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  1. Getting an export of content of used steps in a transformation
  2. transformation for all table columns
  3. CFR Plugin in Pentaho 7 and make use.
  4. Execute a process and symlinks
  5. switching between variables on PDI
  6. Cleaning Data in PDI
  7. Salesforce Connector & TLS 1.0
  8. Kitchen.bat 7.0 does not execute the file
  9. Connect button missing in PDI 7
  10. compare result to table
  11. Is possible set variable in UDJC?
  12. Performance issue of calculator step with year from date
  13. S3 CSV Input is timing out to Connect to S3
  14. Using Variables in a Table Input
  15. issue encrypting email address
  16. update field based on another field
  17. To close resolved incidents which are older than 7 days using pentaho.
  18. Join rows (cartesian product) in PDI 7 drops all rows?
  19. How do I return data in "Get Data from XML" when Xpath in Loop Xpath is NULL?
  20. MongoDB as the main source to do ETL
  21. How to capture HTTP body while executing transformation using web service
  22. Change of job name ignored in PDI7?
  23. Different behavior to run a transformation in PDI (Spoon) and Java
  24. 2nd Post - ALTERNATIVES to Filter Row Step
  25. Problem with "Process result filenames"
  26. MLAB and MongoDB
  27. Call Kettle transformation using a batch file
  28. File with 10 different formats for the rows - What is the best practice
  29. help to csv output
  30. Is this a limit for Kettle?
  31. Increase memory heap from java application
  32. JSON Input - Error - data structure is not the same inside the resource!
  33. ODBC Bridge for DBF
  34. Denormalization
  35. Azure Storage Table in Pentaho Spoon
  36. global variable not working
  37. HTTP Client vs HTTP Post vs REST Client
  38. Insert/Update data ONLY with yesterdays date?
  39. Troubles with using relatives paths in parameters (in version 7.0)
  40. Question about precision
  41. I'm use JNDI connection in transformation. I want to integrate with java application
  42. pentaho plugin sdk will not build
  43. Muliple number/string format needed
  44. Is there a compact server runtime for PDI?
  45. Kettle result filed to input parameter
  46. Problem referencing field in Java Script after Multiway Merge Join
  47. How to pass filter query to REST Client Pentaho
  48. Rows number of file is not sequential...
  49. Writing to Microsoft Excel
  50. Steps in a Transformation seem to not execute in the order expected..
  51. Split numeric values in the row
  52. PDI 7 and User-defined Java Expression: how to null-check a String?
  53. Cassandra table with MAP data type column
  54. How code movement works in Pentaho
  55. MQTT Plugin - High CPU Utilization
  56. Pivot Data Pentaho
  57. Upgrade of mongo driver?
  58. AR Step - Delete Data
  59. MongoDB array lost the data if it is empty
  60. Installation issue on Windows 10 "during initialization of VM"
  61. row to column and vice versa
  62. PDI version 5.1
  63. profiling-datacleaner
  64. Multiway Merge Join with up to 40 steams to merge
  65. Why can't Unique Rows (Hash Set) step output rows continously?
  66. Build Pentaho Kettle with Eclipse
  67. Parse Data
  68. Union cells with same value excel
  69. Anyone using Apple Push Notification plugin?
  70. split using regex
  71. Kettle transformation design document template
  72. AWS S3 CSV Input / S3 File Output error S3 GET connection failed for '/'
  73. Run executable Jar from Kettle
  74. Unable to transform CSV file
  75. Overflow Exception when trying to write to Sql Server decimal(38,0) column
  76. Named Parameters not being substituted in Pentaho(CE 5.2) Mongo Input QueryExpression
  77. sas to pentaho migration
  78. Does the Pentaho Carte Server have 'quiet hours" type of a capability??
  79. Binary to HEX?
  80. Pentaho data integration CE or EE to add and run transformation via REST
  81. Merge a lot of excel files with different structure into one
  82. Spoon pentaho-client-ee- long load time
  83. Turn Off Logging View Auto Scroll (Spoon) ?
  84. Why SQL*Loader Command String is Not Logged
  85. Find replace in text file by regular expression.
  86. Push Data using Pentaho to API Service (Mobile apps)
  87. Spoon hangs at runtime on Widows
  88. Some ETL Jobs/Transformations not showing up in file browser in User Console in CE 7
  89. Cannot properly set and get variables among Jobs and Transformations
  90. [ASK-HELP] Pentaho Can't LOG into Redshift DB
  91. ETL Metadata Injection injects incorrect Field Type
  92. Insert - Update table with multiple rows
  93. table exists step
  94. Table input with field substitution running slower than using constant value
  95. Create a log file
  96. Jobs orchesttation
  97. Pentaho 7.0
  98. Re-execute a job from a intermediate step
  99. Table input running slow in pentaho
  100. ORDER BY / SORT - Issue comparing two data streams
  101. get sql log file from “Execute Sql Script..” step
  102. Fuzzy Match within a group
  103. Exception in REST Client
  104. Creating a historical table.
  105. Separate Time from TimeDate in Date type
  106. "Get file Names" step throwing error when trying to get filenames from SFTP
  107. Generic JDBC and Postgres JDBC database connections format numbers differently
  108. Error: Join 3 Tables with different rows together
  109. Dymanic Transformation for dynamic data input/processing
  110. Convert Binary value to file
  111. Why wont variables update?
  112. Data Validation
  113. Overflow Exception trying to bind NaN - PDI CE 6.1
  114. What is the Maximum Number of users which we can create in Pentaho User Console ?
  115. Kettle-Steps.xml
  116. losing previous fields after CSV File Input step
  117. move table in Teradata to table in oracle
  118. GreenPlum Loader issue with CSV
  119. Read Allowed values from another step validation fails.
  120. Convert Table
  121. Create DB schema from XLS
  122. Job Scheduling for pentaho community edition 7.0 ?
  123. BluePrint Watcher error
  124. Problem with column
  125. Multiple Column
  126. how to run a job on a server from my local machine
  127. Unable to start blueprint container for bundle pdi-dataservice-server-plugin
  128. Unable to connect to HBase after importing phoenix jars
  129. Getting object ID instead of data value
  130. Spoon.bat Issue
  131. My Pentaho PDI Enterprise Edition expired last week but still I am able to use it.
  132. Rows to column conversion
  133. Pentaho PDI Enterprise Edition Expired
  134. Regex to remove trailing zeros... struggling
  135. ISSUE: Scheduler does not appear on drop down
  136. multiple log4j.xml + kettle5-log4j-plugin- files in PDI
  137. XML Output step encoding
  138. Kettle does not support the Excel (SXSSFWorkbook ) read
  139. File Input
  140. How to Email Step metrics From Pentaho Job/Transformation
  141. XML File creation - Multi Level - Urgent
  142. Regular expression does not output values in capture fields
  144. merge rows in pentaho PDI?
  145. Reading unstructured text files
  146. Filter rows with Regex, simple?
  147. Replace negative values with 0?
  148. How to get file names from unzip step in the job?
  149. PDI7 fails to start with missing SWT class
  150. insert File in to column BLOB oracle
  151. pentaho not reading DBF files
  152. PDI & Proxy
  153. kettle 3 and kettle 5 differences
  154. Use Evaluate rows number in a Table to compare rows counts of two tables
  155. Using Global transformation Parameters in Table input SQL insert statement
  156. How to put GET method Parameters dynamically when using the REST Client step.
  157. Extract Time from DATETIME
  158. Joining two lists in a loop
  159. lock wait time exceed transaction issue with MySQL DB
  160. REST Client Delete HTTP Method
  161. kettle6.1.0-java run job/ktr in eclipse but registered custom plugin wasn't effective
  162. Detect Empty streams is not working
  163. caluculate (sum) last four values
  164. Avro Output Step
  165. Using a variable set within the job as a full path for a transformation
  166. Can some one help me with SCD 2 in pentaho
  167. Passing the Transformation name to an Email Step when it fails
  168. Question about database update in Pentaho
  169. Differente executions envionment in Pentaho
  170. SFTP is not working for Big files (more than 200 mb)
  171. Upgrade Pentaho Kettle to be TLS 1.1 compliant with Salesforce
  172. How to compare Two fields in Java script using If condition
  173. Login session id Or token generation java file name and location ?
  174. kettle 5.4 formula-step datedif month problem
  175. hadoop 2.1.1
  176. My transformation is running slow
  177. Equivalent of "http://hostname:9080/pentaho-di" in Pentaho 7?
  178. Dynamic Data Grid
  179. How to write multiple only if conditions in User Defined Java Expressions in Pentaho
  180. Switch case in jobs
  181. Fixed Input: UTF-8 encoded fields are shifting subsequent fields
  182. Is it possible to process multiple files with XML Input Stream (StAX)?
  183. Put File FTP - Error PASV command failed
  184. Which step is best? Filter rows or stream look up?
  185. Insert X no. of rows
  186. Pentaho and Google Cloud via Java
  187. PDI Installation on cloud (moving from tradition way of using on single machine)
  188. Plugin not loading
  189. Java Implementation it isn't workink (generated .jar)
  190. Iterating a list of email recipients with Job results emails
  191. Scenario Doubt
  192. Missing ETL Metadata Injection Step
  193. Drools in Pentaho data integration
  194. How to traverse each and every folder and files?
  195. EDI to XML
  196. Dynamically generate DDL from text file input fields for table output
  197. Replace NULL Value Excel
  198. Rule Executor
  199. PDI-Spoon - Blank "New Repository Connection" window
  200. Error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:
  201. Transformation / Job name based on variable text
  202. Dynamic sql -executing ..getting results....
  203. Error during clustered execution
  204. Question about variable JSON fields.
  205. Postgres JSONB Error
  206. Can't connect to email server: Connection timed out: connect
  207. SAS Input Error
  208. Pentaho Kettle losing data in each step of a transformation
  209. Error while writing to file exception null
  210. Repository Explorer: Database Connections: "Unable to initialize security tab" dialog
  211. increase performance when loading data from Oracle source to MySQL target
  212. 'Put SFTP' not sending all files when using wildcard setting
  213. PDF data reading
  214. Unable to get value 'Big Number(16)'
  215. Help figuring out logging in detail
  216. PDI whatsapp group
  217. Spoon (Not Responding) when connecting to a File Repository
  218. SFTP empty KeyPhrase not working
  219. How to imitate SQL update on in memory table variables in pentaho
  220. Pentaho 7 CE Architecture
  221. Pentaho-carte rest api?
  222. Oracle Sequence Issue with Generic DB Connection
  223. Get to .xml data via login-in
  224. Pulling data based on last successful run
  225. JNDI Source
  226. MS SQL and Integrated Security
  227. Text File Output Issue
  228. if with AND , OR operators
  229. Need help with Pentaho repos on GitHub
  230. pentaho kettle - Out of memory - Java Heap space error
  231. REST Client: DELETE method issue - 401 error.
  232. Configure SSL with Postgresql
  233. Copy rows to result doesn´t work
  234. Pentaho 7.0 on Linux with Mapr
  235. How to Access files from Linode server within Pentaho
  236. kitchen.sh Error occurred while trying to connect to the database
  237. PDI-CE-7 mappings not saving in Mapping (execute sub-transfomation) step
  238. Dividir Rango de Años
  239. Delete file to delete it
  240. Variable use in Microsoft Excel Input
  241. Unexcepted error:java.lang.NullPointerException
  242. Table Input - missing output fields
  243. Table output only if csv input file is different
  244. Update Table Definition
  245. where is the mapping info stored for HBase Output step?
  246. Kitchen.bat broken in PDI V 5.1
  247. Running clustered transformation through Carte API
  248. Null point error while retrieving emails
  249. Convert Zulu to a date time value
  250. Database connection hangs