UUID as Binary
  194. How to access IBM MQ in Kettle community edition
  195. CSV wrong error handling
  196. Row level validation on delimited file is it possible ?
  197. referring multiple excel files for output.
  198. Javascript date convert script?
  199. NullPointer exception in TableView when trying to sort
  200. PDI 6.1.0 Takes a LOT longer to load than version
  201. Pentaho PDI 6.1 won't validate Google analytics input
  202. Transactional Transformation in PDI
  203. Data Validator Read Allowed Values from Another Step "Read allowed value"
  204. Salesforce Input - how to get Fields tab dynamicaly?
  205. new line character issue with JSON
  206. Date range extraction
  207. Date Time as YYYYMDDHHMMSS inside a Text file
  208. Transaction only for Databases and only in Enterprise Edition?
  209. Reading formulae with the Excel Input Step?
  210. Concat All Rows from a Field with '' as Fast as Group by in Pentaho
  211. pentaho - request urgent reply
  212. sub-transformation inspect
  213. Performance optimisation.
  214. Get data from XML - only one row
  215. Http client how to trap http error codes and abort
  216. Exact data extraction
  217. Spoon - Automatic Everyday Copying
  218. Java heap space error
  219. org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: key
  220. IBM Lotus Notes JDBC Access from Pentaho Data Integration
  221. Closure generator problem
  222. Releasing memory after successful Job/Transformation
  223. Error in Table Input No results were returned by the query.
  224. Is there any Foreach Loop kind of transformations available in Pentaho ??
  225. detect column names in files(csv, txt..etc) automatically
  226. Join merge problem into Pentaho Server
  227. Authentication Database field in MongoDB step
  228. Displaying DB columns in indidual columns of CSV file
  229. Modified Java Script Value, how to write fields in a new row?
  230. extraction from many files
  231. Fetching a variable number of fields
  232. Dimension Lookup / Update versioning rows with no changes at all
  233. pdi 5.2: error when reading fixed integer field that contains space padding.
  234. report pentaho-odoo v8)
  235. I want to get the data from two input sources for modified java script step.
  236. REST Client - query not being sent
  237. MYSQL Procedures
  238. Using Map Reduce
  239. Way to send email and log error and/or cause for the whole job rather than each step?
  240. PDI new version, Start Problem Spoon.bat
  241. PDI-ce- not starting (MAC OSX El Capitan)
  242. Null error connecting transfoormation steps
  243. Transpose data
  244. Row listener for remote transformations
  245. Validating multiple date formats
  246. Pentaho PDI: Excel input ignore all columns after an empty column. Hw to full import?
  247. How to validate date using Javascript.
  248. Fuzzy match value for pairs from a data set.
  249. ERROR: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space pentaho
  250. Multiple value lookup without requiring multiple Hops