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  1. Error while opening or creating transformation
  2. mail step in transformation not working
  3. FTP get file by date?
  4. Incomplete Log entries when the logging is to a SQL table
  5. Who here hates Jsonpath? How to implement querying in Modified JavaScript step?
  6. web service with zimbra
  7. Not able to connect to SAP through JDBC/SAP R3 in geokettle
  8. Need help setting up my first PDI Server
  9. PDI - MYSQL table to HBase input connection fails
  10. Want to provide multiple excel files which are in a folder as input like *.xls
  11. Starting Spoon.bat with alternate java
  12. Problem with kitchen.sh - Linux
  13. HELP...ERROR : Parse Exception : Parsing error in formula : null
  14. How to encrypt the ktr abd kjb file?
  15. ACTIVE = 'iDLE' in Spoon when running KTR
  16. ValueMetaBase - Truncating 3953046 symbols of original message in 'body' field
  17. Goal: Calculate yesterdays date, use that value in select * on table input step
  18. Help, Connecting to MS SQL Server Database from Kettle
  19. JSON Input "Null" values are considered empty - and throw error. Annoying glitch/ bug
  20. deploying jobs and transformations to PUC
  21. Kafka Consumer plugin not working
  22. Best way to load a dimension table with IDs for each level (in PDI)
  23. Excel Input step & RegEx File selection
  24. OR gate equivalent in kettle
  25. Data Migration from a flat table in one database to other "tables" in other database
  26. Help with JSON Input Step
  27. Implement a fix
  28. data
  29. Cannot use error handling with SQLite table output step.
  30. nested mapping
  31. Generate CSV with header/footer
  32. Seperate a fixed width file (With 2x fixed widths)
  33. Date Format Issue
  34. Named parameter with underscore not identified
  35. PDI crashes after splash screen when running spoon.sh
  36. Excel Input Hours Format
  37. Reading multiple CSV file with similar columns in Text input with wild card
  38. Multiple Repositories with PDIEE 6.1?
  39. Spoon.sh crashes after splash screen
  40. Error connecting to database: (using class org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver) Unknown database
  41. Issue in connecting to Microsoft Azure sql server with Pentaho Kettle JNDI connection
  42. Text file input file corruption?
  43. Parameters not parsed in s3 output step
  44. Error after migrate to 7.1 (BlueprintContainerImpl)
  45. CPython Script Executor fails - unexpected error, java.lang.NullPointerException
  46. Passing parameter to query from another query
  47. Pentaho Conversion Error
  48. Parse Text file with variable headers, and on multiple lines
  49. Nls numeric character conflict
  50. How to transform data from email attachment to Database
  51. Split a large file and parallel proccess smaller(splited) files
  52. S3 Amazon access through Pentaho
  53. Build error: [ivy:resolve] - resolve failed
  54. Output to variable number of files based on GROUPBY groupings
  55. Problems in date fields with JDBC own driver
  56. Parse large number of rows in smaller chunks?
  57. Strange incorrect behaviors when using "Set field value to a constant"
  58. ERROR: unterminated quoted string (Execute SQL Script step)
  59. FTP error details via mail
  60. Error trying to work with dates
  61. Split LDAP attributes over multiple (normalized) SQL tables?
  62. I can't find the Checkpoint Log option in Spoon
  63. Speed up transformation with consecutive Sort Rows steps
  64. Merge Join returns too many rows
  65. libwebkitgtk-1.0 error message on start up of Data Integration version
  66. Compare fields after merge full join in Pentaho 7.1
  67. execute shell script giving strange error ! Please help.
  68. kettle ldap input configuration
  69. Reading Bad file which is the output of Oracle bulk loader from previous step
  70. User defined Java class Example
  71. Memcached Plugin not working?
  72. Mapping few fields from source to Target
  73. Window Sizes too big every time they are opened
  74. Replace kettle.properties file's parameter value and use the new value
  75. Pentaho error when Get Fields is clicked
  76. Issues with driver in Pentaho DI connection with Cloudera Impala
  77. error information
  78. "Table Input". Can I define the types of columns obtained ?
  79. Data Validation
  80. PDI 7.0 CE possible to connect to Oracle DB via Kerberos
  81. longtext data string cut logic
  82. Group by error, Return value ID can't be found in the input row
  83. 4 week and 8 week moving average calulation
  84. Table Input --> Rest client --> Json Input --> table Update speed
  85. LDIF output
  86. Loading data to table on Impala
  87. Using Modified Java Script Value to create txt file with values
  88. Error in pentaho Installation.....
  89. Pick Date from Comments coulmn having data containing different date in csv file
  90. something like a dummy input step?
  91. How to limit max number of error Data Validator
  92. SQL Statement with variable substitution
  93. Enterprise Console
  94. Access Variables in Modified JScript with a CSV input and varying number of fields
  95. How to configure wrapper.conf in Carte
  96. DataStage DataSet vs Pentaho
  97. HTTP + JSON Input = :(
  98. append
  99. Controlling data flow in a transformation
  100. Clearing the result fields in Javascript step
  101. Getting rows from a table
  102. Mysterious Postgres Timestamp Issue
  103. Google Analytics SSL handshake failure
  104. Split row into multiple rows
  105. Launch simple .ktr job from IntelliJ.
  106. skipping lines from multiple text files
  107. Kitchen is not able to run job having sqoop import or export
  108. Get the Copy Files exception - Task of Job
  109. Run Job per every filename in result
  110. Run 19 Transformations out of one JOB
  111. Modify steps connection
  112. Description/Comment - Element
  113. Connecting to Attache application
  114. Writing to S3 with corporate restrictions
  115. unable to connect to hadoop cluster
  116. Reading only one row from multiple text files
  117. Can a Job execute a bash script on a server and exit prior to bash script completion?
  118. Skip database connection if error
  119. Can't run transformation due to plugin missing using ETL Metadata Injection
  120. Spliting Fields Regex
  121. Apache Kafka consumer takes long time when used as a plugin in pentaho
  122. If contains
  123. Text file output does not generate header when table input return 0 row
  124. GetFileName
  125. Regex to get the name of the first file in a folder
  126. Sync DB
  127. Invalid environment variable name when running Shell
  128. Loading from CSV/TXT into table as date with format MMMYYYYDD
  129. Oracle data type LONG error
  130. Date input dashboard to kettle transformation?
  131. JSON Input Question
  132. Kettle 5 spoon error
  133. Why does spoon not ended after shell step
  134. How to read Multiple CSV file from different account folder
  135. Call Java class for oAuth
  136. spoon UI locked
  137. Pentaho Version 4.1.0- Oracle JDBC connec error
  138. Check if file exists based on portion of a file name and return a full name of file.
  139. Filling missing fields from periodic data, from other months
  140. Transformation processing speed decreasing with time
  141. New person, trying to do tutorial am getting Field for input could not be found
  142. PDI 7.0 communication link error
  143. Repository Manager window is empty in Linux - PDI 7
  144. Rename all but last processed file
  145. Help formula function text
  146. Validate data with Levenshtein Distance
  147. Weka preprocessing in PDI CE - best practices
  148. Im a brand new Pentaho developer
  149. transform tiff input into target DB
  150. Update step not working with metadata injector
  151. Connecting Pentaho To Microsoft Azure SQL using Azure Active Directory
  152. [Salesforce] I can't insert File correctly because of path
  153. Differences in quantity of rows and in timestamp milliseconds!
  154. I get encoded file attachment as response in http client
  155. Improve table input step performance
  156. Handling Overpunch Characters in Kettle
  157. Cannot acces files via smb on PDI v7
  158. Kettle code development plan for linux server
  159. Clustering/load balancing
  160. PDI MapReduce ERROR
  161. Correctly read structure from XML
  162. PDI CE GIT integration feature interest
  163. excel writer issue
  164. ktr not reading kettle.properties while Kjb can read.
  165. How to have job abort with an error on false evaluation of conditional?
  166. Pentaho Kettle integration with Google Cloud Platform Dataproc service
  167. What branch correspond to latest kettle CE build
  168. reading .sql insert statement as input
  169. DB Procedure Call failing when running in 7.1
  170. Job can not start with mysql repository
  171. Solution to How To Connect Pentaho ETL with Pervasive SQL
  172. Extracting data from OrientDB
  173. Missing double quotation Table Input
  174. Timestamp issue in my script
  175. Email Messages Input truncates Body of email message
  176. OSX: how do I uninstall kettle 6.0 and its autoinstalled Postgres?
  177. Raise an EMR and run Spark
  178. Run another Hive job on the same cluster
  179. Evaluate file metrics step does not fetch files having french chars in the filename
  180. Cassandra plugin issue
  181. Transformations in a sequential field
  182. Override value, with criterion
  183. Reading xlsx file in Kettle 3.2
  184. how to set the Filename using variable
  185. Spark Submit giving error in Pentaho Spoon
  186. Portable DB Connection Across Different Machines
  187. Step Get Mails (Job) -> Get Attachment MIME Type
  188. Setting Multiple Values to a parameter in set environment variables option
  189. Rest Client Step (Help)
  190. Transform TXT Report
  191. Pentao + S3 output step + email
  192. Lag problems on Kettle started as remote session
  193. Issue with DB Join after upgrade
  194. Run SSH command
  195. Webservices Lookup ComplexType Parameters+
  196. error handling Table output and update
  197. Combining multiple excel workbooks with similar data but variable headers and order
  198. Pad a string of a given length with a leading zero
  199. pentaho data integrator 7.1 new sort Fields
  200. How to use variables in kettle?
  201. naming textfile output using fieldname
  202. Error JSON INPUT - We can not find any data with path
  203. Microsoft SQL Server, Integrated authentication failed
  204. Job mail - How to define multiple destinations using variable
  205. Changed certain numbers to negative
  206. Keep the values of previous line in Modified Java Script Value
  207. Format number in Text file Input or Text output
  208. Get Data from XML
  209. Compare 2 fields with Jaro Winkler
  210. Libformula 7.1 missing from Maven repo
  211. Pentaho DI + Apache Ignite "Unable to commit connection"
  212. PDI Deadlock handling
  213. How to define Number in Modified Java Script Value?
  214. Comparing two Epoch Variables via Filter Rows
  215. FTP to Microsoft Azure Containers
  216. Kettle 7.1 - Json Input step?
  217. 404 when using Pentaho with Bigquery
  218. Trouble with LDAP Query
  219. Plans upgranding httpclient from 3.x to 4.x?
  220. Pentaho - Checksum difference
  221. table input returns null
  222. Oracle Bulk Loader - Load Issue
  223. Error while using "Accept file name from field?"
  224. Error updating batch
  225. Real difference between ODI vs PDI (ELT vs ETL)
  226. problem with opening files
  227. R Executor runs endless
  228. Getting a column count from a Microsoft Excel Input with multiple sheets
  229. Clarification needed for text file input step behaviour
  230. CSV File generated with odd layout
  231. Kitchen Logging Deadlock
  232. Spoon takes insanely long time to start
  233. Unable to write checkpoint information to logging table
  234. Dynamic Database Name - MongoDb Output
  235. Business Analytics Platform - what can I do with it and PDI?
  236. How to truncate myTable only when yearField of otherTable = yearField of myTable
  237. How to verify a data already exist in DB
  238. How to return json output to JOB ?
  239. Kettle ETL Extracting from Firebird Database
  240. Fuzzy match works with Damerau Levenshtein but doesn't work with JW
  241. Data Validator Step ERROR when multi-threading
  242. Error using Python script in a job
  243. Some times Carte Server is working and sometimes not.
  244. Repository Manager is not displaying content in PDI(windows)
  245. Jaro-Winkler
  246. elasticsearch scroll query
  247. Stream Lookup
  248. I have two systems one system having mysql
  249. The fieldname of target field 1 is not specified - Meta Injection
  250. Alternatives of Get System info