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  1. Installation Doubts
  2. Oracle Bulk Loader connection error
  3. Metadata Injection in Lookup Step problem
  4. HBase Output not connecting and gives no errors.
  5. Copying Excel Content in Mail Body
  6. HTTP gzip response
  7. speed of uploading csv file to mysql db rds
  8. how to read outlook messages saved to windows folder
  9. Search Tag in field and replace the associated value of the tag with random string.
  10. Another Kitchen 5.1 bug ?
  11. Problems with PDI on Mac
  12. Increment a variable
  13. Only pass unique rows?(Verifies keys only) instead of Unique rows step
  14. DatabaseMeta is not JNDI, it is OCI.
  15. Information About Configuring Repository manager in CE PDI-7.1
  16. Accessing multiple Excel files
  17. Extracting demographic details from paragraph
  18. Get xml from url.
  19. Separate the numeric data and string
  20. Pentaho Hadoop shims not loading
  21. Handling blank list in pentaho mongo input
  22. While useing Row Normalizer ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  23. Spoon and Oracle 11g R2 slowness issue
  24. Kettle 5 : it is taking so long to run the ktr in kettle version 5
  25. SQL to CSV
  26. HTTP Post - SOAP call returns binary data
  27. Add a job to Carte
  28. Copy previous results to args or parameters
  29. Table Output not writing data to Amazon Aurora
  30. Bulk Load into MS SQL Server - how to specify Source File
  31. File in use even after execution completed for XML Output
  32. Aggregate periodically data from MSSQL database to Oracle database
  33. Log tables with TIMESTAMP instead of DATE
  34. unable to pass parameter in subtr function in databasejoin step
  35. Kettle Error - Memory Error?
  36. PDI : Document classification workflow
  37. CSV Input wipes variables
  38. DB Procedure Call Error
  39. MetaData Injection to Replace In String Step: Error inject property 'USE_REGEX'
  40. why data-integration-7.1/6.1 under Fedora linux 24 can not preview the data?
  41. Whether Multi Row Formula tool is there in Data integration[Kettle] any example
  42. Not able to convert 'dd-Mmm-yy' formatted string to date in "Select values" step
  43. Cannot find Steps menu in newly created job
  44. GeoKettle - inserting geometries from shapefile into SQL Server table
  45. Confused by CC Vs EE for PDI DI Server Installation & Configuration
  46. Access the server files while using carte
  47. java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 2573
  48. Use a field from a previous hop as a parameter in a Table input using Pentaho Kettle
  49. looping through each file records using modifed javascript step
  50. S3 Output - Transformation Complete - can't see files in S3 Bucket
  51. Storing, updating and testing temporary data Within a PDI Kettle.
  52. Execute For every input row - for Transformation not working
  53. parse data by pattern
  54. Get System Data / Hostname (Real) is returning null
  55. Call excel macro/ VB script from KTR
  56. PDI Production Deployment
  57. From string to date with UDJE
  58. Looping through SubFolder
  59. Convert .csv to excel (TAB delimited)
  60. transform getting killed with "$_PENTAHO_JAVA" $OPT -jar "$STAR TUP" -lib $LIBPATH "$
  61. REST Interface
  62. SFTP step hanging when executed using kitchen using windows task scheduler..
  63. Dynamically Fetching CSV Headers from another Transformation
  64. Table input step connected to kognitio db doesnt give the correct resultset
  65. Get Data JSON from URL to Text
  66. How to increase the performance off table output on postgresql DB
  67. Where can i set KETTLE_EMPTY_STRING_DIFFERS_FROM_NULL=Y on PDI version 6.1?
  68. How are patches handled for the community version?
  69. How can i help translate the PDI?
  70. XML Parsing Question
  71. How do i assign a number to a variable using setVariable
  72. Question about using kettle to achieve elasticsearch's parent-child relationship
  73. Problem with compiling / using software
  74. Spoon New Repository Connection dialog box is always blank
  75. How to issue a service pack update
  76. Vertica lookups are very slow with PDI
  77. Weird SQL Input Issue
  78. How to give text comments inside a formula step ?
  79. Pentaho JSON Input : GC Overhead Error
  80. Flatten a Parent-Child Hierarchy
  81. Execute multiple SQLs
  82. Log for variable
  83. How to learn PDI
  84. Scheduled Task giving Invalid Function error 0x80070001
  85. Group By Step - "Cumulative product" ?
  86. XML with Header per row
  87. Easy mouse operation in PDI Graphical user interface
  88. Autocommit in Pentaho "execute sql script"
  89. Text file output - fields contain spaces
  90. We can not find private key file...
  91. Excel data source and sql server datawarehouse in pentaho
  92. Mongodb - retrieve only last 30 days data from collection
  93. Pentho --Back up File
  94. How to load GeoJSON format using PDI to MongoDB
  95. Pentaho Job - Evaluate a condition to determine where to send job flow
  96. Salesforce Upsert Step
  97. Issue with CSV input
  98. support cql3 data types like set, map, lists etc
  99. User Defined Java Classes
  100. Update same row in table, from XML file
  101. Syntax issue on Table Input Select statement when using variable.
  102. Suddenly I get Error connecting to Google Analytics and Salesforce
  103. I'd like to see an error in task scheduler when kitchen bat fails
  104. Pentaho for ETL Testing
  105. Run transformations in parallel
  106. Date Conversion issue
  107. PDI 7.1 and Kitchen
  108. Table input step is in idle state for indefinite time
  109. Cursor timeout error while sourcing the data from mongodb
  110. How to Override the transformation failure with Data Truncation Error?
  111. Lack of "Detect non-empty stream"
  112. Execute a process Plugin - How to change the default PDI library to get the exe file
  113. Saving Logs After Execution
  114. S3 output step significantly slower
  115. Using REST Client for API which returns a zipped file
  116. <Binary Data> with MongoDB
  117. env variable for kitchen or pan
  118. PDI Logging parameters
  119. Logging repository path
  120. How to read data through MongoDBInput Step in round-robin method for multiple copies?
  121. Issue using 'Copy Files' to merge to single file
  122. Create new field with values from properties file
  123. Problems with Excel output on PDI 7.1
  124. How to set request_pool parameter for Impala JDBC connection
  125. Execute Sql Script \copy command
  126. Large amount of rows joining to dummy, bad performance
  127. Database join extracts only one row
  128. can we create checksum value using formula/calculator step?
  129. Connecting to MongoDB thru httpS
  130. ETL with BLOB field
  131. Can I use the streaming result cursor feature supported by PostgreSQL in Pentaho DI?
  132. ssh Run Command error
  133. Get file names FTP sever in different timezone
  134. Job error: Couldn't get row from result set
  135. DB Value Lookup not passing all return/ Fields to data stream
  136. Missing i18n in demo kettle-sdk-step-plugin
  137. Pentaho as a client of SOAP web service
  138. help Writer excel
  139. "Text file output" not working with "Get data from XML" step
  140. Filter fields based on difference between dates
  141. Step Upload files to FTPS - Configuration
  142. Change Data Capture from MongoDB to Maria
  143. Windows environment variable
  144. Error Excel Input
  145. Transformation Execution Result
  146. Can we validate datatype of column coming from cvs input other than DATA VALIDATOR?
  147. Date Dimension with hours - Spoom missing values!
  148. Installation issue in PDI [Kettle] in Windows -10
  149. How to copy latest files from source folder to dest folder in same sftp using pentaho
  150. Can dates from Calculator step have format changed?
  151. Kitchen.sh invoke job slowly than kitchen.bat
  152. How to use rules executor ?
  153. Spoon can connect ot hive, but kitchen cannot
  154. Merge input rows JSON
  155. We failed to initialize at least one step. Execution can not begin! in S3 file output
  156. XPATH statement returned no result
  157. HTTP Post is not able to get parameters from "Modified Java Script Value" :-(
  158. Unable to save transformation in to Repository(MySql).
  159. Error to connect oracle database
  160. Get emails from POP ... - Senders validator
  161. How to ignore XML errors?
  162. PDI reporting output step
  163. How to read from "XML Input Stream (StAX)"?
  164. Database Connection Pool
  165. How to connect sharepoint teamsite in Kettle
  166. BMC Discovery / Remedyforce Integration via Pentaho PDI [ERROR]
  167. The Kettle Karaf Lifecycle Listener failed to execute properly
  168. Notes conditional colour
  169. Take value from SQL script and put into new field
  170. Result of each row from input text file in separate output text file
  171. Merge Join isnt retrieving data when reading from multiple I/p files and lookup file
  172. Problem with job, mail step
  173. Calculating with values within the same column
  174. How to add custom header to text output?
  175. Table output speed really slow
  176. Load MySQL
  177. How to do a transformation resulting in a csv output with different patterns
  178. How to generate 'CREATE TABLE' statements from multiple csv files?
  179. how to use Map class in the procseeRow of java Defined class
  180. Need help with ERROR, Put a file with FTP - Error quiting FTP connection
  181. Two Transformation Executors. Need some help !
  182. Couchbase to CSV ?
  183. Problem with JSON Input in PDI 7.1
  184. CSV TO TABLE Dynamic Mapping
  185. PDI installation issues
  186. s3 output security
  187. Hadoop with Kettle, Spark
  188. Mail Blast
  189. Mail Step -- Fails when Job Launched via Kitchen Command
  190. Pentaho freezing after 20 minutes of transformation
  191. worng results in pentaho mongodb input
  192. convert "text file output" step to "text fiile input" step
  193. Problems in Pentaho FI trying to read HDFS file
  194. PDI server decision: Stronger CPU but less cores vs. weaker CPU but more cores?
  195. Execute every input row, if fail one row continue
  196. GC overhead limit exceeded
  197. Automate downloading of a file sent using the S3 link in an email.
  198. Get data from XML - How to get parent node value?
  199. Mail component works in tranformation?
  200. Can't pull variables from job in transformation
  201. Can the Pentaho EIB Builder create the subfolders for each sequence number?
  202. The defaultTransactionIsolation isn't working on a tranformation please help!
  203. PDI and Bigdata
  204. Error Connecting to Oracle. Reconnect Options?
  205. Spoon, Multilayered XML file and namespace problem.
  206. best way to cache data to use among different transformations
  207. How to automatically fill up FIELDS for a Checksum or MergeRows transformation
  208. Add filter transformation
  209. UPDATE step - little worried about drop commands in SQL button
  210. Unable to clear batch
  211. Group _concat should return list of integer values
  212. Pentaho and Cassandra Data Read (Community editions)
  213. WebService returns different XMLs - how to check if the result is the correct one?
  214. Job doesn't do anything
  215. My first project with pentaho ...
  216. Pentaho data integration clustering
  217. Load File Content
  218. Carte - Multiple Repositories
  219. EDItoXML + GetXML problem
  220. ERROR (version, build 1 from 2017-05-16 17.18.02 by buildguy)
  221. PDI Kettle can work with http proxy?
  222. Error initializing step ETL Metadata Injection; plugin missing.
  223. How do I select a PGP public key using the GPG encryption job step?
  224. PAN Won't Accept Named Parameters in Version 7.1
  225. HTTP Job - Pentaho 7.x broken ?
  226. Extracting Data from nested JSON Inheriting Data from Parent values
  227. in case of Excel sheet name with a space, no row found (Apache POI Streaming)
  228. Execution of Google Spreadsheet Input step in server
  229. Pentaho stopped working unexpectedly
  230. PDI - problem with implementing an issue in Kettle
  231. In database operations
  232. Implement PDI in MSFT Azure Cloud
  233. difference for two tables (ROWS)
  234. Can't Pass Named Variable for Output Location into Pan 7.1
  235. Split field to rows?
  236. log4j ERROR could not create an Appender
  237. Not able to create a DB connection using IP address or domain name
  238. Properly configure Carte as a service
  239. Using strace to trace spoon.sh
  240. Having issues connecting to Salesforce on Linux server with Proxy
  241. Send Table Input to Text File
  242. Table input query returning different results for hashbytes(MD5) function from sybase
  243. Regular expression does not work in Regex Evaluation step ! Any help ?
  244. problem with access to https via pdi
  245. problem with mail transformation
  246. Communications link failure PDI 7.1 / MySQL Connector 5.1.43
  247. connection
  248. The Fields section of step Dimension Lookup / Update cannot be expanded
  249. How to improve kitchen startup time ?
  250. .csv replacing values of other columns