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  1. Converting String to Date
  2. Slowness issue when opening job or transformation
  3. Remove both duplicate rows
  4. Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  5. issue while loading 60 MB csv or excel into sql server - outofmemory exception
  6. MS SQL step not returning any results
  7. Why my job don't proccess my txt file on batch way?
  8. join of the two tables of two different DB
  9. Getting Multiple mails from mail step?
  10. Unable to set manager value if manager is null
  11. Loop XPath is empty!
  12. Character substitution
  13. Passing Parameters into Job Executor
  14. Use of Semicolons
  15. Dependency Conflict while running an external jar using UDJC step
  16. problem in pentaho downloading
  17. Vertica Bulk Loader Is not working when running on Carte
  18. REST Client and MailUp
  19. S3 File Output Giving Error
  20. Pentaho INSERT/UPDATES and spaces
  21. JSON Input ignore missing path issue - 6.1
  22. non-tech users -- best way to get their data into a database? web-based forms? Excel?
  23. Moving from PDI Pentaho Enterprise Edition to Penthao Community Edition
  24. Executing the same metadata injection sceleton at the same time
  25. Response Time in HTTP Client
  26. how to set a variable and eixt transformation?
  27. How to zip a folder on a daily basis?
  28. Kettle Logging
  29. Database Value Lookup
  30. Row Normalizing From Excel dynamically
  31. Pentaho Repository table R_DEPENDENCY
  32. Counting documents in a MongoDB Collection - including an empty collection
  33. Java Versions and Errors?
  34. partitioned sort - sorted merge required after?
  35. Transformation Executor - Result Rows not found
  36. Add Sequence based on field's value
  37. Input S3 files other than CSV
  38. failed connection with mysql
  39. Concat strings results in string + boolean
  40. Latest File Reading from multiple file
  41. ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x00
  42. Get date-time from file name and convert to unix timestamp
  43. How to implement rijndael-128 mode CBC encryption in PDI??
  44. Scheduled ETL job do not execute if log folder contains many log files.
  45. JNDI Connections
  46. Retrieve a CSV-file using a HTTPS URL with query strings returns errors
  47. Transformation within job — how to e.g. use "get fields" and preview output
  48. How to filter by date in a single step - using java filter
  49. Integrating reports into java application
  50. Improve performance of a transformation
  51. Running Carte cluster on source systems
  52. Regex problem
  53. How to loop through all rows in Modified Java Script Value?
  54. PDI, Java and memory/swap usage
  55. Kettle Integration With Spark & Kafka
  56. Guidance on Upgrade Path
  57. How to read Excel file with different number of columns?
  58. REST step alternatives?
  59. Kettle 6.0.1/Plugin Issue/HTML to XML
  60. How to set/update connection properties of ETL in Kettle repository
  61. Looping in a transformation
  62. Error connecting to SF sandbox
  63. PDI 6.1 and Elasticsearch 2.3.5
  64. Data caching
  65. Merge Join not executed
  66. Reading all files from multiple sub-folders
  67. Start of Job Execution Slow
  68. Dimension Update using SQLite
  69. Can Someone Explain about Insert/update in PDI with as simple example?
  70. How to pass variables from the application url to table input
  71. Create a new kettle database repository with command line
  72. Parameters in Penrtaho and Multiple Job Instance
  73. Insert/Update is only creating one row
  74. Hive Driver Fetch Size
  75. s3db file export
  76. Problem with LOAD DATA INFILE and enviroment variable value within a SQL script
  77. Run a remote job
  78. Multiple XML merge/lookup
  79. Variable value not converting into Number
  80. database lookup date comparison failure
  81. Variable from xml file
  82. Where are zipfiles stored?
  83. the simplest thing that could NOT possibly work
  84. Issue with parsing dates
  85. How to work on call DB procedure step in pdi 4.3
  86. RSS input issue when feeding URLs from a field
  87. Outer Join with a non equal key comparison
  88. Transformation Executor for Code Reuse
  89. How to populate rows of data that are grouped in XLS (first row has fields for group)
  90. Group Data from Transformation and Save as a Document with an Array field in Mongo DB
  91. JSON Input - Sorry, no rows for preview
  92. why the r_log table is empty ?
  93. Enterprise Spoon for Deploy to Production
  94. How to upgrade POI libraries in Kettle
  95. Mongo DB update ModifiedOn field of a document by id
  96. SQL Script and Insert/Update Steps
  97. RSS input filter based on date from a previous step's field
  98. R Script Executor in Pentaho DI 6.1
  99. Insert data from step - Question
  100. Roadmap of next Pentaho releases
  101. Teradata Fastload Step nullif error
  102. Nested If statement in Pentaho Spoon
  103. Pentaho kettle database explorer using jdbc takes too long to generate list of tables
  104. "= ~NULL" comparator in Update step
  105. Carte logging capabilities
  106. Expression "finalValue" is not an rvalue
  107. Pentaho 6.x Cannot get pl/sql to run
  108. Running SSRS report on Pentaho
  109. Pentaho kettle 4.4 - Loading Millions of rows from source rdbms source to rdbms targe
  110. Csv output file
  111. How to Read Twitter's Data through Pentaho Data integration ??
  112. Joining time series data
  113. Bridge two databases
  114. NO HDP2.4 config directory in the latest PDI?
  115. Shell Script Error (stderr) sed: -e expression #1, char 2: unterminated `s' command
  116. How to log each step output to contain the job/trans name by executing in java?
  117. Valid JSON but JSON Input Error: [Unexpected token END OF FILE at position ]!
  118. Single Threader Step
  119. "mysql generated column" problem when creating/inserting table with column "virtual"
  120. How to read a nested json file into a database
  121. Pentaho Reporting Output step creates corrupt 0 KB PDF
  122. Removing dots from a String
  123. Bulkload data to SQL Server
  124. dynamic table creation from source to target
  125. Parse Census API data
  126. Insert a row in a SQL Server table if it doesn't already exist
  127. change login id , password in kettle
  128. Dynamic mapping of input fields to output fields
  129. Will "Get Rows From Result" work in Azure webjob in cloud?
  130. PDI Logging
  131. How to change column name using parameter?
  132. Shell Script step: Does it exist anymore?
  133. Google Analytics Step in azure webjob
  134. Excel with multiple sheets Input
  135. Java based data export Library in PDI
  136. Issue with Invoking Loop{For Each Row Entry} from Azure Web Job
  137. Eliminating values in one excel sheet based on content in other Excel sheet
  138. PDI - Text File Input - RegEx to find most current file in folder
  139. MS Excel Writer 'file closed' ERROR - only with XLSX, still works
  140. Excel uploads - any way to write upload success per row?
  141. Pentaho Data Integration running on macOS Sierra?
  142. Jobs will not run in Pentaho 6.1
  143. Get XML (Nested Data)
  144. Setting Mail with Gmail
  145. Table Input Multiple Copies
  146. Empty report (Pentaho Reporting Output)
  147. Error Extract XML
  148. Pentaho Data Integration dynamic connection (read connection from database)
  149. Denormalize Table
  150. Splitting a large excel sheet into multiple Sheet
  151. NullPointerException for nominal attribute on Weka Scoring
  152. How do I convert a field's data type in User Defined Java Expression step?
  153. Error connecting to FTP server when using GET A FILE WITH FTP job
  154. Duplicate rows filter and entire row goes into error table
  155. Download file using FTP in pentaho in TRANSFORMATION.
  156. Lpad - script pdi 6.0
  157. one Scenario
  158. Character encoding in PDI Text File Output
  159. pentaho mapreduce error
  160. Transformation without fields?
  161. How to make the unit test for kettle?
  162. Remote execution of jobs
  163. Date conversion and lookup
  164. Merge Join vs Stream Lookup to validate input data against data table?
  165. Sum value until next non-null data
  166. Excel Input File issue
  167. Put Multiple Records in an email
  168. Excel Input appends blank space ahead of "string" decimals
  169. Distributing Kettle transformation
  170. Good Tutorials for PDI (kettle)
  171. BCP (in SSIS) Equivalent in PDI
  172. Connection Name as Variable - Table Input
  173. Repeat webservice data
  174. Passing Transformation ERROR Log file to Javascript to filter Error Status in PDI
  175. Multiplication in Pentaho
  176. UniJDBC driver
  177. Set Active Database Connection
  178. Calling UDFs when inserting/updating wors
  179. How to open xlsx files ?
  180. Possible combinations of strings from two Excel input columns
  181. Need help with ETL to re-insert data on the same table (auto-reference fields)
  182. Trouble with XMLs | Kettle
  183. Store email in SENT Folder
  184. How to capture file name at run time and Store in variable and write to output file
  185. How to use jsonPath in Modified Java Script
  186. Pentaho Data Integration in Java Application without using Maven
  187. Best way to update XML attributes?
  188. Processing in parallel with thread limit
  189. Splitting text file at specific strings
  190. PostgeSQL Performance
  191. How to create a new kettle database repository ...Not able to figure out id password
  192. Reading SPSS(.sav) file from pentaho Kettle
  193. Download CSV URL
  194. executing batch files
  195. Serialize to file for storing presorted data
  196. Invalid state, the Connection object is closed
  197. Get Variable + JOB
  198. Transformation don't set variable after java filter
  199. User Defined Java Expression - not a boolean expression
  200. What's scope of javascript variable?
  201. Can't enable Checkpointing in pentaho DI 6.1
  202. KETTLE 6.1 Freezing while starting
  203. Looping in Pentaho
  204. Not able to build big-data-plugin from source
  205. Table input does not work on an 8000 character CLOB Oracle database field
  206. Data Source Offline
  207. Upgrading from 4.0 to 6.1
  208. CONCAT a String and a number without leading zeros??
  209. How to see result rows between jobs?
  210. MDX NullPointerException
  211. Table input Double-Value of select is not complete
  212. Plugin - Fields 'xx' used in the condition are not found in input from previous steps
  213. Best CDC approach in Pentaho
  214. Push Notification for Apple
  215. Any easy calculation of Age?
  216. Taking long time using PDI but executing with in 1 minute using external tool
  217. Full XML Path for elements when using Get data from XML and Stax
  218. Execute R Script
  219. metadata wrong for date with table input step
  220. Pentaho Reporting step & JNDI
  221. Mongodb jar for Mongo DB 3.2 issue
  222. Setting roles for users in PDI
  223. Performance Issue in MDX Queries
  224. Arff output step showing error
  225. Manifest file import
  226. http://repository.pentaho.org/artifactory/repo gives HTTP 500
  227. Trigger based CDC in Pentaho Data integration
  228. Can I import from Excel only one cell?
  229. Deployment and version control in PDI CE 6.1
  230. javascript if logic
  231. IncompatibleClassChangeError in compiling PDI
  232. Unable to run job with kitchen.bat
  233. PDI Server with SQL Server Integrated Security
  234. kitchen hangs, 100% CPU never exits
  235. How to Get EMail Attachments
  236. Executing R Script - Marketplace plugin not working as expected.
  237. spoon run options
  238. Identifying bottlenecks in PDI
  239. DBLookup for multiple languages(Japan and telugu)
  240. Java NullPointerException when creating a second repository
  241. allow non-PDI users to trigger ETL process?
  242. metadata-injection null value failure
  243. Oracle Table Input Step - Very Slow
  244. Can 2 PDI jobs run at the same time via kitchen.bat?
  245. Auto Documentation in PDI CE 6.1
  246. Issue in running sub transformation on DI server
  247. Where can I find the differences between commercial and community editions of PDI?
  248. Facebook and Pentaho data integration
  249. Checkpoint table in PDI
  250. SFTPclient.java