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  1. Log4j Config for Kettle
  2. Continuous row sniffing for Carte
  3. Plug In and Repository
  4. Include header in files with no content
  5. Unable to open Dialog for this step
  6. How to monitor PDI Jobs?
  7. Export file excel with total for each column
  8. Automation Testing Pentaho Jobs
  9. Invert string
  10. error connecting to repository
  11. Incremental Data Load in PDI Without Date record
  12. long time to open spoon application
  13. HELP! I want to access lotus notes through NoteSQL(ODBC)
  14. Carte cluster on AWS : Urgent reply requested.
  15. Unable to get information from SQL Server
  16. Help for extending Carte
  17. Calculations with Parameter set as Variable
  18. Running transformation based on Criteria
  19. Any better idea?
  20. is there a way to add a description line before the title line .csv file
  21. Abort on transformation
  22. How to set encoding to UTF-8 without BOM in "Text file output"
  23. Count files inside an FTP with Get File Names step
  24. Error with serialized file
  25. My transformation hungs when processing huge volume of data
  26. SQLLite DB Not maintain changes across steps in Job
  27. Carte : Unable to open socket to localhost port 40006
  28. MongoDB Output plugin - how to update by querying _id field ?
  29. Error Handling on SQL Execute
  30. help me:HTTP Status 401 - /kettle/registerTrans/ - Unauthorized
  31. Adding MetaData Injection support to Web Services lookup step
  32. Facing problem on s3 CSV file input
  33. Actual binding is of type org.slf4j.impl.Log4jLoggerFactory
  34. Integrate pentaho data integration with a J2EE web application
  35. loader.properties location
  36. 10.1 <> 10.10 in database lookup with load all data option on
  37. How to use xpath to find parent node value while reading xml using XML Input StreStAX
  38. Comparision in Pentaho DI
  39. Data Validation
  40. Logging configuration in a job with a parametrized connection
  41. Error performing rollback on connection; closed connection
  42. Variable for dynamic or relative file path
  43. Issues in Converting values to UTF-8
  44. Where do I go from here?
  45. any remaining major issues with Windows 10 and Pentaho?
  46. Division and rounding
  47. MongoDB Input: query with date is not working
  48. Enrich Data using Pentaho
  49. Excel Writer: Transform "Number Stored as String"
  50. Data Validation in Javascripts - Another question
  51. data validation rejects valid numeric data when "only numeric data expected" checked
  52. Version Control with database repository in Pentaho Community version environment?
  53. Socket Programming does not work
  54. Widget is Disposed error in pdi 4.4
  55. How to add standalone = "no" in the xml prologue?
  56. adding a note
  57. Base64url encoding for Google analytics?
  58. Non -Native metadata injection for NULL IF... step
  59. Comparing two Excel Inputs and returning unmatched values
  60. PDI V6.1 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  61. Run a aggregation pipeline mongodb query in pentaho
  62. revious_result.getResult() and .getNrErrors() not working
  63. Error downloading file in Pentaho (Kettle)
  64. Stop transformation in a csv file is empty
  65. Pentaho Reporting Output
  66. date in column A should be dated the previous business day according Calendar table
  67. Single Threader VS. XML Join
  68. Oracle driver could not be found
  69. Sort Rows - can't delete temp file
  70. Not Import All Rows
  71. how to do unit test for PDI
  72. enable database transactions for every row when processing mutiple rows simultaneousl
  73. Get emails from POP/IMAP and MS Exchange 2010
  74. Pass variables
  75. Metadata Injection Formats for Data Migration
  76. Getting FileNames using VFS
  77. Transformation executor: 37 result columns max. Is it bug or feature?
  78. Compare a field to lots o value
  79. Best Way to Send Email Alerts? (avoid personal email address system?)
  80. Concatenating Two Strings
  81. Pass Variable in key lookup value of Database lookup value step
  82. Help Regarding Pentaho job
  83. Is there a way to dynamically add a field?
  84. Pentaho Kettle - Delete Records
  85. Fuzzy Matching
  86. How can i set a field´s value on kettle flow?
  87. Enterprise Repository
  88. Issue with 'field splitter' step in Spoon v6.1.0.3-223 dropping input field
  89. Operationalizing Kettle
  90. Thesis Help - Data Transformation
  91. Eliminate non-numeric fields in a string.
  92. How to avoid a JDBC autocommit?
  93. Tableau Data Extract Output Plugin
  94. Replace Truncate Table Command
  95. Plugin bug -- Pentaho can't find proper filepath?? How to install plugin?
  96. Postgresql on AWS EC2 Instance
  97. Installing Agile BI on PDI Kettle - Spoon 5.0.1-stable
  98. Eliminate everything after comma in a string.
  99. Table input date data type
  100. Reading Unidata NetCDF file
  101. Shell component don't recognize regex filename
  102. Assistance with Uneven JSON
  103. Net Timeout MySQL
  104. Optimization, merging, blocking, nr of rows limitations
  105. Connecting to the Pentaho Data Service from within PDI
  106. What does log "Triggering heartbeat signal" mean?
  107. Losing logging (sent to separate Java window) when invoking spoon from spoon
  108. Problems using Kettle with Scala & IntelliJ
  109. Microsoft Excel Input Step - Failed to open file
  110. Get Variable step not working
  111. Really need help with a REST Client GET - please
  112. Getting error when using "Launch Next Entries in parallel" in job.
  113. pentaho metadata injection
  114. Unable to Insert data into SQL Azure Database Table using Table Output step (PDI5.4)
  115. Trouble in setting up Hadoop File Input step reading CSV file from HDFS directory
  116. Json input step fails silently when using filename from field
  117. Octet_Length () in PDI
  118. Execute SQL Script step not working
  119. why the plugin icon image didn't show up
  120. Anti Join
  121. Doubt using a excel template containing subgroup in excel writer.
  122. Error while dynamically configuring the offset for ADD SEQUENCE step
  123. spoon malfunction
  124. Problem with JSON
  125. Execute the same JOB, multiple sources, trying for high queries per second - Help
  126. Why use Pentaho Data Integration instead of pl/pgsql?
  127. Kettle java API Data integeration
  128. get data from .csv files which are online
  129. Single XML to be split into different tables
  130. Could not load WSDL file:
  131. To Create job and tranformation dependencies.
  132. Pentaho 4.4.* vs 5.* minimal logging level difference
  133. FYI: useful help page on PDI Performance Tuning Tips
  134. carte server memory limitation and utilization
  135. Execute Pentaho Jobs on Apache / Apache Tomcat
  136. Concat two strings
  137. copy rows is not working
  138. process to connect the kettle from server to client system
  139. Creating oracle sequence from Mysql sequence value from table.
  140. Using an older plugin
  141. Installing Pentaho Data Integration Community Edition on AWS Ubuntu
  142. XML to database using kettle API
  143. Metadata injection is not sending the metadata when running in clustered environment
  144. Transform Text in Rows
  145. Java Heap memory issue....
  146. Data Service for several PDI users
  147. Pentaho Documentation Link
  148. Exception in thread “main” java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
  149. Pentaho Reporting Output Step not closing JDBC connection?
  150. Postgres table ETL to Agile Mart
  151. How to convert a column value in set of rows with common key into one row
  152. XML input to Table Output pentaho kettle API
  153. Connecting to Kettle repository from remote machine using SDK
  154. Get value from Group By and append new line to Text File output
  155. Excel Input to Db Output
  156. Modified Script Java - check Tax Code
  157. Ruby Script examples
  158. Connection Type "MS SQL Server" vs "MS SQL Server (Native)"
  159. Aggregation in Pentaho
  160. Missing date and calculation of a default date
  161. Db Join with Hadoop
  162. Pivot table/crosstab query
  163. How to get difference in months between to dates
  164. Inject XML segment into existing XML file
  165. Scheduled job finds no data
  166. How to bypass/handle database connection error?
  167. SMTP Invalid Address Access denied
  168. error line only to email
  169. Is it possible to edit Monitoring – DI Server: PDI Status
  170. How to use Pentaho Data Services?
  171. NULL values when extracting day,month from date
  172. How to debug when there are external dependables like variables and parameters?
  173. problem occurred when just saved a job using the repository
  174. change time in to minuets : second in kettle
  175. Attempt to call a MySQL Stored Procedure Kettle keeps trying to invoke a Function.
  176. Pentaho Data Integration - Watch Dog
  177. Transaction Control in PDI
  178. How to read most recent file from a folder
  179. How to convert xml to table?
  180. Read Log File
  181. How to create ODS whith PDI
  182. Normalize Rows
  183. Kettle runtime deployment model best practices for scalability
  184. Export with Excel Writer merging just some cells
  185. Table Output to MS SQL 2014 is not working
  186. Formula IF statement not working as expected.
  187. oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver could not be found
  188. Storing and accessing a query result set as an array
  189. Some errors in the new version 6.1
  190. Continuous flow
  191. How to pass result to a transformation some hops ahead
  192. PDF input
  193. Java Reinstalled -- Pentaho Spoon not launching ... how to debug?
  194. How to update kettle to atleast version ?
  195. Excel Input with String split according to commas
  196. How to read XML nodes and its values in GetXMLDataMeta using JAVA API???
  197. Step 'Pentaho Reporting file output' for Analysis Reports
  198. Job don't work
  199. Connect Pentaho DI to cassandra
  200. Log Files in PDI
  201. Google analytics using PDI
  202. Get mail of gmail. DI
  203. security vulnerability in pentaho-kettle
  204. key file in Google analytics Input step
  205. google analytics - getting error like authentication
  206. resolving xsl:import to a local file
  207. Generate EDI-852 fileformat vi
  208. More content types in Rest client
  209. where i can use Elastic Search Bulk Insert
  210. Reading MBOX
  211. Table input generate garbage duplicates data on large data set (Oracle Db)
  212. Can't find documentation on "Set Variables..." for Jobs
  213. Feed Table Input Result to a Sub-Transformation
  214. Send a single report by email to different recipients with filtered data
  215. How to add a day/week/month/yaer to a variable in row denomalize,please
  216. Excel Input modification
  217. Error HTTP POST
  218. User Defined Java Class - how to get TransformBaseClass "this" pointer?
  219. Dynamic fields in Update step
  220. Date format issue with CSV file.
  221. Kettle Execution from Java
  222. Limit Parameter issue
  223. How to generate next month data at the end of current month?
  224. Custom method in REST Client
  225. Append row count as trailer in csv file
  226. Update table from multiple sources
  227. Pentaho Data Integration performance improvement
  228. Repository Fix
  229. Has anyone used Kettle to insert data into Salesforce Wave Analytics?
  230. Email transformation from PAN Fails
  231. Losing decimal places in database lookup step
  232. Look for a list of words in a variable.
  233. Regex returns null for the File content
  234. Kettle 4.3 --> 6.1
  235. connect my sql and store data in oracle db
  236. how to deploy the kettle scripts in server and make it running
  237. How to open pan.sh in windows
  238. Metadata Injection step
  239. Get File with FTP : no download
  240. Execute SQL Job not honouring constraints
  241. How to use a parameter value?
  242. calling oracle procedures from pentaho
  243. Connecting Pentaho DI to Cloudera MV (problems reading file)
  244. Global Data base connection
  245. Meta data injection with dynamic where clause
  246. Data format BC
  247. Capture exact message from log field
  248. ERROR: No repository provided, can't load transformation
  249. Value Mapper
  250. Parse a CSV file with comma within separator